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By Summer Banks Apr 06, 2017

Why is it that so few diet products are backed by science? Our in-depth review examined Slimming Toe Ring side effects, ingredients, clinical research and customer service. We then picked apart hundreds of buyer comments and reports from retail websites. Finally, we refined and summarized to give you the info you need.

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What is Slimming Toe Ring?

Firstly, Slimming Toe Ring is a set of silicone rings that fit around the big toe. Each one has a magnet that is supposed to work as acupressure to reduce hunger and support weight-loss. You wear the set all day, so portability is not an issue. [1]

Slimming Toe Ring is a product of Sodial. The set is affordable and widely available on the web, a positive sign. There are some supportive comments, and no negative side effects have been reported, but read on…

Effectiveness – “Not Really?”

Users are not sold on Slimming Toe Ring. No matter how many days the silicone and magnetic products are worn, weight-loss just doesn’t happen in most cases. “No matter how little it costs, if it is not effective, consumers will not be happy,” offers our Research Editor. “Slimming Toe Rings retails for less than $2, in most cases, but why would dieters waste money for no results?”

“I wore these for a week at least. No weight loss whatsoever,” offers a dieter. [2]

“I used it for a few weeks, and all it did was hurt my feet,” says a consumer.

We also found a few dieters who saw some changes. As one said, “I have shed more pounds than I thought I would.”

Another claimed, “I have actually lost weight since wearing these.”

Slimming Toe Ring Lack of Comfort – “Ouch”

If a product is not comfortable to wear or if it causes pain, consumer support will fall quickly. Reports of pain come up time and again.

“Even though they were a perfect fit, walking on the hard little magnets was painful. They kept rubbing the skin raw,” reports one buyer. [3]

“They feel extremely gross after wearing a few minutes,” claims a dieter.

Another consumer says, “Uncomfortable, doesn’t do anything but hurt my toes.“

Others felt they were just fine. One buyer claims, “They fit fine, and I’ve been wearing them all the time.”

A customer said, “They are very comfortable to wear.”

Our research indicates if there is a problem with a weight-loss product, like ineffectiveness or lack of comfort, this could lead to lesser long-term results. If Slimming Toe Ring does not work, this is an issue to consider. [4]

The Science – “Valid?”

There’s no official website or information on the company behind Slimming Toe Ring, so “science” is not part of the equation. We were unable to find any studies supporting the weight-loss claims made by Sodial, the creator of the product. DietSpotlight believes clinical research is a critical component. If support does not exist, it could be problematic.

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The Bottom Line – Does Slimming Toe Ring Work?

So, should you bring around the car to drive out to get this one? After reviewing Slimming Toe Ring, it was easy to come to a decision. We like the low price and that we found some positive customer comments. We can’t give this one a thumb up because there’s no research to support the claims. It’s also concerning that users reported a lack of results and it causing discomfort. [5]

If weight-loss is your end goal, our research suggests you go to a product that brings with it a cost-effective solution and proven ingredients.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is our product called Leptigen. Its formulation includes four ingredients clinically-tested, with results often found in publications such as The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the journal Obesity.

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Previous Slimming Toe Ring Review (Updated October 15, 2014):

Slimming Toe Ring - What You Should Know

These days everyone is trying to loose weight! There are so many products advertized, ranging from the cheap to the expensive. Here is a cheap one - The Slimming Toe Ring. The Slimming Toe Ring is loosely based on the ancient art of acupuncture, which is in itself, is a studied and detailed approach to health. There are certain acupuncture or meridian points on the body that govern digestion and Slimming Toe Ring claims to use these points to help the pounds drop off. Slimming Toe Ring is a non-allergic silicone ring that you wear on your big toe or toes. Slimming Toe Ring claims that by wearing the rings, and changing nothing else in your diet or habits, the pounds will simply melt way. It sells for $19.95 and there is hurry up and by this product now feeling from the web site. The web site, which has a gimmicky feel to it, also shares that the Toe Rings can bring peace and balance to your life in addition to weight loss. Included in the $19.95 price tag are two toe rings, one for each big toe. The web site has a special claiming this price is only good through May. The offer makes the product seem like a late night infomercial offer.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features

The Slimming Toe Ring claims to apply pressure to certain acupuncture points that in turn will cause weight loss. In addition to weight loss Slimming Toe Rings claim that the magnets will encourage your core muscles to work harder though out the day. The rings slip on your big toes and magnets in the rings supposedly align with acupuncture points and keep them stimulated all day. They affect points on both the big toe and second toe. There is no further explanation than this available on the web site and there are a couple of very short testimonials praising the powers of the rings.

Advantages of Slimming Toe Ring

  • Inexpensive
  • One time fee
  • Relatively safe - no side effects.

Disadvantages of Slimming Toe Ring

  • No real explanation of how it works.
  • No research or true testimonials to back up product.
  • Gimmicky web site
  • Product is reviewed as a gimmick.


Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing created in the East, thousands of years ago. It takes 4 or 5 years to get licensed to practice acupuncture and a lifetime to truly understand it. Although serious acupuncture treatment along with diet and lifestyle changes likely could help you lose weight, it seems doubtful that the Slimming Toe Ring is the Magic Bullet. The web site and online reviews leave this product feeling a little like a weight loss scam.

Slimming Toe Ring Questions & Answers:

We boiled down countless user comments and customer responses about Slimming Toe Ring into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Slim Toe?

Weight Loss Toe Ring, another term coined short for Slimming Toe Ring, side effects may include headache, toe discomfort and skin chafing, according to customers who’ve tried it.

What is in Weight Loss Toe Ring?

Slimming Toe Ring ingredients include a non-allergenic silicone-based ring that contains a neodymium magnet. [1]

What is the active ingredient in Slimming Toe Ring?

The active ingredient in Slimming Toe Ring is the neodymium magnet.

Does the Slimming Toe Ring work?

The Slimming Toe Ring is based on Chinese acupressure techniques. [2] The magnets in these rings help stimulate pressure points in the big toes, which in turn helps control appetite. These rings are also claimed to help relax the body and allow the muscles to work more efficiently. However, there is no solid science that supports the Slimming Toe Ring for weight-loss.

How much does one package of Weight Loss Toe Ring cost?

One package of Slimming Toe Rings cost $3.16 for a pair.

How do you take the Slimming Toe Ring?

You don’t consume the Slimming Toe Ring, but rather place on each of your big toes. The magnets should be on the bottom/underneath of the toes. These rings are left on throughout the day.

Who makes Slimming Toe Ring?

The makers of Slimming Toe Ring is Sodial.

How do I contact customer service?

There is no specific official website for the Slimming Toe Ring. Therefore you should contact the dealer website you purchase from.

Can I use the Weight Loss Toe Ring if I have a health condition?

For those with health conditions and people taking prescription drugs, be sure to consult a doctor prior to using the Slimming Toe Ring. Also, women who are pregnant or nursing a child and individuals under the age of 18 should speak with a physician before using the Slimming Toe Ring.

What do users like about the Slimming Toe Ring?

Some customers like that the Slimming Toe Ring is easy to acquire online and no serious side effects apply.

What do users NOT like about the Slimming Toe Ring?

Some users do not like that the Slimming Toe Ring can be very uncomfortable. Also, some people have stated that the Slimming Toe Ring is ineffective for weight-loss.

Do you have to follow a diet and exercise plan while using the Slimming Toe Ring?

No, there is no special diet or exercise plan mentioned with the Slimming Toe Ring.

Will the Weight Loss Toe Ring break?

According to some users, the Slimming Toe Ring will break. This likely depends on how often you use the rings and how large your big toes are.

Can you wear the Slimming Toe Ring at night?

This is not really clarified. However, you are encouraged to use the Slimming Toe Ring during the daytime. Therefore it may not be safe to wear at night while sleeping.

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Slimming Toe Ring User Tips:

7 Top User Tips

When we started researching we quickly discovered people who use Slimming Toe Rings have something to say. After analyzing numerous reviews and comments, we put together these tips that may help you learn more about this product.


“The toe rings work best if used in the evening when not walking around or standing for long periods.” James


“For the best results, wear it on your second toe (next to your big toe) so you can go about your daily routine.” Amelia


“These only work with sheer will power and determination.” Juanita


“You can wear them around the house and burn some calories as well. Do not expect to lose weight if you are not putting forth the effort as to walking, running, or some form of movement to exercise.” Chris


“I began wearing these as part of my exercise and weight loss program. They don’t work alone.” Rob


“They twist a little at night so I have to re-center them when I get up.” Cyaine


“These don’t work as well when wearing shoes.” Janie

Slimming Toe Ring Scientific Abstracts:

Magnet (acupressure)

A widely used method for losing body fat is called auricular acupressure. One study was specifically designed to test the effectiveness of auricular acupressure in regards to weight-loss and serum total cholesterol, low-density lipids, high-density lipids, total triglycerides, within an 8-week, controlled study of subjects with 23 or greater body mass index. The participants in the group had received only tape treatment while the remaining groups had been treated with acupressure using Japanese Magnetic Pearls. For the duration of the 8-week study, all subjects were examined weekly for 10 minutes per session. Anthropometric measurements of body mass index and total cholesterol, total triglycerides, high-density lipids, and low-density lipids were all carried out at the beginning and then again at eight weeks for every subject. Changes in body mass index, total cholesterol, total triglycerides, high-density lipids, and low-density lipids were observed and calculated from baseline to the end of the trial. Body mass index was significantly increased in the control group by +0.0457 (p < 0.0001) and had reduced in the pearl group by -0.6982 (p < 0.0001). All of the groups had displayed significant raises in total cholesterol, total triglycerides, high-density lipids, and low-density lipids. It was concluded that the current trials had produced results suggesting auricular acupressure employing Japanese Magnetic Pearls can reduce body mass index. Auricular acupressure had not shown a reduction in total cholesterol, total triglycerides, high-density lipids, and low-density lipids during the 8-week protocol. [1]

The options for treating obesity include increased activity, behavior modification, calorie reduction pharmacotherapy, and surgery. The study’s goal was to test the efficacy of auricular acupressure regarding its effect on weight-loss in overweight young adults. This was an 8-week trial of 55 young Asian adults with a body mass index of 23 of higher. All of the subjects had met once per week for the duration of 10 minutes. Ear acupuncture treatment was used weekly for eight weeks. The control group was treated with adhesive tape which was placed on the ear acupoints while the experimental group had been treated with Japanese Magnetic Pearls which were covering ear acupoints with adhesive tape. There had been a change in body mass index from baseline to the trial’s end. Control group body mass index had risen significantly from the start by 0.05 (P .001) and acupressure group body mass index reduced substantially from the outset by 0.70 (P .001). It had been concluded that auricular acupressure using Japanese Magnetic Pearls very well could be a tool used to reduce body mass index in young adults. [2]

Slimming Toe Ring Side Effects:

Weight-loss supplements are seemingly everywhere; it’s easy to imagine a natural solution being synonymous with not having any negative effects. The truth is, with every formula there is a possibility for an adverse reaction, and even though Slimming Toe Ring side effects are relatively rare, it doesn’t mean they don’t occur for some users.


Blisters are small pockets of lymph usually in the upper most layers of skin. These pockets usually consist of a clear fluid, (plasma or serum). They can become filled with blood or pus if they get infected. [1]

What causes blisters?

Blisters are caused by friction or rubbing for a prolonged period of time. They can form easily in warm, moist areas of the body – like the bottom of the feet. Temperatures can have an effect as well, causing blisters from a burn or even frost bite.

Raw Skin

Raw skin is the elimination of dead layers of skin (epidermis) to expose the live tissue underneath (dermis). This won’t usually cause bleeding as it’s not deep enough, but can create a moderate amount of pain and sensitivity.

What causes raw skin?

Raw skin is usually caused by direct contact (rubbing or chaffing) from a source such as clothing, shoes, or another part of the body. When the friction or blunt force becomes strong enough to scrape away the epidermis, the live tissue underneath is exposed. You may notice redness, burning or slight swelling at the area.


Itchiness (also known as pruritus) is an irritation with the uncontrollable urge to scratch in an effort to relieve the feeling. When itching is associated with a medical condition, like eczema, scratching can lead to skin breaks, bleeding and impetigo (a skin infection). [2]

What causes itchiness?

Itchiness can be described as covering the entire body or localized to one small area. Skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, allergies, and eczema may cause itchiness, as well as infections like scabies, measles, or chicken pox.

Slimming Toe Ring side effects are fairly rare, but there have been some complaints of itchiness, headaches, and blisters, among others. In order to be sure that you aren’t affected by any negative reactions, it’s always best to talk with a doctor before taking any supplement. This is especially the case if you are under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing, taking prescription medications, or have a medical condition of any kind.



The Slimming Toe Ring is a silicone ring that uses a neodymium magnet to promote weight-loss. Even though side effects are not commonplace, we were able to find users that were unfortunate enough to have them.


“When I wear them to bed I keep getting headaches every night when I had them on.”    Mia


“They make my toes itch and I haven’t experiment any weight loss.”    Kayla


“Walking on the hard little magnets was painful…they kept rubbing my skin raw!”    Terri


“These were too big for my big toes, and did nothing but irritate them.”    Tawana


“They were initially irritating.”    Pamela


“Uncomfortable, doesn’t do anything but hurt my toes.”    Shauni


“They are loose on toe & they also hurt!”    Julie


“With me it gives me shocking pains up my arms and in my hands and my feet.”    Chloe


“Very uncomfortable.”    Erin


“If anything, it only gave my toes blisters.”    Lao


“This actually caused me to GAIN weight!”    Barry


“Very uncomfortable. Hard to walk with them under the toe.”    Ida


The risk with trying weight loss products is the potential side effects that creep up on you when you least expect it. Leptigen has come to our attention, showing in clinical studies and a surplus of positive customer reviews weight loss is possible enhancing weight loss plateau and speeding the metabolism.


The Slimming Toe Ring is a small band with a magnet. It is wrapped around the toe where it's supposed to use a pressure point connected to metabolism and appetite. There is no clinical research to prove any product claims.

Slimming Toe Ring Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: N/A
Serving Per Container: N/A
Amount per Serving % DV
Silicone * *
Magnet * *

Other Ingredients: None

We dug deep into the Slimming Toe Ring ingredients to give you the details you need.


The Slimming Toe Ring is made as a set of silicone rings to fit around the big toe. [1]

What is it Supposed to Do?

This is supposed to provide a comfortable piece of jewelry for the dieter to wear during their weight-loss journey. Nothing about the ingredient itself contributes to helping a person lose weight, but instead is intended to make the ring comfortable enough to wear all day.

Clinical Research

There is no clinical research available to support silicone as an effective weight-loss ingredient, but in this case, it makes sense to use it to make a piece of jewelry comfortable. It is a plastic-like substance with the consistency similar to jelly. It is often used for medical grade products, such as contact lenses and implants, but is not safe to ingest.


Each one of the silicone rings contains a magnet. The magnet is supposed to be what makes the slimming toe ring effective in appetite reduction, as it affects the acupressure point on the foot associated with appetite and hunger.

What is it Supposed to Do?

The magnet is supposed to serve as acupressure to help suppress your appetite and reduce hunger. The idea is that if you’re not as hungry, you will eat less, thereby allowing you to lose weight. However, there is no science to support a magnet as an effective tool.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders: Journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity, “The acupressure device appears to be a safe device (did not cause any harmful side effects). However, it did not promote significantly greater weight or fat loss, or declines in blood pressure than placebo.” [2]

The clinical research did not indicate what type of acupressure device was tested for weight-loss purposes, however does demonstrate that this approach is likely ineffective.

When looking for a weight loss supplement, it’s best to choose one that’s packed with ingredients for burning fat, increasing energy levels and accelerating the speed of the metabolism. One that fits all these criteria is Leptigen.

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Hi, I’ve been wearing them (bump side up) for 3 wks now & lost 16 lbs. Idk if it’s all in my head or what but I haven’t changed anything else about my activity or diet. It’s worth a try, I ordered mine off of wish for less than $1. I also just recently ordered them for a couple of friends, I’ll keep you posted if they see results or not. Hope this helps, thanks smile


When you say bump side up do you mean like inside out? As in the magnet circles towards the toe? I just got mine off wish aswell.


Thank you for sharing. SO you suggest bump side up. I’m looking to lose weight also. I have a question. Is it in my head or did you get a headache the 1st time you wore them?


They work because my feet hurt so bad i didnt want to walj to the kitchen too many times.


Lololol that’s how you lose the weight??? Your feet hurt so bad that you can’t walk to the kitchen to get anything to eat!!! Lololol I just got my toe ring’s in the morning mail. I’ve been wearing them all day. Then I thought I would check online for any info on them, so I googled them and landed here on this site. Now I don’t know if they are going to work or not… wearing them anyway for as long as I can stand them, lololol

Philip Morris

I’ve been wearing them for two days. Some discomfort but I’m putting this down to newness-to-me and a pair of slightly ill-fitting boots! I’m not sure that some reviewers have grasped the purpose of these, as they are marketed as appetite suppressors and I’ll give them a thumbs-up on that! I have grown disinterested in food within 24 hours! I haven’t had the ‘munchies’ nor am I enthused with anything in my fridge. More of this will, plus an increased intake of water, will, I have no doubt, lead to weight loss but to expect to achieve weight loss within the first week, as some had hoped, is a little too ambitious. It takes time to put the weight on, and surely time to get it off, and leave it off. I’m happy with my toe rings and the mild discomfort, but if they help me lose weight then it’s a dollar well spent!!

sharon price

I’ve only just started to wear these toe rings yes, they are uncomfortable to wear, no instructions came with them, had never heard of them before, had no idea how long to wear them for! so I not to happy so far but am sticking with them to see if they will work, I hope so!

Donna Gaines

how long do you wear a set on your toes until you have to change them

Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Slimming Toe Ring official website for more information.


Can i wear these in the shower?

Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Slimming Toe Ring official website for more information.


Hi Zoe! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Slimming Tie Ring official website for more information.


Where can i buy these from so i know that my credit card informantion will not be coppied e.g. A safe site

Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Slimming Toe Ring official website.


Got my ring today but its large for my big toe, what can i do?


Hi Robinah! Sorry to hear your ring isn’t sized for your toe. Please refer to the Slimming Toe Ring official website for more information and instructions.


Hi I am deaf I want to know how deep diversion explain to me how deep ring toe how ? Can I wear with sock into shoe go anywhere outside n I am scared to into the tub bath in the water can wear ring toe ? And can walk everyday ? Um which is like 7 days all day or sleep only night ? Pls tell me how ? I do not know what to do ring toe into what there have ?


Hi Lisa! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Slimming Toe Ring official website for more information.


Can you wear it with socks and shoes? where can I buy the toe ring.


You can buy from the wish app


Hi Jen! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Slimming Toe Ring official website for more information.


I just wanted to know when will I be seeing any results


Hello. All users are different and can experience different results.For more information please refer to the Slimming Toe Ring official website.


Hello Carolyn. All users are different and can experience different results. Please refer to the Slimming Toe Ring official website.


Just got my toe rings today to small for my big toe so wearing them on the two toes next to my big toe , also going to wear them in the night as they feel uncomfortable to wear all day hopefully they will still work can only try


The acupressure point that is underneath the big toe is the point for losing weight. If you wear them on a different toe you will not be applying it to the correct acupressure point. The silicone is not necessary so I recommend if they are too small, cut a slice in the top silicone and apply medical tape around it to hold it in place.

G Harris

They wont work while you sleep, as they suppress your appetite while you wear them. If you don’t wear them at times that you would be eating/snacking, they wont work for you.


I would like to buy. can i know the price and can i buy in malaysia.

Carol Hill

I bought mine off Wish. They cost 1 dollar for 2. You wear one on each big toe


You can get them off wish. I got mine from there

Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product and pricing, please refer to the Slimming Toe Ring official website.


I think this ring reduce fat my fat fingers


Got my set of toe rings today. I want to know if the magnets should be worn towards inside or outside of the back of the toe??

Carol Hill

They should be worn on the underside of the big toes


All of the research I have done said to wear them on the top of your toe.

Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Slimming Toe Ring official website for more information.


How can I buy this product??

Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Slimming Toe Ring’s official website.

Your Name

So I have been wearing them when I go to bed now for a week and I have been eating less than ever before. I decided to try this option because I need to be stable on my feet at work. Cheers


The toe ring is to large for me. Is there a way to adjust that I don’t see?

Devon (Editor)

One dieter suggests taping it tighter.


how to tape the toe rings, in case it is large, is it with cellotape?

Hello. For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Slimming Toe Ring’s official website for more information.

Carol Hill

Try a bandaid


Is there any valid time for the slimming ring ?

Candace (Editor)

The rings are left on throughout the day if you like.


received mine today, can you wear the rings while you’re at the gym? I’ve been eating healthily and going to the gym for the last couple of weeks so thought I’d try doing the same but with the toe rings to see if it made even more difference.

Devon (Editor)

The official site warns against using it during exercising.

Your Name

I had the rings on fot 3 mths it didn’t work for me if anythink I’m in a lot of pain in my big toes now