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SmartLipo Review

By Summer Banks Oct 17, 2017
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What is SmartLipo?

SmartLipo is a recent development in liposuction surgery. Traditional liposuction requires the removal of fat deposits from a patient’s problem areas through a vacuum hose inserted through an incision in the skin. SmartLipo uses lasers to rupture fat cells through the skin, rendering them liquid and then draining the liquid through a much smaller incision.

According to the physicians who perform SmartLipo, there are many benefits to the procedure over traditional liposuction. Because SmartLipo requires only very small incisions for draining purposes, a local anesthetic is all that is needed rather than the general anesthetic required with liposuction. General anesthesia has inherent risks to the patient, so the overall risk profile of the procedure is minimized. The patient also can go home right after the procedure because a general anesthetic was not used.

Product Features

SmartLipo is less invasive than liposuction and therefore, the patient requires less time to heal and there is less bruising and damage to the skin. In traditional liposuction, post-procedure swelling means that the results of the surgery cannot be noticed for days or weeks. SmartLipo, according to SmartLipo.com, pulls the skin tight over the area and most results are instantly visible, although it may take up to three months for the skin to properly heal. The average cost of SmartLipo compared to traditional liposuction is approximately 30% less on average due to the shortened procedural stay. There are still a limited number of physicians who perform the procedure so finding one in your area may be an issue.

The downside to SmartLipo is that it is still a surgical procedure that must be performed by a trained physician. There is discomfort involved as well as many of the common risks of surgery: infection, reactions to the anesthetic and physician error. There are many non-surgical ways to lose weight, including eating plans, exercise plans and weight loss aids. There are several weight loss aids on the market today that contain clinically-proven ingredients that boost metabolism and burn fat. These weight loss aids, combined with changes in diet and exercise are a more permanent method of weight loss. If there is no change in eating or exercise habits, fat will continue to be stored after it has been removed surgically.


  • Less invasive than traditional liposuction.
  • Less expensive than traditional liposuction.


  • Expensive when compared with other weight loss aids, such as herbal supplements.
  • Must be performed by a trained physician in an office setting.
  • Does not prevent fat from coming back.


In comparison to traditional liposuction, LipoSmart appears to be an improvement, both in healing time and in cost. However, LipoSmart remains an expensive weight loss solution that appeals to consumers looking for an instant solution. Most health professionals agree that the best method of weight loss is slowly through changes to diet and exercise which increase the body’s metabolism.

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  Diabetic people can do it

Do you have spanish information? and Diabetic people can do it?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi! Soon we will have information in Spanish and please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new product.

  What is the general down time for neck, middle and back bulge?

I am 65 years old and need something on my drooping neck, mid drift bulge and fat back. I am not overweight but aging. I need something that is non-nvasive, quick, quick healing as I am in the public most of the time. I do not heal as fast as I did at one time. I bruise and smart lipo appears to be an alternative that I am looking for. What is the general down time for neck, middle and back bulge?


how much per hour does this treatment cost?