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Smoothie King Review - 17 Things You Need to Know

Who doesn’t love a smoothie? It has all the deliciousness of ice cream, but it doesn’t carry with it any of the guilt. Right? That’s what we used to think anyway. We decided to look into the ingredients, side effects, and clinical research surrounding this treat. We also read through hundreds of reviews to see what real people were saying. Then, we narrowed it all down to give you the bottom line.

Smoothie King can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Smoothie King?

Smoothie King is a privately owned franchise company that offers consumers smoothies and other nutritional products, including energy bars, herbs, sports beverages, healthy snacks, supplements, and more.

Smoothie King

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Smoothie King Claims

Smoothie King claims to assist users in toning, muscle building, increased energy, and fast recovery.

These claims are hinged on the product’s ingredients such as creatine monohydrate, taurine, amino acids, and L-glutamine.

Though the company didn’t present any scientific research to back this claim, studies confirm the effectiveness of L-glutamine and amino acids for brain function. Taurine is a protein booster and so helps build muscles as claimed.

Slim enhancers help to burn fat and carbohydrates. This is Smoothie King’s claim on fat burning and weight loss.

The company analyzed the formula’s composition – green tea increases fat metabolism, muscle mass, and reduces fatigue and the formula gets a boost from L-carnitine while 5 HTP decreases the appetite and fiber slows down digestion to increase fullness.

No doubt, according to MedicalNewsToday, green tea has a connection to weight loss as shown by multiple studies.

Smoothie King ingredients


Smoothie King Ingredients

Smoothie King Ingredients differ according to the various blends. For instance, high protein smoothies may contain nuts and peanut butter while lighter smoothies may consist of only fruit.

Generally, Smoothie King Ingredients are classified into fruits, nuts, protein, and vegetables.

On the Cleaner Blend tab of the website, Smoothie King’s choice of ingredients include:

  • Whole bananas
  • Whole mangoes
  • Whole carrots
  • Whole kale
  • Whole almonds
  • Raw plant-based protein
  • Whole wild blueberries

A sample recipe for the Activator Chocolate Blend includes:

  • Coconut water
  • Bananas
  • Protein blend
  • Gladiator
  • 100% cocoa

The company also lists stevia-based sweetener and oikos greek Yogurt as featured ingredients.

Does Smoothie King Work?

The nutritional facts about calorie content are just too high in some smoothies to be suitable for weight loss and fitness needs.

For instance, the hulk strawberry has a calorie content of 910 with many others counting close to that.

To burn fat, get slim, and build muscles should need something much less. The various ingredients in each formula contribute to how efficient the particular smoothie can be.

All fruit smoothies may not be that beneficial to health.

Smoothie King weight-loss


Smoothie King Benefits And Results

Smoothie King offers both health and business benefits to customers. On the richness of the company’s smoothies, Smoothie King offers

  • Real fruit blends
  • Make up for nutrient deficiencies in the body
  • Help build lean muscles
  • Aid weight loss
  • Help Keep fit and maintain wellness
  • Provides the franchise opportunity

Smoothie King and Weight Loss

Smoothie King’s weight loss strategy is based on eating healthy. The various flavors of Slim-N- Blueberry, and Lean1 formula, among others, are the company’s methods by smoothie for weight loss and weight gain prevention.

Lean1 is a meal replacement drink formulated with fiber, lactose-free protein, probiotics, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins to facilitate weight loss and maintenance.

Protein helps build muscles and fiber when taking in the right amount has a positive effect on weight reduction.

One of the smoothies, Lean1 Pineapple Mango, is a trademarked smoothie packed with ingredients for this purpose. The ingredients include mango, pineapples, pineapple Mango juice blends, and lean protein.

Diet Down and super Crain’s are recommended enhancers along with the drink for the best results.

The core nutritional facts of lean1 Pineapple Mango contain calories of 290 and other vital ingredients such as 19 grams protein and 330mg sodium and 10 grams fiber, but users can customize the smoothie to meet their requirements.

There are many other approaches and guidance by Smoothie King for weight loss.

You can find lots of experiences on the official blog of the company’s website.

Smoothie King conerns

How To Use Smoothie King

Smoothie King Smoothies are made to order for customers at Smoothie King Locations.

Side Effects

Potential Smoothie King Side Effects

Smoothie King Recipes and blends are made from real fruit according to the manufacturer. Some potential side effects include:

  • Gallstones
  • Sugar spike
  • Digestive issues
  • Nutritional deficiencies
Product Warnings

Smoothie King Product Warnings

Like most health items, Smoothie King comes with a set of warning labels.

The most important labels include that users who are pregnant should avoid drinking these smoothies unless approved by a physician.

Smoothie King Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Smoothie King smoothies, as many smoothie retailers have enough healthy choices. Some of the most popular include:

  • Jamba Juice
  • Tropical Smoothie Café
  • Clean Juice

Smoothie King Prices

Smoothie King Prices appear to be hidden somewhere on the official website. Perhaps the company wants to leave that to independent franchise owners to decide.

As seen in the past, smoothie retailers can be a little pricey. This sometimes has to do with the price of their ingredients, which in Smoothie King’s case, includes vitamins, green tea, ginseng, proteins, and other beneficial items.

Smoothie King Locations

Smoothie King has grown to be an international food retailer offering a variety of services. The company has many locations across the United States.

Internationally, you can find Smoothie King in Korea, Grand Cayman, and Trinidad, among others.

Smoothie King Smoothie Categories

Smoothies are the company’s main focus. The smoothies are classified according to their purpose, such as:


The fitness blend helps consumers to get toned, recover faster, and build muscle. The smoothies come in a variety of flavors and fruit mix.


Slim blends are for customers who are looking to burn fat, lose weight, reduce calories, and get lean.


The common saying is, “health is wealth.” If your purpose is to boost and strengthen your immunity and increase your intake of minerals and vitamins, the wellness blend is the best option.

Take a Break

This blend does exactly what it says. Users who are looking for a way to relax and enjoy some downtime, this is the smoothie for you.

Kid’s Cup

Your kids are not left out of the goodies offered by Smoothie King and ensure that kiddos will enjoy their products just the same.

Smoothie King alternatives


Smoothie King Nutrition Goals

To ensure cleaner blends, the right ingredients are added while the wrong ones are eliminated from their production. All real ingredients of whole mangoes, whole carrots, whole bananas, whole kale, whole almonds, wild blueberries, and raw plant-based protein are added to the formula.

For a healthy drink, gluten trans-fat, NSF banned substances, hydrogenated oils, and high fructose corn syrup is taken out of the various blends.

Smoothie King claims not to stop here but continuously work to eliminate artificial flavors, GMO fruits, veggies, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives.

The company claims the goal is having smoothies that are low-fat, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and are dairy-free.

Smoothie King Loyalty Programs

The company offers a free loyalty program known as Healthy Rewards.

As a member of the program, you’ll earn $1 for every $10 you spend on Smoothie King Products. You only need to scan every purchase with your mobile app to get this reward.

For joining, the company offers a free $2, and you also receive special offers from the company.

What Users Are Saying

“So happy I came by today. Was provided a great recommendation to try the Mango Kale vegan smoothie and boy, did it not disappoint!! How is this thing healthy?! In and out quickly despite the woman in front of the line ordering about 6 modifications to her smoothie. Shoutout to the staff for staying patient and providing great service (with a smile). I will be back!”

“The lady who took my order was very very rude, I wish I still had my receipt so I knew her name. Did not smile was looked at me like she was annoyed with the fact that she had a customer, and I got a mango kale smoothie. I’ve had it probably a dozen times and she didn’t take her time blending it or something, because I was getting chunks of mango and kale in my mouth, the flavors weren’t properly mixed and it was kind of gross. Honestly, this experience has ruined smoothie king for me.”

“Service was bad (they were very rude), long wait for smoothie (saw the car in front of me leave) with only 3 cars in drive through. 2 stars because smoothie was good.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Smoothie King

There are many frozen dessert franchises out there–Dairy Queen, Braum’s, Yogurt Mountain–and all things being considered; Smoothie King isn’t a bad choice when compared to those other establishments. If you are genuinely looking for a healthy meal-replacement smoothie or something to help you stay slim, however, the heavy dose of fat, calories, and sugar in the products makes that task pretty futile.

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Smoothie King Review
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Smoothie King

What are the ingredients in Smoothie King?

The ingredients in Smoothie King may include Whole Almonds, Whole Carrots, Whole Kale, Cacao, Protein Blends, and Coconut Water.

What are the side effects of Smoothie King?

Possible Smoothie King side effects, based on the ingredients, could be digestive problems, and increased sugar levels.

Does Smoothie King work?

As a nutritional drink, Smoothie King has shown to work for various nutritional needs required by users.

What is the price of Smoothie King?

Depending on the different flavors and size, Smoothie King smoothies cost ranges between $5.29 to $8.49 from various independent franchise owners. The 20 oz Pineapple surf costs $5.29 while the 40 oz Pineapple surf is sold for $8.49.

Where can I buy Smoothie King?

Smoothie King Smoothies can be bought from Smoothie King independent franchise owners.

Where can I buy Smoothie King?

Smoothie King can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Smoothie King?

They are ready to drink products available at various sales locations. You can take them anytime you want to.

How do I contact Smoothie King customer service?

You can contact Smoothie King customer service by filling the contact form on the contact section of the company’s official website, smoothieking.com

Can I return Smoothie King?

If there’s a concern with your smoothie, you can ask for a refund.

What are the most common complaints about Smoothie King?

The common complaints with Smoothie King smoothies is the high content of sugars and carbs in the drink.

10 Smoothie King Reviews

  • Lori Goseland (Verified Purchase)

    Worse tasting smoothie I’ve ever had. Priced too high. I won’t go back.

  • Yikes.

    The other day I went to the Smoothie King in Charlottesville. I ordered some sort of green smoothie, and was shocked at the poor quality of it; it was slimy to the point of being inedible, and tasted vaguely of ice that has been in the freezer for a really long time. It was not a good experience.

  • Dr. Blumpkin

    Their smoothies do have too much sugar in them. Try their slim menu for a lower calorie treat.

  • Matt

    Try to order your smoothies without Turbinado as it adds on a lot of unnecessary sugar!

  • Not recommended !
    Your Name

    Never been there before and after looking up the ingredient omg suger and carbs what the heck! Ill die ..tell me how this is health, this should be a nonoooo !

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Lol, yeah. It does contain high sugar and carb content. If you’re looking to lose weight, this might not be the best option. But, not sure if you’ve heard about Dietspotlight Burn? It will help you boost fat and slim down.

    • Anonymous

      It’s all out choices.

  • I love their diet down smoothies.

    Best place ever and i love their diet down smoothies

  • Smoothie king is for bulking up and weight loss
    Brandy Lo (Verified Purchase)

    Honestly if you are talking about the hulk or gladiator smoothies, those are for people trying to muscle up. They aren’t for fat loss. Now Slim n Trim is very much in it for weight loss, the added fiber and all the carbs coming from the fruit and not the protein they use (you can look up the protein info in the store or online. While turbinato is an option make sure to turn that down. It’s sweet enough with out it.

    Shelbie (Verified Purchase)

    Some of these smoothies are MEANT TO PUT WEIGHT ON…… I drink them almost everyday. If you pay attention to what you are ordering and putting in it… that calorie number drops. This whole piece just sounds like they are trying to down smoothie king…. well I haven’t gained a pound from them. Ive actually lost weight drinking them and doing my workouts. About the sugar… they have options. One option is a pure sugar that doesn’t have all the stuff in it, another is a sugar that people use for a sub when on a diet. And keep in mind that the fruits also contain sugar so of course the count will be higher. For those of you saying it’s not a good place if you want to lose weight… hahahahahaha! PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ORDER ABD WHAT YOU PUT IN IT! They have all types of options that cut those numbers WAY DOWN!