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Spiru-Tein Review - Does This Shake Really Work?

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  • Rating: 3.2. From 123 votes.
By Summer Banks Apr 08, 2017

I spent all of last week obsessing over protein shakes, and after asking several colleagues about which shakes they had tried in the past, I decided to write a review on one particular shake called Spiru-Tein. I carefully looked into the ingredients; then I tried to see if side effects would be an issue. After that, I looked for clinical research pertaining to Spiru-Tein and then finished off my study by reading up on customer reviews. Here’s the broken-down version of my findings.

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What You Need to Know

Spiru-Tein shakes come in several different flavors with vanilla being one of the most popular. It is designed as a protein-heavy shake that you can either use for replacing meals or as a protein supplement to heavy exercise. You simply take a scoop of the mix and shake or blend it up with milk–you can even add fruit and other flavors.

Here is a quick look at the main ingredients I found on the label: 14 grams of protein, 8 grams of sugar, 1 gram of dietary fiber, 140 mg of sodium, and 110 mg of potassium. It looks to be a fat-free meal replacement shake, and it also has a fairly low calorie count.

A company called Natural Organics (also known as Nature’s Plus) owns Spiru-Tein; the company has been in business since 1972, and it is based in New York. You can find the protein shake mix at third-party retailers for around $35.00, and it contains enough powder to make one shake per day for a month. We like the affordable price of Spiru-Tein (some shakes are absurdly expensive), and the longevity of the company looks good. You need to keep reading though . . .

“It Tastes Gross”–A Concern?

As a meal replacement shake, Spiru-Tein is intended to be consumed–and therefore tasted. “We noticed many customers who couldn’t handle the taste,” said our research editor. “That’s a problem with meal replacement shakes.” Here are some of the comments we found:

“I bought the vanilla flavor,” said one reviewer. “I started out making smoothies with it and in a smoothie with fruit it tasted fine. But one day I tried it with just ice and milk and boy does it not taste very good.” “They changed for formulation,” said another. “Now it is green, chalky, thin, and watery. It is disgusting. I would not recommend it to anyone.”

Other consumers spoke of mediocre results. “Taste isn’t great, but it’s cheaper than the competitors” and “The taste is so so. It doesn’t taste like yummy vanilla like other brands” were a couple more representative comments.

The Consistency–Another Concern?

One customer had this to say: “The consistency is similar to pudding after I use my Ninja. I’ve tried so many different ways to make it work as well as other brands and it still ends up like pudding each time.” He continued, “I even left off the fruit and still, I get thick pudding. I won’t be buying it again.”

He wasn’t alone. “Thick consistency that I could not choke down. Wow, am I missing something?” one consumer said. “Has a mucous like consistency. It makes me gag just to think about it,” said another.

When it comes to meal replacement products, we’ve noticed that taste and edibility are very important. People may be motivated enough at first to choke down a nasty shake, but after a couple of weeks, the motivation isn’t strong enough to eat bad-tasting replacements. If the taste and consistency of Spiru-Tein Vanilla Protein Shake really are as bad as these customers are saying, your chances of long-term success aren’t very high.

What Does the Science Have to Say?

Briefly put, creating a calorie deficit is the cause of weight loss. When you put fewer calories into your body, you give it less to burn so that your body can focus on trimming down overall. Spiru-Tein doesn’t come with many calories, so if you truly replace lunch with one of these protein shakes every day, you should lose weight.

Bottom Line–Worth a Try?

After looking through the ingredients, we don’t see anything harmful about trying these shakes. Furthermore, the low calorie nature of the shakes would help you lose weight if you use them as a meal replacement. The problem lies in the fact that the shake doesn’t taste good at all according to many reviewers, and the consistency is equally bad.

If you’d like to trim down a little bit, we recommend avoiding the taste factor by finding a supplement that packs powerful fat-burning properties into a pill form.

We currently like one called Leptigen. It uses a blend of four clinically studied ingredients that are known to boost metabolism and burn fat. The online reviews look great, and they don’t speak of side effects.

There’s a special trial offer going on right now too, which is always a good sign!

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What You Should Know

Spiru-tein is a line of energy supplements that is offered by Nature's Plus. On the official website, these shakes, bars and wafer products are described as high protein meals. As opposed to many oral supplements that are taken to burn away fat, suppress hunger or block carbohydrates, these are more or less meal replacement products that can be eaten by both women and men to assist with general nutrition and less calories consumed (in comparison to a regular meal, which is generally consumed). The website offers a few complimentary supplements that can be attained with Spiru-tein orders.

Among the Spiru-tein bars, shakes and wafer supplements, you will find products like the Original Carob-Coated Spiru-tein Bar, Banana Yogurt-Coated Bar, Vanilla Wafers, Banana Split Supreme Bars, Sonic Berry Sport Shake, Egg Nog Shake, and the Double Fudge Crunch Spiru-tein Bar. The primary ingredient found in these supplements is protein, however, they additionally contain a variety of daily vitamins and minerals. Naturally these shakes, bars and wafers are low in calories and intended to replace a meal. The ingredients for the Original Carob-Coated Spiru-tein Bar are listed out below.


Proprietary non-GMO protein blend (rice protein, pea protein and soy [isolated soy protein and fermented soy]), high fructose complex (from fruit concentrates, corn and/or malt), peanut butter, oat bran, calcium phosphate, maltodextrin, natural vanilla flavor, magnesium oxide, honey, vegetable glycerin, guar gum, choline bitartrate, psyllium, spirulina, ascorbic acid, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate, ferrous fumarate, inositol, potassium citrate, biotin, apple pectin, bee pollen, niacinamide, vitamin A palmitate, zinc oxide, manganese sulfate, calcium pantothenate, bioflavonoids, pyridoxine HCI, riboflavin, thiamine HCl, chlorophyll, cyanocobalamin, folic acid, bromelain (from pineapple fruit), papaya, potassium iodide, chromium chloride, sodium selenite, sodium molybdate, Choline 44 mg per bar., Coating:, malt, vegetable oil, carob, and lecithin.

Product Features

Spiru-tein is a line of food supplements marketed toward women and men who are trying to shed excess body fat. As opposed to consuming three or more meals per day, users can replace a meal with one of the Spiru-tein bars, wafers or shakes. Some of the common nutrients found in these products are calcium, chromium, protein, folic acid, biotin, iron, niacin, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin K. A dietary assessment link is provided on the official website for convenient review. There is a toll-free 1-800 number posted on the website for orders and inquiries.


  • Spiru-tein supplements offer a convenient alternative to eating a traditional meal.
  • All of the ingredients found in these food supplements are listed out on the official website.


  • Purchasing Spiru-tein wafers, bars and shakes on a regular basis could get expensive.
  • There do not appear to be any weight loss ingredients incorporated into these food supplements.
  • The actual prices for these products are not provided on the website.


In the end, a great deal comes down to whether or not you wish to purchase meal replacement supplements or not. While these bars, shakes and wafers do offer nutritional value, they do not appear to assist with thermo genesis, appetite suppression or calorie burning. This may make Spiru-tein supplements unappealing to some individuals.

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About the Author:

Summer Banks, a content strategist at Leptigen, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.2. From 123 votes.
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Spiru-Tein Review

How Does Spiru-Tein Compare?

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Your Namekim

I have used the chocolate flavor for years and loved it and the consistency which was more like flavored milk if you put in enough milk. However, now, since they changed the formula I absolutely hate it and the consistency. It has even put such a bad taste in my mouth that when I drink water afterward the water tastes weird. I will be taking it back. I called the company and they changed the chocolate, and a few other flavors. I was told they put in a different sweetener; oligofructose and changed the B12 to methylcobalamin. Soooooo sad about their horrible changes.


From what I’m reading the methylcobalamin is a good form of B12; however, I agree about the new sweetener, weird aftertaste and it’s harder to mix up (and it was never easy). I sent the company an email complaining about the changes.


I totally agree. I’ve been eating the chocolate one for breakfast (and fast lunch) for years. For a gluten intolerant person like me it s been a blessing . But recently I ve tasted a strange flavor , like fennel gone bad. Its the new sweetener I guess. So disapointed. It was a bad move


Methylcobalamin is a GREAT change as this form of the vitamin is far more bioavailable!


Really? It tastes bad? I have been using Spirutein forever. I never thought it tasted bad, this is the first I’m hearing about it? I add a scoop of the unsweetened original vanilla with plain greek yogurt, a banana, some berries, raw kale, seeds, almond/coconut milk and water. Mix it up and drink it every morning. I think it tastes fine, and as a vegetarian it’s really nice to get in all of my B vitamins and a big dose of protein (between the greek yogurt and the spirutein) first thing at breakfast time. I’m losing weight so this helps a lot because it’s also relatively low cal. Yum!

Your NameLinda

I have been using Spiru-tein cherries jubilee for years, I am 67 year young and i drink a 8oz glass of Silk soy milk with a scoop of this protein every morning. I feel good and because I am not a big breakfast eater, this fills me up until lunch. I would not go a day without it. I would recommend using this product. Many flavors to choose from, but cherrys jubilee is my favorite


I have been using Vanilla Spiru-tein almost daily for breakfast for over 20 years. I alternate adding it to two blender smoothies: some days to organic apple juice with frozen organic strawberries, and other days to vanilla Rice Dream rice milk. Both versions are delicious. HOWEVER, the most recent can I bought last week (Feb 2017) has a CHANGED formula… it’s a much finer powder (not a problem), but it smells BAD and it tastes BAD. The only indication of change in the product was a small blue triangle on the front, “With Methylcobalamin.” A quick comparison of my old can with the new one does show a different nutritional breakdown and a different ingredients list. TOO BAD! They really messed up a good thing. So, I went back to my local store and picked through their inventory and bought all of their remaining “original” Vanilla cans. I’m planning to call Nature’s Plus tomorrow and COMPLAIN.


Ira, Can you please post a picture between the 2 and indicate the new and old? I just got a delivery and was wondering which one I got, I throw out the old can. Thanks


I.Love Spiru-Tein and have taken it for at least 10 years now. I mix 8 oz pineapple juice, 8 oz water, two cups of Spiru-Tein and add a banana which makes two drinks…one for me and the wife each morning before a workout.

Kim Stephensour Name

I’ve been drinking this for 2o years, and now it tastes horrible!!!! Why wouldn’t anyone warn us they’re changing the flavoring??


I just started using the chocolate few days ago. Its delicious and I have lost 3 pounds already. I have used it replace either breakfast or dinner. It fills me up and I have plenty of energy for an hour long cardio workout.


My husband and I have the vanilla daily and have for years. We blend it with fresh or frozen strawberries or blueberries. It tastes great and has no artificial sweeteners. Chocolate is great too!


I use original unsweetened almond milk with the vanilla and chocolate mixtures. I think they taste good. I add yoo hoo packets with the vanilla and add sugar free hazelnut with the chocolate. I drink one for breakfast and one for lunch. To me it’s only a cup, but they keep me full and I have no side effects. I’ve also had the chocolate peanut butter fudge and cookies n cream. I noticed with this new batch the consistency is finer. The vanilla smells like cake batter and the meal is a nice smoothie texture. The chocolate is lighter and doesn’t smoothie up like it had before.

Betty Stroud

I love these shakes, i mix mine with almond milk and they taste great!!! energy level seems to be increasing after 1 week


The chocolate and cookies and cream are delicious. Vanilla is one of the nastier ones.


They changed its formulation I now will not buy it! Too bad because I have been using it for 3 yrs.

M cline

I love it too. I use vanilla with Almond milk, little apple juice, blueberries or half banana. Strawberries or few blackberries good too. Keeps me full. Reminder to keep shakes cold, they raste better.

Your Namrita shimonishie

i haven’t used this for a long time but I bought the vanilla at gnu because they didn’t have strawberry which I had used many yearsxago.I decided to try it again as I am having a hard time getting over a viral illness.I have no appetite and things taste weird so I am not eating .need energy .I tried spiriting many years ago when I was recovering from mono.so I found this product helped me recover from that illness by providing something that I could eat and not worry about getting enough nutrition. In a form I liked.the strawberry is good .I tried the vanilla before good with added banana .I would recommend this product to others.as with all powders of this type it is personal taste and texture that you will or won’t like.dome textures are too alumni find this brand fluffy and frothy.

Sue B.

I’ve just started using Spiru-Tein, strawberry flavor & it’s been great so far! I drink it for breakfast & it keeps me feeling full until lunch time ….so easy to use! I mix it in my Blender Bottle with 2% milk & it comes out nice & thick & smooth & it tastes great! I would highly recommend this product! Oh & on an added note, it gives me incredible energy, couldn’t ask for more!


Personally, I love Spirutein. I prefer the Cherry flavor but I sky drink the vanilla and banana vanilla. I use fat free milk with a whole banana too. To me, the taste isn’t chalky at all. I mean, to do “healthy” one must actually “give up the lure of SWEET. This drink, unless one is actually diagnosed allergic to soy, is great!! I give it a total thumbs up!! ????


I LOVE it. I mix a scoop with Vanilla Almond Milk and shake in a shaker bottle and yummy. It really fills me up and is an awesome meal replacement. :0) I am even losing weight.


I use one scoop of spirutein strawberry flavour with 8ounces of cold sparkling water, 150 Grams of frozen raspberries and 10ml flax oil which makes it very smooth and delicious, very filling.


For the past couple of decades I have always drink the spirutein vanilla or strawberry meal replacement drink, which I loved very much in my brown rice milk ,lately I have purchase these products and it’s now has a disgusting after taste in the back of my mouth, I am reading on here how many complaints you are having on that new sweetner you changed to, can you please go back to the original sweetener that you had in it, it was a delicious meal replacement and very healthy, that I looked forward to drinking it instead of cringing. Plz change it back you are gonna lose so many customers that really loved the flavor of your original product sad

Your NameJacqueline

Its right on target for me. If the green color bothers you….use this recipe: milk of choice, orange juice, water, or coconut water, ice blend…tastes like an orange juilius. Experiment. ..don’the give up on Spirutein. It’s gluten free and has everything you need to loose weight and stay healthy.