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Steel Libido Red Review - 22 Things You Need to Know

Steel Libido Red is marketed to help increase libido through the use of a Nitric Oxide (NO) boosting supplement. The company claims that the product will improve a man’s sexual function and sex drive. While ingredients such as L-Citrulline are known to increase NO production, the company’s claims about improved sexual function and desire appear to be just that: claims, with no clinically-proven results and very few customer reviews.

Our research team stepped up to find out more, picking apart the ingredient list, potential side effects, clinical research, and the few reviews available to us. We’ve summarized and condensed it all for you today, with everything you need to know about Steel Libido Red.

Steel Libido Red can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Steel Libido Red?

Steel Libido Red is a Nitric Oxide (NO) booster and performance enhancer designed to enhance sexual life as well as improve the overall health of the consumer. It also contains L-Citrulline, an amino that is easily converted to NO known to increase the flow of blood around the body as well as enhance the sexual response of the male.

Nitric oxide is an important signaling molecule in mammals and plays many pathologic and physiological roles. It is manufactured in blood vessels inner lining and is a powerful vasodilator (causes the blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow) of the blood vessels by triggering the relaxation of the smooth muscles.

It is now understood that NO plays a vital role in sexual health. When present in the body in sufficient levels, blood circulates to vital organs causing erections to occur during intimacy. Nitric oxide also plays important role in neurotransmission, reactive nitrogen intermediate production, and hair cycle modulation.

Steel Libido Red benefits

Steel Libido Red Competitors

Steel Libido
Other similar products: , ProSlim Plus, Ab Slim

How Did Steel Libido Red Start?

The study of Nitric Oxide began in 1992 and in the same year it was proclaimed the “Molecule of the Year.” A group of scientists carried out extensive research on its function and this earned them the Nobel Prize in 1998 for discovering the role of the molecule in cardiovascular signaling.

Steel Libido Red is a product of Irwin Naturals, a company that has been in existence for many years. The company claims to be a leader in innovation and research and that their range of products is not only to support the overall well-being health of the consumer but to expand the boundaries of the burgeoning health food market.

According to Bloomberg, Irwin Naturals was founded in 2002. Irwin Naturals is in Los Angeles, California and prides itself as a manufacturer of quality products at affordable prices accompanied by extraordinary service. One of the company’s goals is to deliver a targeted formula containing ingredients at effective levels.

Reviews of Steel Libido Red shows that the product has been on the market for some years. The company has different contact addresses for consumers, healthcare practitioners, retailers, and others.

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Steel Libido Red claims

Steel Libido Red Customer Testimonials

Steel Libido Red Claims

Irwin Naturals claims that Steel Libido Red is designed to increase the level of Nitric Oxide in the body. The company lists L-Citrulline, Theobromine, and Ginkgo as the Nitric Oxide “boosters” contained in the product.

The health benefits of Nitric Oxide have been widely researched. Studies have shown that it can act as a vasodilator of the blood vessels which tend to enhance blood flow. However, there is no record of studies carried out with Steel Libido Red throughout all the Steel libido red for men reviews we surveyed.

The only available studies are those conducted with Steel Libido Red ingredients. Although some benefits have been recorded with these ingredients when studied singly, there are no studies with the combination of the ingredients in Steel Libido Red or how they interact with each other to enhance the effect of the product.

The manufacturers also claim that Steel Libido Red is packed with nutrients to maximize physical performance. The highlighted nutrients are Ginseng which the company claims to improve physical capacity, L-Theanine which is alleged to promote the relaxed and alert mental state, and CoQ10 which it claims to fuel the production of energy.

The manufacturer claims have not been evaluated or validated by the Food and Drug Administration. With a lack of adequate research, it is hard to verify some of these claims.


Steel Libido Red Ingredients

  • L-Citrulline
  • MCT Oil
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Velvet Bean Extract
  • Ginkgo Extract
  • L-Theanine
  • Asian Ginseng Extract
  • Cayenne Powder
  • Theobromine
  • Superoxide Dismutase
  • Bioperine
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Ginger Extract

Other ingredients include gelatin, purified water, glycerin, annato, soy lecithin, beeswax, silicon dioxide, and titanium dioxide.

Does Steel Libido Red work

Does Steel Libido Red Work?

Steel Libido Red does it work one of the hardest questions to answer. The lack of Steel Libido Red reviews backed by adequate research makes it hard to say with certainty whether the product works or not.

Some of the company claims on the product can be because of other factors that are unrelated to the product including diet and exercise. However, a peek at how some of the ingredients work might give you a peek at how this product would work assuming there are no interactions between the components.

Pumpkin seed oil has been used in medicine for the treatment of many things. The chemicals contained in pumpkin seed oil are known to have a diuretic effect which relieves bladder discomfort, according to RXList.

Pumpkin seed oil is also known as a rich source of omega-6 fatty acids, and vitamins K and E.

Ginseng is known to contain many active ingredients which affect different systems of the body leading to overall well-being.

L-Citrulline is a nonessential amino acid because the body can produce it in sufficient amount. Recent research shows that the chemical form of this compound, L-Citrulline malate which is available as supplements can reduce fatigue, according to Examine.com.

L-Citrulline is converted by a series of enzymes into various precursors that ends with the production of nitric oxide.

To answer the question Steel Libido Red does it work effectively, more research and larger clinical trials will be required.

Benefits & Results

Steel Libido Red Benefits And Results

Scientific studies and Steel Libido Red for men reviews favor the use of some of the ingredients present in this product to enhance the general well-being especially the improvement in cardiovascular functions. It is also hard to tell if the reported benefits are excluded from the use of this product or other lifestyle changes.

However, we came across Steel Libido Red customer reviews that specifically claim Steel Libido Red resulted in improved blood circulation or enhanced sexual drive after taking the product. Other benefits of taking the product include:

  • Supply of vital body nutrients that may be lacking in a daily diet
  • One hundred percent organic ingredients
  • Liquid Soft-Gels that are easier to swallow

Details On Steel Libido Red And Weight Loss

We searched through a huge archive of reviews and there is no mention of the product being used or intended for weight loss by the manufacturer.

The only ingredient of Steel Libido Red that is associated with weight loss is cayenne powder. Research suggests that red cayenne pepper may help to curb appetite and burn calories.

However, improved energy, mental alertness and cardiovascular function that Steel Libido Red offer as claimed by the manufacturer can lead to an enhanced physical activity which may lead to weight loss.


How to Take Steel Libido Red?

Steel Libido Red dosage is boldly inscribed on the pack. Adults are meant to take four Liquid Soft-Gels in doses evenly spread across different times of the day for daily maintenance.

Those seeking immediate response before intimacy is recommended to take four Liquid Soft-Gels an hour before the expected activity.

Steel Libido Red dosage should not exceed four Liquid Soft-Gels in a day.

Side Effects

Potential Steel Libido Red Side Effects

Irwin Naturals did not state any Steel Libido Red side effects besides the warnings issued on the product. Although the company claims to manufacture the product from one hundred percent natural ingredients, some of the ingredients have been known to elicit some side effects.

For example, WebMD reports that Pumpkin seed extract may lead to ejaculation problems in some men. Ginkgo can result in minor side effects like stomach upset, constipation, dizziness, and allergic skin reactions.

Researchers suggest that long-term use of ginseng is likely unsafe because it can have harmful hormone-like effects. To avoid Steel Libido Red side effects, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before embarking on the use of this supplement especially if you have a history of other health problems.

Product Warnings

Steel Libido Red Product Warnings

Steel Libido Red comes with a serious warning from the manufacturers. Customers are advised not to use if the seal has been broken.

The company advises users to check with their doctor before using Steel Libido Red vs Steel Libido or engaging in other activities.

There is a special Steel Libido Red for women warning. Women who may become pregnant, those who are pregnant as well as nursing mothers are advised not to use Steel libido red for women.

Consumers are advised not to exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Steel Libido Red vs Black is not for use for persons below the age of eighteen. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

There is a special warning for California residents (Prop 65) which say Steel Libido contains a chemical known to cause reproductive harm including birth defects in the State of California.


Any Steel Libido Red Lawsuits?

Irwin Naturals has had to deal with some lawsuits. According to Orange County District Attorney (OCDA), in 2011, Irwin Naturals agreed to pay $2.65 million related to charges that have to do with unfair business practices.

According to officials, the amount is the largest settlement to be paid by a manufacturer of a dietary supplement in California for unfair business practices.

The civil lawsuit accused the company of misleading advertising of certain dietary supplements produced by them which violates Proposition 65 as well as failure to reimburse customers for returned products promptly.

The lawsuit also accused the company of charging direct sales customers for products not ordered.

Proposition 65 requires that products that expose the consumer to above 0.5 micrograms of lead per day should have a warning label likewise Hoodia products which do not have Hoodia gordonii as an active ingredient.

Laboratory tests revealed that the company’s product like Green Tea Fat Burner contained over fourteen times leads legal limit. Green Tea Fat Meltdown and System Six tests showed over ten times lead legal limit.

Other products like Green Tea Fat Metabolizer tested positive to lead by more than half a microgram.

Steel Libido Red Alternatives

Reviews of Steel Libido Red show some alternatives to this product which is highly rated too. They are listed below.

Volume Pills

The manufacturers of Volume Pills claim that it is the best male libido enhancement supplement. It is designed to boost stamina and increase sperm and semen volume.

How does it work?

Volume Pills contains one hundred percent natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost libido.

Is it effective?

An alleged study using one hundred males of between 20 to 70 years reported up to 85% boost in erection and 91% boost in sperm and semen production.

Side effects?

There is no side effect listed on Volume Pills, but the individual ingredients have been associated with many side effects including increased heart rate.


Testogen is an all-natural ingredient testosterone enhancer with benefits like improving physical and mental performance.

How does it work?

Testogen contains Ginseng extract and D-Aspartic acid that are well known to have an aphrodisiac effect and well as a burst of energy and muscle mass.

Is it effective?

The lack of scientific research on this product makes it difficult to tell if it is effective or not. Reported benefits can be because of other factors.


TestoFuel is a product of Health Labs Inc. that enhances male features, increases energy, and improves mood.

How does TestoFuel Work?

Testofuel contains natural ingredients like Ginseng and D-Aspartic acid that has been linked to the increase in testosterone production.

Is TestoFuel Effective?

A number of customer reviews suggest that this product might be effective, but it is hard to validate these claims because of limited studies using the product.

Side effects?

Prolonged use of ginseng has been linked to detrimental hormonal changes. Stomach aches and jittery feelings have also been reported.

What Makes Steel Libido Red Different?

Irwin Naturals claim that its Liquid Soft-Gels are unique because they are easy to swallow and the nutrients it contains are released speedily.

According to the company, other forms of delivery used in other products offer no nutritional value and can contain fillers and binders that may cause stomach aches.

Where to Buy

Where To Buy Steel Libido Red

Steel Libido Red is available for sale on the official website of the manufacturer and takes one to two business days to ship. The product is also available for sale on third-party retail websites including GNC, Amazon, Groupon, Vitacost and Swanson Vitamins.

The product is also sold in retail locations such as Walmart, Walgreens, Vitamin World, and Vitamin Shoppe.

Steel Libido Red Discounts

We carried out Irwin Naturals Steel Libido Red reviews on price and discovered that the product may be cheaper when you buy from third-party retailers.

For example, 75 Liquid Soft-Gels costs $22.99 when you purchase from the manufacturer website. Below are the prices from the different third-party retail websites:

  • Steel Libido Red on Swansonvitamins, $23.99
  • Steel Libido Red GNC, $26.99
  • Steel Libido Red Vitacost, $22.49

We did not find discount with Steel libido red amazon but there are sellers that are offering free shipping.

Variants Of Steel Libido Red

Steel Libido Red comes in two sizes. You can either choose the 75 Liquid Soft-Gels or the 150 Liquid Soft-Gels.

When Will Steel Libido Red Start Working?

According to the information provided by the manufacturer website, when four Liquid Soft-Gels are taken at once, Steel Libido Red should begin to work in one hour.

Pros of Steel Libido Red

  • Contains natural ingredients with libido-boosting abilities.
  • The manufacturers do not require you to make any special diet alterations.

Cons of Steel Libido Red

  • Four pills a day can appear excessive.
  • The price can quickly build up for a long-term user.

Steel Libido Red Money Back Guarantee

The official website of the manufacturers made no mention of a money back guarantee but when we searched through Irwin naturals Steel Libido Red reviews we found one that claims the company offers a 30 Day one hundred percent money back guarantee. You may need to verify this detail by contacting the manufacturer.

Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

“Works great – My husband has used for more than 6 months now and it gives him more energy for work and great hard on in the bedroom too. These pill have worked much better as we have tried the horny goat weed product in past with no results. It arrived on time.”

“Doesn’t work – Nada… Just doesn’t work! It’s a scam. Run for the hills.”

“Not as effective as their other products.”

Steel Libido Red Ingredients

The Bottom Line on Steel Libido Red

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting on: our final thoughts on Steel Libido Red. Well, we like that we found some favorable customer comments and that it contains a few natural ingredients, but the lack of research supporting the claims leaves us skeptical about this one. We’re also concerned because customers are talking about experiencing negative side effects and no results.

For those looking to shed those extra pounds, we’re all for making lifestyle changes that last the long term.

Among the best weight-loss apps that we’ve come across is Noom. It’s with strong clinical support and expert involvement that this program was created and proven successful in real life situations. We love the human coaching, personalized meal plans, exercise tracking and more.

We also love that Noom is available as a free trial for Dietspotlight readers.

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Steel Libido Red Review
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Steel Libido Red

What is steel libido red?

Steel Libido Red is used with Nitric Oxide Boosters to increase the blood flow in the body and boost the sexual response and performance in men. The nitric oxide is one of the main ingredients in the product that increases sexual response and performance.

What are the ingredients in Steel Libido Red?

Steel Libido Red is meant to raise libido and increase energy levels with its ingredients of black pepper extract, ginkgo, ginger, ginseng, theobromine and CoQ10.

What are the side effects of Steel Libido Red?

Common side effects of Steel Libido Red are chills, anxiety, nausea, and dizziness, along with increases in heart rate and blood pressure.

Does Steel Libido Red work?

Steel Libido Red has a few natural ingredients, but there is no clinical research to support the supplement’s claims of enhancing energy and libido. Customer testimonials indicated inconsistent and mixed results.

What is the price of Steel Libido Red?

Seventy-five capsules of Steel Libido Red cost between twenty and thirty dollars.

Where can I buy Steel Libido Red?

Steel Libido Red can be purchased using their Official Site.

Where can I buy Steel Libido Red?

Steel Libido Red is available from major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon, as well as supplement shops like GNC and Pilgrims Pride.

How should I take Steel Libido Red?

Steel Libido Red’s dosage is meant to be four capsules a day before sexual activity.

How do I contact Steel Libido Red customer service?

Steel Libido Red’s parent company Irwin Naturals has customer service available at irwinnaturals.com/contact/ or by telephone at 1-800-297-3273.

Can I return Steel Libido Red?

Irwin Naturals handles returns of Steel Libido Red on an individual return request basis. Customers should use Irwin Naturals customer service form or contact the retailer from whom they purchased the supplement.

What are the most common complaints about Steel Libido Red?

The most common complaints about Steel Libido Red are its potentially dangerous side effects and inconsistent results.

5 Steel Libido Red Reviews

  • Think hard
    Sean (Verified Purchase)

    Definitely consult a doctor. Tried this product and it made me incredibly nauseous. Been a while since I felt so sick. Also, I also read that this product contains a known cancer-causing ingredient? Anyway, yeah, threw the entire bottle in the garbage.

  • 70 and going strong
    bill gatti (Verified Purchase)

    i have started taking this product and have really noitced a over all differance.
    i have more energy and have lost the joint pain i had, also i dont fall asleep at 8:00
    I feel more relaxed and work longer every day. As for sex there is some improvement in that area as well. I have noticed that my erection last longer . before I would go limp half way thru foreplay now my penis feels like it is harder and last longer while in side. that is some thing the wife noticed. I don’t like the prescribed enhancements because they make me feel really bad
    The RED give me a very slight pressure feeling in my head but nothing bad feel like a stuffy nose sometimes. Over all sex and health are much improved. At 70 Ill take what I can get.

  • No good does not work for me
    James Gibson (Verified Purchase)

    I have been on it for three days and nothing is happening sorry for me just another wast of money with empty promises

  • prince mutale

    Am planning to start using it but am not too sure wether its good or not.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      It depends, Prince. Results and reviews definitely vary. If you want to increase libido, stamina and boost testosterone, you could also take a look at Pronabolin. Now you have more options to chose from…