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Sudatonic Body Wrap Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

SudaTonic body wrap is a self-serve weight loss wrap. The claim is the product promotes better health with less work and more weight loss. Studies are mixed on the effects of infrared body belts.

Although the science is mixed on infrared technology, our research team wanted to give you the facts on this weight loss tool. So, we gathered facts about the benefits ad potential side effects. Then, we compiled the data to give you the bottom line.

Sudatonic Body Wrap can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is a Sudatonic Body Wrap?

Sudatonic Body Wrap is a weight loss system comprising of Sudatonic cream and an infrared weight loss wrap. The Sudatonic Body Wrap is a spa treatment that provides heat therapy, similar to a sauna session or a steam bath.

This body wrap supposedly works to transform the body and promote weight loss. It also claims to reduce body fat and enhances blood circulation, thereby strengthening the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

It soothes muscular and joint pain, reduces fatigue, minimizes stress, improves skin conditions, tone, elasticity, and, most importantly, reduces stretch marks and cellulite. Additionally, the respective body wrap unblocks pathways that, in turn, promote nutrient flow and venous circulation.

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Company Information

How Did Sudatonic Body Wrap Start?

According to the official website, in 1990, a French Doctor Yves Loones of La Rose Blanche developed skincare products and a body wrap known as Sudatonic. This was then adopted in America at the International Esthetic and Spa conference in Las Vegas in 2002.

Initially, Dr. Loones’ product was distributed by LRB-USA (by Sofia Higgins). Later on, in 2004, advancements were made in the system by the manufacturer Sofia Higgins.

An additional feature, Far-Infrared technology, was added to the system. The four-zone far Infrared blanket greatly improved the efficacy of Dr. Loones’ products. A few years later, the company devised a set of creams using natural, high-quality ingredients.

About the Wrap

About Sudatonic Body Wrap

There are two types of Body Wraps manufactured by the Sudatonic Company.

  • At-home body wrap
  • Infrared body wrap

The Sudatonic creams include:

SudaTone No 1

Detox cream provides a barrier layer to the entire body to enhance fat reduction and melting.

SudaTone No 2

Cellulite reduction is a targeted area that aids the inadequate functioning of cream one. Additionally, it contains essential oils to eradicate toxins and strengthen the lymphatic system.

SudaTone No 3

Body contour cream is to be applied to targeted areas. This cream enhances the elimination of body fats and contributes significantly to inhibit the storage of fat contents. However, at the end of the session, the creams are applied throughout the body to maximize its effect, where the contents of the cream penetrate through the tissue into the stored fats.

SudaTone No 4

Fat reduction cream is to be applied throughout the body. This cream consists of essential oils such as the Australian tea tree and cinnamon oil that promotes healing and enhances blood circulation. This cream also penetrates the tissues to block the activity of enzymes associated with fat storage.

In addition to these, the essential oil Sudatonic system is also supplemented with Capsicum annuum fruit extract, rosa canina seed extract, ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, collagen, carnitine, lecithin, Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract, and acrylates copolymer.

The Sudatonic system treatment is usually provided in spas and/or salons; however, they are now available to be used at homes by their clients.

Where to Buy

Where Can One Get Sudatonic Body Wraps?

Sudatonic Body Wraps are available in spas and salons. However, this product is also available on the official Sudatonic website, Amazon, and eBay.


Sudatonic Body Wrap Claims

The manufacturers claim several health benefits associated with the Sudatonic Body Wrap. The infrared system generates heat that penetrates within the body tissues to improve blood circulation and melt body fat.

The manufacturer claims that Sudatonic cream is formulated using high-quality, all-natural products. In addition to this, the Sudatonic herbal cream helps increase body metabolism and disturbs the body fat reserves, and ultimately leads to loss of excess body weight.

The manufacturer claims that one session with a Sudatonic Body Wrap can help you lose as much as eight pounds of fat.

Fat deposits in the body lead to toxins accumulation; therefore, removing body fat helps in detoxifying the body.

The Sudatonic Body Wrap is thought to improve the overall health of the user essentially by healing tissues.

The technology is painless and effective, and the prescribed time for use is forty minutes. The website contains a locator that directs the user to a spa where Sudatonic Body Wrap treatment is provided.


Sudatonic Body Wrap Benefits

According to reviews present on several online portals, the Sudatonic Body Wrap comprises several health benefits, including loss of body fat, particularly from waist circumference, hips, and thighs, and a strengthened immune system, circulatory system, and lymphatic system.

Reviewers said that the Sudatonic Body Wrap effectively removes wastes, impurities, and toxins sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cadmium, lead, zinc, nickel, and mercury from the body for successful detoxifying the body.

The company claims that Sudatonic Body Wrap is involved with bone repair and the healing of body tissues, including muscle and hard tissues. The Sudatonic Body Wrap promotes healing by supplying adequate nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

Furthermore, the Sudatonic Body Wrap treatment is also beneficial for fatigue and body stress.

Notably, reviews suggest that the Sudatonic Body Wrap improves the skin’s condition, texture, and elasticity and hydrates the skin.

Although several therapies have been proposed as treatments to remove stretch marks and cellulite, there is little medical evidence to support such treatments’ effectiveness.


The Cost of Sudatonic Body Wrap

The cost of the Sudatonic Body Wrap ranges from $150-200.


Direction to Use Sudatonic Body Wrap

The Sudatonic system treatment is provided in the spa where the facilitator’s massage cream into their clients’ body and cover them in a Sudatonic Infrared blanket. They then set the time and temperature.

The Sudatonic system then does the rest of the work.

If used at home, the consumer must follow the clear instructions provided with the product.

First, apply the relevant lotion and then cover the body with the wrap. Set the desired time and temperature of the system and rest. Let the product work on its own.

For the best results, five to ten sessions in a licensed spa are recommended.


Sudatonic Body Wrap Further Recommendations

After the session, the user may feel hot; however, showering immediately after the session is not recommended. The session may lead to dehydration.

Under such circumstances, drinking water is highly recommended.

The user is supposed to drink at least 1.5 to 3 liters of water for a minimum of two to three days.

Before the treatment, users should have a meal sixty to ninety minutes before the session. Furthermore, exercise sessions and consumption of fat or a sugar-rich diet are to be avoided for a minimum of three hours.

Side Effects

Sudatonic Body Wrap Side Effects

There are some side effects associated with body wraps. The excessive production of sweat may result in dehydration. Furthermore, sweating can disturb the body fluid and concentration of minerals and salts released with the sweat.

Likewise, excessive heat can disturb the homeostasis and thermoregulation of the body, spiking the temperature to unsafe levels. The body wrap’s potential hazard is damage or burning to the skin and/or the layer underlying the skin.

Product Warnings

Sudatonic Body Wrap Warnings

Consult a doctor before using the Sudatonic Body Wrap and an Infrared system.

People with medical conditions should avoid using the Sudatonic Body Wrap or consult a physician before using the product.


Sudatonic Body Wrap Alternatives

Some alternatives to Sudatonix Body Wraps include:

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Personally, I have had the sudatonic, which is amazing for detoxifying your body. You get rid of excess water weight and you walk away feeling energized.”

“Infrared Body Wraps in San Dimas is so unique. Let me explain why; all infrared body wraps are not created equal, but the Sudatonic style Far Infrared body wrap (blanket wraps) is by far the most superior of all infrared body wraps, in my opinion. I’ve had the privilege to have had several different types of heated body wraps and I’ve also had various types of infrared body wraps. What I’ve discovered is that, there aren’t a lot of spas in between LA and the IE who are offering these particular infrared body wraps and this is why Infrared Body Wraps in San Dimas is such a unique spa.”

“The sudatonic detox so far appears to really be helping my overall appearance, feeling less bloat with of course exercise and a good diet. I would recommend.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Sudatonic Body Wraps

So, should you spend your hard-earned money on a Sudatonic Body Wrap? Well, we like that this treatment helps cleanse the pores and relax the muscles. It’s also good to see that there are several spa and salon locations available. But we have some reservations about this weight-loss wrap because it’s not actually backed by any documented studies. Furthermore, we’re concerned about the high price and minimal results people have reported.

If you’d like to drop more weight, then we suggest you select a product backed by solid clinical research, does not break your bank account, and is supported by plenty of encouraging user testimonials.

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Sudatonic Body Wrap Review
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Sudatonic Body Wrap

What is Sudatonic?

Sudatonic is an infrared therapy system that utilizes a body wrap to project infrared light, which has been scientifically verified to strengthen the body’s metabolism. When used with French Sudatonic Creams, the 4-zone body wrap blanket has also been proven to rid the body of toxins.

What are the ingredients in Sudatonic Body Wrap?

There are no ingredients for the Sudatonic Body Wrap other than plastic and electricity

What are the side effects of Sudatonic Body Wrap?

There has been no side effects connected to the Sudatonic Body Wrap system.

Does Sudatonic Body Wrap work?

There has been no scientific evidence that backs the Sudatonic Body Wrap and their website does not list any success stories or any clinical trials. The reviews online mostly say that nothing happened or they only lost a little water weight.

What is the price of Sudatonic Body Wrap?

The actual systems price is not listed on Sudatonic website. But if a consumer is going to the salon or spa to use the Sudatonic Body Wrap system then they should expect to pay $150 to $200.

Where can I buy Sudatonic Body Wrap?

Sudatonic Body Wrap can be purchased using their Official Site.

Where can I buy Sudatonic Body Wrap?

Sudatonic Body Wrap is only available for purchase for salon or spa use. The salon or spa can purchase Sudatonic Body Wrap from the Sudatonic website.

How should I take Sudatonic Body Wrap?

. Before using the actual body wrap, the consumer must first put on special lotion. Sudatonic Body Wrap is a heating wrap that a consumer wraps around their body and use a dial to control the heat.

How do I contact Sudatonic Body Wrap customer service?

Sudatonic company has multiple way that a consumer can connect them like by contact page, email and phone number.

Can I return Sudatonic Body Wrap?

There is no return policy posted on the Sudatonic website.

What are the most common complaints about Sudatonic Body Wrap?

People have been saying it was a waste of money because they did not lose any body fat. Another complaint is the price is high.