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Super Shred Diet Review - 13 Things You Need to Know


In the diet industry, don’t mistake marketing for effectiveness. Dr. Ian Smith, the author of the Super Shred Diet, is quite the name in weight-loss, so we checked out the ingredients, side effects, customer service and clinical research on the plan. We digested hundreds of comments from users who’d tried it. Then, we condensed and refined to give you the info you need.


Super Shred Diet can be purchased using their Official Site or through Amazon.

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What Is The Super Shred Diet?

The Super Shred Diet is formulated as a 4-week diet strategy to help users lose up to 20 pounds. The plan includes 50 recipes for the Super Shred Diet menu and rolls out over 4 stages or phases.

First Stage

The Foundation stage of the Super Shred Diet recommends about 5 small meals daily, to be eaten about once every 3 hours.

Second Stage

In the second stage, which is the acceleration phase when users have grown used to the 5-meal routine after getting habituated to it during the first week, Dr. Ian suggests users to replace any one meal out of the five with a smoothie, a shake or soup daily.

Third Stage

In the third phase, the shaping phase, when users can start reshaping their figures. In this week, the number of meals and snacks are now modified to only 2 meals and 4 snacks.

Fourth Stage

In the last phase, the tenacious phase, users are recommended to keep a food journal to have a food log of their daily food consumption – including their snacks so that they are keeping track of their control & dedication towards this diet.

The diet goes back to having 4 meals along with 1 snack.

After these four weeks, the diet control along with the amount of physical exercise is entirely up to the users, although it is recommended by the writer that the meal spacing technique is continued to keep weight off.

How Did Super Shred Diet Start?

The Super Shred Diet was published as a book in 2013 by Dr. Ian K. Smith who believes that a diet should be affordable, simple and guilt-free.

The author has also published several other diet plans and products including Shred Power Cleanse & Recipe Book, the Fat Smash Diet and the 4 Day Detox.

His work has been featured as #1 best seller as well as seen on Dr. Phil, The Oprah Show and Good Morning America.

Super Shred Diet Claims

So, according to the Super Shred Diet blog, meal spacing is an important feature that helps keep the user’s insulin consistent as opposed to eating a large meal suddenly after a long period of time. Doing this could spike insulin levels which isn’t great for weight loss.

The Super Shred Diet blog claims that users will notice signs of weight-loss from their accumulated efforts over the past 2 weeks in the third stage.

The author claims that the program is efficient because it does not leave you hungry, it helps you stay slender and feel good about your overall self.

If anything, the claims of high insulin levels in the body can definitely be a bad sign, but not in the ways that the author explained.

The increased insulin levels point to the possibilities of these enzymes not working well enough to digest or break down the excess glucose levels frequently found in us after eating carbohydrate-heavy diets.

As such, it is indeed possible that the sudden high amount of insulin in our body systems refer to some level of insulin resistance in our body, requiring more of this enzyme than usual to break down glucose to keep the glucose level at a healthy limit.


Super Shred Diet Ingredients

The Super Shred Diet sticks to foods that promote health and overall well-being. Some of the main foods include:



Green tea

Green garden salad with turkey sandwich

Lean beef

Low-salt soup

Low-fat of fat-free 6-ounce yoghurt


Does Super Shred Diet Work?

The Super Shred Diet received very mixed reviews from consumers.

Many of the negative reviews had to do with the difficulty of following this plan while leading a busy life. Another negative had to do with the insufficient calorie intake that the diet promotes for those who lead an active lifestyle.

There is also insufficient information on the book itself as to why specific foods on the diet menu are recommended, which could be a very confusing recommendation for users who are new to diet planning.

Some users are fine with blindly following the recommendations, but users who are more health conscious or would like to modify their diet plan will find explanations helpful in planning their daily meal and calorie intake.

Nevertheless, a simple Google search can provide you with more information about the suggested ingredients and meal structures. However, not every user wants to spend the time doing this.

Super Shred Diet Benefits and Results

Most of the foods featured, such as oatmeal, are known to be high in protein content along with essential fats & minerals such as calcium & iron.

Meanwhile, other items included in the list, such as lemons, can be have weight loss benefits by simply including the item in your beverage.


The Super Shred Diet claims to work quickly, leaving users with a few less pounds in the beginning of the program.

However, reviews on the Super Shred Diet mostly agree on one thing – the meals are very time-consuming to plan and can be very hard to follow, which contradicts against the writer’s objectives which is to create an easy diet plan.


How To Follow The Super Shred Diet

The Super Shred Diet book explains how users should take their daily meals and meal timing. The diet also suggests serving sizes and food substitutes for breakfast options, beverages, salads, vegetables, meat and fish.

As you can see, the super shred menu encompasses all classes of food in the food pyramid.

The Super Shred Diet helps users control food intake management, meal-spacing and teaches the process of four meals and snacks daily to three meals and three snacks and finally switching to two meals and four snacks a day.

This practice is supposed to create a food schedule for the user that will allow them to continue the control after completing the program.

Potential Super Shred Diet Side Effects

There are not any serious reported side effects of using the Super Shred Diet other than the occasional hunger pain due to restricted calories.

Active adults might not benefit from this diet as the lack of calories could have a negative impact.

Super Shred Diet Product Warnings

Some of the products recommended in the super shred menu, such as the Super Shred Bars & Popcorn, contains high amounts of hidden ingredients such as MSG, sugar alcohols and processed proteins.

While this is not much of a concern for most users, the products could definitely use more transparency in their marketing strategy, in case some users who follow this diet plan are allergic to these hidden ingredients.

Any Super Shred Diet Lawsuits?

There are no recoded official complaints or lawsuits of the Super Shred Diet so far.

Super Shred Diet Alternatives

If you aren’t convinced that the Super Shred Diet can help you obtain your weight loss goals, don’t worry! There are many alternatives that claim to produce similar results such as:

1400-Calorie Diet

By using consistent calorie-restriction, users will quickly see weight loss results. A rough ratio of the total calorie intake for carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits as well as meat for the users to select from to make up a total of about 1,400 calories.

BBC Good Food’s Healthy Diet Plan

BBC Good Food promotes a healthy diet plan for users who want a simple yet effective diet that does not require much prep time or shopping for uncommon ingredients.

28-Day Challenge – Fast & Easy Meal Plan

Real meals planned for real humans with real expectations, the 28-day meal challenge features very simple and achievable meals  along with the recipe and ingredients needed.

What Users Are Saying

“”The diet requires too much of your time. It’s not practical to follow unless you have time to watch the clock.””

“”I felt hungry all the time but followed it and at 3.5 weeks have lost 8 pounds. So not all people can lose what they tell you. I also did all the exercise required. Guess my body is just slower than most.””

“”Down 30 lbs so far..Love the structureof this plan. 1st diet that has worked for me!””

The Bottom Line – Does the Super Shred Diet Work?

So, is it time to visit the bookstore? Our look into Super Shred Diet weight-loss left us feeling confident in our assessment. We like that it promotes eating healthy, nutritious foods and the author is a trusted member of the medical community, but we have a few reservations about it because dieters claim to be starving on the plan and there’s no mention of clinical support. Plus, we find it interesting that there are multiple publishings from the same person on this topic.

If you’re ready to reach those weight-loss goals, our suggestion is to go with a supplement that offers clinical support for all ingredients in the formula at a great cost.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This supplement is formulated with four scientifically researched ingredients in a proprietary blend that’s proven to help speed up metabolism and boost fat loss. We found no mention of negative side effects and dieters are reporting great results across the web.

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Super Shred Diet Review
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Super Shred Diet

What are the ingredients in Super Shred Diet?

The Super Shred Diet is a meal prep weight loss book that outlines the do’s and don’t’s of what consumers need to precisely follow to lose weight after about a month of discipline.

What are the side effects of Super Shred Diet?

There are no clinical side effects because every meal outlined in the book is all natural, but extreme hunger pains because of the prescribed calorie intake has left consumers quite angry.

How do I know if Super Shred Diet is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Super Shred Diet work?

For the disciplined, yes. This product is not for everyone. Not everyone has the discipline to wake up at 7 o’clock each morning and follow the plan with a fine tooth comb. Consumers should be realistic with themselves and if they followed the plan correctly before leaving negative reviews. All of the reviews are centered around hunger, or the consumers inability to go through with the diet; not the diet itself.

What is the price of Super Shred Diet?

The Super Shred Diet is priced at $1.99.

Where can I buy Super Shred Diet?

Consumers can pick up the Super Shred Diet booklet at their local library or bookstore, or online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, E-Bay, Walmart, or Target.

Where can I buy Super Shred Diet?

Super Shred Diet can be purchased using their Official Site or through Amazon.

How should I take Super Shred Diet?

The Super Shred Diet has a list of all natural meal plans for consumers to follow for weight loss results. In order to see results, consumers must be willing to change their eating habits described in the plan.

How do I contact Super Shred Diet customer service?

A customer service representative can be reached through the company in which the consumer purchased their booklet. The author Dr. Ian Smith provides his email on his official website as well.

Can I return Super Shred Diet?

Consumers can absolutely return their Super Shred Diet book.

What are the most common complaints about Super Shred Diet?

The most common complaints are centered around consumers still having the feeling of hunger when following the diet plan.

Super Shred Diet Ingredients

We looked into the Super Shred Diet ingredients in order to give you the bigger picture.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is defined as, “activity requiring physical effort, carried out especially to sustain or improve health and fitness.” There are many different kinds of exercise, including endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance type fitness.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Some of the benefits of exercise include reducing the risk for diseases, cancer, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. It can also help aid in weight-loss, quality of life, muscle growth, mental health, and longevity.

Clinical Research

According to a study published and written by the Public Library of Science, “Adding exercise training to energy restriction for obese middle-aged and older individuals results in favourable changes to fitness and body composition. Whilst weight loss should be encouraged for obese individuals, exercise training should be included in lifestyle interventions as it offers additional benefits.” However, the Super Shred Diet does not include enough detail about their exercise regimen, which may prove to not to aid in weight-loss.

If you aren’t up for this diet, you may want to try Dietspotlight Burn, a supplement.

Multiple Small Meals

As opposed to eating only three meals a day, eating multiple meals may include a diet consisting of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack in-between.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Some claim that eating multiple smaller meals can increase the metabolism and inevitable aid in weight-loss.

Clinical Research

According to the Journal of Nutrition, “Taken together, these findings suggest that increased eating frequency (>3 eating occasions/d) has minimal, if any, impact on appetite control and food intake, whereas reduced eating frequency(<3 eating occasions/d) negatively effects appetite control.”

Plant-Based Diet

A plant-based diet is derived from primarily plants. This kind of diet is practiced by some vegetarians and all vegans. Some choose to do this for health reasons, while others do it as a way to promote animal rights.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

A plant-based diet may involve more inclusion of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, primarily because those practicing it focus on the consumption of only fruits and vegetables.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “An 18-week dietary intervention using a low-fat plant-based diet in a corporate setting improves body weight, plasma lipids, and, in individuals with diabetes, glycemic control.” Long-term effects were not tested.

Is There Anything Out There That TRULY Works?

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  •  Super Shred Diet or Burn HD by Dr Ian Smith
    Morine Barnes (Verified User)

    Hi Dr I Smith⭐. 🎶Drumroll🎶Congratulations on your 5 Super Shred Diet or Burn HD inspirational thanks for sharing👍👌👏😍. TISWAS Police 5 Shaw Taylor Credit Reference. I Morine Barnes is 13st 4.2lbs DEPRESSION🌻. I got 3st 4.2lbs FAT to lose diet and exercise Dr Ian Smith 5 Super Shred Diet to maintain 10st💪. Morine Barnes 58. Donald 60, Myola 38 & Rommel Edwards 36. Graham 90😁.

  • Di2167

    The super shred really works kick start your metabolism.. after 4 weeks I lost 15lbs. After that I was as strict as to when I ate but kept a ckean diet and workout routine and the wait kept coming off. It’s hard work but worth it.

  • Michele

    The super shred diet does work. I didn’t find it hard to follow. I also follow the Shred Revolutionary diet… I have/would recommend to others.

  • Kim

    I am on week 3 day 2 and have lost 12 pounds. I work out everyday for at least 45 minutes. I do not find myself starving. I make my calories count. I eat veggies or foods that will hold me instead of empty calories. The sample snacks are a useful tool. So far the Super Shred diet is working for me.

  • Super Shred Diet
    TFlo (Verified User)

    You do not really have to wake up at 7:30…that is a sample eating schedule. The book clearly states that in the introduction.

    • Carol

      I believe that was an example… you wake up when you normally do and use the same time schedule as the chart