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Sweet To Svelte Review- Does This Weight-Loss Sweetener Work?

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By Summer Banks Jul 09, 2017

Over half of diet products on the market have absolutely ZERO scientific backing. Let’s see if Sweet to Svelte is in this group. When any plan claims to help dieters lose 40 pounds in just 14 days we have to take a closer look at the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service. We searched hundreds of consumer comments and reviews. Then, we gathered up all those facts, condensed and summarized to give you the info you need.

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What is Sweet to Svelte?

First off, Sweet to Svelte ingredients are chromium 200mcg, red yeast 25mg, coenzyme Q10 5mg and lipase 5mg. [1] [2] The supplement promotes weight-loss by supposedly “melting away” fat. The suggested dose is four drops of the liquid per day. The package is small, so you can take it with your on-the-go.

Sweet to Svelte was introduced in 2012 from the company of the same name. There’s no official website, so you’ll need to purchase the supplement through trusted retailers. We like that it contains a few natural ingredients and that we located some positive customer comments, but read on…

Results – “Anyone?”

The first issue relates to Sweet to Svelte ingredients. “Just drop a couple little tablets into your morning coffee and voila, you will lose three pounds a week or more, according to Sweet to Svelte,” says our Research Editor. “It sounds like the claim is a little over the top because it is.”

“I was happy to receive your product and started it right away. Not wanting to believe my scale I continued using the product until I saw my Dr.’s only to find I had not lost a pound,” one buyer explains.

“I bought it, have been using it for almost 2 weeks and have not gained or lost even an ounce,” offered another.

Some dieters say results could take some time. “It took me about 30 days before I noticed anything in the loss weight dept,” stated a user.

Sweet to Svelte A Trusted Company – “Questionable?”

When dieters receive the flyer for Sweet to Svelte weight-loss tablets they want to believe they are ordering from a trustworthy company, but not everyone had a good experience. “I ordered your product approx. 2 1/2 weeks ago and still haven’t received a shipment,” one customer says.

“I ordered Sweet to Svelte a month ago, paid for express shipping and never received the product,” claims a buyer.

Others had different issues. “Check cleared and received the order. I’m ready to start losing weight,” commented a customer.

“Ordered and received within a week,” reported another.

Our research shows that when there are concerns about any particular part of a dietary supplement, such as poor customer service quality, the chances of long-term success are slim. So, if Sweet to Svelte does offer the support you deserve, isn’t it time to consider something better?

The Science – “Any Proof?”

There is no official website for Sweet to Svelte, so the company doesn’t offer any clinical support. We took a look into the ingredients to see if any of them is worthwhile. Chromium is an effective option that is commonly used in supplements, but when taken alone the results are not what they could be. When added to a proven formula the user may get more bang for their buck. At DietSpotlight, it is the science that drives us to give the thumb up to a product. Sweet to Svelte does not have this backing.

The Bottom Line – Does Sweet to Svelte Work?

So, amazing claims of outrageous weight-loss pulled us to Sweet to Svelte. We like that the pills are small and portable, but we are skeptical about recommending a product with no official website, no clinical support and reports of lackluster results. We’re also concerned that many consumers report having never received their order.

If you’re all set to boost up weight-loss, we suggest going with a formula with clinically-proven ingredients offered from a trustworthy company at a price that won’t break your wallet.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. The proprietary blend is an impressive mix of four ingredients with published scientific research showing they help enhance metabolism and spark fat loss. No dieters are speaking about unsafe side effects and users are thrilled with the great results they’re seeing.

Also, it helps that the makers of Dietspotlight Burn are so confident in the formula they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, not your everyday company.

Previous Sweet To Svelte Review (Updated May 7, 2014):

What You Should Know: Sweet to Svelte

Sweet to Svelte is a weight loss supplement that was here and gone in a second. Press releases are available all over the Internet announcing the newest breakthrough in the diet industry. According to these press releases, Sweet to Svelte worked better than all other diet products and even came close to weight loss surgery. With weight loss reports of 40 pounds or more in the first two weeks, there is bound to be a catch somewhere.

List of Ingredients in Sweet to Svelte

No known ingredients.

Product Features

There are press releases, promises of 100% money back guarantees and more offered for the Sweet to Svelte product, but no official website or product can be found. Dr. McScott is the creator of the Sweet to Svelte supplement. Offered in a liquid sweetener form, the supplement is supposed to create remarkable effects or your money back. If we cannot buy the product, announced in November, 2010, how are we supposed to find out if it works? There are four ingredients in the liquid supplement. The first ingredient is supposed to suppress appetite. This could be Hoodia or Chromium. The second ingredient is a fat trapper. This is likely to be Chitosan, a derivative from shellfish that may help trap a bit of fat, but not 40 pounds worth in two weeks. The third ingredient is the stimulant or fat burner. This is likely to be caffeine, Guarana or synephrine. Caffeine is the only proven ingredient among the three possibilities. Finally, the final ingredient will lower cholesterol. This is probably some sort of phytosterol or green tea. There are so many options we cannot narrow down the long list to just one. From what we know, we can gather that the supplement made claims it could not back up. Just two drops of this sweetener, two times a day is all it takes to shed up to 40 pounds in two weeks. If the claims are extraordinary - they are probably not likely to happen.

Advantages of Sweet to Svelte

  • Easy to use.

Disadvantages of Sweet to Svelte

  • No official website.
  • The product does not appear to be for sale.
  • The claims are extraordinary.
  • Two drops of sweetener will not lead to 40 pounds of weight loss in two weeks.


There are plenty of weight loss products out there making claims that are completely unrealistic and Sweet to Svelte is one of those products. The fact that the sweetener requires only two drops twice a day to work is enough to cause a red flag, but the weight loss claims are the icing on the proverbial cake. There are proven weight loss products and ingredients that help dieters lose weight slowly and permanently. These are the supplements we suggest.

Sweet to svelte claims to help burn fat, but it's ingredients were hard to find.

Sweet To Svelte Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Serving Per Container: 40
Amount per Serving% DV
Red Yeast**
Coenzyme Q10**

Other Ingredients: None

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Sweet To Svelte Questions & Answers:

We picked apart hundreds of user comments about Sweet to Svelte into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Svelte?

Some potential side effects of Sweet to Svelte include nausea, upset stomach, itching, loss of appetite, headache, fatigue, constipation, cramping and diarrhea.

What are the ingredients in Sweet to Svelte?

The ingredients in Sweet to Svelte are chromium, red yeast, coenzyme Q10, lipase, xylitol, sodium starch glycolate, cellulose, hydrogenated vegetable oil and stevia.

Does Sweet to Svelte work?

There’s no scientific research proving that Sweet to Svelte is an effective weight-loss supplement. There are studies linking chromium to users losing weight, but not specifically relating to this formula. Dieters may want to reconsider and change out Sweet to Svelte with a supplement like Dietspotlight Burn, which contains ingredients clinically proven to work.

How much does Sweet to Svelte cost?

Sweet to Svelte costs $44.95 for 60 capsules.

How should I take Svelte?

You should take four Sweet to Svelte capsule per day; adding it to a beverage. If you follow the directions, one bottle lasts 15 days.


What do users like about Sweet to Svelte?

Some users liked the speedy delivery of Sweet to Svelte and that the cost was reasonable.

What do users NOT like about Sweet to Svelte?

We found that some dieters didn’t like that the Sweet to Svelte customer service department was difficult to reach and that they didn’t notice results.


Where do I buy Sweet to Svelte?

You can only buy Sweet to Svelte through online retailers, but not the official website.

Do I need to exercise on Sweet to Svelte?

No, you don’t need to exercise on Sweet to Svelte, but the company recommends adding fitness to your weight management plan to improve results.

Does Svelte come with a guarantee?

There’s a 60-day guarantee with Sweet to Svelte.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Sweet to Svelte?

There’s no mention of special deals or discounts on Svelte. However, the last few months have been flying by, considering our readers have been taking advantage of Dietspotlight Burn’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a try.

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Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 4.1. From 49 votes.
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Sweet To Svelte Review

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  Necessary things to lose weight?
richey (Verified User)

do you need something else besides just the tablets to lose wight?

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Richey. Exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.


How much caffeine is there in the pills? What country are these pills made?

Stephen (Editor)

Hi Dolores! For more information please refer to the ‘ingredients’ tab for more details.

  Is it safe for diabetes to take...is it real sugar?
lorraine mcneil

is it safe for diabetes to take…is it real sugar?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! Because of possible interactions, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

Teresa Lowe

No, Lorraine, there is no sugar in it. The sweetner used is Xylitol and Stevia. Other ingredients are sodium starch gluconate , cellulose and hydrogenated vegetable oil. I am still experimenting with the product so I have no real feedback yet as to it’s actual effectiveness on weightloss.

  Are these pills diluted in liquid?
Diane (Verified User)

The pills, are they to be diluted in a liquid or taken with liquid. I put two in tea this morning and they did not seem to melt so I took them out and ate them???

Candace (Editor)

Diane, make sure that your tablets aren’t expired. They are meant to be put in your morning drinks.

  I ordered this product on Feb.
Marjorie Hecox

I ordered this product on Feb. 26th and have yet to receive anything.
Where is my order?

Stephen (Editor)

Hi Marjorie. We have listed the company’s contact information in our Q&A section.

  Thought was getting liquid got pills?
joan (Verified User)

thought was getting liquid got pills?

Candace (Editor)

Yes, Joan, these little tablets are sweetening tablets meant to be taken twice daily.

  Need price information

i am interested but what is the price

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For more information on pricing and where to purchase this product, please refer to the Sweet to Svelte official website.

Smarter now

$44.95, $64.95, $84.95, $104.95, take your pick. $7.95 shipping and handling

  ARE these the same people that sale easy 100?

ARE these the same people that sale easy 100

Stephen (Editor)

Hi Linda. Easy 100 is made by Skinny Nutraceuticals.

  Can drink it with coffee?
Steve R. (Verified User)

I wanted to know because i ordered it if you had to drink it with coffee? And does it dissolve in the liquid?

Nancy Ernes

I took it and lost 160 pounds in less than a year ! I started LOOSING too much weight and stopped taking them. The weight stayed off over 4 years and I have started putting on weight again. I plan on taking them again ! I have Thyroid and Adrenal problems and take medication for them , they never made me sick at all ! ! I LOVED THEM ! ! And by the way , when you reorder, they are much cheaper !


I crush mine and then pop it in my mouth and let it dissolve on my tongue…it actually has a great taste and then I take a normal dink of coffee…tea….I’ve lost 47 pounds and feel beautiful again….GOD BLESS


I blew it on the dates…sorry….ordered on April 17th not May….May was when I found the extra charges on MasterCard….Seems like the extras “were as important a sale as the “drops”.

carrie williams

How can i get it

Stephen (Editor)

Because it doesn’t have an official site you have to try your luck and search around. Sorry, Carrie.

  Can it make you lose weight without dieting or excersing?
rich aboussleman

after reading the review i’m concern about this product. can it make you lose weight without dieting or excersing? will do any kind of harm to your body? I do understand your blood pressure and colostrol will be lower, but anytime you lose weight your blood pressure and colostrol will come down! any feedback would be appriciated

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results and side effects. Please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  What is in Sweet to Svlete

What is in sweet to svelte

Stephen (Editor)

Hi Karen! For more information please refer to our ‘ingredients’ tab for more details.

   work at all!

Didn’t work at all!


I think it has a lot to do with individual bodies. I read all of these reviews and almost sent mine back..Im glad I didn’t. I use a pill crusher to make the little pills into a powder them pop it in my mouth and then take a sip of coffee or tea..Never take grapefruit or orange juice with meds or pills because of the acidity. Anyways I began taking them as instructed and I knew what I weighed before so I decided I would get weighed every Saturday morning and keep a chart. I’ve been taking it for 22 days..lost 47 pounds and I have never felt so awake and so alive. I feel like Im 30 again and that’s remarkable in itself. When I started I wore a size 22 dress now I can back into my size 11/12 jeans…Its absolutely amazing and Im not done yet…GOD BLESS

Michele Scaglione

I would love to believe you but I have had no luck at all after the 2 weeks. I think it is a hoax and want my money back

  I'm very happy with this product.
saa (Verified User)

I ordered sweet to svelte and lost 50 pounds in four months no side effects curved my appetite gave me energy but not the kind that I could not sleep at nights I’m very happy with this product.

  This product is not for me.

I was sitting at my computer trying to find the website for this Sweet to Svelte and found this site… sure glad. I know the saying, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. But, we all have those pipe dreams. Thanks to this site, I tossed that advertising gimick right in the trash!!!

  I'm really glad I read this because I was going to order. Thanks!

I’m really glad I read this because I was going to order. Thanks!

I will not be trying this product.
M. Butler

I got some info in the mail on this product and came here to find out what I could on this product. I also checked out the Better Business Bureau and the company got an astounding F! I will not be trying this product.

Why do you have to take with coffee?

why do you have to take with coffee in am


Teresa…You don’t HAVE to put it in your coffee..I have the tiny pills not the liquid so I use my pill crusher and make them into a powder then I just pop it in my mouth and take a swallow of coffee..ice tea…or whatever Im having..Its not good to take it with orange juice or grapefruit juice because of the acid.

Teresa Lowe

It has to be taken with ANY hot drink in order for the tablets (not liquid) to dissolve in the drink. I tried it in cold water and It took forever for it to dissolve, but It didn’t change the taste of the water. You could dissolve it in hot tea then make iced tea out of it as well.

nita Walker

I ordered 2 wks ago – express for fast delivery and todday still have not received. No website so can not call. Do you know how I can contact them and if product really works. Thank you


I ordered 2 weeks ago also and have not gotten my pills but they took my money. How can I get my money back? Does anyone know They lefy no phone number. This stinks!


Here is the nber to call Sweet To Svelte 1-866-599-5560

  Hated the product.
Ursula (Verified User)

I have been taking this Sweet to Svelte, and I am having confusing reactions. I am diabetic, and I have been taking 2 tablets 2x day.
the first day I found my eyesight went bad, that a magnifying glass did not help me read emails, I had to enlarge the text to almost 1 1/2 sm in size to be able to read. 2) my blood count went up from 4.6 to 18.2 – which scared me. First I couldnot understand why I would all of a sudden have such reactions. Buit since I have repeated to take these 2 tablets in my tea, the same reaction manifests itself. Blood test = 18.1, and my vision is off again. This indicates that I seem to have a reaction just from these 2 tablets. I do not have it in liquid. I send you this report, just in case other people might have the same or similar reactions and do not know where the originate.
I was so hoping that finally I had found some product, that might make weightloss more easy and fast.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to warn people.

With an another product ‘Gluco Sure from Northstar – it has 400mcg Chromium, one is to take 2 twice a day, which brings one up to 1600 mcg. Chromium over max. 200 mcg can destroy your kidneys, liver, pancreas and a few more organs. Maybe more tests should be made, before such products, that desperate people buy, because of their advertising, should be put under more precise tests.
I would appreciate your comments to this email, because my concern is great for the sake of others. Thankfully I have had sufficient experience in the health products that I can remain objectiv. I just send them back to the company. Bit had no reply to my concerns. Ursula.

  Pills were smashed when received.

I just received my 4 tins of pills in the mail and I opened the first one and a lot of the pills were smashed so I opened the second one and some of them are smashed too. What should I do? Do I open the remaining 2 to see what they look like and how to we fix the problem?

Candace (Editor)

Hi there, Cindy. You have to contact the company and report that the product was delivered damaged. Inspect the packaging for a contact number.

  Hated the product.
Patricia (Verified User)

Thank you for sharing. You just help save me some money. I almost place an order

  Advertised other's product.

Look up MCT Oil. I started an new diet called Nulife. The oil is coconut based and after doing research on it I feel it’s the best thing for me. Good luck, and God Bless

  Hated the product.
kathy (Verified User)

don’t waste your money like i did


Wow, that was a bit harsh


Thank you ALL so much for saving me money, time and potentially more weight gain. I received my free trial offer in the mail today, and was about to order, then decided to do some research Thank you again for your feedback.


I have two children and had c-sections with both, after the surgery I found it hard to exercise. I’m not lazy and I do walk, every day. Some people need a little help to lose the unwanted pounds. My metabolism isn’t what it used to be before I had kids. So before you call someone a fat lazy ass walk a mile in their shoes and then comment. Thank you.


You darling should not have to explain yourself to anyone, if people don’t except you for who you are they ain’t worth it. I am as well a mother of 3 and it is hard to loose the weight. I still have a pouch but it took a lot of devotion to get done to the size I was when I got pregnant with my kids which is 100, it took me 3 years. Just surround yourself with positive people and have faith. Believe in yourself


You know not every one that is fat i s a lazy ass. and being a single parent after my husband got killed in a car accident its hard to find time for exercise, working 8 to 9 hours a day, plus having my kids in their sports. So whenyou walk a mile in some fat asses shoes then call them lazy.


You know what!? Don’t worry about these skinny ass girls & what they think & don’t understand. There minds are just as small as there body with enough air in there heads you can pop em like a balloon. They think there better than anything but what they dont understand is that they have to use there bodies for men to take interest in them, un like heavier women don’t use there bodies for men to look,cuz if there interested they actually are with you because they see beyond the size and love you for who you are, while most skinny bitches just get used for there body. I am yes only 100pounds myself but I know that not everyone is fat because they allow themselves to get that way,theres so much other reasons why & I understand that. Often people fear what they don’t understand and I have high hopes that you can and will loose the weight you desire,have faith

  Hated the product.
Kristen (Verified User)

this stuff sucks i am trying to find the customer service# to get my money back i gained weight on this stuff

Cindy (Retired)

Try 1-866-599-5560 I just swallow my in am & pm with water. I couldn’t.t get them to resolve during my complete meal. I have only been on them for two weeks. I have lost 5 #’s. I believe every body reacts different. I hoping this will be the one for me as I have tried at lease 20 different diets and circle polls with no luck. Did not have any problems receiving the product.Rreceived flyer in the mail and called their number a rather than using a card mail ordering.


Me to so pissed the numb for Them is. 18665995560

  Waiting to see the result.
anita (Verified User)


Candace (Editor)

Anita, we do have a few concerns with this product. Refer to the article for more info.

  Can order online?
garry beaston

can i order on the enternet



  Hated the product.
Joann Sangiacomo (Verified User)

Does not work. They are just making money on us.

  What color are the pills

What color are the pills


Mine were red


white i think

  Product did not work for me
Janice (Verified User)

My thoughts exactly. Why would it work for one person out of countless others? Must be someone with a vested interest in the company making that claim of weight loss. I do not believe them.

  Has anyone tried this?
Janice (Verified User)

Wow! It seems Sweet To Svelte hasn’t satisfied anyone on this site. I certainly hope we all get our money back. Has anyone tried the editors choice listed above, Avesil? I’d be interested in knowing about your experience.

Candace (Editor)

Visit the Avesil review to more info.

  Did not like the taste
Sarah (Verified User)

I am on the second day and I can not handle this crap anymore. It literally tastes like throw up..I only got it cus it was on sale but dang you think I would learn by now the crap that comes in the mail dosn’t work.

  Questions about money back
Roseanna Herrera-Garcia

I wish I would have went I this website before I ordered. I wouldn’t have spent my last of my grocery money just to try and lose some weight that I might not even lose. And, know I don’t know how to get my money back because I ordered by money order.

  I want to lose weight



Different customer service phone number from the one Carol offered. Gonna write it down anyway.
Thanks Jo mata.
I also suggest that anyone returning product utilize delivery confirmation at the post office. That way you can track the shipment via computer, and you will know whether or not they received it.

  Doesn't work

product does not work. all i GOT WAS STOMACH PAINS WITH NO WEIGHT LOSS.

john coglaiti

I ordered your product and have not recieved any product yet. Please advise ASAP

Candace (Editor)

Hey, John. Please contact your rep or customer service department of this company. We are not affiliated with them.

  Works or not
pamela mason

hi someone just tell me do it work are not because i need to take off 100p i used to be at 135p now i am 230p i have tryed it all i need something that will work some one let me know do it work are not .thank you ;


Everyone has been saying that it does NOT work. So don’t waste your $.


I’m using HCG injections, so far 3 weeks down 23 lbs


Where do u get the injection shots from I see the liquid in walmart a lot do that work as well and what type of diet goes with that

  Return Authorization

when you return, be sure to send it with a return authorization so they have to sign for it.

  Very disappointed
janel naihaus (Verified User)

I used your prodect and did not get the results you advised. Iwas very disappomted when the results was very slow to nothing with the 80lbs order.

  Thanks for the advertisement

got the advertisement in the mail today, and because of other times i’ve gotten burned, thought i would look it up. i’m very glad i did. now i know to just throw it in the trash. thanks everyone for making that choice for me! 🙂

  Please refund my money
alejandrina funes (Verified User)

please refund my money its not working at all over reaccion to get overwieght ..im eating more …..please call me and refund my money thank

Candace (Editor)

Alejandrina, please contact the company directly. We are not their affiliate.

  Thanks for the info

Thank you guys, I just receiced the offer in the mail yesterday and decided to see if I could read about it first and found this website. This is something that we all want so bad and even if you know that it is too good to be true, we still want to try it no matter what. But after reading all your comments there is no way I’m wasting my money on this. Thank you so much for sharing this info!!!

  I want to cancel

Haven’t got it yet reading all the reviews and I may have just wasted my money. May call the bank and cancel this order.

  First time user

Same here John. I also tried Lypozene and returned it awhile back. Just received this Sweet to Svelte enevelope today. The only way they could have targeted me would have been through another “weight loss” company but luckily I sat nd read some reviews this time before ordering another failure.

  From Lypozene to Sweet to Svelte

Call me crazy but I think the makers of this product get their mail leads from Lypozene. Two weeks after I bought and tried Lypozene (no results) I recieved the ad in the mail for Sweet to Svelte. So glad I checked here first!

  Will never try it again
Anonymous (Verified User)

I got my Sweet whatever and it doesn’t give coffee or tea a little hint of sweet nothings. I am so disappointed in this product I don’t know what to do. I know I will never try it again.

  Nothing happened
Marsha Black (Verified User)

I bought it, have been using it for almost 2 weeks and have not gained or lost even an ounce. I wish I had read these reviews before my purchase. I never expected to lose 40 pounds in 14 days but did expect more than NOTHING.

  Return and refund
florence jackson (Verified User)

I have taken one box of pills and nothing has happened in the loss weight dept. I want to return my pills I have left for a refund. How do I do that and do you have a telephone number to reach you? Please reply to this. It’s important, thank you.

  When will this start working?
gloria frey (Verified User)

when willthis stuff start to work?first week is almost over

  Need information about rebates
Marilyn Kanerva (Verified User)

How do I get my rebate for the pills that did not work? I mailed the new package back to you after using the free one and nothing happened, no rebate as you stated in your ad if returned within 60 days.

  Make more research before using this

I googled the first ingredient in the product and if you follow the diet you will be taking 600mg more then is recommended safe without the risk of liver damage…For anyone who has this plz read up before taking,,I dont think the risk is worth hurting your body with any type of damage.

  Here are the ingredients
Jennifer (Verified User)

I have the product and this is the ingredients:chromium polynicotinate(200mg per pill)red yeast(25mg)coenzyme q10(5mg)lipase providing 150 usp units(5mg) plus: xyitiol soduim starch glycolate, celluse, hydrogenated vegetable oil, stevia,,,it says to take 2 in the morning and 2 at lunch…I googled Chromium polynicotinate and it said the highest dose is 200 a day,,,its scary that with this your getting 800mg

  Product is not working for me
Linda (Verified User)

Ok, so I just finished my 14 days on Sweet to Svelte and I am sending it back for my refund! I gained 4 lbs!!!!!! I am so not happy!

  Good read, help my decision

Thanks to everyone for contributing your time. I too was excited to try this with my granddaughter, and I will pass on this. Thanks for your honesty.

  Questions about my order
joanne Felix (Verified User)

received my order how many tabs should I receive for a two month supply only received 120 tabs which at 4 a day is only one month.

  Have questions with refund
Marilyn Kanerva (Verified User)

I mailed back your product which did not work for me, you had insured a money back policy if it did not work, I have my certified mail receipy that you did recieve it and where is the refund?

Candace (Editor)

Hi Marilyn, we are not affiliated with this company. We advise you to call their offices or mail them correspondence 18665995560

  Decided to cancel after review

I just ordered the product today, 09/23/11. But then I forgot to seek out what others said about this product and so now, after reading all these unhappy buyers I called and cancelled. So I say don’t waste your money just take the advice of all of us who have or almost lost no weight just money! HOpe you all find a better way to lose weight. God Bless You in your endeavor to take care of your body.

  It works but not much..
Loye Christensen (Verified User)

I have been on this for 3 weeks and have gone from a 16-18 pant size to a 12, not much weight loss………


You must have lost some to have gone down 2-3 sizes. Have you been dieting and exercising?

  Good read and will help my decision
becky miller

im glad i checked this out before I ordered but here is one that is working for me FOOD LOVERS DIET i have lost 11 lbs and 18 3/4 inches in 15 days so far easy to do it cost 48.00 to get kit to start and then it will be 23.00 for 5 months but i get an extra cook book too so it is 119.00 plus shipping this is better that weight watchers you have a book that tells you what food you can eat not points to figure.

  Product doesn't work for me
Dianne (Verified User)

The product doesn’t work. It will dissolve in hot liquid if you stir. Anything that sounds to good to be true, using isn’t true. I just spoke to someone about returning the product and they said people are reordering because they have lost 8 lbs in a week. I am returning for a refund. If anyone does reorder the product is half price. No thanks.

  This works with healthy lifestyle
Michelle (Verified User)

Well I don’t work for the company, I have lost weight havent finish the bottle yet and it does disolve so stop lie and hating. No you’re not going to lose 40lbs but you do lose weight. Stop eating everything in sight and you will lose. You know on any diet you have to cut back on somethings. Stop eating so much and you probably will lose instead of gaining. So what you didnt lose?! dont try to stop everybody else, we all been fool once in our life and wasted money too, but why not take a risk. You take risks everyday when you leave your house…


The product hasn’t worked for me and I am not eating everything in site. I am a nurse and I have really been watching my intake of food. I spoke to a rep from the company and I am requesting a refund. If anyone does reorder the price is half the price as the original order. I want reorder and praise the Lord to anyone that has lost on the product.

  Offer people promise not false hope

To be honest if others are saying it doesnt work I would rather just drink tea and go for a bike ride everyday. I say grab a friend and get self motivated to take a hike , a walk, and buy water instead of throwing money away. Sorry folks but you must offer people a promise not false hope!!!!

  Product worked for me
Donna (Verified User)

This product worked wonderfully. I lost weight and had no side effects. Great product!!By the testimonials I’m guessing I ordered early, glad I did.

  Just got the product and will update
Anonymous (Verified User)

Giselle July 29th 2011 received the product yesterday, stopped cravings, ,see what happens , the tablets I received are pinkish and disolve with a bubbly effect, it does that when I put them in water almost like a chemistry reaction, anyway, we’ll see, keep you posted.

  Good read and able to save money
Bob Weiser

Thanks for all the great feedback…I was going to buy, but i just decided to keep my money in the bank, thanks to everyones comments.

  Wants to know about clinic locations
jas kooner

sounds too good to be true do u have a clinic in gta for assesment or doctor to discuss health isues etc

  Found a way to use it efficiently
judy (Verified User)

just started sweet and svelte, and found it disolved quickly in the coffee, husband put it in his orange juice and disolved quickly, 14 days is up on August 9th, will check back and let you know.


did it work?


All these readers are a year old. Have you heard from anyone more recent. ( I just ordered ) guess I was fooled again.

  Lose weight by changing your lifestyle

How can ANYONE truly believe that without changing your eating habits and exercising, YOU WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT!! If it sounds too good to be true, guess what! It is.

  Experiencing issues with refund
ha (Verified User)

you people are all idiots. Room overseas? It’s not in a room overseas. If it doesnt work just send the product back and get your money back. If you’re having difficulties being refunded it’s cause you’re not abiding by our warranty.


The people who take these orders are very accomodating when you order, however, they were very rude when I tried to cancel. I cancelled approximately 20 minutes after I ordered because of this site,and amazingly my order had already shipped..WHAT..the idiot I spoke with actually yelled at me(because I dropped the “F” bomb)Customer service is NOT a priority with this “piece of shit” company.Save your $$$$!!


Wow “HA”! You should be busy selling your “INTRIGUING” product than sitting online all day reading comments people are making about your “BS” product. Now tell me who the IDIOT is! Laughs on you!


You should be ashamed for writing such a response. If you do represent this company/product you should be equally ashamed for defending an obvious lie. To profit from the fear and desparation of others is the ultimate betrayal and I would happily tell you what you can do with you WARRANTY!!!

  Got a check from their company
Tammy (Verified User)

Has anyone received a check from this company.. I randomly did get a check recently. I had ordered a few months and did receive my product but it does NOT work. Don’t waste your money!!!

  Need ingredients information and its effects

I need to lose a lot of weight and have some health problems. and have to be carefull what i take. is there anything in this pill to make my heart race or make my breathing go wild

Candace (Editor)

Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure because we can’t see what the exact ingredients are.

  Sounds to googd to be true
gloria klein

I want to thank everyone for ther comments , about this stuff. I was going to order it but I will pass on it now. My husband said it sounds too good to be true.

  Getting negative feedback
samone wortham

people r saying this doesnt work

  Good read and saved me money

Thank for all the reports before I spent my money. This is a great sight. Hope you all get your money back. Thanks again for saving me.

  Will try it and will update later
Lisa (Verified User)

I just got a free 60 day pack from an employee so I’m going to try that out and keep you guys posted on my experience. But there is a diet that do work magic. It the Master Cleanse Diet. It’s cheap and worth the amount you spend on it. It’s a liquid diet though. NO FOOD.. In 5 days I lost 10 lbs and it was noticable.

  Happy to get feedback online

when my mom got the advertisment in the mail i was soo excited, but the more i read it the more things started to stick out like the fact that it doesnt have a website or a number on the brochure. glad i checked online first thanks guys

  Spelling mistakes in the flyer
Personal Investigator

I got this flyer in the mail today. Besides having multiple spelling mistakes, I looked up the address. 27 Norwood St., in Everett, MA is the UPS Store. Google street view shows it and searching for the address for the UPS Store shows it’s the same. This “company” reeks and probably should be avoided.

  Product is not working
Jenny (Verified User)

I bought the product…. don’t think it works like it says but when you talk to them on the phone, they tell you the ingredients are:
Chromium, Co-enzyme Q10, Lipase and red yeast. I liked that these are all natural and good for you but when I called them back when it didn’t work as fast as sugguested, they said some metabolisms are stubborn and to give it the full 14 days before aasking for money back. I only need to loose 20 to 30 Lbs. but I have not lost a lb. in 9 days. Oh well. They say they will give me my money back and it didn’t hurt me.



  Side effects for 14 years old?

I wonder the effects it would give to a 14 year old

  It did not work for me
debbie (Verified User)

well just orederd it i know that it want work!!just wanted to try it.. i have tried a lot of different things.. i should know that it dont work .. but i have always got my money back and i will this time too. should have read this first .i lost 40 pounds just by walking 1 hour a day then went to work and put it back on was working 14 hours a day and had no time to do it again.. but now i am gona come first and work second.. starting to walk today again and the thing is i was no diteing i was just walking….. would be easer with a friend but all my friends dont need to lose so they wont walk …wish you all good luck

  Is there a money back guarantee?

I would like to kn ow if there is a money back guarentee?????

Candace (Editor)

They claim there is a money back guarantee, Patty, but several dieters have experienced trouble receiving a refund.

  Product does not work for me
Virginia Carleton (Verified User)

I tried Sweet to Svelte for 2 weeks & gained 1 pound. I called two weeks ago but no money yet. I should have known better. This product does not work


I tried this and no results!I need the address to return it.I called in several times and they told me I could take them whole and then I was told the next time to dissolve in hot liquid at least once per day. no good! I actually feel it may be making me gain if anything! I need to return them and get my money back, my daughter has misplaced the paper that came with the shipment. I hope someone can help me out with this! I do not recommend this to anyone. I ask was it going to hurt to drink regular cokes with this and they said it was fine,I have never heard of getting to consume that much sugar and losing weigh? I questioned if


was on here just checking the product out and the reviews .came across you and since I have not ordered.I just received the info in the mail.Here is the address I have SWEET TO SVELTE 27 NORWOOD ST.#312 EVERETT MA 02149-2709 Guess I won’t be ordreing after reading all the reviews.

  Happy to review this online.

Jackie why are you the only one that it is working for? Do you work for the company?
I just received this in the mail and I was going to order, but then I said let me check on line! Glad I did…..

  Any good results?

Just wanted to see if anyone has gotten good results yet?


I have been just putting the drops in my mouth as I do not take sugar in my coffee or drinks for 2 weeks and while the weight loss was not as dramatic as advertised I did lose about 6 pounds. I don’t know if it is just a coincidence because I usually lose a few pounds during the summer months, I am going to keep trying and see what happens.I’ll keep you posted!

  Product just wasn’t for me

Thanks everyone i was going to order sweet to svelte but ive change my mine i guess if we really want to loose weight we need to stop trying to take pill and eat healthier and workout cause im think i have tried it all and nothing really work

  Doesn't sound right

I just got an advertisement in the mail for this and decided to check it out before I oredered. I am glad I found this site first. The advertisment says they will pay you 250 dollars if you lose weight and send in your story… Well they would go broke if everyone lost weight on this product offering 250 a story… so something does not sound right here. I am not buying this… Thanks Everyone for your input…

  Not recommended by Dr. Oz



Excuse me oh gullible one but Dr Oz doesn’t know half of what he tries to convey to his audience. I have followed his reccomendations especially Garcinia Gambogia which was a complete joke…I have had FANTASTIC WEIGHT LOSS ON SWEET TO SVELTE..Dr Oz’s word doesn’t mean anything…If he recommends something I assume its worthless and does NOT work…I lost trust in him long ago.

  Don't risk your health
LHE163 (Verified User)

I wish I had found this site before ordering. Don’t risk your time, money or health. I have had serious issues since using this product.


What type of serious issues have you had if you don’t mind me asking? The reason for me asking is that, I just purchase this product.

  Thanks for providing information!

Thanks for the info., glad I looked before I leaped.

  Highly recommended product!
Jackie (Verified User)

I highly recommend this product to all that need to lose weight. I started the product on May 14th 2011 and wt 180 lbs; I am glad to report that today is June 5, 2011 and have lost a total of 35lbs this is not a gimmick but a true product that delivers. I’m at 145 lbs and want to lose an additional 10 lbs. I feel so much better. Definitely recommend this .

  Too Good to be True
Kgee (Verified User)

If it seems to good to be true it probally is too good to be true. Nothing comes with out the good old fashioned blood, sweat and tears! Put that money toward fresh healthy foods, a good pair of workout shoes and some sweats!

  Contact information for the Product

Found this contact info on a press release…..

Press Information:
Sweet to Svelte

27 Norwood Street, suite #312
Everett, MA 02214

Contact Person:
Kyle Henderson
Phone: 877-322-0007
email: email


Good job, Megan! I personally just called that number and it does go right through to a customer service rep (after the normal round of “press 1 if your a new customer” etc. Your post should be helpful to people trying to get their money back!

  Curves my app but lost nothing yet
rhonda (Verified User)

I’ve been on sweet svelte 5 days I dont drink coffee i put it in my hot chol and it dissolves by the time im done I noticed it curves my app and lost nothing yet.but my husband just cut down on what he eats and is losing weight little portions use the smaller plate .I will let you no if i losing by doing what he is.

  Product just wasn’t for me

I was just about to order this until I got online to look this up, no one has said anything good about it so yes I will be saving my money Thank for everyone who tried it,

  No results, want refund!
Anonymous (Verified User)

I ordered this for my mother and I to try & have had NOOOOO results after taking the pills for 4 days. I wish I had came across this site before placing my order. I will be requesting my money refunded!

  Product just wasn’t for me
Jean Thompson (Verified User)

BEWARE, NO LOSS AFTER 3 WEEKS, came in tin, pill form, hard to dissolve, came with eye cream, hot or cold water, still does not dissolve!!!!BEWARE. Now to fight for MONEY BACK GUARNTEE!!!!

  Reaction to Medicine
j thomas

if i take med would if have a reaction on my med before i start taking.

Candace (Editor)

Before taking the product, ask your doctor just to be safe, Thomas. 🙂

  Any side effects if you take this

Are there side effects if yu take dilantin?

Candace (Editor)

Do you mean if you take them together. Consult your doctor to be sure.

  I ordered it and didn't received any
mya (Verified User)

wow i ordered it and after reading all this i feel so dissapointed! i havent even recieved it yet and i already want my money back!

  I will not order this product

Im glad I read every ones comment,it helped me to deside
what to do. I will not be ordering this product. I knew it was to good to be true.


Thank you for saving me money that I don’t have to spend. I was going to order because I really need help to lose weight but now I see where noone has lost on this product. Thank you…..again

  Did not order the product

Thanks guys I guess I did win, by not ordering! U have helped me and now i will help u. I pray that each of u reach ur goal to get healthy, please dont get discouraged believe in yourself u can do it wipe ur tears away smile and pray for the answer. it wont come from crooks, thats there job. They will pay!! use this as a stepping stone Isa 40:29, Psalms 20:1,2 U ar strong U can do it.!!! Love Donnie

  Product research

Please contact the Food and Drug Administration which can look into the complaints. The more contacts the better.

  Didn't work and so disappointed
Felicia (Verified User)

I am very discouraged. Is there anyone out there that this has actually worked for? I just gained 1.8 pounds in one day. I am going to try and get my money back, I guess I need to get on the phone with Peggy?

Candace (Editor)

Felicia, several other dieters have also experienced this with you. We advise you to look around the site for an alternative product.

  False advertisement
carol barnes

Did you notice that all the people in the pamphlet that talked about the product said,”give it a go”? Who says that? Only Brits that I know of…just like the “Dr.” It’s physically impossible to lose 40 pounds in 14 days. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!!!

  This is ridiculous and unprofessional

Just opened my mail and read through the info, called the 800 # and the rep was extremely rude and unprofessional rushing me off the phone. Then I decided to check reviews and so glad I ended that call. After reading these reviews soooo glad I pumped my brakes!!

  Look for another way to loose weight
Gwendolyn doe (Verified User)

In today’s world indivdials and companys play on people emotions and feels. The biggest is weigth and feeling good about ones self. I fell for it to 40 lbs in 2 week I gained 2 lbs. It’s a game to get your money don’t be a fool like I was. look for a good product to loss weight.

  Will not order this product

I just received the information in the mail today as well. I will stick with the plan I have instead of ording this product. I also believe it might work but you would have to put in the exercise effort and a sensible diet. All I see is that is curbs the appetite. Thanks all for the information.

  Was about to order the product

thanks for the heads up guys! was considering ordering but in reading comments, thought better of it.

  Received an offer to try the product

I just spent the last hour reading about all the bad things about this product.The invite to try this product out arrived in todays mail.has anyone dent in the picture for the before and the the after?Has anyone recieved the 250.00 offer just for participating?

Candace (Editor)

Let us know how it goes, Jim!

  Don't want to waste money

Thanks everyone…Im not gonna waste my money…I will pay a bill… 🙂

  Received the mailing piece

Received the mailing piece yesterday. “Dr.” Ian McScott?? Really?? Independent Specialist in Obesity? Huh? Medical Weight Studies Academy of Europe? Sounds legit to me, sign me up!

  Did not continue to order

Glad I found this site before I made my order. Thank-you all for helping me save my money.


I received the package in the mail today and got all excited because Ineed to lose a few pounds for a special occasion. My first thought was to look it up on the internet and boy I am glad I did! I could see if it was just a few people complaining about the product not working, but this is way too many. I beleive that I will look a little further.

  Feel sick and didn't loose weight
samonious22 (Verified User)

after a week I didn’t lose a ounce and made me feel as if some one pulled real hard down on my ball ,sick to my stomach

  Was about to order this

I was about to order sweet to svelte glad to have checked it out before i ordered this stuff.mad at people like this hope they get this bad guys soon.

  Experienced lots of pain
Denis Snider (Verified User)

The only thing I got out of Sweet to Svelte was major stomach cramps and bloating!!
Did not loose a single pound. Just a lot of pain!!!!

  Waiting for the ordered product

hi everyone i just recently ordered sweet to svelte and waiting to received it wondering if you guys call the same number i did i so hope mines work the number is 866-599-5560 wish i would have saw this before i order the meds im worried now.


It takes over 2 weeks to get…it is not worth it. I am sending it back and pray for a refund

  Was planning to purchase

has anyone ever used a product that does work? You people that took this product and it worked what else are you doing with this and how muvh weight are you loossing. was getting ready to order thanks for the infor. Changed my mind now looking for something that does work. To the one that wants to take this while preganent don’t kill your baby before its born. Your probably not fat just big cause there is a baby in there


Hi Angie, the only thing that ever worked was a combination of FenFen and Ionomin, prescribed by my doctor for 2 months. I did lose 17 pounds a month and an additional 9 pounds after the prescription ended. Unfortunately 8 people died and they took FenFen off the market. The weight stayed off for almost 3 years, & if it was still available I would take it again.


I have used something that worked really well. It was called Thermo Slim, but because there are people out there who couldn’t follow directions they would take more than the recommened amount and would get really ill or die from overheating. One of the ingrediants was mau hung so anything with mau hung has been banned. Worked best in cool or cold temps bit not real well in the warmer weather.

  Was planning to order


  Expiration date

I was on the brink of ordering this product, and as I was filling out the credit card information, I became distracted by the way they asked for the expiration date, which was “expiry.” I then decided to do some research and came upon this website. Do no be fooled people, if it doesn’t seem real, most likely it isnt. And this is NOT.


“expiry” is used in Europe, as well as writing dates as day/month/year

  Didn't loose weight and want a refund
Juanita march2011 (Verified User)

I took sweettosvelte for 3 weeks and lost no weight. I have called 3 times to get my money back but have not received it as yet. I will report them to legal services if I have too. Please pay me back so I can tell people that you do what you say you will.

  Ordered the product and didn't receive any

i ordered Sweet to Svelte a month ago, paid for express shipping and never received the product. The address I gave was my PO box but if they ship UPS (which was never mentioned)I will never see if. I guess I won’t see my money either.


Dispute the credit card charge since you never received the product.

  Disappointed with the product
barbara (Verified User)


  Tried everything but still nothing change
Renee (Verified User)

Pills do not dissolve. They have chromium, lipase, CoQ10 in them. Nothing that should cost this much money. No weight loss. Even tried to just take the pills without dissolving them. What a racket.

  Want to know if it still works

To Whom It May Concern:
Does it really work? All you do is put it in your drink no exercise or dieting.Do you have a trail size that you can order?

Candace (Editor)

Hi Valerie. We don’t know if this company offers a free trial version. Also we have concerns about its effectiveness.

  Feel pretty foolish right about now

I just ordered 2 months worth…then found this web site..I feel pretty foolish right about now


Darn, me too. I just ordered it. Totally excited and then I read all of these reviews. Dang it!


hello there i started on this product 4/10/2011 and i get it to dissolve in hot tea… i will give it a week and weigh in to see if i have lost anything… i am curtain that i wont lose 40lbs in 2wks that is unrealistic… i have not been as hungry… so time will tell..

  False advertisement it doesn't work at all
gwendolyn doe (Verified User)

This is a another scram. Yes, the operator push you to buy the second can know dam well the product does not work as the say. They give you a phone number that on one answers. The ones who fall for these ads like myself need to do a little more reseach be for we buy. Have a Bless Day.

  Product not effective
artemis (Verified User)

well i got the pills a weeck ago and have not lost anny pounds.i also tried putting three pills in my coffee instead of two and no results either,also with the whole it works crap from that one girl who cant spell for crap ,yeah i also think and know for sure that its the same person.

  Product is waste of money
jackie (Verified User)

Everyone save your money. I wished I had seen this site before I ordered. The crap does not work Ive been on them almost two weeks So has my daughters. Nothing changed and I am pissed! The pictures looks so real.

  Something just seemed wrong

That’s what made me hang up. All the chaos in the back ground. Something just seemed wrong.

  Waiting for the results
ccombs (Verified User)

I started the Sweet to Svelt 4 days ago. Seems to curve appitite and burn fat. I’m going to wait a week to weigh in.


Yeah right! For all we know you could be working for them. How do you know you are burning fat? Smh!


did u lose anything? pleeeasse reply


pleeeeease let us know if you actually lose weight from this product…i got an advertisement in the mail, so im trying to decide if i want to buy it or not


you won’t lose a thing, don’t bother. It was a waste of my time & money,, which address do I use to get a refund? doe’s anybody know?

  Will think about the product
Valerie Wheeler

To Whom It May Concern:
After reading what other people are saying about sweet to svelte I think I might pass,I want to loss weight not give you $52.90 to put in your pocket,I’LL think about.

Angela S.

You Spent $52.90!?! I got RIPPED OFF!!! I paid $109.00 + shipping and handling! I’m pissed! But on the up side I lost 36 lbs. in 3 and a half weeks. I weighed 374 lbs. when I started and I’m in a wheel chair most of the time. So I was excited to lose the weight without exercising. Angela S.

  Waste of money
aie jones (Verified User)

I highly suggest that anyone who is trying to loose weight do not try the 14 day acia berry colon cleanse because it doesnt work all it does is make you have uncomfortable boul movements and really bad cramps. A big waist on money……………..

  Did not loose weight
kim (Verified User)

that is the same thing i said. I will let you know in about a week if I did loose anything. I am sure it is in my head but after the 3rd day taking them I have not been that hungry only thirsty. I did get them to dissolve in hot water, but in cold water takes a little longer. I know for damn sure I am not loosing 40 pounds in 2 weeks, thats a lie and the skinny chick once fat chick on the cover did not loose just 40 pounds please. I look about the same size as her fat and that is not 40 pounds to get that damn skinny. That did not sell me at all. I just want to see what it is. So I will let you know in another week.


kim, do you have a recent update. would like to know your end results.


I’m ordering it n I was just wondering if you had any success with losing weight yet? I don’t wanna waste my money so I just want to see if anyone has lost any weight yet!

  Don't take if you have thyroid disorder
JohnThe Helper (Verified User)

ok look people the reason it wont work for many people is becau your all wrong you need to p it in a hot liquid and dont drink it if its not fully disolved and for people with thyroid disorders i recommend you dont take it

  Don't like the product

well I got this sweet to svelte thing in the mail today saying that you loose 40 pounds in 14 days. Me and my mom were like lets try it!!but i had a feeling about this because it was too good to be true. so i whent online and read the comments. im nd out this is crap.! I got all exited for nothing. way to go

  Loose weight fast in just few weeks
Andrea Richmond (Verified User)

What is in this miracle stuff, DRAINO? It must be strong to loose 40 pounds in two weeks!
What’s in it? HOW MANY HAVE LOST HOW MUCH WEIGHT? Statistics & studies please.

Candace (Editor)

Unfortunately Andrea, we couldn’t find any information or studies to verify this company’s claims.

  Product availability

The address for this company is a UPS Store. This does not allow you to find out who this is.

  Did not loose weight caused dry mouth
kim (Verified User)

OK i reseved my pills and this is my 3rd day taken them. I have not lost any weight actually I gained a pound and got constipated. Are you suppose to eat with these pills. The pills do dissolve in hot water in like 10 min and in cold water in an hour. But I am not sure of the effects that it is given only dry mouth. I will keep you posted in a weeks time.


i had taken them for a full 3 months no differences @ all it made me potty alot

  Side effects of the product

What’s the side effect from sweet to svelte pills.

Candace (Editor)

We couldn’t find any information regarding side effects, or any other information about this company’s background.

  Looking for good feedbacks

I have started it have 3days only trying it out does it work i dont know but i would like some more positive feedback on this product if not for i can send it back to get my money.

  Product not worth it
Sandra Stevens (Verified User)

I received the Sweet to Svelte and I’ve been on it a few days now with no weight loss yet It does curb my appetitite though. Don’t believe it will make you loose as much weight as they claim as I’ve not lost any yet.

  Don't want the product

thanks for the feedback guys,i made up my mind….Im not ordering the product


I debated opening the letter I received today. When I did, I skeptically read each page. I decided to look up the Dr. who invented it and found this site. Thank you so much for all the true American feedback. I was nearly pulled into this so called “miracle”. I could stand to lose about 20lbs, but I am an average Mn. lady size wise. Good luck everyone.

  Product usage
YANTRA (Verified User)



I noticed the same thing – odd that the only ones praising it obviously do not speak English well. Hmmm…

  Product is not worth it
Scott (Verified User)

Thought I would give it a try. DOES NOT work…no weight loss…pill does not dissolve. Now I get the pleasure of attempting refund.

  Lose weight
DEANDRA (Verified User)



i have been on them for 5 days and no weight loss or gain to date


I too was exspecting to see a liquid form of sweet to svelte and received tablets!! What’s up with that? I started taking mine a day ago and haven’t felt hungry.

aie jones

Hi, Deandra I was wondering if you could tell how it works and the information on how it works?

s megel

why are you the only one that Sais it work? do you have before and afther pics? how do we know know your not one of the employees from the compony


I was thinking the same thing, how is it that there is only one person that says it works. I called last week to cancel my order, but it has already been shipped so I said might as weel try it. I received it in the mail today and it came in a metal container. Well I dropped 2 in a regular bottle of water did not dissolve and then I made some hot tea and dropped 2 in there and after 3 min they did dissolve. So I will let you guys know after a week if I lost anything.


Please let me know if it worked.i was getting ready to order it,but after reading comments on it i’m not going to and waste my money.Thank you

  Product was not delivered
Teresa Gibson

i order sweet to svelte about a mounth a go dont have it yet i wont my money back


I’m beginning to wonder if mine will ever come.

  Do I have the right product
mlbrown (Verified User)

I received the sweet to svelte in a metal container and face lift eye cream. The pills do not desolve in liquid and I have lost no weight. Do I have the right product, I though this was a liquid???


I received the pills in the container and the eye cream as well. The pills dissolve just fine in hot water. I take 2 in my morning coffee and 2 in an afternoon cup of hot tea! takes only 2-3 minutes to dissolve. Just started them on Tuesday. Will keep everyone posted but so far I have noticed a decrease in my hunger


EVERY1 KEEPS SAYING THEY WILL LOOSE MONEY BUT NO1 ANSWERED THE ?`s about medicine, or anything else! did ANY1 LOSE ANYTHING? have side effects? problems? etc! did u diet with it?


The ad states that we do not need to change our eating or exercise habits to see results. I took them for their word. No, I haven’t had any side effects, but like some others here I believe that the pills are just sugar mixed with food coloring. No side effects yet that is, but no weight loss either.


Hi there i have been taken the sweet to svelte for the last 2 months,i have lost 25 lbs. but i’ve been walking alot, and started eating smaller porions instead of big meals. 40lbs. in 14 days was a crock of bull.and when it says no exersize or change to your deit that statment is bogas.i didnt lose a pound till i started walking and changeing my deit.as for energy i been more energetic, but i truely dont feel its these brown pills thats doing it.for supplement facts it says these ingredents are whats in it i’ll write in caps on them.CHROMIUM(as chromium polynicotinate) says 200mcg per serveing daily value 167% RED YEAST(monascus purpureos)25mg. no daily value for any of the rest of the ingredientsas follows COENZYME Q10 5mg.,LIPIZE(provideing150 USP units)5mg. XYLITOL,SODIUM STARCH GLYCOLATE,CELLULOSE,HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL,AND STEVIA… suggested ammount take says 4 drops per day 2 in morn. 2 of eve. says keep out of reach of children not to exspose to excessive heat or moisture and not to take if pregnant or nurseing.i know it sure was not worth my money plus if ya order by mail ya in for a wait. took me nearly a month in a half to receive the product i was super excited when i got it because it promiced so much but it wasnt all that they advertized made it look as if it was the answer but it is to good to be true ladysyou will not lose 40 lbs. in 14 days.you would think this kind of thing is false advertizment but if ya look close in the fine print they put results may vary just a legal thing so they can get by with it.i spent 117.00 with shipping and an additional charge for faster delivery whitch was waisted money. dont think any of these mirical pills work without deit and exercize hope this helps answer the questions dear. god bless PLEASE DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY!!!


Giselle, july 29,2011 Day two on the tablets, mine are pinkish and they disolve immediately in tea and water, in fact they have a bubbling effect before disolving. I don’t feel hungry and my body gets real warm and sweat as though I worked out, I’ll give it a couple of more days, somethings working.
we’ll soon find out.


just started last Weds, I’ve noticed the decrease in hunger too, and a bit more energy too. Haven’t wighed in yet tho was going to give it a week.


Is this the same Nancy with back pain and depression?


have you seen any results since you started takng them in april


Have you lost any weight yet on Sweet to Svelte? If so, how much? Would you recommend it?

  thyroid condition
joy cargill-davis

Can one take sweet to svelte if they have a thyroid condition?

Candace (Editor)

Joy, you’d be better off asking your doctor so he/she can accurately assess your risks.

   please send drops
glenda stolieckas (Verified User)

I recieved the dietary supplements, and a face lifting stuff – but now Sweet To Svelte drops of any kind. please send drops so I can start this diet.a.s.a.p. txs


glenda stolieckas: Have you received your drops yet and are you satisfied with the results? I would like to try them but want some input from someone who has used this item.


You won’t either that is it. Pills you drop in hot liquid twice a day with no weight loss. you wasted your money like I did.


does it work?

  Sweet To Svelte

Does this really work?

Candace (Editor)

Aimee, we have a few reservations about this product, in particular the lack of information we see and very few positive customer testimonies.

  Sweet To Svelte

IS sweet to svelte safe to take if you’re pregnant?


why on earth would you even ask that…if you’re pregnant NOTHING is safe to take unless your OBGYN tells you. You’re pregnant not fat. Leave weight loss to after the baby is born!!!!!I’m a nurse and mom and you’re beautiful when you’re pregnant!!


as a nurse I would reccomend asking your doctor, but usually any weight loss supplement is not reccomended during pregnancy.


not good for pregnant women,wait to you have your baby


TO even think about losing weight while pregnant is odd. You have issues 🙂


To even think about giving medical and health advise to some one who is not your patient and whom you have no knowledge of is odd. You have issues.


Why would you want to take weight loss pill while your still pregnant?


about about as safe as chain smoking and chugging bottles of vodka


Smile ~ Glad I didn’t waste my money!!! I really had concerns of loosing the amt of weight they claimed in such a short amt of time ~ actually the chain smoking & vodka would probably be better!

  I hated this product
lmerkel (Verified User)

I had ordered the sweet to svelte and it cost me 95.00 it did not work, sent it back over a monthe ago. and so much for the 60 day guarentee. it dose not work. dont waste your money. I lost my hope you dont.


how do you get these pills to dislove. i have but them in coffee water and they did not dislove.


They do disolve , just stir them around .


Pla – did they work?

  I have tried the product
Carolyn Hamilton (Verified User)

I have tried the product and I havent lost not one pound I am begening to wonder if It really works It says it will begain to work instantly havent started to work yet


No the Sweet to Svelte does not work. Most of us should know that anything to good to be true doesn’t work. Will be requesting a refund also & glad that I used a credit card.


I wish had checked out this website before ordering. The information in the mail made it sound so good. I took it for two weeks and didn’t loose a pound. I think it is nothing more than a sugar pill.


Has anyone who has purchased the sweet to svelte thought to have the pill checked to see what is in it. Proof that it is only sugar would go a long way in gettin refunds. I too thought about it as I am desperate to lose weight ag 5’8 and almost 300lbs, need to get healthy for my 8 yr old son. I too have a bad back and arthritus in my knees. God bless us all.

Terry Klein

Sikabeinfat, I returned my Sweet to Svelte but found a few pills still in my pill box. That’s a great idea to have them analyzed. I’m going to try to find somewhere that will do that. I also have knee problems. I’ve had three surgeries on my left knee. Just walking, even if it’s slowly, is going to get you much farther ahead in the weight loss area than taking Sweet to Svelte. Good luck and enjoy your son. Remember he loves you no matter how big you are.


I have not gotten my yet but now I bet I wasted my money I will try it but just going to have to get off my ass get to walking have a bad back, and depressed


I’m with you two, Nancy and Pixie!!! It all started with a bad back then I gained 30lbs in the first yr of treatments with steroid injections, etc. Now I am easily 50 plus lbs over my normal wt from combination of inactivity and pain. I have not rec’d my order yet but I sure wish I would have read this first!! I fortunately have never had a wt problem until now but that makes it even more depressing when people you know look at you like they don’t recognize you from all the wt gain. I too need to get off my fat ass and walk! I quit my job as well to get better but I have only gotten worse. Now I have absolutely NO excuse not to exercise more and eat healthier!! We CAN do it we just need some positive encouragement sometimes!! Good luck to all who are in our situation or worse. It can always be worse!!


Amen,Nancy!!!Same for me!!I didn’t order this TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE (THIS TIME)even with the “miracle face cream”..that was the tempting part for me,I’ve tried so many
“miracle diets”.Walking is the very best!I lost 60 lbs.that way & I too need to get off my ass & do it again..Lost my job,got depressed & gave up,now I wish I had a friend to encourage me but it’s no excuse,WE CAN DO IT!!!


I am hoping for results in my second week, because I have had NONE in my first week. Then I am asking for my refund!!! We’ll see…hello “peggy”!


This is advertised as a liquid, but when you order it is in tablet form that is very hard to dissolve. Not only that…IT DOES NOT DO ANYTHING. Just to check it out, I evened doubled the amount and not one pound has been lost. This is so depressing.


I am thinking of ordering the sweet to svelte. Have you had any weight loss yet ? If so, how much.? Thanks


I am trying to get my money back and am getint thr runnaround. They sed 3 bisness days and it’s bin a week. called back and they told me 3 more days. I got a comfermation # will see


no Nora i tried the sweet to s**** I gained as everyone else, I called customer service they were rude gave me a return # told me packing and return instructions followed them to the T. I called today Nov. 9 th returned the pkg on Oct, 20th now they say they never recieved it. guess I’m screwed for my money back. DO NOT buy this product!!!!!!


Don’t order. I’ve taken the little brown tablets for seven days and I’ve gained a pound. It doesn’t work. I called to ask why. After a 14 days I’m calling for my refund.


This is day 15 using sweet to svelte, and still haven’t lost a pound.


i tried it and no results not even i pound and the item is misleading they advertise it to be a white pill and it wasn’t.Don’t waste your time or money


I would not waste your money , I ordered and on day 4 , i only lost 1 pound so far ,I don’t see or feel any different, from other diet pills .

Becky Baker

I just ordered sweet to svelt and I’ll let you know how it works..


I haven’t seen your reply Becky. Have you lost? I’ll wait until I hear from you before I order.
It sounds too good to be true and that is what they say, “if it sounds too good to be true then most likely it is exactly that”, “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE”.

  blood pressure meds
Irene Buhr

I am on blood pressure meds and also Lipitor and vitamins. Will Sweet To Svelte colide with these? thank you


Im glad I read this before I ordered.

Janette Miller

I took the pills by disolving them in a drink twice a day. They do no good. I called and got a recording saying the deal was no longerr in effect and try drnewton.com. So I am still going to try and get my money back. Ugg


Monday 11/14/11 – My order just came in. I started last night & continued this morning. I was going to cancel my order after reading all of your comments, but I called them back, spoke with one of their CSR & decided to try it anyway. Rest assured, if it doesn’t work, I will be returning it for a FULL refund. But for now, I’m trying it this week. I weighed this morning at 215lbs. I won’t weigh again until Friday. Keep in mind, I will be eating right/healthy & exercising this week; starting today during my lunch. So…we’ll see. I’ll let you know. Until then…


did sweet and svelt work for you?


Did you lose weight on the Sweet to Svelte?


no it did not work for me


genisis did you ever weigh yourself to find out if the product really works.


I just ordered mine today…i hope it does work…ima try it and see….please let me know how ur doing.


My co-worker and I are going to try it. We’re waiting for it to come in the mail! i’m hoping it works!


Latoya, did it work??


Genisis, did it work? This all seems too good to be true.


So did it work?

ImJustTired :(

IM almost 18 and have had my heart broken twice.from Lipozene and now this. but thank God i didnt buy it. i HATE being fat and have been trying to lose weight since middle school and nothings ever worked, from trying to exercise to starving myself(i know it was wrong but i was desperate). when i found the svelte advertisement in the mail yesterday for my mom i’d thought i’d found a miracle but i guess not :..(


I lost wait right after I had my tonsils taken out. And I’m not kidding. I’m 5’1″ and was 175 lbs then. After tonsillectomy I’m 154. And I’m 54 yrs old.


I’m so sorry to hear you’re so frustrated. When I was your age I was diagnosed with anorexia because I had the same problem. My twenties were spent trying diet pill after diet pill. The only diet that eventually worked for me was the Atkins diet. It wasn’t easy at first, but once I got off the bad carbs (I was a carb freak), I started to really see results. I had plateaus, but just stuck with it and changed my workout routine. Keep you chin up 🙂 You can do it. We’re all different and not meant be the same size. You’ll be in my prayers!


I, too, have struggled with weight all my life! I am now almost 50 and the best thing I’ve found is HCG (with the hormone! and the literature). If you follow it exactly like it says, it will reset your metabolism and it is much easier to stay at your new weight. Good Luck!!


I tried HCG did not work for me.I am almost 70 I hate being fat. Have maintainednthis weight for 20 yrs. I work out 2x a week Try to eat healthy because of BP & diabetes, I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing


the fastest way, for us too busy for the gym, i found to lose weight is to eat all we enjoy of the fattening foods before 2:00 pm (14:00 hours). After that be cautious with just soup and salads. Eat cabbage with tomato, celery, onion, and green peppers, flavor to taste. Make a soup and let this be your evenings. Maybe add veggies one nite to it. This is free advice and will work!


I was going to get this product (svelete) but I will try the soup.


Sweet to svelete place to
call for refund.
Easy Track 877 322 00007
hope it helps some of you.


Everyone is always looking for a magic pill to drop weight. It doesn’t exist. Diet and exercise is key. If you want help try a thermogenic like adrenalize or even hydroxycut. But the main thing I’m trying to say is stop buying the crap and just go to the gym.




Nancy: You said this was a brown pill. It is suppose to be liquid drops. Do you have the right product?


I was ready to order too but have that same feeling about the wgt lose in such a short time. I think when people call to get their money back they are probably talking to ‘Peggy’. Good luck!

Sherry Sept 3rd,2011

I also notice bad spelling of my name and i just received mine in the mail yesterday, and will not buy this stuff. Thanks for all the info!!!