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By Summer Banks Jun 25, 2017

A diet product’s worth depends on whether it helps people lose weight. Let’s find out if Take Shape for life works. We dug deep into ingredients, side effects, clinical support and customer service. Additionally, we perused hundreds of consumer comments and reviews. We then summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is Take Shape for Life?

First off, Take Shape for Life is a weight-management program consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. The MLM opportunity also offers online coaching assistance. [1] Depending on the plan, you will supposedly lose weight in as little as one week. One of the benefits of Take Shape for Life includes variety. [2]

Take Shape for Life, introduced as a weight-management program in 1980 by Medifast, now Optimal Health, offers online weight-loss support, a good choice. [3] The plans are available on the official website and through distributors. We do like the companies foothold in the industry and that we located some positive customer comments but read on…

Is Take Shape for Life Cost Too Expensive?

The first negative we noticed was Medifast Take Shape for Life price. “When you start a weight-loss program, you have to consider membership fees, food, and supplements,” said our Research Editor. “When Take Shape for Life cost is more than $200 per month, before factoring in any additional fees, dieters may have second thoughts.”

“The biggest problem I have is that this plan is not cost neutral as everyone involved with the program claim. All while paying $285-$300/month for food plus more money at the store for my lean and green meal,” said a customer.

“I joined Medifast last December. I paid $2200 for two years’ worth of counseling. Honestly now that I know what this program is all about, I could have just bought the food online and saved myself $2200,” offered a consumer.

We also found some dieters who felt the cost was well worth it when you take other factors into consideration. As one follower said, “I actually found that is SAVED me money! It’s only about $12 per day.”

When all monies are taken into consideration, some feel they’ll spend less. One dieter said, “If I consider all the money I saved by not eating out or buying junk, I found it cost-neutral.”

Can TSFL Customer Service Be Better?

According to numerous comments on the web, the service department at Medifast Take Shape for Life is not helpful. [4] “Call customer service and good luck with that. They don’t give the return authorization code when you e-mail them. You are put you on an automatic shipment and even though you e-mail not to, they will ship,” commented a user.

“First call Customer Service for a return authorization code. Rude, disrespectful, lengthy hold time and 3 disconnects until I spoke w/a person,” said a dieter.

“Customer service is very poor. I received a card in mail with offer if I was willing to try again. Promo code did not work. Website is poor, service is poor, food not that great,” reports another consumer.

Based on the sheer number of complaints against the customer service department, it’s hard to find a reason to think otherwise. However, we did find some clients who felt the opposite. As one claimed, “I don’t know what happened with this person, but I had a completely different experience.”

Another offered, “I am a consumer and have found the company has been 100% in integrity.”

Our research has shown if any part of a weight-management system is troublesome, such as the quality of customer service, there’s a small chance of long-term success. If the agents aren’t helpful, we see a problem.

Is There Science Supporting the Program?

There is some research showing meal-replacement diets like TakeShapeforLife can promote weight-loss. [5] While there are studies showing that meal replacements and health coaching could help with weight-loss, there’s no scientific evidence showing this program works better than other comparable plans. [6] [7]At DietSpotlight, locating solid science supporting claims is critical. While we like seeing research backing claims, it’s better to see a direct comparison of similar programs.

The Bottom Line – Does Medifast Take Shape for Life Work?

Before you order Take Shape for Life products, here’s our final thoughts. We like the longevity of the company and that we found some positive customer comments, but we’re skeptical about this one because there’s no scientific research supporting weight-loss. Plus, we have concerns about reports of poor customer service and the high price.

If you’d like to drop the weight, we suggest going with a product delivering both a cost savings and clinically-tested ingredients shown to work.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year one called Dietspotlight Burn. The formula consists of four clinically-tested ingredients backed by human research that shows they can help with increasing metabolism, boosting fat loss and crushing your appetite. Dieters report fantastic success.

Also, it’s with great confidence in the idea that you’ll love the supplement that they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign.

Previous Take Shape For Life Review (Updated February 5, 2014):

What You Should Know When Considering Medifast Take Shape for Life

Medifast Take Shape for Life is the new Multi Level Marketing (MLM) “money making opportunity” that sells Medifast diet shakes and meals. The website states that they have a “health network” or group of life coaches that will help counsel new recruits towards total health. Their total health ideal is a triad between physical health, spiritual health and financial health. The site goes on to explain that if any of these is missing, total health cannot be achieved. The Take Shape for Life website spends a great deal of time explaining the benefits of being a health coach and reaping the benefits of financial health.

In years past Medifast supplements and meal replacements were only available through weight loss centers and physicians offices. The program could be started until individuals underwent a complete physical and got the go ahead from their doctor. And then they had to be monitored closely by their physician while on the program. It seems that this new approach is more about the pyramid scheme and money making “opportunity” that will in turn help you to lose weight while you purchase the products you sell.

List of Ingredients

There is a whole line of meal replacement products from shakes and bars to soups and cereals. The website has limited information on products available.

Product Features

By joining their MLM “family” individuals can speak with health coaches. It is unclear on the website but it seems that these health coaches are other individuals who decided to take this opportunity as well. Then participants purchase food supplements and meal replacements like shakes and cereals from the company at a discount.

Medifast Take Shape for Life: Advantages

  • There are testimonials and before and after pictures on their website.
  • Medifast has had a proven track record in the past with their products used under strict medical supervision.

Medifast Take Shape for Life: Disadvantages

  • This program’s website reads like an infomercial.
  • The stress seems to be on the money making end of things instead of health and fitness.
  • The health coaches look like they might just be average Joe’s who have joined their program as a way to improve their financial health.


There are just so many weight loss programs and products on the market that it can be difficult to spot the scams and schemes. While the Medifast products have been quite successful for some in the past, this new MLM approach should be looked at very closely. While nurse calls one day per week and 24 hour support from “health coaches” sounds great, it looks like individuals become “health coaches” themselves once they sign up for the money making end of the deal. With so many other programs available this one might not be the best to try if someone is serious about losing weight and not looking for another income instead.

Take Shape For Life takes you on your "Optimal Health Journey." There are various programs to choose from like the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan and Optimal Health 3&3 Plan. All center on meal replacements. Interestingly, the meals are from Medifast and Optavia, not Take Shape For Life. A shake powder is one of the more popular choices.

Take Shape For Life Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Packet
Serving Per Container: 7
Amount per Serving% DV
Soy Protein Isolate**
Whey Protein Isolate**
Brown Rice Syrup**

Other Ingredients: Xanthan gum, carrageenan, cornstarch, monoglyceride, diglyceride, natural tocopherols, natural flavors, modified food starch

We looked into the Take Shape for Life ingredients in order to give you the information you want.

Soy Protein Isolate

Soy protein isolate is a protein derived from different aspects of the soy bean. It can be found in many foods, especially products used for weight-loss.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Soy protein is used as a protein source for many vegetarians, vegans, and athletes, primarily because of its high concentration of protein and its inclusion of many amino acids.

Clinical Research

In a study published in Journal of American Dietetic Association, researchers researched the effects of soy protein in foods and their relation to weight-loss. In the conclusion, they said, “Our results do not lend support to the emerging notion that soy-protein-rich foods could be considered potential functional foods for weight management, in the quantities consumed in this study.” [1]

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey is a by-product of the production of cheese. This substance contains a large amount of protein, but whey protein isolate has even more protein because it has been isolated into pure protein.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Whey protein isolate is often used among athletes because of its ability to be digested quickly. It can also be found in some infant formulas.

Clinical Research

According to Lipids in Health and Disease, “Collectively, these studies that relationship whey protein and obesity showed improvement in insulin sensitivity and lipid profile with possible increase of energy expenditure.” [2] This does not relate it to weight-loss, however.


Inulin is a starch often found in foods like vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Inulin is not digested in the stomach, so when it reaches the bowels, it is able to grow and produce some bacteria thought to help with digestion. It may also be able to help induce weight-loss.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, “Limited data suggest that long-term administration of ITF [inulin-type fructans] may contribute to weight reduction.”

Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup is a sweetener derived from enzymes in cooked rice.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Brown rice syrup is used instead of other sweeteners because it is almost entirely of gluten, which is said to be better than fructose.

Clinical Research

Although there is ample evidence that brown rice syrup is a better alternative to fructose based sweeteners, there are no clinical studies on the substance and its relation to weight-loss.

We like that when a supplement is backed by science, that’s why we’re excited about one that’s caught our attention. Dietspotlight Burn contains clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to work. Click above to learn more.

Take Shape For Life Side Effects:

In today’s market for natural supplements, it’s easy to think that these solutions don’t come with the risk of side effects. Each and every formula is different and could possess the potential for an adverse reaction. Although Take Shape For Life side effects are rare, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t happen with some users.


A rash is a change of the skin in which color, appearance, and texture are affected in some way. Rashes can be localized to one specific area or spread out over the entire body, depending on the rash and the cause.

What causes a rash?

There are many different causes of a rash, including allergies or exposure to sunlight or intense cold. Some cosmetics may also be a factor, as well as other potential irritants such as laundry detergent or soaps. [1]


Nausea is the sick and uncomfortable feeling accompanied with the involuntary urge to vomit. Nausea in itself isn’t a specific condition, rather a non-specific symptom with a plethora of possible causes.

What causes nausea?

Nausea can be psychological or physical in origin. [2] Motion sickness, sea sickness, or inner ear disruptions could result in nausea as well as any activity which may affect the inner ear fluids. This can also be the result of the early stages of pregnancy, overeating, or a virus.


Dizziness is an impairment of spatial perception and stability. It’s the feeling of wooziness, queasiness, and spinning, typically referred to as, disequilibrium.

What causes dizziness?

Because so many parts of the body are required to maintain balance (inner ears, nervous system, skeleton, and eyes) this symptom is often times difficult to diagnose. Viral infection can play a part, including infections to the vestibular nerve (vestibular neuritis). Low blood sugar, motion sickness, and migraine can all be causes of dizziness as well.


Bloating is the abnormal swelling or distention of the belly area. A result of this symptom may leave the stomach feeling tight and often times bloating is accompanied by growling of the stomach. In more rare cases, bloating has caused shortness of breath and pain.

What causes bloating?

Bloating can be caused by a serious condition like Crohn’s disease, but more often than not it’s an excess of gas or swallowed air. Lactose intolerance, medications and gastric distension can be factors of bloating as well.

Take Shape For Life side effects are uncommon, but there have been some reports of users experiencing bloating, rash, and nausea, among others. In an effort to prevent any negative side effects you should always consult a doctor before taking any supplement, especially if you are under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing, taking prescription medications, or have a medical condition of any kind.



Take Shape For Life is a program where you get an online coach, and a variety of foods that help promote weight-loss. Side effects don’t happen all the time, but we took the time to find comments from users who did experience them.


“Second day I started to lose hair and I had headache, from 3rd day suffered with severe cramps and rashes.”    Hema


“On October 16th, I received my first TSFL order which I followed pretty religiously. On October 22nd, midday I developed a headache followed by 3 more over the next eight days.”    Julie


“The oatmeal made me gag. The low calorie count is making me light-headed and I can’t think straight at all.”    Laurie


“I am feeling a bit light headed at times.”    Theresa


“My stomach was constantly turning and eventually the gas became so bad I couldn’t do anything…Next was constipation. Although I had vegetables for dinner and drank tons of water, I battled with constipation.”    Ronda


“The food was extremely horrible and made me feel so dizzy and weird.”    Marlene


“I became weak and continually nauseated for more than two weeks.”    Jim


“The food itself made me very sick and I felt bloated and horrible all day…My hair was thinning and I had places that were balding.”    Debra


“Just makes you sick to your stomach and causes extreme painful gas.”    Miles

One that’s caught our eye is one that’s not associated with harmful side effects. Want to learn more about Dietspotlight Burn? Click above.

Take Shape For Life Questions & Answers:

We picked apart hundreds of user comments about the Take Shape For Life diet into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of the Take Shape For Life diet?

Some customers are reporting Take Shape For Life side effects may be stomach discomfort, nausea, irregular bowel movement and dehydration.

What is in the Take Shape For Life food list?
Take Shape for Life food list ingredients include bars, shakes, smoothies, crunchers, drinks, soups and snacks.

What is the active ingredient in the Take Shape For Life diet?

The active ingredient in the Take Shape For Life diet depends on the product. Some include caffeine, green tea and protein [1].

Does Take Shape For Life food work?

There’s research proving meal-replacement [2] is an effective weight-loss tool, but the studies don’t link Take Shape For Life food to dieters losing weight.

How much does a bottle of Take Shape for Life cost?

A bottle of Take Shape For Life varies based on the products purchased. The kits start at $310.25, while individual products start at $18.25. Each kits lasts 30 days.

How do you follow the Medifast Take Shape For Life diet?

You should take Take Shape For Life for six days per week. You will eat Medifast meals five days a week and a Lean & Green Meal once a week. You’ll need to stick with the Take Shape for Life food list.


What do users like about Take Shape For Life food?

Some users liked the convenience of TakeShapeforLife and the variety available on the official website.

What do users NOT like about Take Shape For Life food?

We found that dieters didn’t like the cost of Take Shape For Life and that the customer service department was difficult to reach.

Who makes Take Shape for Life?

Optimal Health makes Take Shape for Life.


What is Medifast?

Medifast is the portion-controlled meal plan offered by Take Shape For Life.

If Shape For Life covered by insurance?

Typically, Take Shape For Life is not covered by insurance, but the company recommends checking with your insurance company prior to ordering.

Does Take Shape For Life come with a guarantee?

Take Shape For Life come with a guarantee. You can return blenders and consumable products within 30 days of purchase, minus the cost of shipping and handling. If you purchased a Fitbit, you have 45 days to return the product to the company for a full refund. You can also exchange products within the 30-day time frame.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Shape For Life?

The only mention of special deals and discounts on Take Shape For Life requires you to sign up for a membership, costing $250. Then, you will receive free shipping. However, our readers have been going wild over the Special Trial Offer offered by Dietspotlight Burn. Click above to learn more.

Take Shape For Life Scientific Abstracts:

Whey Protein

There had been no changes noticed in the psychometric scores of soreness, perceived recovery, or training readiness (p > 0.05). There had been an observation of substantial time effects where lean body mass, muscle mass, power and strength had all rose while fat mass had dropped, but there had been no reports of condition by time interactions (p > 0.05). It was concluded that whey and rice protein isolate, when given following a resistance exercise, both enhanced indices of body composition and performance – but there were no significant differences in either group. [1]

There was a larger ratio of lean fat loss (kg fat lost/kg lean lost) for subjects given Prolibra (whey protein supplement) in both the responder (3.39 vs. 0.88) and completer (3.75 vs. 1.05) groups. Participants in both the control and the treatment groups had experienced significant weight-loss accompanied with a 500 calorie reduced diet. Participants who were given Prolibra had experienced reduced body fat and displayed better preservation of lean muscle when compared to participants ingesting control beverage. The individuals who were taking Prolibra lost 6.1% of their body fat mass. A 5% decrease of body fat mass has already proven to reduce risk of obesity-related disease, thus strengthening the case for this supplement as a practical weight-loss tool. [2]

Soy Protein Isolate

Soy protein decreases body weight and fat in obese humans, in addition to decreasing plasma lipids. There is an array of mechanisms which soy protein could improve insulin resistance as well as decrease body fat and blood lipids. The actions of the constituents of soy protein (conglycinin, phospholipids, isoflavones, and soyasaponins) which relate to obesity are also examined. When soy protein is ingested it has the potential for an allergic reaction and should not be taken in high-risk humans with food allergies. There needs to be long-term randomized trials with a large amount of obese participants in order to determine whether or not soy protein provides a long-term solution for obesity. [3]


In the study there had been a significant loss of weight, waist and hip circumference and body mass index for all participants. The only noticeable difference within the groups was body mass index and weight adjusted changes. Partial meal replacement group had lost more weight at 45 days than the other groups by 0.9 and 1.2Kg, respectively. By 60 days in, the partial meal replacement + inulin group had lost more weight than inulin alone by 0.7 and 1Kg. Those in the partial meal replacement, partial meal replacement + inulin, and inulin groups had displayed significant reductions in triglycerides. Inclusions of partial meal replacements with the addition of inulin and without inulin to a low calorie diet had no added effect on weight-loss than the low calorie diet alone, however decreased triglycerides and improved micronutrients intake. [4]

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

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Shannon (Verified User)

Worst program. Chemically altered food that makes your body dependent on it to keep the weight off. If you stop, you gain double the weight you lost back and it’s hard to lose weight after. It also killed my gallbladder and my digestive issues worsened. Please do not get on this diet. Please go the natural route. This is my honest experience. When I stated my experience, no concern was shown and no apology.

  Convenience AND Cost-containment
Martine (Verified User)

Started this program on Saturday, Memorial Day weekend, despite having a cold (which later became bronchitis and I received meds for…no connection to program, though). So, let me tell you the positives: while recovering from an illness I definitely ate my 5 “fuelings ” and 1 lean and green meal. Significant improvement from my usual “I don’t feel well, I’m not eating” habit of the past. It took over 2 weeks for the bronchitis to improve, but I remained well nourished and hydrated. Week 3 of the program I had lost 13.4 pounds. Boosted my spirits quite a bit. I also walk 3-4 miles about five times a week with my dog. I’m 59, and wanted my BMI to step down from the obese category to overweight, which it has. My weight loss slowed down, but now I’m noticing inches are smaller, clothes are looser. Weight loss is at 15 pounds, however, 4th of July out of state family visits including drinking four nights in a row. I hadn’t had alcohol since I started in late May. And I’m back on track.

Another positive regards the cost…yes, it costs money, but I’m actually saving since I’m not buying all the extras at the supermarket. I was stunned to see how much real food is allowed. To simplify: 3 greens could be 3 cups of lettuce. Read the back of a bag of lettuce, the entire bag is 2.5 cups. Crazy! I prefer vegetarian, but may eat steak with my husband. I bought a food scale to measure 5 ounces of cooked steak. Shocked me at how much meat I had on my plate. Way more than a deck of card size, the traditional rule of thumb. Tofu serving size was the entire container, obviously, way more than I had consumed before. (Depends on brand of tofu, too.) TSFL is educational, too. I have a M.Ed., and have taken college level nutrition courses. Yet I’m a lazy consumer, despite that background. Intrigued that the program allowed a larger serving for certain almond milk, versus milk or cream (which I use in my coffee), I started to check labels. Turns out Smart Milk has lots of sugar compared to Fairlife. I changed to almond milk for my coffee.

Another positive: I only shop at grocery store once a month. I buy a variety of vegetarian options, meats, dairy, and staples. I freeze or refrigerate. My TSFL fuelings come monthly, and I create grab-and-go bags to always have food ready every 2-3 hours. Great variety of food. Love the sloppy joes, soups, and the potato waffles I make from their products. If I’m away from my kitchen I take choices that don’t need prep. However, prep is easy, but you need an oven, microwave, waffle maker, dishes. I’m active, and may be gone on half day hikes. Easy to refuel with my grab-and-go bag. Additionally, I get my produce from a local CSA (farm). Now that I’m an empty nester I only go every other week for veggies. My greens come from here, the freezer section (in case I run out before I want to shop again at the supermarket), and the supermarket. Convenience = more free time. Previous weekly supermarket costs averaged $225. That’s now my monthly cost, unless we entertain. Program food costs $300, or more, depending on your unique order. My former shopping ran easily over $800 a month; on program it’s around $600. I consider it a savings.

Convenience, cost-containment, and constantly eating (every 2-3 hours) and staying hydrated (lots of water, which I drank a lot of before the program, so not an issue) makes this program the best option for me. Plus, when we drive 10 hours by car to see family no more poor food choices. Thanks Take Shape For Life!

Plus, reduced costs from eating out. We don’t do this as much. My TSFL coach sent me a dining out guide that helps make better choices. Helpful for when we visit cities.

  Easiest program that I have ever done with the best results!
Barbara Carlisle (Verified User)

I love the program. I have been on this program for 3 months Ana have lost 50 pounds. I haven’t been hungry or had any cravings. It is so easy! I feel that ithe is totally worth the cost and close to what I was paying eating out a lot. My brother had lost 80 pounds so far and is now off insulin ands his high blood pressure medications. His doctor is thrilled with his progress. I had my doctor look over the program and she approved and can’t wait to see my blood work next time. I would totally recommend this program.

  Medifast Fuelings far Surpass Optavia's
C Jones (Verified User)

I have been on the plan just a little over a month. My first supply of Fuelings were Optavia. I was not pleased with several of the products. But for my new order I ordered mostly Medifast items. They are soooo much better. I actually look forward to eating them.
Ginger bread…yummy
Blueberry muffin…yummy
Chocolate mint bar…yummy
Chicken and Rice soup…yummy
Orange creme shake…yummy
Apple cinnamon oatmeal…yummy
Cinnamon and brown sugar cereal…yummy
Vege Beef soup…good

This is all I’ve tried so far, but nothing has been bad. I did not feel this way about the Ootavia foods. Someone told me you were discontinuing the Medifast line. I certainly hope not!! It’s so much better and less expensive too.

Good stuff! Thks
Thomasena Creasman

Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, thankyou . “Hereafter, in a better world than this, I shall desire more love and knowledge of you.” by William Shakespeare.

  What is better?

Is it better to buy the kit or to buy what you think looks good?

Richard (Editor)

Hi Brittany. Your weight loss goals should be the determining factor to what supplement or program you should purchase.


Better to buy what you think
You will like


Buy what you think looks good.

  Woww, can't wait

I just joined today, New Year’s Day and ordered my first batch of food. Even on NY Day, my assigned health coach called me and talked to me for almost an hour. WOW. Now I can’t wait for the food to get here so I can get started.


Hi Carol. I hope all is well. How is your weight loss coming? I just started the actual diet today. I have been pretty hungry with low energy. But, I know that no matter who you are or what diet you do, The 1st day is ALWAYS the worst! We just have to take it one day at a time. Remember it will be worth it in a few months. GOOD LUCK to everyone thats struggling.

  Hated the product. :(
RJ (Verified User)

Donna your are right, the soy is a GMO, and it is also full of artificial sweeteners.


Optavia Select products use NON-GMO soy.

  Will keep you posted...

Not yet, but I hear it’s coming soon.

Love this blogggg
Darrick Ferrara

Absolutely composed written content, Really enjoyed looking through.

Take Shape for Life Works!
Erik (Verified User)

Take Shape for Life Works! – both my wife and I used the program and with out much effort both lost 55-60lbs in around 6 month period and kept it off for almost 2 years. I eventually gave up the good eating habits and gained some weight, but that is with any “diet” – and you don’t take “pills” on Take Shape for Life. It’s about learning to eat balanced nutritious meals, which you learn about portions etc. BE sure to purchase the books, lots of basic information and topics about learning to eat healthy. Pills don’t solve your weight problem, working with a coach and learning about the foods you eat and how your body process’s foods (with proper balanced nutrition).
I just started back on the 5/1 plan in mid November and have already dropped 36lbs as of this past weekend (3 months) I feel great, have more energy and my Dr. said if it works for me stay on it!
The cost seems expensive at first – but when you give up all the bad snacking and drinks that are just full of sugars and start eating right, there is not too much difference. My wife and I would eat out once at least once or twice per week – which was easily $40+ and eating out for lunch I was spending $8-12 daily, so to us it was almost a savings. Anything you order that you don’t like after trying about 2 – you can send back and exchange. It that was hassle free! and quick.

Patricia Velez

Wow! Eric, a breath of fresh air!! YES, IT WORKS, I LOVE IT! You’re absolutely correct, I find it a savings! I’d spend between $10-$15 on just LUNCH!! Now a bar is fine!

So happy with program.
Cindy Bates (Verified User)

I could not be happier with this program. It has allowed me to lose 60 pounds in 4 months. I am 55 and post menopausal so that is a MIRACLE. The money is most definitely a wash when I consider what I was spending on the grocery store, eating out and wine. I feel like a million dollars and have more energy than I have had in 10 years! Doctor can not believe my great numbers in terms of blood pressure, blood sugar, enzymes etc. Most importantly I have a positive outlook instead of just existing I am living!

  Loved the product.
Philip John (Verified User)

Hi Joe – It depends on what type of research you are looking for. To find if the program works – all the theory behind the system is proven facts – ketosis, low carb, low sugar, etc. A good place to start your research would probably be your primary physician – chances are that he or she is well informed not just about TSFL / Medifast, but also about other similar programs if they exist.

Disclosure : I am currently on this Optimal Health program and looking to help other people with this at some point of time as a Coach.

Tips for a healthy life:
Tips Healthy and Fit

You’ve got set to conceive to a healthier style. even if this call will appear discouraging, nimble healthy habits does not got to be arduous. unsure wherever to start? Use the with tips to complete your fitness goals and combine your animatronics levels quickly and simply.


I LOVE TSFL. I have been on the program for a month. I have lost 20 pounds but also feel better than I have in 20 years. Full of energy and more focused. I am not hungry. Done all the others…WW Nutrisystem, the beach diet and on and on. this is easy and convenient and I am sold. Personally know a lot of people that have lost a lot of weight and kept it off.


Hi David
I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s unfortunate battle with over eating. As a TSFL Health Coach as well as a successfully losing 80 pounds in 8 months. This is the best I’ve ever felt.
Her health coach can not keep her from bing eating or excessive indulging. This is a nutritionally based program works if program is followed 5 fuelings and a lean green.
She should perhaps talk with her health coach and awesome team of community we have surrounding us. I wish you both the best when she gets out of her own way. She’s going to have successful gain in healthiness!!!!
😉 Seriously Coach Christina

Maggie Hodgson

I am a 56 year old woman. I have been a huge believer in exercise and have run two marathons. I never had a hard time maintaining a healthy weight. Then menopause hit and a new, high stress desk job. I exercised less and moved five times in three years. I started stacking on the weight, and tried desperately to take it off. I would eat less and less, often going literally hours between meals,, toggle between not working out at all to working out like crazy. Stress, eating little, drinking little water and having a lot of sleep deprivation became my norm. My weight passed my pregnancy weight, none of my clothes fit and I was beyond frustrated. My doctor suggested Take Shape For Life, which she follows. I am 5 weeks in and have lost 14 pounds! I feel FABULOUS! Love how easy it is, and think the cost is actually less than I spent on a month worth of food before (especially if you eat out!!). I’m beyond happy with my results and now have truly embraced eating small meals with tons of water. I just recently added in yoga. I give TSFL an A++-++ rating!!!

Sherri Taggart

It is working for me. Despite your feelings it is giving me knowledge to eat healthier slower and more often. I was eating one meal per day and eating junk. I have tried everything else and none of it taught me that I should stop eating junk that was just empty calories. Now I know. Praise God.

Your NameDale and LaVine gardner

We lost 90 pounds on the Tale Shape For Life program. Have using the product for 9 years. Pills come and go but we find this is the best weight loss program in America. Coaching is free.


I don’t care what the food contains. I’m losing weight and I have endless free support. I just can’t do it without the support.

  Why am I experiencing this?
hema (Verified User)

I have been on this program for a week. I lost about 2-3 lbs. Im so happy about this.But Im experiencing some problems which no one seems to be having.Second day i started to loose hair and i had headache, from 3rd day suffered with severe cramps and rashes.I read the comments and no one had these kind of problems.I wonder why me?I take med for hypo hypothyroidism… if anyone experienced any problems please let me know.

Richard (Editor)

Hi Hema. While we haven’t heard of any users of Take Shape for Life experiencing similar side effects, it may be best to contact your doctor.

Melissa Tobin

Why? What happens?


I just got signed up today but doing this through my Doctors office they told me how many calories I could have a day and placed my order for me and I had my thyroid removed 23 years ago and was told multiple times to not Tay any of the things with soy 3 hour before taking your Synthroid medication do a shake it has no soy soy binds to your thyroid. I hope this helped


The headaches are ‘normal’ for the first three days or so, as your body gets used to the smaller portions of carbs, etc. They will go away. I’ve heard hair loss is also possible in the first few days, but as Nicole suggested, I would consult your doctor about your experiences. (I followed TSFL very successfully for a year and had a good, healthy weight loss of 65 lbs. I tend to get headaches frequently but they went away after the first couple of days, and I didn’t experience them much at all during my weight loss… woot! Full disclosure: After ending a horrid job and going through a divorce, I stopped TSFL due to lack of funds, and I ended up gaining all my weight back plus some, but that wasn’t the plan’s fault.)


The soy could be the issue since you have thyroid issues and take thyroid medications. I would bring this up with your doctor and see if you should stop consuming the products.


Did you have an overactive thyroid I do I’m using this product but I don’t feel good my stomach feel sick all the time


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to weight loss, so I’m wary of programs like these. I much prefer the hands-on, tailored advice from a personal coach. I find it cheaper overall and a much better return on my investment. And considering there are online weight loss coaches like at RootFitnessAndNutrition.com, it’s easy to acquire personalized help instead of going the “program” route.

  Why are these so sweet?
Julie (Verified User)

I started TSFL on the suggestion of my health coach. I like the idea of having food products with me when I am working and driving all day. I can eat a bar or bag of crunchy and I can continue to go and not stop and eat something I will regret. Also, I like the nutritional aspect of the products. Just yesterday, I told my health coach that I wanted to modify my order because I find most of the bars way too sweet. No problem. After talking to him, I wanted to know why the bars are so sweet. I looked at the ingredients of the bars to find out just how many sweetners and what types were in these bars. It didn’t surprise me to see the natural sugars but I was not happy when I read sucralose and some other artificial sweetners. For years I used Splenda in my tea and during that time, I was having headaches every two to three weeks. In August, I gave up Splenda to help with weight loss. To my surprise, my headaches stopped for over two months. On October 16th, I received my first TSFL order which I followed pretty religiously. On October 22nd, midday I developed a headache followed by 3 more over the next eight days. I just thought, it was stress related. Since then, I have had a few more. The funny thing about this; when I quit using Splenda, no more headaches. When I started TSFL, they came back. What makes me mad is that my health coach knows my intolerance to sucralose and suggested this program anyway. I guess, shame on me for trusting him and not doing my own research. As of today, I am done with this program. I don’t understand how a doctor can think artificial sweetners are a good thing when clearly they are not. Just my opinion and experience. I am disappointed not to be able to use the products. I did lose weight.


I used the Medifast products about 9 years ago. They were “okay” until went on the Ideal Protein program which I learned about from a friend who’d had incredible success) in May 2015. Medifast products cannot compare to the superior taste or nutrition and protein content of Ideal Protein products. SO much better than Medifast! Once I’d used IP products I could never go back to the Medifast packets.

  Gained weight with my medication
Anonymous (Verified User)

Yes i gained 15 pounds in 3 months taking antidepressants
last summer.


And you will be starving! Not having a nutritionally balanced meal replacement with protein! Not in ketoacidosis which is the fat burning state-I respectfully disagree


Audra, You mean ketosis; which is the fat burning state, Ketoacidosis is a very serious and critical condition that can afflict people with poorly-regulated diabetes.When a dieter is in ketosis, the hunger level is typically much low. Low hunger = less urge to eat off program. This is one of the reasons that Take Shape for Life works for many people.


I agree! I respectfully disagree! This program is safe effective backed by triple clinical studies! Used correctly with the guidance of a health coach and adapting new Habits of Health you are on the path to living a longer healthier happier life!


Audra, Ketoacidosis is a pathological condition that you should seek immediate emergency care for. I think you mean “ketosis”. Yes, calories in/out approach is setting dieters up for failure and minimal health outcomes, the nutrient mix absolutely does matter.

  It has changed my life!
sue (Verified User)

Kudo’s Bob! I agree 100% and it has also changed my life! Lowered my BP and I am off all pills! Feel 10 years younger! Congrat’s on your success!

  Make sure to have a food journal
Anonymous (Verified User)

Have her journal her food, this might make her aware of just how much she is eating and from the journal you/she can figure her approx daily calorie intake….it might just be the wake up call she needs. Her health coach will also be better able to help her if she has this food journal.

  It works if you follow the plan
Sue (Verified User)

Lost 50 lbs on TSFL and found program to be easy to stick to. I loved the shakes and bars, especially strawberry shakes and peanut butter crunch bars. Cereal was very good too. These were what I used while on the plan and during transition. They were easy and mobile. If you stick to the plan it works!


This program saved my life and has given me an opportunity for life! Have lost 55 lbs, love it. The reviews you posted above are hogwash – you’re not rating the program rather the health coaching aspect and you may not even be clear on what the role of HC is and purpose it serves. It’s what contributes to the success.

  Best healthy weight loss program
Dixie Carter (Verified User)

Like some of the others that left a review here I too had great success with Take Shape For Life. In 2010 I lost 40 pounds after trying everything. I was not hungry while on the program. This program is designed to help you learn heathy habits of eating and maintaining your healthy weight. All of the food is tasty – not everyone likes everything – this program offers a variety of tasty options. I do not like the shakes as well as other options so I did not order them. This is one of the best healty weight loss programs out there. Recently I have started to gain a little back and have ordered again 🙂 Looking forward to sheding a few pounds with an excellent product/program.


Congrat’s on your success! I have had the same!

  I don't rely on a company
William (Verified User)

I just heard about this from a old coworker and I looked at this, I’m a Beachbody coach, the company that produce 21 day fix and P90X, question is how can people honestly say this program works, what happens when you come off their food sounds like people gain it back..I’ve lost 55 lbs in 10 months and keep it off by exercising per the workouts that beachbody sells and following the 21 day fix eating plan…I make all my own food and I don’t rely on a company to send me food..I do drink the Shakeology. Though.


Beach body is the best way!!

  First Most Heloing Diet
Christine Bryant

Through the years I have tried and failed with many different diets. This is the first that is helping me lose weight. It is not a diet per say but a total channge in the way I eat. I also have many medical issues as well. I have lost 19 lbs so far with a weight loss goal of 50 lbs. My Endocrinologist approved of this diet as I have a goiter and am hypothyroid. I have cut my medication in half. My inflammation in my body is almost totally gone. Due to another issue I haven’t been able to go to the gym but the weight has still come off. I have more energy and am sleeping better. I feel the best I have in years. I am 62 years of age.

  It is miraculous

It is miraculous! I am 63 and it is hard to lose weight at my age. I have tried other programs and I was never honest with points or desserts. I decided to give this a try. Take shape for Life does work because it keeps my blood sugar constant and I do not get cravings. It is magical how I can get through the day without the desire to binge on junk food. I have always been panicked about being hungry and with this program that anxiety is gone. My health coach gives constant support through emails and newsletters and calls. There is also group support as well as You Tube videos The many pictures I see of those who are being successful don’t lie. I want that too and I will get it, one day at a time.

  Tsfl Plan is Great

I think the tsfl plan is great! I have a great health coach and I love the Mefifast plan. I see nothing wrong with someone earning money for providing a service. I would like to become a health coach when I learn more and have lost more weight. I have lost 35 lbs using Medifast products ,

  Changed my life for the better
Kim (Verified User)

My husband has lost 55 pounds and is now off of his diabetic medication and cholesterol meds. I have lost 39 pounds so far and I absolutely love it! We both love it so much that we became coaches and now help others to get healthy. There are 70 choices of food and we eat 6 times a day, never do either of us feel hungry. Guess it’s easy to sit back and make excuses when you’re not ready to get healthy. I have been gay my whole life and have tried almost every “diet” out there. This is what worked for me. Take Shape for Life has changed my life for the better.



  i am just about to start the program.

i am just about to start the program. my sister is my coach. she has lost 18lbs in 3 weeks. i have been taking phentermine for years! it’s finally started to take it’s toll on my health and i started having terrible reactions to it. i don’t care what the food tastes like or looks like and i am fortunate enough to have the money at this time in my life. i get my food tonight and i CAN’T WAIT!!! i’m hoping to finally get down to my goal weight. i got 20lbs away from it a couple years ago by starving, taking phentermine and working out 6 days a week. I want to do this the right way and TSFL seems like a way better way to go. Wish me luck and good luck to you all!

  I have tried so far (7 things) is awful.
Laurie Hurley (Verified User)

I am only on day 2 and I can tell you the food I have tried so far (7 things) is awful. The oatmeal made me gag. The low calorie count is making me light-headed and I can’t think straight at all.


I have been on this program for 10 days and I agree totally with this comment. The food excluding the bars is just awful. I am losing weight but I will not continue after this shipment. This is not a realistic lifestyle. I’m active and living off of 1100-1200 calories is not realistic. Again the program works but the food is plain terrible. I have told my coach I will not continue. The ingredients give me gas. The plus is u have accountability and touch points but someone shared counting calories and eating healthy will get you similar results.


Hang in there. The first 3 days are the worst with headaches, light headedness, and wanting to eat the crap that you were accustomed to.I have never liked the oatmeal so have substituted something that I did. After t0 days my husband even noticed that I had so much energy that I hadn’t had in a long time. Once you watch the weight coming off and you start feeling better you will be glad that you suffered through the first week. Good luck to you and keep close contact with you coach while you go through this. You will also learn what foods you like and don’t like. My coach had a trade policy at the meetings where we could trade with other members the things that we didn’t like for food that we liked and they didn’t. It helped all of us.


Odd? I find everything Ive eaten to be very tasty. The cinnamon oatmeal is really good imo.


Many of the products need some seasoning. I always add cinnamon to the oatmeal and hot sauce to almost every soup. I use black pepper and other spices also to add flavor. If you have a health coach, talk to them and they should be able to give you some tips. Good luck and try to stick with it.


Are you drinking enough water? Are you a coffee drinker? If so, please drink 8-12 ounces of water FIRST before your first cup of coffee. From there drink throughout your day, half your body weight in ounces of water. Also, grab a dill pickle if you need a little salt to help even you out. Stick with it, you will get over the detox hump and once you’re in fat burn your energy will be up and you’ll feel great! Please also stick CLOSE to your health coach. I’m a health coach and I can tell you that close communication with my clients is key! When you begin something new like this there will be bumps in the road, but I want to encourage you to not quit.

I also want to say that I believe this article was not researched well…I know they said it was, but really? The TOP rated “diet” recommendation is a pill? How does that teach you about HOW to eat healthy for life? It doesn’t! TSFL is a comprehensive plan and the fuelings/meal replacements are ONLY temporary to assist you towards weight loss! This program, is a JUMPSTART towards getting the ball rolling in your favor in way of losing fat, keeping muscle, increase in energy, learning portion-control, learning how to shop at the grocery store and try NEW vegetables that otherwise you may not try without the structure given and support of a Health Coach. A diet pill like the one mentioned in this article will not do that for you! This program sets you up for success.

Now, with that said, allow me to speak to the sucralose and GMO points made in other comments. First off, let’s think about our current reality and why we need/want to lose weight in the first place. Probably because of unhealthy habits over multiple years, right? What about all of THOSE ingredients you were eating on a daily basis that have put you in the place of metabolic disease or pre-disease state? Also, TSFL has recently as of July 2015 come out with 13 (and soon more to come) all natural, non-gmo, no artificial sweetener meals/fuelings that will satisfy those that beat the artificial this and gmo that side of things.

Cost…what is your health worth? Seriously. When you consider that at $12/day you can eat 5 meals that contain 25 vitamins and minerals, high in protein and will help you lose weight to get rid of any medications, knee/join pain and offer you FREEDOM to ride a bike, climb a mountain, or swim around with your kids…that’s a STEAL! It comes down to how bad do you want it?

Well, if you read all of this, I thank you for allowing me to share. If I have said ANYTHING that resonates with you and you are currently not in a good place with your health and this poorly written article hasn’t skewed your thinking, REACH OUT! It would be my pleasure to get to know you and help you reach your health goals…simply comment below.

  I like this product, It works!
Mary (Verified User)

My experience with TSFL has bee a very positive experience. As for the meds slowing down the weight loss, yes. I take Celexa also, and my weight loss has been twice as slow as my husband’s. However, after being on just about every diet in the world, this has been the most successful, easy, inexpensive diet ever. It teaches you how to eat, also. Yes, this is worth the extra time and patience!

  I have had great success.
Renee (Verified User)

I too was not a believer in the Take Shape for Life program but I have a friend (now my coach) who did not push me into the program. She lost 80 pounds herself and I have had great success as well! I love it!

  it works, I have no complaints!
Tom (Verified User)

If you follow the plan, you will lose weight! 13 weeks and I lost over 50 Lbs! I feel great and my coach was with me all the way! If you are dedicated to the plan..it works, I have no complaints!

  Hated the product.
SHS (Verified User)

I have absolutely no doubt this program can work for some, but you must be able to handle bland or “earthy” tasting “meals”. And plz, plz PLEASE check the refund policy. In this day and age, in the USA their policy is unfairly weighted away from the customer. Use any promo items first as they are non-refundable. Do not open the “Habits of Healthy… ” book as that is only refundable if in original wrapping. I wish I were told these by my “certified health coach”!!!!
Also….do not start with soups or puffs!!!!

  Need more feedback about this

Everyone is talking about the first month and all the weight you lose. Great. Now your at your goal weight. Talk about how you maintain with store bought food. Also I am doing this with my husband he wants to lose 65 lbs. great but me I want only 10 to 15. Im concerned about the lightheaded comment. One person said low salt. I feel not enough food.
Talk to me please. We’re starting January first.


I hope this isn’t too late. The nice thing is once you’re at your goal weight the program doesn’t ‘drop’ you. They have a transition and then maintenance program in place to help you keep goal and not have to go back on a program. The lightheaded doesn’t happen to everyone and did not happen to me. I also didn’t get any headaches although some people do. Just as with anything, everyone’s body will respond differently.


Is there something special you should eat when you feel lightheaded? This happened to me a couple of weeks ago and then again today. I have lost 15 pounds in a month and don’t know if I’m sick or if it is the program.


Dill pickles or a cup of chicken boullion.

  Would be happy to help anyone
Destiney (Verified User)

I am not a Health coach but I have lost 16 pounds this month and would be more then happy to be a support 🙂 It isn’t always easy when you go out to eat with friends or your family goes out to sushi but I have found great ways to make it work! My new favorite sushi roll it a tuna roll, no rice and extra cucumber! so good!

  TSFL rocks!
deb (Verified User)

TSFL ROCKS!! No program has ever worked so well for me and for many of my friends! I have lost 17 lbs in less than 4 weeks. If someone isn’t losing weight on the program then they aren’t doing it and following it! It works and is the only program that delivers COMPLETE nutrition and balanced blood sugar levels. The health coaching is an important part of education the person on the diet and keeping them motivated. I have nothing negative to say about it, and wished I would have found it years ago. My friend Michele has lost over 100 lbs and my friend Connie over 60 lbs. It was created by a heart doctor 30 years ago for people suffering from sever obesity, and has evolved in to something that is now available to the general public.


I went from a size 14 to a size 4 in under three months on this program and the education aspect of it was amazing. I’ve been able to maintain my dream weight (and actually even went down to a size 2) while on their maintenance program while eating all the time, never feeling hungry, and having a reprogramed mind set about food. Some of the food was gross, but I found a ton that I loved and just used that instead and was really happy with it. I became a coach because my two sisters wanted my same results and asked me to help them. My friends also saw my results and in less than two months, I had 30 clients who were losing weight and really pleased with the results. I don’t get a discount on the food, just a commission of my clients total sale. But I work for it and spend hours each day helping clients through tough spots and encouraging them to keep their goals in mind. It’s not a magic bullet, it’s work. But it does work.


How do I get this program?


so… Which of the products tastes the best?

  Making an opportunity

I saw this guy on Fb who was a mutual friend of a friend. I said hi via a message and he messaged me back. I am a disabled Veteran STILL serving and he said “Wow, great story” then he asked “do you want FREE coaching help for nutrition. I said sure. he friended me on facebook and we sent about 5 IM’s. He asked if Ive ever heard of TSFL and I said yes and that I wasnt interested (I come from a Professional Athlete background and know how to maintain weight, after my injury I gained about 15 pounds, and working to take it off.). So I told him I was intersted in his free coaching thats when he went into the hard sale. I told him I wasnt intersted then he started to belittle me saying how if I buy food anyway I should buy this food. Im sure at some point I could of been talked into investigating the company, but he was a tool then promptly unfriended me because I didnt want the program, I just honestly was saying hi to him, he was cute. He started out telling me his resume and all the people he’s helped, so I was sure he was supporting the Military. Nope. he was just supporting a oportunity to make more money and when I wasnt intersted he because a jerk. wow, Life coach my rear butt cheek


So sorry you had a bad experience! You can tell right away if a person is sincere or not. TSFL teaches us coaches that to be truly successful, we need to care about people, not money. The money comes. I talk to alot of people whether they sign with me or not. I am so grateful to have health and energy back, that it makes me sad to see so many of us struggling with our health and weight. I just want to grab people and say,”You don’t have to suffer! Go on the program for 4 days and I guarantee you will have more energy and start feeling better.”

  Lost 30 pounds
liz (Verified User)

many meds will slow down the process. some meds will even make you gain weight. all i know is that the program works, if you follow it. I am a client that lost 30 pounds in 10 weeks and have kept it off for a year now. and i am a health coach

Shukrita (Verified User)


  Low salt
Shukrita (Verified User)

To Thresa, lightheaded could be from low salt. If you take one bullion cube when you feel like that will help.

  Amazing this program
Joe (Verified User)

Amazing this program did for me and my wife. Lost over 110 pounds in 7 months and in my first month off of all my weight related medical issues. No more sleep apnea, asthma, hbp, no pre diabetic, no more pain in joints , no carpel tunnel, no dry skin and soo on. So for those who say the meal replacements are bad ur out of ur mind or u dos t follow the program the way it’s simple design. First of all the whole basics of the program is not weight loss it’s education on the habits of healh so when u lose the weight u don’t gain it back. The goal on this program is to get u on , to ur goal weight and then off of the meal replacements. The first phase is lipolysis A healthy and safe version of ketosis. Now can person do this on there own with reg food sure but who has time these days to shop for the correct portion control nutrition meal plus have to make and prepare 42 meals a week. It’s just not going to happen for most. Now remember science tells us that if we eat the right size and nutritional meals 6 times a day 2-3 hours apart we are able to control our blood sugar levels to remain steady and rev our metabolic all day. It’s just fuel. Price is for the first month 10.00!a day for the meal replacements and 3-4 dollars for our lean and green. Now most people are spending 18-26 dollars a day for unhealthy food. So it’s a win win situation. Pulse if u don’t like it u can return ur food and be done with the program if u choose. No contracts no fees no drugs no meeting, just freaking awesome results. Now not everyone is a fit for this program that’s why healh coaches gives u a free health assessment and find out what ur looking for. That’s it. I struggled for many years trying every commercial diet , program and some stupid quick fixes which only got me sick or just didn’t work. But this one I’ve never heard of it until I saw a close friend go on and get amazing results. U didn’t have ask me twice I jumped on immedialty then my wife did and it’s been 180 degrees of freedom. I can now play with my 4 yr old daughter , walk around the mall and finally live healthy I’m 43 so I want a ticking time bomb. It’s great how the program is designed as a comprehensive re balancing weight loss program. If u come this program and treat like a diet u will get diet results so that’s on the individual. So for everyone says oh the meals are bad for U ur out ur mind. My doctor was so blown away by my physical and blood results he went on the program and has done phenomoanal. Oh and he is a cardiologist of of over 30 years. Plus my doctor refers her painetence to me. So yes I became a healh coach to help America get healthy and for those struggling to lose weight and get healthy. So if u join this program and u don’t utilize the tools, support and the habits of health this program offers to u for FREE yes you won’t get results because u are once again doing things your way and no offensive your way sucks and got u in this situation. So give it a shot see if ur a fit because if u are this will be the last time u have to go on a diet, program or cleanse ever again. Basically this program while u lose the weight on that doctor formulated fat burn which is phase one you become your own nutritionist for your own body. It’s sooooo with it. I would love to help anyone who is struggling. I want u to feel what I feel cause it feels freaking amazing. Find me on face book under Joseph Speranza maybe I can help

  High in protein, vitamins and minerals
Joe (Verified User)

If you’re like me and eat out fairly often, you’ll actually save money doing the program. You only need to order $250 worth of food if you join their free membership, which is more than 3 weeks’ worth of food, then you get an extra week of food for free. So that’s a month’s worth of food for just over $250. That’s less than $9 a day. Of course, you still need to buy the proteins (fish, chicken, turket, etc.) and vegetables but considering that is only for one smallish dinner a day, your total cost isn’t that high. These days food prices are skyrocketing which makes the TSFL deal seem even better, I don’t see them hiking up their prices.

Yes, some of the stuff is nasty. It comes down to individual choice. I love tomato soup and ordered 2 boxes in my first order and it was terrible, I had to hold my nose to drink it. The chili nacho cheese puffs sounded great and taste terrible (they taste like dry croutons dusted with chili powder). But some of their other foods are actually pretty good, I was surprised at their scrambled eggs and brownies (they’re like eating regular scrambled eggs or a fresh-cooked brownie), and all of their bars are pretty tasty. Most of the rest of the food is just okay, but you don’t sign up to this for the chance to eat great-tasting food.

One of the great things is that you can eat the Medifast meals in any combination you want. If you want to eat 5 candy bars a day, go for it. If you hate their milkshakes, don’t order any. Every product they sell is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and low in carbohydrates, fat, and calories.

Debbie Holten

How did you get it for 250 a month the person that told me about this said it would be $360 a month?

  Lost weight in just a few weeks
David (Verified User)

I lost 17 pounds in 3.5 weeks, then another 3 pounds in another week on TSFL. I went from 170 to 150, and am now at a very healthy BMI and love to work out now! My wife (a Registered Nurse) and I are Health Coaches and have a great success rate with our clients. Let me know if you have any questions or would like any support.

  Don't like the taste
Dewey (Verified User)

I just started this month and really do not see a way you could replicate the items at home. Be warned as some items in it taste NASTY, but I am finding things I like as well. No weight loss yet, either. On my second week…

  Best plan to loose weight
Sue (Verified User)

TSFL is a phenomenal program. It does teach you to eat samll meals every 2-3 hours. But it goes past that. They work hard to formulate their products to provide you with the necessary vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein, and fat that you need throughout the day.

The best part is that the plan also helps you transition back into a regular dietary plan with “normal” food. It also provides you with as much knowledge and help in maintaining the weight loss.

Just like any other program, anyone will gain the weight back if they are under the impression that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want after you lose the weight.

  It worked for me.
Barbie (Verified User)

TSFL is just teaching you to eat every 2-3 hrs. You have to be very strict and wnat to lose the weight. I suggest you pay for trial size before ordering because a lot of the food is horrible. The Chocolate shakes/bars/chicken noodle soup are very good. The blueberry oatmeal is the only one I can stomach. Stick to it and you will lose weight. No diet is fun…..

  lot of factors involved
dan radatti (Verified User)

the average weight loss is 12-15 lbs per month. there are a lot of factors involved. some people lose it a bit slower some a bit faster, but i have not yet seen someone not lose weight.

  SFL was designed to give personal coaching
betty (Verified User)

TSFL was designed to give personal coaching to anyone using our fast,safe,Dr approved meals.You deserve a good coach,we are paid by TSFL to assist you in all areas. A good coach not only knows how help you with your weightloss and maintainence we can help you save ,even earn money. You don’t need to become a coach to do so,or even be a client,for that matter (ask me ). Coaches do not get a discount,we pay the same for our meals as anyone else.A good coach can be essential to your on going success. While I would love to assist anyone who is not getting help,out of honor to our coaches program , a good coach will not ask you to “switch” to them, it is against company policy. If you do not have a good coach,I encourage you to ask customer service for the coach above your coach (etc.) until you get one who will assist you, if this is not working then ask customer service to assign you a new coach or ask to be transferred to a specific coach. I like several others who have responded above, would love to personally assist anyone who is not getting the help you need.I started the TSFL program in ’06 lost over 100lbs and have been maintaining my weightloss very well. I chose to become a certified health coach when I experianced how well our program worked. I love assisting my clients so much ,that I’ve chose to take additional coaching classes ,outside of TSFL at my own expense ,in order to be an even better coach. Many blessings on your road to health may it be an exciting journey for you :-)and as “Spock” would say:live long and prosper, what our own DR.Anderson says should be the norm for us 🙂

  No joke
denise (Verified User)

Yes just like Kat said here, get all the facts before you write something. I am glad I read all these replyies and not just base a dission on what the Arthur wrote above. I think it sounds like a good program I know 2 pepole who have been on it one of them lost 47 pounds and the other 100 pounds and yes one of them is a life coach. I can’t wait to try this one out. Other diets have left me so hungry I could eat a horse. No joke! wish me luck

  I finally feel like I CAN DO THIS
Linda (Verified User)

I have tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and working with a nutritionist. I was hungry all the time and although I lost weight, I gained it back. I started Take Shape for Life one week ago. I have had minimal hunger a couple of times the first couple of days, but none the last 5. I have lost 6 pounds so far. The workbook and text book that come with the program are incredible. The variety of food is limited but OK. I finally feel like I CAN DO THIS



Tita (Verified User)

My mother was a Type 2 diabetic and after 30 years of taking high doses of insulin now only needs a very small dose oral medication (40 pounds lost). My daughter no longer has high cholesterol(50 pounds lost). I am off of at least 5 medications for high blood pressure and acid refux disease(100 pounds lost). Please check out my earlier comments and contact me through my website TakeShapeWithTita.TSFL.com if you are interested in this wonderful program and would like a commited, caring Health Coach.

Scott Oppegard

I was taking 100 units of novalog and 35 of levamir. 6 weeks later, I am off all meds(even orals) and my numbers are great. This program is what you make of it. Stick to it and it definately works.

Tita (Verified User)

No, Jayne, maintenance is not hard. We all know that losing the weight is only half the battle. You need to change the way you think about food in order to keep it off, and you do that while in the weight loss phase of the program. It only takes two weeks to form a new habit or break an old one, so the way we eat while losing weight becomes part of our eating habits. Yes, there are rules, and you need to “do the math” to figure out how many calories you will need each day, but your Health Coach will help you with all of that. Contact me if I can help. I have lost 100 pounds myself and have been a Health Coach for 2 years.


I lost 70 lbs off two years ago and then yo-yoed in fear.never stopped ordering food, its been an overbudgeted affair;since i kept slipping and it took a week each time to get back on track, then I slipped.I gained 20 back until the summer and since the fall have gained another 20.SO I lost 70+40 still have to reach 115lbs as advised.I am back since today .My health coach is not greta at all.
Any advice?


I to have a terrible coach! Once she asked me to be a health coach and I wasn’t interested in that side of things, she quit following up with me! Very unhappy about that, I could order the food for about 50$ less

Mike Humbles

I have been on the program for exactly 14 weeks and have lost 60 pounds! I’m even more excited about my overall health. Six months ago, my cholesterol level was 206. That was after taking cholesterol medicine for 18 years! Last week I went to the doctor again, and my new cholesterol level is only 113!!! At that time, I had been on this program for only 13 weeks. My doctor was amazed. I have decided to learn all I can about Take Shape For Life, become a health coach, and help others regain their health. Is this a bad thing! In my many years at IBM no one ever helped me like this.

Kalpana Name

I am starting TSFL program and am excited to know about your success.

Andrew Schultz

Mike Great to see your success, I would like to chat via email. I have just started TSFL a month ago and I am thinking about the becomming a Coach. Would like very much to get your imput.
Andrew from Cape May NJ

  My coach is great
Margie (Verified User)

I’ve been on tsfl for 3 weeks and I lost 17.5 lbs. My coach is great. I figured that she was making money every time I purchased food, but who cares? I finally found something that works for me. And I agree with Carmel. I don’t want to take another pill.

  Take shape for life is great it's people helping people.
Carmel (Verified User)

Take shape for life is great it’s people helping people. If your coach wasn’t any good, you should find another one. I don’t see anything wrong with people who have tried the program AND succeeded helping others do the same. And why shouldn’t they be compensated? I will eat 1000 cal over the period of 1 day though. I started 2 weeks ago and I have lost 12 lbs. I am steadily become healthier, happier and yes by helping others do the same, more financially stable.


Dave, I am not sure where you received your information. You can absolutely change your health coach – anyone can at any time. If you had done your research, you would see that this company does not fit the definition of an MLM at all – no requirement to sign up anyone, no inventory, no wholesale pricing to coaches, and much more. Coaches simply get compensated for coaching people on the program. They are not selling anything. They are coaches.

  Lost 70 pounds with this plan.
Melissa (Verified User)

I lost 70 pounds last year and have kept the weight off. I am now a Health Coach & would like to help you, too. Send me a message if you are interested in this program.


Hi Melissa,
I just started the medifast plan on monday. I am feeling a bit light headed at times….is this due to my body getting rid of the toxins?


This is normal. You have completely changed your eating habits. You are now intaking less calories, less sugars and less carbs! So your body is sort of detoxing. Hang in there, the light-headedness will soon come to an end!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Theresa. If you continue to have these side effects, please consult with your physician before continuing this weight loss program.


Hi Melissa: I would be interested in communicating to you about the TSFL program. I have lots of questions and not sure where to go for answers.

  I loved everything about it.
so much better now

I have a married couple that are health coaches together. He is a Paramedic/EMT, both have educated themselves about the program and different things that we may go through while on the program. I only needed to lose 35 pounds and did it in 4 months. I loved everything about it. You can use any dry spice you want to add flavor or variety, there are a ton of recipes that are available. My coaches just gave them to me. My family has learned to eat healthier as well. We are all “lean and green” people. I really hope that you get another coach because it is so great when it’s done right. I can’t think of myself with out Take Shape For Life! If you are really ready to be healthy and lose the weight call them!!

  I lost 40 pounds in 4 months
skinny now (Verified User)

i have been on tsfl medifast for 4 months, i have lost 40 pounds and it was not hard at all. the bars are good, the shakes are good and the brownies are yummy, yet the other food is like dog food or vomit, i cannot eat anything else they sell. the coach i had sucked, i asked for a new coach 2 weeks ago and still have not heard from anyone. i only have 10 more lbs to lose and no coach to help me. i am disappointed in the coaching program as they are not coaches but fat people who lost weight with the program – whoopie doo…the on line community also sucks… not much positive attitudes or compassion going on there. hopefully i will get a new coach that can help me to maintain my weight loss.


I have been on the program now two time and have lost over 40lbs without effort. The plan really does work. Most of the food is really good and I cannot tell you how much more energy I have. It is clear that when you take all the extra carbs and sugar out of your diet your body stabilizes. I want to also point out that there is more than just a con call. my area health coaches meet weekly and have doctors as guest speakers. If you decide to become a health coach you can make money with this rather easily and yes while this ad says it has a MLM aspect you can also do it as a non MLM. I personally think it is a great business and the products actually do what they say they do.

Your Teresa

I discovered TSFL through a friend who was a certified health coach and posted a link to a six week Health Challenge at a time when I was anxiously searching for the motivation I needed to STOP the progressive weight gain I was going through. I participated in the Health Challenge and lost 17 pounds, all the while, just loving the support and education, and over all enthusiasm from the other participants (over 7000)! When the challenge ended, I felt this panic taking hold..oh no…what am I going to do now? I needed, craved that support I’d been getting during those six weeks of the challenge! Enter TSFL! I got with my friend and said I’d decided I wanted to not only go on the program with TSFL but that I wanted to be a health coach too because I figured out that for me to help ME, I needed to be helping others at the same time. I’ve been on the program for 4 weeks now and am feeling fantastic! I’ve lost 11 more pounds, but it isn’t about the food you buy…that is just a tool…you are taught how to use that tool correctly and guided and supported all along the way! The support given by my coaches is absolutely OUTSTANDING! Our TEAM is free but priceless! I ran into a gal who was totally disillusioned with TSFL and was going off the program. When I asked her about her coach, she’s like “oh, she lives in Florida”. Then I asked her if she’d ever been in one of the Health Challenges…and she’d NEVER HEARD OF THEM! OMG!!!! Yep, BAD coach!!!

Scott Oppegard

I hope you find a better coach. I have a woman named Alecia Dick and she has been wonderful. I am down 30 lbs in 6 weeks. I would suggest trying the crab soup if you like seafood, it is quite good.

dan radatti

As a certified coach for TSFL i am very sorry you had any bit of a negative experience.
There are lots of good coaches that would be more than willing to help you.
feel free to contact me if you desire (LoveToBeLean@aol.com ), I am sure you can loose those last few pounds. the important thing is to then transition properly back into a maintenance program so you keep it off
THe focus of TSFL is truly to help people. If there are any coaches that do not have that objective then they should not be coaches. As such i have objection to some of the comments in the article above. Some of the statements are just plain incorrect. for example no one can buy the food at a discount. You cant believe everything you read.


Hi skinnynow –

If you’re still on the program and not happy with your health coach, try speaking to his/her coach. Everyone wants you to succeed, and I’m sure something can be worked out so you get better support.

TSFL Health Coach
Rhode Island

Deb Holton-Smith

I have lost 45 lbs in 5 mos. I had a great experience w/my TSFL health coach….so would love to pass on to you the same tips I received. Let me know if I can be of help. Would enjoy being your cheerleader to keeping the weight off !! My best, Deb HS

Karla Charles

sorry to hear of the “bad taste” that was left in your mouth.
I have lost 30lbs on this progam and I am one of those “fat people” who have become a health coach.
I am going on to be certified so I can better help people have optimal health. I am a guide to the program. If I can help you, I would be happy to try. There are great recipes and tips I can give you to make the food to your liking. New products just came out too.
Good luck