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Test HP Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

Test HP by Betancourt Nutrition is a supplement that helps men with boosting their testosterone and libido. The company claims that their product works in many areas of the body to maintain healthy testosterone levels and muscle mass. Some of the individual ingredients have been researched, but their proprietary blend makes it hard to verify ingredient effectiveness.

Our research team is concerned about the lack of clinical research that can support the claims made about their secret formula. Our team investigated the individual ingredients in Test HP to see if this product is worth purchasing. We summarized it all here for you.

Test HP can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Test HP?

Test HP is a supplement meant to boost testosterone and libido. It contains Gelatin, Fenugreek Extract, Magnesium Stearate, Calcium Silicate, and Rhodiola Rosea. You are supposed to take the supplement three times per day, one capsule each time with some kind of fatty food.

The supplement is made by Betancourt Nutrition, a US-based company. You can purchase Test HP bodybuilding supplement on their website. We like the positive feedback on this company and also don’t think the price is too expensive at all, but there’s more…

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Test HP Side Effects – “Wow!”

So the first problem we found with Test HP was side effects. “It is suggested that you speak with a physician before starting this supplement, but if you find yourself jumping right into it, you may experience some unwanted side effects,” said our Research Editor.

“I experienced rapid heartbeat and dizziness I discontinued it,” said one customer. Another user explained, “Noticed that I got angrier at dumb stuff…”

There’s always another side to everything though, “One of the best test boosters I’ve used to date…”

Effectiveness – “Better off Saving Your Money?”

The second problem we found with Test HP was ineffectiveness. “The product is loaded full of fillers. The product has too many unknown ingredients,” said one review. Another user added, “Couldn’t even tell I was taking them. A waste of money!!!!”

However, we did find some positive reviews, “I’ve cycled this off and on for the last year. It’s an effective test booster.”

Throughout our years of experience we can honestly say that it only takes something that may seem irrelevant to ruin the chances for measurable results. If Test HP is really serving up unwanted side effects or isn’t effective at all, that could be a huge bummer.

The Science – “Some Evidence At Least?”

There are no clinical studies on this supplement specifically, but there are studies showing Fenugreek extract having a positive effect on libido. One study published by Phytotherapy Research wrote, “Testofen (Fenugreek) demonstrated a significant positive effect on physiological aspects of libido and may assist to maintain normal healthy testosterone levels.”

What Users Are Saying

“””Works great”””

“””Not sure if it really works. Strength is good: sex drive is up: so guess it is working.”””

“””Just ok wouldn’t buy again.”””

The Bottom Line – Does Test HP Work?

So are we ready to run out and purchase some Test HP as soon as possible? We do like the price and there are some positive reviews out there, but we’re still hesitant to back it up. It seems it causes some unwanted side effects and customer reviews regarding efficacy has us a little troubled.

If you really want to boost testosterone and sex drive, we suggest going with a supplement that has great reviews on efficacy and no talk of harmful side effects.

One of the best products we’ve come across this year is called Pronabolin. It contains nine clinically-tested ingredients that have been shown to help boost testosterone, increase energy and libido. We haven’t found anything on harmful side effects and user testimonials are showing some pretty radical personal success.

The company behind the supplement even offers a 120-day money-back guarantee and multiple-bottle discounts. Who wouldn’t be excited to see that?

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Test HP Review
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Test HP

What are the ingredients in Test HP?

Test HP contains ingredients such as Fenugreek, calcium silicate, magnesium, and Rhodiola Rosea.

What are the side effects of Test HP?

It is suggested that potential Test HP users consult a physician’s advice before use. Elevated heart rate, dizziness, and irritability are reported side effects of Test HP use.

Does Test HP work?

Yes, most users report experiencing positive changes when taking Test HP.

What is the price of Test HP?

Test HP price is commonly listed at around $37 U.S. dollars.

Where can I buy Test HP?

Test HP can be purchased from online sites like Amazon or the official product website Betancourt Nutrition.

Where can I buy Test HP?

Test HP can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Test HP?

Test HP dosage instructions recommend users take three capsules with eight ounces of water daily.

How do I contact Test HP customer service?

Questions and concerns about Test HP can be addressed to Betancourt Nutrition customer service support by phone: 1-(800)443-4153, or a comment can be submitted to https://betancourtnutrition.com/pages/contact-us.

Can I return Test HP?

Test HP products return policies differ according to retailer.

What are the most common complaints about Test HP?

Users complain of experiencing feelings of irritability and dizziness when using Test HP.

2 Test HP Reviews

  • RYAN O WEARING (Verified Purchase)

    Can I take more than 3 capsules in day

    • Taylor Izzo

      Hi Ryan,

      For best result as a dietary supplement, consume 3 capsules per day with or without a meal