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Test X180 Alpha Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

Test X180 Alpha is a natural testosterone booster made by Force Factor, a nutrition brand focused on efficacy and science. Test X180 Alpha is advertised as a testosterone booster that increases lean muscle, libido, and stamina with its ingredients L-citrulline and Testofen. However, supplements containing Testofen might be facing a class action lawsuit for “intentional and fraudulent marketing.”

Our research team decided to dive into the data. The team looked into the ingredients, checked the science behind the claims, and gathered user reviews. This is a summary of the findings.

Test X180 Alpha can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Test X180 Alpha?

To begin with, Test X180 Alpha is touted as a “free testosterone booster and sexual performance enhancer.” This over-the-counter supplement contains maca root, Testofen fenugreek seed, DIM (diindolylmethane), chrysin, l-citrulline, damiana leaf, Muira puama bark, stinging nettle, white mushroom, zinc and b vitamins. Put simply; it aims to improve your muscle strength and gains, promote free testosterone, heighten libido, enhance blood flow, and boost power/stamina. You just need to take two capsules, twice daily.

The company behind this testosterone booster is Force Factor, and this formula has been on the market since 2012. No harsh Test X180 Alpha side effects are mentioned. It is available directly from the official website, as well as via dealers like Amazon and GNC, but read on…

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Clinically-Backed Ingredients – “A Good Sign!”

The first thing we examined is Test X180 Alpha ingredients. “This testosterone supplement offers key components such as Testofen, which is supported by actual studies,” says our Research Editor. “Some users reported solid results.”

One said, “This is a great product. I am 57, and within one week I noticed a difference.”

Another posted, “I was skeptical at first, but thought I would give it a try. Noticeable results after the first month of use. Have great energy. Workouts are much better. Impressive gains very quickly. Will continue to take.”

“I’ve taken it for a week. Libido is cranked up and my workout at the gym is outstanding. I have a lot more energy all around,” mentioned another customer.

Yet another guy remarked, “This product increased muscle mass… No side-effects. At age 68, it is exactly what I needed to couple with three-a-week Pilates workouts for staying in shape.”


Positive Test X180 Alpha Reviews – “See What The Guys Are Saying!”

Then there are the positive reviews of Test X180 Alpha. We found dozens of them all over the web. One customer revealed, “I like that all ingredients are natural and it works. At first, I only took one capsule, and I had plenty of energy. Then I tried 2 and wow. This stuff has been great for me.”

Another user had this to say, “Test X180 works great for me. Just the right strength for me, a 65-year-old. A great boost to my morning workout without the edgy feeling I get from other products.”

Someone else said, “At 69 years of age, and having never worked with weights, I never expected to see my muscles buffing up and drastically firming up, but they are. Yes, I am impressed.”

Yet another posted, “It did what it said it would do. At least for me, it did. I am very happy with it.”

Our painstaking research has proven that when a supplement’s ingredients are backed by science, there’s a solid chance for long-term results. We like what we see with the Test X180 Alpha ingredient blend.


The Science – “Are There Published Studies?”

Fortunately, there are some real scientific studies backing the key ingredients used in Test X180 Alpha pills. For instance, Testofen has been shown to improve sexual function, boost libido, fight body fat and increase serum testosterone in men. Here at DietSpotlight, we appreciate it when solid research is presented to back the product’s claims.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“I’ve been using this Test X180 Alpha for a couple weeks now and have definitely noticed a difference in my energy level. I take a couple pills with breakfast and then two more before working out or sporting activities. My energy level has been up and recovery time seems to be less. I’m not a hardcore gym guy, more athletic, but this seems to work nicely. I’ve taken a few other supplements and like to rotate through after a few weeks to avoid any falloff. Test X180 will be added to that rotation.”

“Raised my blood pressure to 180/94 i will try ignite instead. But you should check your blood pressure to make sure this is a good fit for you.”

“The product its self works great but if you are drug tested regularly do not take it. It can cause a false positive on your screening. They should really warn customers about that. It doesn’t happen every time but it can happen.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Test X180 Alpha Work?

So, should you give Test X180 Alpha a shot? Well, we certainly appreciate that this supplement offers ingredients like Testofen, which is backed by real science. It’s also nice to see several online retailers selling the supplement. There are even plenty of positive customer responses posted across the internet, which is reassuring.

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Test X180 Alpha Review
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Test X180 Alpha

What are the ingredients in Test X180 Alpha?

The ingredients in Test X180 Alpha are zinc, white mushroom, vitamin B12, fenugreek seed extract, thiamine, copper, muira puama root extract, riboflavin, L-citrulline, selenium, and maca root extract.

What are the side effects of Test X180 Alpha?

The possible side effects of Test X180 Alpha include dizziness, loss of appetite, dry mouth, and headaches. It should be noted that these side effects have never actually been reported by users.

Does Test X180 Alpha work?

Test X180 Alpha has a small amount of clinical research backing its ingredients, but as for the product itself, Test X180 Alpha does not have enough medical evidence behind its muscle growth claims.

What is the price of Test X180 Alpha?

The price of Test X180 Alpha is around $100 for one bottle containing 120 capsules.

Where can I buy Test X180 Alpha?

Can be bought online through the Official Force Factor webpage, Amazon, or eBay.

Where can I buy Test X180 Alpha?

Test X180 Alpha can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Test X180 Alpha?

To take Test X180 Alpha, simply consume two capsules with a morning meal and another two with a mid-day meal.

How do I contact Test X180 Alpha customer service?

Test X180 Alpha customer service can be reached by phone at 1-800-429-0415, or by filling out a “contact us” form on the Official Force Factor webpage.

Can I return Test X180 Alpha?

Force Factor offers a 30-day money back guarantee on Test X180 Alpha as well as the other products on its website.

What are the most common complaints about Test X180 Alpha?

The most common complaints about Test X180 Alpha are concerning the high cost of the product and the varying ranges of effectiveness.

Test X180 Alpha Reviews