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The Master Cleanse Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

I need to make a confession. I was obsessed with researching The Master Cleanse. We dug deep into the side effects, ingredients, clinical research and customer-service quality. Additionally, we examined hundreds of user comments and reviews. Then, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is The Master Cleanse?

Master Cleanse which is also known as the Lemonade Diet is a diet that acts as a formal body detox as well as a colon cleanser. This liquid-only diet comprises of three things, they are:

  • Salt-water drink
  • A lemonade-like beverage
  • Herbal laxative tea

Several celebrities have claimed to have used this diet.According to WebMD, Beyonce allegedly used Master Cleanse to shade off some weight for her role in Dreamgirls. According to the lemonade diet master cleanse which is taken for 10 consecutive days, it supposedly removes toxins, boosts energy levels and reduces cravings. According to master class directions, it is recommended that you keep of any solid foods during your detox period but a laxative tea is encouraged.

The Master Cleanse

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How Did The Master Cleanse Start?

According to Wikipedia the original master cleanse began with two books by Stanley Burroughs known as “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment” and “The Master Cleanser”. The concept was initially published during the 1940s and revived in 1976. There have been several other variations that have continued in the footsteps of Burroughs. Among them includes a website as well as a book by Peter Glickman titled, “Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Be Happier in 10 Days”.

The Master Cleanse claims

The Master Cleanse Claims

According to proponents, the master cleanse diet recipe not only removes excess fat but also detoxifies the body. However, there is no scientific evidence that proves the diet’s ability to remove any toxins or its power to achieve anything beyond temporary weight loss. Makers of the product also claim that in 10 days or more the consumer will be able to shed off weight, detox their digestive system as well as feel healthy, energetic, happy and vital.  They also claim that the lemonade diet master cleanse will help you curb cravings for unhealthy foods.


The Master Cleanse Ingredients

Several ingredients make up the master cleanse diet recipe which is packed with nutrients such as enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The key ingredient in a master cleanse weight loss recipe is lemon which is a citrus fruit that comprises of a powerful antioxidant.

Here are the other ingredients for the master cleanse lemonade diet:

  • Purified water
  • Organic Cayenne Pepper
  • Organic unrefined Sea Salt
  • Organic Grade B Maple Syrup

Does The Master Cleanse Work?

Since the master cleanse book recommends that you exclusively consume Master Cleanse for ten consecutive days or more without consuming any other foods. Since you will be getting very few calories, you will most likely lose weight. You will also lose water, muscle and bone. However, you are also most likely to gain the lost pounds back once you go back to your normal diet.

There is no solid proof that detoxifying results into long-term weight loss. In addition, you do not really need to detox your body because that is the job your liver is meant to do. If you are looking for lasting change, you will be better off consuming a healthy diet comprising of whole grains, fruits, healthy fats such as olive oil, vegetables, skinless turkey or chicken, lean proteins such as fish and low-fat dairy.

The Master Cleanse Foods

According to the master cleanse diet recipe, you need to bid solid food farewell for at least 10 consecutive days. This means your new best friends or foods for the given period will be lemonade, laxatives and water. During this period, you cannot have ANY solid food or even drink alcohol.

After the 10 days, you can gradually start to add back solid foods to your diet. However, you are required to add only a few foods at first beginning with soup and juice then followed by fruits and vegetable. Once you have re-introduced the aforementioned foods to your diet, the plan recommends that you do not consume diary and you eat very little meat.

Dieters on the master cleanse lemonade diet cannot consume solid foods or even beverages for 10 days. This means coffee is no exception. The cleanse is meant to reset your system leading to a healthier you. Coffee is identified as a stimulant which would interfere with your natural sleeping pattern. As too much caffeine increases one’s stress levels released by your body. It also interferes with your digestion which is a primary system in your body that the cleanser resets.

The primary function of the cleanse is to alkalize your body, reducing the acidity present in your body, which does not optimize your health. Coffee on the other hand raises the acid levels in your blood, which interrupts with the body’s ability to realize the alkaline acid balance.

However, according to LiveStrong, it has not been scientifically established that the original master cleanse is healthy as your body has a sufficient and effective detoxification system known as the lymphatic system, while the kidney and liver are detoxifying organs.

The master cleanse benefits

The Master Cleanse Benefits and Results

There are several benefits of the master cleanse diet recipe as evidenced by the master cleanse lemonade diet. However, you are advised to consult your doctor before beginning any diet program. Below are some benefits of the ingredients for the master cleanse lemonade diet.

Lemons – they provide vitamin C and assists with detoxification.It helps with cleansing the colon and the kidneys. However, when you consume lemon juice and hot water it is not enough to start any bowel movement. The body easily uses and absorbs limonin which stays present in the blood.

Maple syrup – an ounce of maple syrup contains 22 percent, the amount recommended for daily consumption. Manganese is essential for antioxidative and enzymatic processes in the body. Maple syrup is not a pure source of sugar. It makes the lemonade less acidic with additional calories which make it easy to carry on with the diet.

Distilled water- it has zero calories and no toxins. As all detoxification diets are made to remove toxins that are found in the body. Therefore, when combined all together the maple syrup, lemon juice and distilled water are great components for detox.

Benefit & Results

Details on The Master Cleanse and Weight Loss

The number one question potential dieters ask before going on a Master Cleanse diet is how much weight can I lose on the master cleanse? This is a very good question indeed because one issue with Master Cleanse is its minimal results. This is because, the weight lost is usually intestinal bulk which is most likely to come back soon after you return to your normal diet.

One dieter who said they tried master cleanse for ten days admitted that the product was awful and that they were starving the entire time. They also added that once it was over, they gained all the weight they had shade off.

Does Exercise Play Any Role in Master Cleanse?

According to the master cleanse movie, exercise does not play any role in the diet plan. This is because it might be very dangerous to work out when you are consuming very few calories. Therefore, it is advisable you consult with your doctor before you start exercising while you”re on the Master Cleanse.

Generally, according to The U.S. News, every week, adults who are on healthy diets are encouraged to get at least two and a half hours of moderate-intensity activity while they are walking. They are also required to do muscle strengthening activities a couple of days in a week. As for exercising while on the Mater Cleanse diet, it will be hard and thus not advisable.

The Master Cleanse side effects

Side Effects

The Master Cleanse Side Effects

Potential dieters often find themselves in a quagmire especially when it comes to trying out a new diet supplement. In regard to Master Cleanse, all the reviews and studies done considered is the master cleanse healthy? The product has been found to have various side effects. Here they are:

Fleeting weight loss

Weight lost during this diet is due to calories restriction; however, the weight lost is usually water weight which is gained back after the dieter resumes normal eating.

Stress of the mind, calorie depravation and hunger usually lead to crankiness, irritability and fatigue. The dieter may lack the energy to exercise or take on stressful tasks. There’s also a reported inability to focus.

Physical discomfort

The use of laxatives and the diuretic effect of the intake of salt water and lemon juice lead to frequent trips to the bathroom. Dehydration and hunger can also lead to headaches.

Safe for Diabetics?

The Master Cleanse Product Warnings

Master Cleanse product consumers are required to follow specific master cleanse directions such as committing to drinking the concoction exclusively without eating solid foods or beverages. For this matter, the product is only meant for adults and not children under the age of 18 years old. Pregnant or nursing women are not allowed to consume Master Cleanse products. More so, you are required to seek medical attention before going on this detoxifying and cleansing process.

Any The Master Cleanse Lawsuits?

According to Jane Clark, a nutritionist, the master cleanse diet recipe lacks any essential nutrients, she even cited that the product had a deficiency of minerals, protein and vitamins.

In 1984, a law suit was filed against the developer and author of the master cleanse book, Stanley Burroughs. He was convicted of second-degree murder. However, this conviction was reversed on appeal but the court left an open door to a later prosecution of manslaughter.

The Master Cleanse Alternatives

Here are several products that are almost similar to the master cleanse diet recipe:

  • Pure Colon Detox
  • Cayenne Pepper Diet
  • Trim Down Club

Cons of the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet

The main objective for the lemonade diet is detoxification. The product is also claimed to help dieters shed off two pounds every day. However, the product also comprises of a few cons.

Lack of detox evidence- this means that the detox diet removes the toxins. While the kidney and liver effectively remove toxins, the body excretes through bowel and urine.

Temporary weight loss

Whenever the body loses over one pound per day, which is usually water weight hence making the weight loss only temporary.

Hunger and blood sugar issues

This involves only drinking sugared water therefore leading to the raise and drop in blood sugar levels making it probable leading to irritability, fatigue and hunger.

Nutrition deficiencies

There are people who take the master cleanse lemonade diet more often, only taking short breaks. This would lead to nutrient deficiency since the lemonade lacks vitamins, phytochemicals, minerals and proteins which are important to your health.

Dental considerations

Consumption of lemon juice and maple syrup is equivalent to consumption of large quantities of acid and sugar that are harsh on your teeth, leading to teeth decay.

Additonal Master Cleanse Details


The plan offers free discussion and support groups and an optional online coaching program for $9.95 a month.


No costs other than buying the ingredients, unless you sign up for the optional online coaching. You’ll likely be hungry on such a strict diet. The web site also says you should expect ‘detox symptoms’ like cravings, tiredness, boredom, and headaches.

The Level of Effort Required

  • Limitations: According to the web site, you must follow the master cleanse lemonade diet exactly or it won’t work and can leave you feeling tired, sick, achy, and with cravings.
  • Cooking and shopping: You need very few ingredients, and prep work is quick. You can make the drink ahead of time and stash it in the fridge.
  • Packaged foods or meals: No.
  • In-person meetings: No.
  • Exercise: Not required.
  • Vegetarians and vegans: Yes.
  • Low-fat diet: Yes.
  • Low-salt diet: You can swap out the salt-water flush for a cup of herbal laxative tea.
  • Gluten-free: There is no gluten in the three drinks you’re allowed to have on the first 10 days of this diet.
Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

“”By far the best liquid diet on the market.””

“”You kind of starve yourself and the flavor is really not good, but I did lose about 6lbs.””

“”Didn’t feel any effects except being tired and hungry from not eating.””

The Bottom Line on The Master Cleanse

Okay, now the moment you’ve been waiting for. This is our bottom line on The Master Cleanse. Firstly, we like that this weight-loss plan can help improve regularity and flush out the colon. On the other hand, we have some doubts about this diet method because it’s not really supported by any clinical studies. Also, we’re definitely concerned about the side effects some people have reported. Not to mention the minimal results that some dieters experience.

If you really want to get started shedding pounds, then we advise you to go with a diet program or product that is supported by real science, does not lead to any unwanted adverse effects and does not leave you feeling hungry all the time.

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The Master Cleanse Review
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The Master Cleanse

What are the ingredients in The Master Cleanse?

The ingredients in The Master Cleanse are as followed:

What are the side effects of The Master Cleanse?

The Master Cleanse is a homemade toxin remover. There are very minimal side effects that have been documented for this product. Diarrhea is a potential side effect.

Does The Master Cleanse work?

Consumers who have tried The Master Cleanse found that they are pretty hungry if they are on it too many consecutive days, but according to the majority The Master Cleanse is the perfect way to clean out one’s system.

What is the price of The Master Cleanse?

The Master Cleanse shouldn’t cost consumers more than $10. The ingredients are typical home goods.

Where can I buy The Master Cleanse?

Consumers can buy the ingredients at any local grocery store.

How should I take The Master Cleanse?

The cleanse recommends no solid foods for 10 days. How often the consumer wants to be on The Master Cleanse is completely up to them. Consumers should be mindful and aware of their body’s tolerance before stretching the cleanse further than they can bare.

How do I contact The Master Cleanse's customer service?

This product is a homemade remedy. There is no customer service representatives for the product.

Can I return The Master Cleanse?

The ingredients the consumer purchased can be returned if there are any mishaps after purchasing with no problem.

What are the most common complaints about The Master Cleanse?

The common complaints regarding The Master Cleanse centers around the taste, and the feeling of being hungry after use.

14 The Master Cleanse Reviews

  • Marietta Rones (Verified Purchase)

    I have been constantly doing the Master Cleanse for 14 years now ( twice to thrice a year) just so to cleanse my body and yes do a reset, the pounds that I lose is just a bonus as I do maintain a healthy lifestyle ( and would indulge myself with sinful food from time to time). Master Cleanse has been a part of my healthy routines and will continue to do it for the rest of my life.

  • Could you please send me the correct amounts of all the ingredients? Water?Cayenne Pepper? Lemon? Maple syrup?
    Tracy Luison

    Could you please send me the correct amounts of all the ingredients? Water?Cayenne Pepper? Lemon? Maple syrup?

  • Can you please check my order?
    james hodge

    dear friend can you please check for an order for me placed on may 06,13 thanks

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi James. Please refer to the The Master Cleanse official website for more information.

  • Can get the ingredient list?

    could I please have the correct ingredients of, maple syrup and lemon juice, cayiene pepper?

  • Not a diet a cleanse
    Cindy (Verified Purchase)

    It was never intended as a “diet” the point is to cleanse your body and basically do a “reset”

  • What are the amounts needed
    sabrina stoorms

    What are the amounts for the maple syrup, water and lemon???

    • delphinehall

      how does the lemon juice and the red pepper help the body reduce its weight

  • can I do the master cleanse while I am on coumadin?
    susan grobben (Verified Purchase)

    can I do the master cleanse while I am on coumadin? I take 5mg 1 day and 10mg the next day.

  • What's the recipe?
    cindy stine

    What’s the recipe?

  • What should your diet consist after 10 days of dieting
    M.Harkins (Verified Purchase)

    What should your diet consist after 10 days of dieting

  • Feels & works Better than it looks
    Oscar Brito (Verified Purchase)

    feels & works Better than it looks; Is going to make you feel very good after the 10 days.

  • will you email me the amounts of each ingredient?
    Donna Otstott

    will you email me the amounts of each ingredient? Maple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Cayenne, Pure Water and is the laxitive you recommend called Smooth Move Tea? Thank you for the information and… the 0 in my email address is a zero.

  • What is the ration mix or recipe
    Becca Hoffman

    What is the ration mix or recipe