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The Velocity Diet For Women Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


Why are people talking about the Velocity Diet for Women? We were curious to learn more about the details, side effects, clinical research, and customer service. We examined hundreds of customer reviews. Then, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know

To begin with, the Velocity Diet for Women is an eating plan and workouts. The program relies on meal replacements and shakes to supposedly help dieters lose weight. One of the benefits is the community support.

The company behind The Velocity Diet for Women is Biotest, a division of T-Nation.  The official website sells the plan for $439 and offers support services. We liked the favorable comments and the available information, but read on…

Taste– “Not the Best!”

The first concern was the taste of The Velocity Diet for Women ingredients. “The main part of the program deals with replacement shakes,” said our Research Editor. “If the flavor doesn’t sit well with customers, they won’t want to continue following the plan.”

One reviewer said, “The protein shakes weren’t the best. Real food tastes better.”

“Bad flavor and way to sweet. It came highly rated but the taste of artificial sweetener overwhelming. Nothing could hide the taste,” stated a consumer.

While some reviewers were worried about the unnatural flavors, others seemed to enjoy many aspects of the diet.

One said, “The flavor and smell of this product is good.”

“It isn’t gritty, tastes great, and staves off hunger,” stated another.

Side Effects – “Inconsistent Weight-Loss”

Based on customer comments on the web, The Velocity Diet for Women side effects dealt with losing weight at a inconsistent manner.

“I didn’t lose any weight and I was hungry all the time,” explained a dieter.

Another complained saying, “I was happy when I lost weight on the program. But less than a month later I had regained all of it, and then some.”

Other dieters were pleased with the rapid loss of weight they achieved on the Velocity Diet for Women. They felt the program worked quite well for their needs.

“I’m a bodybuilder and this is exactly what I needed,” reported another.

“I needed a quick boost. I couldn’t get past this plateau and having the support of the community really helped me,” said a customer.

Over the years, we’ve found it can be a small thing, like losing weight too fast, that prevents long-term results. If the Velocity Diet for Women can’t offer the tools to maintain the weight-loss, dieters may end up regaining what they do lose.

The Science – “Real Studies?”

The Velocity Diet for Women promises extreme weight-loss of up to twenty pounds in one month. We’ve found some studies suggesting no more than three pounds a week is optimal, but the company offers no clinical research backing the claims. At DietSpotlight, science is a big piece of the puzzle. No evidence a program works, we become concerned.

What Users Are Saying

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"”Didn’t notice any difference with belly fat reduction. A million of this type product can be purchased anywhere.”"

The Bottom Line – Does Velocity Diet for Women Work?

Before making room for the Velocity Diet for Women shakes and supplements; hear our final thoughts. We like the variety the program offers and that we found some positive comments, but without research to back the claims, we become a bit skeptical about it. We’re also concerned about the overstated claims of weight-loss.

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The Velocity Diet For Women Review
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The Velocity Diet For Women

What are the side effects of The Velocity Diet for Women?

Possible The Velocity Diet for Women side effects include: increased hunger, gastrointestinal difficulties, stomachache and headache.

What are the ingredients in The Velocity Diet for Women?

The ingredients in The Velocity Diet for Women are: (Metabolic Drive Protein Supplement) (chocolate flavored) – protein blend [whey-protein isolate (milk), milk-protein concentrate, micellar casein (milk)], cocoa powder, natural and artificial flavors, sunflower oil, glucono-delta-lactone, polydextrose, cellulose gum, lecithin, potassium chloride, mono and diglycerides, silica and sucralose.

How do I know if The Velocity Diet For Women is right for me?

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Does The Velocity Diet for Women work?

Well, considering The Velocity Diet for Women involves eating fewer calories and substituting most meals for protein shakes, you are likely to lose weight with this diet plan. After all, you only eat one “regular meal” each week. On the downside, this weight loss plan might leave many people feeling quite hungry and dissatisfied.

You may want to think about substituting The Velocity Diet for Women with a simple diet supplement that’s backed by published clinical research such as Dietspotlight Burn.

How much does The Velocity Diet for Women cost?

The cost of The Velocity Diet for Women is $439 for the complete supplement package. This package includes eight bottles of Metabolic Drive Protein, one bottle of Flameout (90 capsules), one bottle of Superfood (140 grams), one bottle of Plazma (1,300 grams) and the Velocity Diet Plan (75 pages).

How should I take The Velocity Diet for Women?

You need to consume 4-6 Metabolic Drive Protein shakes each day, in place of meals. It’s also important to lift weights three times a week, take walks on the opposite days, and eat one “regular meal” each week. This diet lasts for 28 days.

Is regular exercise part of The Velocity Diet for Women?

Yes, regular exercise is part of The Velocity Diet for Women.

Can Men try The Velocity Diet for Women?

There is an original Velocity Diet that is pretty much the same and it’s for men.


Previous The Velocity Diet For Women Review (Updated May 24, 2010):

What You Should Know

The Velocity Diet for Women is a specially formulated regime that claims to help you lose as much as 20 pounds in less than a month. This diet emphasizes eating less. In fact, if you adhere to the diet, you will eat only one regular meal per week. Instead of eating solid food, velocity dieters drink protein shakes each day. The specific formula marketed by promoters of the Velocity Diet is Metabolic Drive, a smoothie mix containing micellar protein, which supposedly takes longer to digest and therefore makes you feel full longer.

The Velocity Diet for Women claims to be better than other diet plans by helping you lose weight faster. Promoters of the velocity diet also claim that participants will lose their taste for unhealthy foods, helping to keep the weight off after they go off the diet.

List of Ingredients

Metabolic Drive (chocolate flavored) - protein blend [whey-protein isolate (milk), milk-protein concentrate, micellar casein (milk)], cocoa powder, natural and artificial flavors, sunflower oil, glucono-delta-lactone, polydextrose, cellulose gum, lecithin, potassium chloride, mono and diglycerides, silica, sucralose.

Product Features

This diet works by reducing calorie intake and increasing exercise while building muscle. Women on the velocity diet will consume 4 to 6 shakes each day, and do weight training 3 days a week. One day of every week, you are allowed to have one regular meal. The purpose of this meal is to train your taste buds to enjoy healthy food, so this meal should not contain any junk food.


  • One advantage of this diet is that it does emphasize some healthy eating. Promoters of Velocity Diet for Women encourage consuming protein-rich foods like peanut butter, and high fiber foods with healthy fats like flax seed. (These two ingredients are included in the shakes you will consume each day.)
  • Another positive of the velocity diet is that according to customer reviews, it is effective. However, it may not be the healthiest way to lose weight.
  • This weight loss program does incorporate weight training and walking as part of the diet regime, but discourages cardio workouts.


  • A negative of the Velocity Diet for Women is the emphasis on non-natural food and supplements. This diet relies on Metabolic Drive, a protein shake mix. While this drink may contain some healthy protein, it also contains several non-natural filler ingredients. Also, if you follow the diet plan, you must also purchase and consume HOT-ROX Extreme, Flameout, and Surge. HOT-ROX Extreme is a weight loss supplement marketed by Biotest. Flameout is a dietary supplement containing essential fatty acids like DHA, EPA, and CLA. And Surge is a beverage made to be drunk after exercising. It claims to help build muscle and stop tissue breakdown.
  • Another disadvantage of this program that may at first seem like a good thing is the claim to fast weight loss. While many people want to lose weight sooner rather than later, fast weight loss usually results in gaining the weight back again.


The Velocity Diet for Women may result in fast weight loss, but experts have shown that the healthiest way to lose weight is slowly, through gradual calorie reduction and increase in exercise. Women who follow this diet may not be choosing the healthiest option and may not keep their weight off.

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