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By Summer Banks Jun 22, 2017

We’ve hearing a lot of buzz about Tonalin CLA, so we examined the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service quality. We analyzed hundreds of user comments and reviews from around the web. Then, condensed and refined to give you the info you need.

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What is Tonalin CLA?

First off, Tonalin CLA is a fat burner. [1] The ingredients are conjugated linoleic acid from safflower oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, caramel color and mixed tocopherols. You’ll take two capsules with your largest meal and another one later in the day. The supplement supposedly burns fat and increases lean muscle mass. One of the benefits is that it’s readily available.

Tonalin CLA is marketed by BASF; a company that was founded in the late 1800’s. It’s available in vitamin stores and through online retailers. We like that conjugated linoleic acid has been studied [2] and that we found some favorable customer comments, but read on…

Tonalin CLA Side Effects – “Cause for Concern?”

The first concern we came across with Tonalin CLA side effects was whether they were positive or negative. “The website states this one is well-tolerated with no adverse events [3],” said our Research Editor. “According to some dieters, that’s not the case.”

“I used this for about a week until I noticed my face was breaking out. After I stopped taking this I noticed my skin starting to get back to normal,” said one user.

“The first 1000 mg I took (on a full stomach) gave me a headache and nausea that lasted until the following day. I’ve never experienced such a thing with any other supplement I’ve taken over the years,” said another.
We can’t say that every dieter had the same experience. One said, “What I like is not feeling any side effects concerning my stomach.”

Another shared, “Tonalin didn’t give me any noticeable side effect at all which really pleases me.”

No Results – “Another Concern?”

Based on Tonalin CLA reviews, claims of weight-loss don’t match user results. “I kept my diet the same and my exercise regiment the same. I’ve taken this product for one month and have not lost any weight [4],” said a customer.

“I started using 1 capsule with each meal as directed. No results after 6 weeks. Started using 2 capsules with each meal. I think I might be losing some fat.” said another. [5]

We did find a few users who saw positive changes. As one experienced, “These help me lose some weight and I noticed an uptick in my metabolic rate,” commented a user. [6]

Another reported, “It uses NO stimulants it will take time to work, at least 6 to 8 weeks. ”

Our research has shown if there is some particular part of a supplement that is especially troublesome, such as lack of effectiveness, the likelihood of long-term success is slim. If Tonalin CLA doesn’t produce results, we question the value of the product to the consumer.

The Science – “Clinical Evidence?”

The official Tonalin website claims this one is “clinically proven”. There are several studies showing the effectiveness of cla. [7] After a bit of digging, we the company stated that studies didn’t evaluate the effects of body fat reduction.  For us at DietSpotlight, we like seeing solid science used to support claims. But, if the findings don’t paint a complete picture, we become concerned.

The Bottom Line – Does Tonalin CLA Work?

So, will you lose weight with Tonalin CLA? Well, we like that it contains natural ingredients and is affordable, but we’re concerned about the science not showing it eliminates visceral fat [8] and not proving the immune system in healthy individuals would improve. [9] We’re also a bit skeptical about this one because customer comments are talking about negative side effects and lack of results.

If you want to enhance your weight-loss, we suggest going with a supplement that’s packed with clinically-tested ingredients, that’s not associated with harmful side effects.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is our supplement called Dietspotlight Burn. It blends four clinically-tested ingredients, with results often found in publications such as The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Additionally, we’re so confident in our supplement, that we’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a great sign.

Previous Tonalin CLA Review (Updated September 17, 2014):

What is Tonalin CLA

Tonalin CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a dietary supplement that aims to increase the user's lean muscle mass, while reducing unwanted body fat. This diet product comes from safflower oil and is claimed to hinder "lipoprotein lipase," which is an enzyme that's commonly known for breaking down fat cells in food. This process is supposed to result in less fat being absorbed into the dieter's body, hence assisting with weight loss and remaining thinner. Like many other dietary supplements, Tonalin CLA is intended to be used in conjunction with a healthy, well-balanced diet and a regular fitness regimen. If time-constraints are an issue, Hydroxycut is a thermogenic fat burner intended for men and women to boost the metabolism, increase energy levels and assist with weight-loss.

The key active ingredient incorporated into Tonalin CLA is Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This substance naturally comes from animal foods, meats, safflower oil and dairy products. Overall this diet supplement aims to block unwanted fat from being absorbed into the body. Tonalin CLA does come with a few potential side effects, which can involve diarrhea and/or upset stomach. This diet product can be purchased online as well as in most drugstores and nutritional supplement stores. Tonalin CLA is Ephedra-free and the basic form (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) has been around for over 25 years. As with many other diet supplements, systems, pills and products, the results of Tonalin CLA may vary from user to user. This can depend on factors such as body type, metabolism, diet and how much the user exercises.

Tonalin CLA - List of Ingredients

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is the only ingredient we found.

Product Features

Tonalin CLA is a diet product that can be used along with a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to reduce unwanted body fat. Even with excess stubborn fat, GNC's line of products help with weight-loss. GNC Total Lean CLA and GNC Burn 60 are both fat burners that help with maintaining lean muscle mass, while supporting a healthy body composition. This product endeavors to prevent fat absorption and improve lean muscle mass. The primary ingredient found in Tonalin CLA is Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which often comes from safflower oil. This product appears to be marketed toward men and women who wish to lose excess weight. Tonalin CLA can be purchased in most drugstores, nutritional stores and online. Tonalin CLA does not aim to suppress hunger, boost the dieter's metabolism or burn calories faster.


  • Tonalin CLA can be conveniently purchased in many stores and online.
  • Tonalin CLA is Ephedra-free.
  • Tonalin CLA supports a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • The active component (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) of Tonalin CLA has been around for over 25 years.


  • The official Tonalin CLA website does not appear to offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Tonalin CLA does not assist with calorie burning or appetite suppression.
  • Tonalin CLA may cause an upset stomach and diarrhea.
  • Some ingredients found in Tonalin CLA may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • Product may cause acne. (See reader comments.)
  • The official website lacks free trial samples of Tonalin CLA.

Tonalin CLA - The Conclusion

Tonalin CLA offers an interesting take on getting rid of unwanted body fat. The notion of taking a supplement that aids with the reduction of fat absorption may sound appealing to some dieters. On the other hand, it would be nice to see more substantial clinical evidence backing Tonalin CLA. Furthermore, Tonalin CLA may be more appealing if the official website offered a money-back guarantee, or at least a free trial of the diet product.

Tonalin CLA is a brand of conjugated linoleic acid sourced from safflower oil. There is some clinical evidence that it could help boost weight-loss. However, not all studies reflect results for all genders or ages. It is sold by various companies with all products using the same name.

Tonalin CLA Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: Varies
Serving Per Container: Varies
Amount per Serving% DV
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (safflower oil)Varies*

Other Ingredients: None

We dug deep into the Tonalin CLA ingredients to give you the details you need.


Also known as Conjugated Lineolic Acid[1], Tonalin is a brand of this supplement. CLA is a naturally occurring substance found in animal foods, safflower oil, and dairy products. Supplements like this one are available for those who don’t get enough of it in their diets naturally. This product contains 1,000 mg, and meant to be taken multiple times a day with meals. The average diet supplies anywhere from 15 to 74 mg of CLA daily, so it is easy to see why some may want to consider supplementation.

What is it Supposed to Do?

CLA is supposed to decrease the size of fat cells and claims to block fat from being stored there. It’s thought to also help improve immune function. It is sometimes used to treat high blood pressure, and may be useful in treating hardening of the arteries, making it a heart healthy supplement.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in International Journal of Obesity, “The regain of fat-free mass was favorably, dose-independently affected by a 13-week consumption of 1.8 or 3.6 g CLA/day and consequently increased the resting metabolic rate. However, it did not result in improved body weight maintenance after weight loss.” As such, CLA may help with weight-loss, but for best results, should be included with diet and exercise. And even still, supplementation has also been shown in some studies to cause weight gain[2].

Tonalin CLA Side Effects:

Taking a natural weight-loss supplement doesn’t guarantee you’ll never have to worry about headaches or upset stomach. Even a natural formula has the ability to cause a negative reaction. Tonalin CLA side effects are not common in users, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist for some.

Skin Irritation

Usually, skin irritation is described as a rash or an itch. It may include sores or bumps, red skin, scaly skin or a burning feeling, as well. [1]

What causes skin irritation?

Skin irritation has several causes, but most commonly, it’s associated with an allergic reaction. It may also be a sign of certain diseases, such as chickenpox or measles.


A sick feeling in your stomach may be described as nausea. It may feel like you’re going to vomit, but nausea isn’t always followed by vomiting.

What causes nausea?

Nausea may be caused by an illness, viral infection, bacterial infection, food, a smell, medication, supplements or a number of other possibilities. At times, it’s caused by food poisoning. The cause of nausea may be easy to pinpoint based on when it occurred.

Upset Stomach

Before the feeling becomes so strong that you classify it as nausea, it may be called an upset stomach. This is a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen, usually associated with the stomach flu or another stomach illness.

What causes upset stomach?

An upset stomach may be a sign of something common, such as the flu, but it could also be a sign of something more serious, such as Crohn’s disease. It may be caused by a foodborne illness, bowel inflammation, viruses, parasites or food-related allergies. [2]


Any type of pain felt in your head is classified as a headache. It may be pain behind your eyes or in your sinuses. There are several different types of headaches and they can range from minor to very serious.

What causes headaches?

Hundreds of things may cause headaches from an allergic reaction to the weather outside. Nerves in and around the head are the cause of the pain. Often, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, illness or medication side effects are at the root of the pain.

It’s not a guarantee that you’ll suffer from Tonalin CLA side effects, but some users have reported skin irritation, nausea, upset stomach and headaches, among others. It’s always a good idea to check with a physician before starting a new supplement, especially if you’re under 18, on current medication, suffering from a current medical condition or you’re pregnant or nursing.



Tonalin CLA is a fat burner that comes from safflower oil. It is used to kill fat cells and stop them from re-entering the same area. We found user comments that showed the side effects of Tonalin CLA, even though they may not be common.


“The side effect after a week [were] itching, burning bumps on my hands, upset stomach and diarrhea.”    Deb


“Started using Weight Management Tonalin CLA 3 days ago, worst side effects ever. I experienced vomiting, diarrhea and acne in all kinds of places.”    Mary


“Have experienced an irregular period, excessive gas and acne from taking CLA…I had an abnormal amount of gas and bloating…”    Lily


“I’ve been taking it a week now, and my legs hurt terribly and tons of bruises.”    Ken


“I had numbness in my arms, a huge rush of energy, dull pressure headache and my throat has swelling.”    Kira


“I have only taken it 2 times in one day and both times my throat felt like it was swelling up. I also have a headache which rarely happens to me.”    Patty


“It’s so unfortunate but after taking it for 2 days I got huge cystic, painful acne on my face, neck and back…My stomach has also been pretty bloated too.”    Jake


“[The] pain started right under left rib cage. Was like a big hard knot. Then felt like my intestines on the left side were twisted.”    Simone


“I just took Tonalin CLA last and spent the night with excruciating leg pains.”    Gloria


“But now I am experiencing the worst pains and cramps in my stomach from these pills…Patiently waiting for the bloating cramps and stomach pains to go away!”    Jenn

Tonalin CLA Questions & Answers:

We refined hundreds of user comments about Tonalin CLA into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of CLA Tonalin?

An alternative name of the brand, some Tonalin CLA side effects that have been reported by dieters include upset stomach, nausea, headache and skin irritation.

What is in CLA Tonalin?

Tonalin CLA ingredients are Tonalin conjugated linoleic acid from safflower oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, caramel color and mixed tocopherols.

What is the active ingredient in Tonalin CLA? 

The active ingredient in Tonalin CLA is Tonalin conjugated linoleic acid from safflower oil.

Does Tonalin CLA work?

There are studies related to the effectiveness of conjugated linoleic acid.  The available research doesn’t relate specifically to the formula in Tonalin CLA.[1]

How much does a bottle of Tonalin cost?

A bottle of Tonalin CLA costs $19.29 for 60 capsules. A 90-day supply runs $27.09.

How do you take Tonalin CLA?

You should take one Tonalin CLA capsule, three times per day with food. When taken as directed, it’ll last 30 days.


What do users like about Tonalin?

Some users like the affordability of Tonalin CLA and that the small size of the capsules make it easy to use.

What do users NOT like about Tonalin CLA?

We found the some users didn’t like that Tonalin CLA contained soy and that the product isn’t as effective as claimed.

Who makes Tonalin CLA?

BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH are the makers of Tonalin CLA. [2]


Does Tonalin CLA contain soy?

Yes, Tonalin CLA contains soy from the mixed tocopherols.

Do I have to exercise on Tonalin?

No, you don’t have to exercise, but the company recommends adding fitness to improve results.

Do I need to diet on CLA Tonalin?

No, you don’t need to diet on Tonalin CLA, but the recommendation from the company states users should consume no more than 2,000 calories while using the product.

Does Tonalin CLA come with a guarantee?

Yes, Tonalin CLA comes with a guarantee. You have 30 days to return the product for a full refund.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on CLA Tonalin?

There are special deals and discounts on Tonalin CLA. You will receive free shipping on orders of $10 or more.

Tonalin CLA Scientific Abstracts:


There had been 63 participants in the study (CLA, n = 30). Following a period of 12 weeks, when compared to baseline, the body weight, body mass index, total fat mass, waist-to-hip ratio, subcutaneous fat mass, and fat percentage were reduced within the group (P < 0.05). The subjects were stratified by body mass index as well as gender. Body weight, body mass index, waist-to-hip ratio, subcutaneous fat mass had been reduced in 27 of the participants with a body mass index ≥ 27. Levels of total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, triacylglycerol, and plasma fasting glucose were elevated. Those of high-density lipoprotein had reduced following 3 months of CLA treatment. The changes that were experienced had not been substantially different from baseline. CLA supplement for 12 weeks in overweight and obese Chinese patients had lower obesity indices, without any obvious negative reactions. [1]

During the final 8 weeks of each 16-weeks diet period, there had been a significant decrease in body mass index while on CLA. Safflower oil (SAF) had no effect on body mass index or on total adipose mass, however decreased trunk adipose mass (P = 0.0422) and also elevated lean mass (P= 0.0432). Safflower oil had also greatly reduced fasting glucose (P = 0.0343) while elevating adiponectin (P = 0.0051). There had been no alteration noticed in dietary energy intake, fat quality, and total fat intake for either intervention in either diet spans. CLA and SAF supplement treatment caused altering effects on body mass index, lean tissue mass, and total and trunk adipose mass in obese postmenopausal women who had type-2 diabetes. The oils may have beneficial effects on weight-loss, glycemic control, or both. [2]

CLA seems to cause fat mass loss as well as elevate lean tissue mass in rodents; however results from 13 controlled studies in human subjects had not discovered sufficient evidence to support CLA’s effects on body weight or promotion of repartitioning of body fat as well as fat free mass. There is evidence building regarding CLA’s effect on mice and humans stating CLA isomer trans-10, cis-12 could produce insulin resistance and liver hypertrophy through redistributing fat depositions which are similar to lipodystrophy. CLA reduces fat in both bovine and human milk. It had been concluded that CLA seems to hinder elevations in body weight and body fat in animals, but CLA isomers which are sued as dietary supplements do not appear to be effective as a weight-loss tool for humans. [3]

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  Should I continue taking fish oil pills?
Earlene (Verified User)

Do I need to keep taking my fish oil pills w this?

Cameron (Editor)

Earlene, ask your doctor if taking this pill will adequately replace the need to take your recommended dose of Fish Oil.

  Can mix the gel with food?
debbie (Verified User)

Can I cut open the gel cap and mix it with my food?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Debbie! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Tonalin official website for more information.


Did you cut it open I’m new to cla and I have taking pills what were the side effects did it work

  Any Side Effects

Does tonalin class have any affect on menstruation. Does it cause heavier periods?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Sharon. Dieters haven’t told us of increased or altered menstruation. Is this what you are experiencing? For how long? Please seek medical attention if it continues.

  How much exercise do I need?
Ann Sweeney (Verified User)

Do I need to do a lot of exercise to loose weight? I am 54yrs old and need to loose a few pounds and tone up.

Cameron (Editor)

Ann, maintaining regular exercise will greatly improve your chances of losing weight, especially in conjunction with a supplement. Although we do have a few concerns regarding customer’s testimony and lack of results.


I am taking GNC Brand CLA THERMO gel capsules. I cannot swallow the pills, so I just take the liquid out of them. Is there any nutritional value in the capsule itself? I’m not sure if I need to be swallowing the capsule as well.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Tonalin CLA official website for more information.


I just bought almased meal replacement and Tonalin cla 1000mg. The vitamin shop store suggested to take one capsule of tonalin cla before or with my almased meal replacement. If this ok to take both of these together. Really need a urgent answer, for I would like to start this today

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Linda! Because of possible interactions with Almased meal replacement and Tonalin, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  Cause Legs Pain

Can this product cause legs pain???


Hello! I’ve tried this cla a few times now and every time I take it, I wake up the next day feeling VERY stiff, tight muscles and water retention. I’m not going to take this product again! I started taking it to help w fat loss, but I’m going to try a fat burner instead.


I took a different brand of CLA but I was waking up with tense muscles too and throughout the day my muscles were feeling achy and soar. I also got headaches more often, mostly from having a stiff neck I think.

  Can take with hypothyroid meds?

I didn’t start yet Tonalin CLA but I was wondering is there any problem if i take it while im taking medication for hypothyroid?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Maysa! Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.


Maysa,I also have been taken meds for hypothyroidism for over 15 yrs. I just started taken Tonalin CLA 6-7 wks ago. I have adapted to changing my eating habits and workout a few days a week. I haven’t had any problems. I have LOST 11 lbs so far and find that it helps support the general energy I need. At my recent Dr. appt., my blood test came out that my thyroid medication has not been affected. Still within the range of hormone needed. I reccomend for you to give it a try.

  Need more details about ingredients
Jeannie Drinkwater (Verified User)

What are the isomers in your product? c 9 and t 11 are listed as beneficial. However, t10 and c 12 are questionable.
Also note the ratios

Cameron (Editor)

Jeannie, please go over the ingredients with your doctor, to see what would be beneficial or not.

Sonia Mathey

That place is literally for a passing fancy street as my family! I’m gonna need to try it out, if regarding nothing other than to acquire new moves for me to do at the gym!!


I too have broken out terribly in hives on my face.I’ve honestly have not had any good results with CLA


I have been taking a powdered form of CLA for three days now. I am taking around 4000 mg a day. But today, I have noticed I have period cramps and spotting like I am getting ready to start my period again and I just got off my period a couple of days ago. I am 45 and I didn’t know how this supplement effects the female hormones. I can tell it is helping with my appetite and can see my stomach shrinking; but it has caused a few pimples, which is not normal for me since I have had very clear skin all my lfe. I really don’t want to stop taking CLA, but I can’t have my periods disrupted because I have really bad ones because I have Endometriosis and PCOS. Has anyone else experienced what I am going through??


I thought I was nuts. I first started with CLA back in March. I bought it but was inconsistently taking it. We went to Hawaii and I packed all my supplements and was diligent until the last day or two. My period was 10 days late. No pregnancy. July comes, and I’m taking my supplements (CLA included) again. (My supplements are multi, biotin, magCitrate, and VitaD.) I “spot” about 4 days before my period should start but only enough to basically wipe. This month, I started getting my water in properly (1/2-1 gal per day) and have paid more attention to my diet, but nothing horribly drastic. Monday, I have same type of spotting–just in wiping–and it’s gone. Period isn’t due until the 31st. My skin is broken out, and I’ve always been 28 days to the letter before I started consistently taking CLA.


hi amanda, Istarted taking the cla pills on the beginning of this month ( october) i was suppose to get my period the 12 of this month and as of right now I am 7 days late. I just want to know how everything turned out with you? how long did it take for your period to show? I am very concerned, scared at this point. I am always on schedule for my period date.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Amanda. Please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing to take this product and let them know about the side effects you were experiencing.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Micah! Please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing to take this product and let them know about the side effects you were experiencing.


Have been taking CLA for about 4 mos now and it seems that my blood pressure is extremely high. I follow a healthy diet, no processed sugar, very little carbs, walk at lest 2 miles a day. Anyone else experiencing high blood pressure?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different side effects, but we have noticed that users have experienced somewhat similar side effects. Please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing taking this product if you are still having side effects.


I apparently am allergic to it. Except for a mild headache and slight heartburn and gastro distress in the first few days, things were good. My appetite was lower and I was able to increase my exercise. But after a week, I started experiencing shortness of breath and I broke out in hives. Stopped taking it immediately and took a Zyrtec for the hives which seem to be subsiding.


I have been taking tonalin cla 1000mg for a week now. I got it to help ton up my body because I am also taking super citrimax and waterex with it for weight loss. Since taking do have just a little more accnie on my chin but just really tiny spots hear and there. So far no bad side effects but I haven’t been taking it long enough to see results of skin tightening. All tho I do not use a scale with what I have been taking I can now ware pants I couldn’t two weeks ago!!!


I have been taking CLA for about a week (3 a day of 1,000 mg). I can tell you that I slept through the entire weekend. I mean I could not keep my eyes open. I would get out of bed to use the restroom, stumble to the couch, and then pass out. I saw that fatigue is a side effect for some. I workout 6 days a week doing a combination of weight lifting and cardio. I count macros and live a generally healthy lifestyle. Has anyone else experienced this side effect? I am going to finish the bottle which is a 30 day supply. I am just glad I didn’t let the sales associate talk me into the bottle that had 120 2,000 mg tablets.


I think is it great, curbs my eating for sure.. as soon as I take it … I do same workout regime as you and am very healthy – no junk, no processed foods.. May be try SOLGAR brand they are my got to best vitamin brand … more expensive but really great quality I am on 1300MG CLA and will continue to take… no side effects at all… happy happy


On Solgar Tonalin for about a week now, 1 pill AM & PM. No side effects to report & seeing little weight decline. Will continue.

Laura R

I have been taking CLA Tonalin for about 2 weeks and I lost 5 LB, The only side effect I experienced was acne in my face and back and it feels horrible. I stoped taking the pills and noticed my skin slowly clearing out. I wonder if I keep taking the pills if my body will get use to them and the acne will stop

Devon (Editor)

If it does not, please speak with your regular doctor, Laura.

joan tyrrrel

I have been taking for two weeks now I have never had a pain in my hands and fingers my fingers are killing me I feel like I am going to get my period all the time. I have leg pain, also diarrhea,

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Joan. Please make sure to consult with your physician, and make sure to let them know the side effects you were experiencing, before taking this product again.

  stomach cramps or twisting
Mizz Lee (Verified User)

Has anyone experienced chronic gas and bloating while taking Tonalin. That sometimes feel like stomach cramps or twisting?


I have IBS & have found that taking CLA after eating reduces my gas & seems to help my digestion. I have not noticed feeling tired or any negative reactions. I don’t take it after every meal generally, but do take it after dinner.


Yes I have experienced the same thing also no weight lose


Yes I have a lot of gas since taking Tonalin CLA.and most recently my eyesight has changed especially when reading my eyes feel like their burning I have never experienced this before using the tonalin


yes. I thought it was the chicken I had for dinner. But then took CLA again the next 2 nights with different foods and same issue. Pain started right under left rib cage. Was like a big hard knot. Then felt like my intestines on the left side were twisted.

Stephen (Editor)

Looks like you’re having an odd reaction. Anyone else experience this?

La Vonne

I have been on Tonalin CLA 1250mg for several weeks now. While I have noticed a 4 pound drop, I have experienced severe bloating, gas, and my back and skin have become so very very itchy. Seriously I look 5 months pregnant. I have also noticed shortness of breath which I attribute to the extreme and uncomfortable bloating. I am stopping today since I read that for some it has increased their BP and I already have hypertension. I am also quitting because weight loss of 4 pounds in 6 weeks is not a fair trade to now look like a pregnant woman at the age of 60.

   I would not recommend this product
Molly (Verified User)

I’ve been taking Tonalin CLA for 3 weeks now and have gained weight and feel horrible (probably because of the weight gain). It’s very disappointing because I lost weight while taking Citrimax but had to stop because it eventually caused major intestinal problems. The Health/Vitamin store recommended Tonalin CLA but it certainly doesn’t work for me. I would not recommend this product for weight loss.


I noticed that I’ve gain weight as well. Also, my poop is black. Has anyone else noticed this?

  Have some SIde Effects

Could I be allergic to something in Tonalin CLA? I have only taken it 2 times in one day and both times my throat felt like it was swelling up. I also have a headache which rarely happens to me.

Cameron (Editor)

If your throat swells and restricts your breathing it is possible you are allergic. Please review the ingredients list with your doctor for information on alternatives and risks.

  did NOT have side effects
Peggy Keeler (Verified User)

This is the only diet supplement that I have ever used that did NOT have side effects. I have lost 50 pounds without exercising or dieting. I try to never eat sugar and to eat low fat meats. I have not eaten pork in years but I do eat 90% fat free beef, chicken, and turkey. Since last spring I have lost 45 pounds. At first it was a pound a week but it slowed down in the last few months to about a pound a month. I have never had such good results and I feel great..

  No So Much Changed
Raquel (Verified User)

HI all:
I’ve been taking this Body Toner Censor (tonalin) sold by GNC, I cut all of the carbs in my diet, (which I love) I take two of these capsules with meals and plenty of water, walk 9 miles everyday after work and during work I’m constantly moving, I have not lost any weight, however, I do see that some of my tighter fitting clothes are starting to fit, the scales that I go on all read the same, same weight, I’m not eating candies, no breads, no pastas, just a big salad at home with fresh veggies, I grill every night 3 oz of lean meat or chicken or fish and no weight loss, the pain that I’m experiencing I was attributing to the walking it is on my hips so other than that I don’t know what else to add, I will continue for another month, if I don’t see a weight loss then is off to find another product as exercise is not helping it either, odd.


You are already too thin . Change your mirror


Dont use scales they don’t help anything. If you are gonna use a scale make sure you weigh yourself at the same time everyday


With walking 9 miles a day an not eating carbs, if you have not lost weith is because you are allready thin!!


Or you have hormonal issues


I’m willing to bet that you’re really not overweight,based on the info you provided

  Some Side Effects
Rebecca Walsh-Penland (Verified User)

This Tonalin CLA 1000 mg product i began taking 2 weeks ago , with healthy diet and exercise i hope to drop about 3 inches in waist. But, only since taking it my eyesight has become difficult reading smaller print so im having now to bring my glasses to work as of late.
?????? Rebecca


Drink more V8 or drink carrot juice to improve your eye sight.

  drinking a TON of water

Does anyone notice a change in their urine color- Dark Yellow and I am drinking a TON of water…normal?


Drink 5 bottles of water to keep going to the bathroom to urine and clear it.


Can this product cause a rash? It’s the only change, besides reduce caloric intake. Thanks.


I have read that it does indeed (or it can) activate allergies. I startedtaking it with an open mind and unfortunately also had an allergic reaction. I’m a bit stubborn so I am taking something else to control the allergy (which is really no longer a problem) and I am still taking the tonalin…

  This always worked for me
Alvin myers (Verified User)

The stuff has always worked for me and never had any side affects that I know of.

  It works for me.
WMLII (Verified User)

Hi. I am a 54 year old man ( just turned 54 in August). My height is 6′ 2 1/2″.

To start with, I am not recommending any supplement! I only want to tell you my story. The best advice I can give is to always check with your doctor before taking ANY supplements.

My Story:

Last December I was diagnosed with with adult onset diabetes. My triglycerides were 454. HDL was 30 A1c was 7.5. Had a 44″ wait and weight 238 pounds. . My BMI was at 29.2. I also have IBS
I was put on cholesterol, IBS and diabetes medicines and told to lose weight.

I started a diet of cutting out all bad carbs (white bread, white potatoes, sweet tea, and candy). I also increase my fiber intake. I dropped my calorie intake to approximately 1600 cals per day. Did not do any exercise because I have a desk job and work about 14 hours a day.

I was surprised to see my weight start dropping immediately. The supplements I took were a multivitamin a day, fish oil (i know there are mixed reviews on this but my doctor said he trusts it for lowering triglycerides).

By February I was down to 210 pounds. Then plateaued.

I was happy I had lost 28 pounds and figured that was all I was going to lose, but with the change in my diet I had actually already changed my eating habits and liked the new diet so decided to just keep eating exactly like I had become accustomed to. Did not change anything else.
In March my weight started dropping again. remember I had not done anything new, just ate the right way now.

In June I went back to my doctor for a check on my diabetes. My Doctor was amazed. I was now at 178 lbs, my A1C was at 5.3, my HDL was at 45, and triglycerides was at 114. He took me off all my meds. BTW, I no longer had any of my IBS symptoms. My doctor told me he was very happy, but wanted me to stop losing weight as my BMI was at 21. He also took me off all my meds (IBS, Cholesterol, Diabetes) and told me to come back in 3 months to see if I would need to be put back on them.

Even though I had lost 60 lbs in 6 months, and my waist had dropped to 36″, I really wanted to take it to the next level and aim for a 34″. I started taking AbsCut CLA, after doing research on the web about CLA.
I started taking 3 pills a day to see if it worked and determine any side effects it might have, I did ask the doctor if he thought it would be safe and he said it would be okay. After 2 weeks with no side effects I upped the dosage to 7 pills a day for a total of 3.5grams a day. I took 2 with my breakfast, 2 with lunch and 3 with supper.

I increased my calorie intake to 2000 cals per day to keep from continuing to lose weight, including the “occasional” french fries and mash potatoes (once or twice a week) . I also started doing 15 minutes of treadmill 3 times per week. Actually the only exercise I had done in 10 years. (haha)
It is now Sep and I jst got back my three month review from the doctor.

First, my waistline is now 33″. I still weight 178 lbs, and my A1C is still 5.3, my HDL is still 45, my triglycerides are at 95, and my doctor said I could stay off the meds and continue to increase my exercise and keep eating right. All my other test (liver, kidneys, prostate, and blood) are all normal.

I am actually starting to try bodybuilding now (I know, I am 54, but want to prove an old man can still get ripped ads and build big arms). I asked my doctor about several other supplements I wanted to take in this new adventure (P6 Extreme, and C4 Carotene) he approved both of them for me. He actually took the time to read the containers I took in to him. BTW I love my doctor, takes the time to really understand what I am trying to do and reads all the container information and explains what each ingredients means and how they affect my body and what to expect.

I know supplements work in different ways for different people. AbsCut seems to have worked for me in reducing my waistline when I increased my calorie intake. I did not lose any weight while on it, but did reduce my waistline.

Again, BOTTOM LINE, it worked for me , but ask your doctor before taking any supplements. That way you are not guessing but actually know if the supplement will affect you body based on your medical history.

Hope this helped and best of luck to all you you in your endeavor.

  I just took Tonalin CLA last and spent the night with excruciating leg pains. Is it a side effect?
Gloria (Verified User)

I just took Tonalin CLA last and spent the night with excruciating leg pains.. I have not read anything that says this is a side effect. Anyone?

Cameron (Editor)

We haven’t heard it either, Gloria. Consult your doctor and in the mean time take a break from Tonalin CLA.

  I always feel Im losing weight when I take it but the muscle pain is unbearable, Anyone else have muscle pain???
Nan (Verified User)

Every time I take this I get severe muscle pain in my upper arms to the point I cant hardly lift them. I always feel Im losing weight when I take it but the muscle pain is unbearable so I quit. Anyone else have muscle pain???


Been taking cla for about 4 weeks – arthritis and overall pain has increased tremendously… Just looked at some notes and saw others with muscle and other pains increasing – no cla after today – fingers crossed it improves soon


Me too!!! I was wondering why?
…… I started to find out information on the in the net …..I’m glad to find out the I’m not the only person this happened to…..I will stop takin them.

  This product is not for me.
Filippo (Verified User)

I just bought the product im rather skinny been goin to gym nonstop getting muscle and toned but i still have belly fat which drives me crazy. After seeing all these side effects if stomzch problems and definetly fo not want achne im thinking twice now.

  I'm going to drop CLA idea for weight loss.
Preetiy (Verified User)

Hi I have hypothyroid as well as pcod I am using cla with l-carnitine from last one month i lost some weight but doing har exercise and diet but having pimples on my face and main thing is that I got my period in ten days again means twice in a month what to do I have to escape and gonna drop cla idea for weight loss I only hv to work hard and dieting…….I hv no choice three thing are there for me weight training+good fibre+good fat


I began taking Tonalin CLA about 3 days ago and I immediately started my period. I have never had issues with my period.. Anyone else? Is this normal for women


I to get my period and immediate spotting when I take CLA

  The side effect came after week, can somebody tell me please?
Ebs (Verified User)

i took cLA for a week
it seemed to be working a little
side effect after a week: very itching, burning bumps on my hands,upset stomach and diarrhae…the side effect came after week…stopped using it, i hope the bumps will go away..can somebody tell me please


Everybody is different and reacts differently to whatever they take. I suggest you go to your primary doctor and explain the situation and go from there with whatever the doctor tells you.
In my case, I also had the allergy all over hands and also arms. I read on the internet that it is a known unwanted side effect, so I really did not freak out… but mind you, I didn’t get the stomach issues… I went to my doctor and controlled the allergy; now it is just a bad memory… I never stopped taking the tonalin, but I have no clue if it actually works… I am losing weight, but I’m also following a strict diet, so I have no clue if it is worth it. I suppose it is a decision to be made individually with the advice of your doctor.


I just realized that my itching and breaking out is coming from the tonalin. This is the only thing I can think of.


It’s not a magic pill. You need to give a fortnight for it to work. Yes there is stomach ache, diarrhea but you need to understand that our body system needs to get adjusted. So give our system sometime.
Take 2pills in between meals twice and it works. It breaks the fat cells into tiny ones from the food we are having. Yes you still need to control your diet.
Fat never passes out from stool rather it passes through urine.
So sit tight n watch. It works.

  Anyone else having side effects like me?
Jms (Verified User)

Hello, I started taking Tonalin 1000 mg two softgels twice a day three weeks ago. I haven’t had any weight loss but I feel I may have gained a pound or two! Also, I have noticed that anxiety/ability to be patient has really ramped up to the point I am having trouble getting to sleep and even having mild panic attacks when doing so. Anyone else having this side effect? Today, I decided to quit for a while and may not have the courage to start it up again.


I have i started taking these its been a week now, i been soing 2×a day ever Since ive gotten no rest and just cant stay still, now my problem is i dont want to stop using them yet since its been such little time ive been on them, and i am really hoping to get some good reaults, my question is will this side effect pass?


I too have been getting major anxiety attacks.so bad its hard to concentrate at work. So i guess ill stop taking it.



I had the same side effects i gain about 5-8 pounds instead of losing it i took it for about 3 weeks when i realized i was gaining not losing :{ The sleeping problem well i have that problem anyway so didn’t notice and change. so i also stop taking the pills and dont think i would start them.


Hi I take one 1000 mg dose in AM w/ breakfast and
Sometimes another for lunch. I’ve found my energy level
Is higher and no unwelcome side effects. I am
Light exercising as well and am finding that
Am losing weight slow and steady.
Perhaps less is more in this supplements case.

  It works but with side effects.
John (Verified User)

I was taking this 2 times a day and then ramped it up to 3 times a day. It seemed to be working great for the first week!

Then around the start of the 2nd week I started getting crazy rashes all over my body. It was intermittent but got pretty bad throughout the day. I could not stop itching. After about 6 days of this, it appears to have passed. I have no idea what is in it that makes this happen but just know that the allergic reaction that might happen will not be worth it. You will be regretting it when you are scratching like a crazy person.


Jeesh!! No one has to suffer through any kind of allergy attack. That’s what doctors are for! Allergies (unless life threatening) can be controlled and managed. I did. But I strongly believe one should consult with one’s doctor before taking any supplements or after having unwanted side effects…

  I've lost 3-4 lbs already in a week!
Aaria (Verified User)

I’ve been taking the 1000mg Tonalin CLA with 500mg Raspberry Keystone before my meals for a week now, I’ve lost 3-4 lbs already! I ate a healthy diet as normal and didn’t really have time to work out, I also take milk thistle sometimes and melatonine at night. FYI, Safflower oil is an ancient ABORTION HERB in Chinese history! People had been using it for abortion in CHINA before the western method kicked in(Of cause its banded for this use nowadays)! So i guess this is mainly the reason why some people get weird cycles and break out from it, you just have to watch your diet, make sure you eat less FRIED, SPICY, IRRITATING food, otherwise yes, more acne is gonna show! Good luck people!


I have taken the supplement for a month now, finished one bottle. 2 capsules once per day with breakfast. It curved my appetite, i ate significantly less, and did lose some fat however my period is now late for 9 days. That’s very scary.
Returning the other bottle.

  This works! Highly recommended.
fabzio (Verified User)

I’m been taking this CLA from GNC and yes I’m losing lots of weigh I was doing the gym 3 times a day for a few months and I just building up but I couldn’t lose weight now I start this new supplement and right away I see the difference first week 5 pounds now I drop the gym twice a day and everything is just perfect my goal is my 6 packs so now is only cardio and stomach I’m putting 1 1/2 every session 3 hours a day 5 days a week…with a very strong diet…I went from 238 to 180 within 6 months an now I need to lose 20 more that is why I got this CLA from GNC expensive but after the first week so worth it …I definitely recommend this product.

   I don't recommend if you have a sensitive stomach!
Jenn (Verified User)

I’ve been taking CLA for a few months now, I noticed right away that It was surpressing any weight gain, I was eating healthier and drinking a lot more water.. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight from dieting and adding the CLA (2 pills 2x a day) 10 pounds. But now i am experiencing the worst pains and cramps in my stomach from these pills.. Very rough on my stomach and I haven’t taken any in a good week! Patiently waiting for the bloating cramps and stomach pains to go away!! I don’t recommend if you have a sensitive stomach!

  Hated the product.
Daisy (Verified User)

Hi everyone i just started taking tonalin censor its been about 2-3 weeks and honestly i have not lost weight on the contrary i feel so bloated and gain weight i have change my eating habit i m eating healthier but feel like I’m going backwards 🙁 can someone let me know if anyone else has had this problem?

  Loved the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

i’ve lost 13 pounds and kept it off for the last 3 months of using CLA with zero side effects. it works!

  Loved the product.
lydia mendes (Verified User)

I have been taking tonalincla for 2 months have not had any side effects, im 51 feel great I think it is working, good luck


hi lydia… how many pills you take per day? and with meals or after? do you exercise? and is it still working with you 🙂 would love to have your response!


  Does anyone got menstrual cycle problem?
Sara (Verified User)

I have used this product a few years and felt like it gave me positive results, but I discontinued it because it seemed to affect my menstrual cycle. Now, I am trying it again and noticing the same thing. Does anyone else have this issue? I am not sure if its related to the Tonalin CLA or just a coincidence.


i took this and had my period for 10 days


Yes. I have only taken it for one month. It curved my appetite considerably but my period is missing now for 9 days. That’s scary. I am upset and not taking it anymore.


I’m having the same issue. My first period was completely regular, then I started taking CLA and a few days later I got my period again. It’s not heavy but it’s almost been a week and a half and it’s still not gone. I find it interesting because I am on birth control so I’m not sure why this is happening.


Has anyone been able to figure out if there is an interaction between Tonalin CLA and birth control? I am worried it will make birth control ineffective. I’ve contacted numerous pharmacists, and they have no information on the interaction.


Just reading some of these stories concerns me some.

It seems that everyone takes the recommended dosage has anyone considered gradually adding it into a daily regime of life, as opposed to taking what somebody tells us to take.

I am not a doctor but what I have read clearly tells me that everyone just dumped this stuff into their body expect nothing to happen except what they want.

I am slim yes I have a belly and yes I have been taking CLA one tablet a day that’s it and yes my stool immediately. Lose and yes I started urinating a little bit more but heck it is said the fat comes out or urine so how many of you people have increased their volume of water intake.

According to all this stuff that I’m reading nobody says they’ve increased their water volume intake everyone just says they dump 6 pills into their body and all this great change open your eyes one pill one day for a couple days watch how your body reacts and then adjust as necessary where is the common sense in all this get with the program people if you didn’t exercise and you started to exercise and bury yourself in the gym for three hours what are you thinking about is going to feel like tomorrow foolish people I kind of feel like heck so you have a normal body everything is fine you and a lot of something and then you whine and moan and complain that you’re getting bloating.

Some rational thought process people one pill once a day for a week two pills once a day for a week 3 pills once a day for a week and then alter you’re the only one that knows how your body is but to start something and to stop and immediately and expect results is utterly ridiculous


hi, just found this forum after searching the web for over an hour trying to find an answer…thank goodness i found you. I too have been on these cla caps for around a week now and i was due on my period over a week ago too… i have the usual symptoms but nothing showing this is so annoying as i need to start soon as this will coincide with my next period and im going on holiday!!


I am glad I came to this site. I was looking for answers because I too have experienced an irregular period, excessive gas and acne from taking CLA. My period was always like clockwork from my onset of menses at age 12. After taking the CLA I first became worried when I had missed my period by a few days. I am childless and in my early thirties, so I wondered if I might be peri-menopausal. My face and neck also became scattered with small, itchy bumps, and some of them were inside my mouth too. I had an abnormal amount of gas and bloating but at first I thought it was because of lactose intolerance. The CLA was the only supplemental change I had made so I stopped taking it. Two weeks later my period finally came and my skin had started to clear up. My mom asked me about the pills so I started taking them again on Day 3, thinking that maybe it was unrelated. (Plus, I am really trying to lose weight.) On Day 4 of my 5-day cycle my period had completely stopped. This makes me nervous and I will discontinue use until I talk with my doctor.


I also started CLA about 3 weeks ago, have had pms, cramps, bloating, for the last 2 weeks and exactly 2 weeks late for my period. Today I finally started spotting, which is very unusual for me, but at least its something. My bloating is out of control and I never have it this bad from periods in the past. These pills went in the garbage tonight.


I have been wondering the same thing! I was due a week ago and still nothing, but I had my Usual pms symptoms..I started taking this about 15 days ago and had always been very regular previously so I can only assume this is the cause…


Sara – I have the same question; I started taking CLA about 3 weeks ago. My most recent period was almost non-existent, just some spotting. Very very abnormal and I am wondering if there is a connection. I am not finding anything online, either.

   Facing side effects.
Ross (Verified User)

Same thing with me, was on it for about the 6th day and got hives/rash all over my arms and legs. Sucks. Stopped taking it and hust taking benadril and topical creams.. Im so itchhy!!

  Loved the product.
Chaan (Verified User)

well i just got my frist bottle but Im also going to be taking the Liporush with this pill. Im 34and just trying to lose my love handles and stomache area. I already hace a problem with acne far as im a combo skin oily and dry.. so Im thinking it might balance me out.. But GNC told me to take the Liporush with the TL I hope it works im starting mines in the Morning .Ive reviewed the other pills liporush and people have been losing waight like crazy with diet and excersie. So I hope it work s for me. Im goign to stay positive.

  Asking help for side effects.
misssmom (Verified User)

I work out 5x a week and is in very good health for 50.I’ve been taking the CLA for a week and I have never been so bloated in my life! and I also myself extremely exchausted. What can I do to help this problem? Because I want to continue with this product.

Cameron (Editor)

Missmom, we don’t know of a way to undermine the side effects, without stopping the product. Your body may just be adjusting to it since it has only been a week. If this continues please stop taking the product.

  Loved the product.
PoorGirl (Verified User)

I love it. I love the way it works, I love it supports my workout routine. Although this, I’ve just thrown it into the bin. The first month was ok, (tolerable situation): breakouts and acne – but still, I could live with that because weight loss was so significative. Last week a painful bump appeared on my arm. Terrifying. This morning before going to the gym I’ve found a horrible, huge, painful bump on my chest. I said: stop. I said: enough. This is why I’m here – ’cause I’ve been searching for CLA and acne. So… thank you for sharing your experiences. I took my last capsule a few hours ago – I hope awful pimples will disappear soon!

  Loved the product.
Justin (Verified User)

Just wanted to say this product works well. Also, those of you with acne problems try taking forskolin along with green tea and milk thistle. The milk thistle offsets side effects of tonalin and the green tea offsets the side effects of forskolin. Forskolin and tonalin help with weight loss and green tea and milk thistle help with antioxidants for skin, hyperglycemia, thyroid issues, and boosts metabolism.

  Loved the product.
kay (Verified User)

I have been using Tonalin Cla for two weeks now along with weight watchers and excerices. I have lost 8 pounds and am full of natural energy. I already had a acne issue so i will continue to use it with my normal cleaning products. I take it with food so I never experience any stomach issues. My hair and nails look great too…..

  Hated the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

I started using Tonalin CLA two weeks ago for 1 week. I am now on day 6 of a severe rash all over my body. CLA is the ONLY thing that has changed in my diet. I am on a maximum dose of antihistamines and am slathered in calamine lotion. It has caused extreme discomfort and I cannot leave the house. I would be careful with this product.


Everyone should look @ the fact safflower oil- is just Linoleic Acid–not–CONLUGATED Linoleic ACID (CLA) LINOLEIC is an OMEGA-6
Fatty ACID–Very inflammatory- CLA comes from meat–and only two types mushrooms. Don’t be fooled , the conversion of LINOLEIC ACID (Safflower Oil)to CLA from the bacteria in the GUT is undetectable. Omega 6 fatty acids compete with Omega 3′at the cell level-

  Loved the product.
Jessica (Verified User)

Additionally, the side effects I have experienced are increased energy levels (the non-jittery kind) and near-diarrhea if I take two pills but then do not get a chance to eat right after.


It makes sense that ingesting more CLA than your body can absorb could increase oil production on the face since it is an essential fatty oil. I have taken 4-6 pills a day for the last few months on and off and have never had problems with additional acne. However, I also cleanse my face twice a day with a Clarisonic and exfoliate every few days. Just pay attention to your skin and it should be fine. If oil production increases dramatically, take it as a sign that you should lower your dose of CLA. I would venture to say this has actually made my normally dry skin look better.

  Hated the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

Started using Weight Management Tolin CLA 3 days ago, worst side effects ever. I experienced vomiting, diarrhea and acne in all kinds of places.

  Been using this for years
Anne (Verified User)

I’m 54 and have been using CLA Tonalin for many years. I really don’t need to lose weight, I take it as a fat burner for health reasons. I eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. Although my directions say to take 1 pill, 3 times per day with a meal, I opt to only take one per day as I adjust to consider my small frame of 5’7″, 118lbs. I’ve always used the same brand made by Country Life @ 1000mg. It is gluten free. I’ve never had it cause acne or any other adverse reactions. It seems that maybe some people do have an allergic reaction to the Safflower Oil and there’s only one way to find out by trying it. Hope this helps someone who is trying to decide. :0)


Thank you! So many bad comments, I am 49 and going to try it. wish me luck and no rash!

  Can I use this with other products?
Jacqueline (Verified User)

I have a question I went to buy the diet pills I usually take OXY ELITE PRO and in a week I lost 10 lbs great pills but when I boght them ghe guy at gnc told me that I can take the TONALIN CLA. together with the oxy elite pro…would that be a good thing to do or not


I wouldn’t take them at the same time since OXY ELITE PRO is chitosan based and it may try to attack the Tonalin as if it was a bad fat. I have successfully combined the two by taking the OXY in the morning and a few hours after lunch, then before any meals taking the CLA. Make sure there are a few hours between taking the two pills.

  I lost my belly fat
Dprang (Verified User)

I have only been taking 1000mg since Feb and I have lost my belly fat.
I have not had breakout problems as others have and I am prone to that.
My weight has dropped 12 lb. I do eat healthy though and tend to eat more veggies and fruits than red meat. In fact I probably only have red meat once or twice biweekly.
The best part is the loss of belly fat. People now think I am thin. wowow, and at my age!

  Allergic reaction

I have been taking the safflower oil supplement (2 capsules a day). And I get acne acne on occasion (before taking this pill) and there has been no change at all since I started taking it. So I think the acne is more a sign of allergic reaction then breakout caused purely from the oil.


I have been taking Tonalin CLA, three times a day and have not really had any acne issues.. I take it with L-Carnitine because Vitamin Shoppe said it would have better results.. may start taking CLA 4 times since I’ve seen this blog. I’m on birth control as well so this could be why my hormonal level is fine and I’m not getting the acne everyone else is getting.. I pray I continue not to..

  Great way to change
Marge (Verified User)

I have been taking Tonalin CLA 1000mg (Vitamin Shoppe) product since Sept 2011. I crossfit 5 days week and follow a Paleo diet. I have had no effects, just not getting my regular sleep in but thats my dong. I usually get in 7 hours but recently less than that. What I recommed would be to establish a rest day to avoid injury, eat clean foods, no sugars, nothing processed, no dairy or grains. All celan food…. Great way to really take the change in a new body!

  Is this good for my condition?

I gave my wife a kidney. So I only have one. Is tonalin cla 1000mg is good for me to take with out any problems to my one kidney.


Thanks for mentioning this. I gave my brother a kidney, so I try to take good care of the remaining one.

  Best CLA to take

Does it matter what kind of cla I take? I have a two different name brands, but I don’t trust them. Any suggestions..thank you

Cameron (Editor)

Some products have different proprietary blends of ingredients; even if their main ingredient is the same, like CLA, their formula may have different effects.

  Getting awesome results
christine (Verified User)

Hi,I’ve been dieting and exercising for a month and taking CLA and I am getting awesome results I’ve lost 8 lbs so far I love,I should have taken it sooner,and try to eat,oatmeal,brown rice,sweet potatos tthese are good carb your body will break down and not store them as fat.if you stay way from soda,limt sugars,flour artificial sweetner you will be fine good luck to all.

  Product is not good for me
Stacy (Verified User)

Hello, I started taking Tonalin CLA about a week and a half ago. My chin is now breaking out daily with acne and it’s awful. I’ve never had a problem with acne before and this is the only thing I have added to my diet. I was really hoping to being able take this but it’s not worth these painful bumps on my face. Best of luck to others!

  It works but hates stomach cramps
Nathaniel (Verified User)

Hello everyone, I’ve been reading many of your concerns on this product and I feel what you’re saying. I too just started using this product and I always wonder all of the side of effects on something that I take no matter if it’s just a vitamin because somethings I can’t take either I can’t even drink whole milk without cramping throughout the day. Anyway I started yesterday and noticed that my stomach was cramping like I just drank a glass of whole milk and after a stool it was over and my stomach had lost a few inches from just that one day, Hmmm? I thought to myself if this product done this for just one day it may work off more but I hate stomach cramps and not too happy about any acne at my age either because I’m 50 and that isn’t what I want to see but I’m sure I can find away to get rid of them if I have to stop using the product but so far none having shown it’s ugly heads yet but this is day two do I will let you know any changes comes and I read that someone had shortness of breath. I had that too but not because of the pill but not from lack of working out like I should and my body was telling me that you are getting old and out of shape and it’s time to get yourself back into what made your woman love all about you all those years and take time to love yourself and do what is right and take care of yourself and workout more. The more you do it the better it will be in the long run because American been over weight far too long and now it’s time to take back control of our lives and be healthy, Peace!

  Getting very positive results
Heather (Verified User)

I started Tonalin CLA about a month ago – almost through my first bottle taking 3 a day. I do workout and watch my diet but am not always great about it. I am noticing that my fat is dropping even while I have been on a dry spell from the gym. I have experienced no acne (and I am prone to break outs from the wrong foods and during pms) actually it has cleared my skin up! I am 37 and finding losing the pounds I want it getting harder and harder (especially after having 5 kids!) I truly believe the Tonalin is helping me and I can’t wait to see how it works when I get back to my 4-5 day a week gym routine!

  More information about side effects
Javier (Verified User)

I just started using Tonalin CLA 1000mg from Vitamin Shoppe and I did take it with my lunch today for the first time, but I noticed I had shortness of breath, not sure if it’s the product, but it was the weirdest feeling. Anyone know if this is one of the side effects? By the way, something that has me thinking, this product is suppose to reduce the intake of fact but not reduce the fat in already stored in our bodies. So for someone that is on a very low fat diet what’s the advantage of the product then?

Cameron (Editor)

Well the thing is Javier, this product is also a fat blocker. Just make sure your body gets the necessary, minimum daily intake of fats and key nutrients. Some dieters acne and feeling weak.

  Been using for over 7 years
Charley (Verified User)

I have used CLA Tonalin from the Wellness Group for over 7 years off and on. When I’m on it, I notice a considerable reduction in the fat in my fat to muscle ratio. I have taken other types, such as the CLA from The Vitamin Shoppe, but it is not as effective because it is a Proprietary Blend, instead of the CLA solely from Safflower oil. The amount of CLA in alternate brands do not tell you how much of the blend is safflower and how much of it is something else. Also, the type of CLA that was used in the clinical studies of CLA had 1285mg of safflower oil. The findings, the group that did not even exercise had a sustantial reduction in fat compared to the control group. Also, when u order from the wellness group they send you a free book with the history of CLA and the group study results. The only draw back is that u can only get this stuff online, and I’m an instant gratification type of person;) Lastly, due to the natural ingredients, no breakouts. I am 38, and have been on accutane twice and still have occassional cystic painful breakouts, but I have had this since I was 13 yrs old. Hope this helps!

  Can I use this while on medication?

I am currently have a thyroid control and I am taking Eutriox 100 mg per day? Is this recommended if one is taking meds to control the thyroid?

Thank you

Cameron (Editor)

Ask your doctor how these two product will or will not conflict.

  It works but have reactions
L471530 (Verified User)

I started taking CLA a month or so ago and I love the way my body has been reacting to it. However, my face is a mess. I am 50 yrs old and my face as been pristine for the past 10 years with an occassional breakout on my chin. Now my chin looks like I’ve had chickenpox. It’s gone from bad to uncontrollably awful. My whole chin is inflamed with these cyst like bumps. I’ve been trying everything to help it to no avail. I’ve been trying to figure out what may have caused this…I’ve made some changes the past month but not a whole lot. It dawned on me today to see if CLA could have caused it. I did read the label etc. but never saw anthing re: acne. Now that I’ve read many other site posts, I am confident that this is the culprit.

I am heartbroken since I think CLA has done wonderful things for my body…any suggestions?

Cameron (Editor)

The best you can do for the moment is to stop taking it for a moment and seek help from a dermatologist. Within time the acne will likely fade.

  nothing seems to work.
alma (Verified User)

How many are you taking? I also suffer from rosacea, and have tried almost everything and nothing seems to work.

Cameron (Editor)

Alma, you may take several per day with meals (3). The formula, though, doesn’t claim to aid in treating rosacea.

  I love cla and will continue
Shelley (Verified User)

I just stared using cla last week. I have had rosecea for about a year now and use a topical from my dermatologist. I still have had issues with the redness until taking cla. Now my redness and complexion are so much better. I can even go without makeup and not feel uncimftable and have to worry about people asking bout my redness. I have had alot of compliments. I love cla and will continue to use especially if it helps my rosecea!

I am having an allergic reaction
Kayla (Verified User)

I took this for a couple of days and pretty sure I am having an allergic reaction on my legs. I will probably go to the Doctor tomorrow because I think it has caused my to have hives and bruising. No Bueno!


Was it a reaction to the CLA? I’ve been taking it a week now, and my legs hurt terribly and tons of bruises, no idea what from. Concerned!


OMG! I thought it was me. I have tons of bruises up and down my arms and like a old scary movie or a nightmare. Couldn’t figure out why.

  no side effects
Mario (Verified User)

CLA works well…for my body…no side effects… and even helps me with good stamina for minor exercise assistance… You sometimes even feel tone and lean at some points…if use correctly you maintain your body weight with out counting on CLA by letting your body naturally adjust while using CLA and is also a good consumable value.. So Yes.. recommendation are good… Bye Buy…

  i can honestly say that the Tonalin CLA
Vee (Verified User)

In the beginning of january i decided to stick to my new years resolution and diet and go to the gym as i have been every single day for the past month now… i started taking Tonalin CLA on the first of the month, we are now on the 25th of january, and i can honestly say that the Tonalin CLA and my exercise and different eating habits have totally made a difference. i had a baby, and couldnt see my waist anymore, and after taking the pill and exercising everyday, im seeing results little by little. its not a miracle pill, you definetly have to put your part in as well. take 4 pills a day, 2 in the morning with breakfast and 2 for lunch or dinner whatever works for you. thumbs up to this product.

  He likes it
Jennifer (Verified User)

I bought Tonalin ClA at Vitamin shoppe. The man told me to take 4 in am and 4 in evening. He likes it and asked me to come back in two weeks and let him know how Im doing.


That seems like overdosing and just trying to get you back in the store for more buying. The directions just state 3 a day. I’d look into that if I was you. Check to see what dose you bought. You should take just around 3000mg a day.

  Making it worst
Karen (Verified User)

I purchased the vitamin shoppes Tonalin CLA also and I am wondering if that brand specifically has caused anyone acne? I already have mild acne and I don’t need any help making it worst!!


Yes! It’s so unfortunate but after taking it for 2 days I got huce cystic, painful acne on my face, neck and back! So gross. It took about two days and my skin is clearing up… Such a shame! My stomache has also been pretty bloated too


i bought the vitamin shoppe tonalin about 3 weeks ago and have had no problems with acne at all

  I started 2 days ago
Jen (Verified User)

I’m a bit concerned with the acne issue. I purchased from The Vitamin Store on line, has anyone else purchased from there? I started 2 days ago. Need to lose unwanted baby pounds.

  I'm interested in this product.

Haven’t takin it yet but I do think about having dis supplement apart of my diet.

  Anybody know what I should do?
Thomas (Verified User)

I’ve read on the Vitamin Shoppe Tonalin bottle that they want you to take 3 capsules (1000mg) a day, and then read elsewhere that I should be taking 4 a day in order to see any benefit. Anybody know what I should do?


Why don’t you use some common sense and start with one pill a day for a week see how your body reacts see how your body conforms to it and then gradually increase or decrease depending upon the outcome


Bottle says take 3000mg/day, but guy @ Vitamin Shoppe said to take 4000mg/day for best results. No harm to body, which I also looked up as well. I’ve been taking 1 pill w/breakfast; 2 with lunch; and 1 with dinner. So far, so good!


Man take 4 pills this product is amazing and natural my weight was 200 lb and know 172 yes my friend 28 lb in 2 month of course with diet and moderate gym rutine . Know I can see my abs 🙂

  Where can I get tonalin n how much id it?

Where can I get tonalin n how much id it? Plesdr help


You can find it in Costco

  should I keep taking it??
Edna (Verified User)

J just started taking Tonalin CLA today and notice that it contains salflower. I am allergic to all sunflowers, peanuts, nuts, are these in the same family should I keep taking it??

Cameron (Editor)

No, Edna, Safflower is Carthamus tinctorius L and Sunflowers are in the genus Helianthus. But please don’t leave it to chance and take the formula to your doctor to be absolutely certain.

  This product take with meal or empty stomatch

I’ve read two different opinions. One, take on empty stomach. One, take with a meal? which is it?


I think the product is suppose to be consumed with a meal since one of the objectives is to reduce the amount of fat your body absorbes with every meal.


Hi there Lisa, I am no nutritionalist, but I would only ever take these types of suppliments with food, just eat healthy smallet meals more often, avoid fats, exercise regularly and safely and you will get what you want out of this product faster, I have just started using it myself to get faster results safely from my fitness regime, I take it with with food every time, I wish you the best with this, Regards Brian

  I am taking my first dose today

well here i go…im taking my first one now. a lil scared with all this talk about acne. never had acne as a kid or an adult..im 42 and would love to loose 45lbs. right now just looking for 5lbs at a time…please tell me this is really a good idea???good luck to all..walk walk walk…

Cameron (Editor)

Barbie, if you do end up developing acne we would recommend you pause taking it and see a dermatologist. On average after a month dieters see results from a diet. See how you like it.

  Loved the product
Linda (Verified User)

I just swallowed my first pill and then found this great blog. I’m certainly not enjoyed to hear that some have trouble with acne. I too am in my 40’s and have interstingly found that Cheese is what makes me break out, horribly. Also, no peanut butter. So I’m wondering if those whom are having trouble with acne eat a lot of cheese? I can eat things like Feta, Parm, and Cottage cheese without any acne but the others run my skin. I’m so over it so I will let you all know what happens with me. Good luck to all and thanks for the posts…all really good info.

Pam in pTC

Just bought a bottle today.
You started 4/27. Does it work, how’s your acne? what is your overall experience.
thanks for sharing!

  Can take it while in nursing period?

I have read it is not a good idea to take Tonalin CLA while nursing. I have an 18 month old who still nurses just a couple times a day. Is it still not a good idea to take it?


I have a four months old, and I call the doctor and she said that is was ok that I took Tonalin CLA and nurse! So I think your baby would find as well.


You want your baby’s to GAIN weight and absorb fat!!!! For healthy brain function. CLA is suposed to do the opposite. It may be passed through breast milk! I would NOT take this and breast feed!

  Every time I take CLA it gives me acne!
jenny wilson (Verified User)

Every time I take CLA it gives me acne!!!! AND i mean every time it does clear up fast when i quit taking it though!!! Whats up with that? Im 39 years old!!!


Oh my gosh I’m glad I read this, I am going to stop for a few weeks and see if my skin clears up, other wise I love CLA.


When I took CLA Tonalin, I combined it with Milk Thistle and saw incredible results. In fact, I actually saw CLEARER skin, and any excess bloating is also taken away as the milk thistle helps move toxins.


My skin has cleared up also! In fact I had acne on my chin constantly and I’m in my 40’s. I read that acne on your chin means you have a hormonal imbalance and can be tied to PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I also read that CLA can help PCOS, and that PCOS can lead to weight gain and may cause….wait for it….acne in the chin area! It all ties together, huh. Anyway, if your trying to conceive, a little overweight, and bothered by constant acne on the chin, you may want to try this.


How much Milk Thistle did you have to take? I am starting CLA Tonalin tomorrow.


Jenny, I am in my 30s as well. I purchased this Tonilan CLA product from Vitamin World and have been taking it for about one month now. I have to say with regular exercise regiment and healthy eating, this product has been working for me. I have lost weight and couple waistline inches so far. I noticed that every now and then I will get acne out of nowhere, especially on my forhead. I would get so agitated as I am always cleansing, applying toner and moisturizing my face on a daily basis to help prevent acne from forming.
I wish there are other similar products that don’t cause any unnatural acne to form.


I agree (as above).
I noticed a rash around my eyes, not sure if that was aslo from the CLA or just my make up wipes.
I’m glad the CLA is working for you in weight loss,I was only taking it for a month and didn’t see the diffence as yet, I’m exercising and my diets ok.
I don’t know if a differnt brand would be better?
I read that hives and acne and swelling is a allergic reation to CLA 🙁


I’m going to the doctors soon for an allergy test to see if the CLA is causing it (my skin is much better without it).
I heard that an alternitive to CLA is Animal Omega. I’m not sure where to get it, if it helps with belly fat and if it has any side effects but I will look into it.
Any other similar reactions to carnitine or CLA?
Any other alternitives tried?


Dear “Jenny Wilson”:
I am SO GLAD to hear that someone has the acne problem from CLA. I am in my mid-40s, and every single time I take CLA or Tonalin, I breakout all over my face. It is also not normal acne, but almost under-the-surface cystic acne. I woke-up one day, went to brush my teeth, and thought I had a mild case of measles. It is also been the kind of acne to leave discolorations on my face, so even 4 mos. down the line, you can see the darker “spots” on my face of where a pimple was from the CLA. And like you, as soon as I stop taking CLA or Tonalin, my skin looks clear, even-toned, and it’s acne/blemish-free.


I just started taking (BSC) CLA 1000mg caps 3 times/day last week.
I also take 3 Acetyl L-CARNITINE 500g at the same time (3 per day.
I was told by the lady at the vitamin shop that the combination of both will help use BROWN FAT and altough I’m average height and weight I should be able to loose the tire around my MIDSECTION!
She said to use CLA and carnitine for 1 month, the next no CLA just carnitine then rotate then CYCLE back to both the next month.
I’m 26, on the pill (yasmin) and my ACNE cleared up, my skin’s usually clear.
Now since taking CLA I have it again, it looks like small chicken pox. Should I lower the intake? I DON’T KNOW IF WE’RE ALERGIC TO THE OILS? Is there soemthing else that will get rid of stomach fat without the acne? I exercise a few times a week, my diet is ok and I don’t eat large meals. Please help!


I was taking l-carnitine too! My husband said I had a bad body odor! It took almost 5 days for the smell to go away. 1000g a day! I recomend not taking that supplement! Good luck!


Wow, I didn’t realize that acne was a side effect before taking the Tonalin. My face is now a complete mess! I too have the cystic acne which has left horrible marks. What good is the weight loss if I’m too embarrassed to go out in public because of my skin? Not worth it for me, no more Tonalin.


Since linolic acid is a derivative from red meat and cheese does it increase your cholesterol.


I read that if it works properly, it actually wipes out bad cholesterol. The HUGE problem is that it doesn’t discriminate; it also wipes out the good cholesterol that we need to live healthy. This is one of the unwanted side effects for which they do not recommend you take this “for life”, or for very extended periods… It is a bit of a “catch 22” because if you attempt to re-supply your body with good healthy needed fats (omega3s, avocado, etc…)then you are undoing what the CLA (Tonalin) is doing… I’ve just started taking it and the truth is that I don’t know yet if it actually work; but if it does, I will only take it for a few months at a time. You should always consult your doctor if you indeed have cholesterol issues… but anyway, it is best to see your primary doc before taking anything new…


Weight loss should take time. Fast results often lead to regaining weight and adding even more than you had to begin with. Give yourself time, be consistent and use suppliments with caution. if youhave side affects just cut back on the dose and listen to your body. I take it at a very low level and only before I eat a meal that may be higher in fat (good fat) than normal. Moderation and time are key. Give yourself a break and remember it may take you a year to get where you want to be, but you have a higher chance of staying there than losing it all in 6 weeks.


i havent used it yet but i ve bought it..i am 23 and for those who ve lost weight with it can u please tell me which diet plans did u follow? please reply soon


I have a history of anxiety but have not had an attack in several years, until today after taking one capsule. I had numbness in my arms, a huge rush of energy, dull pressure headache and my throat has swelling. If you have anxiety at all, please beware. I went with this due to stimulant free ingredients but I’m definitely allergic and am waiting for it to wear off.


does tonalin interfere w/omega-3 as a non-benefit?


I bought a bottle from GNC Linolic Acid that is derived from safflower seeds, so I suppose that this would be an option that is cholesterol free.


I wonder if the “safflower seeds” CLA would NOT cause acne. I am so sick of this acne that I get from CLA and Tonalin.


Did this call you to have Acme did work for you how would you rate this product