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Trim Down Club Review - 5 Things You Need to Know

Trim Down Club is a weight loss website created to help people lose weight. Trim down club says that it can help people become “stronger and more energetic.” Becoming stronger and more energetic will appeal to most people, but can this statement be scientifically proven?

Trim Down Club offers advice similar to what you will see on other websites aiming to help people lose weight, but that doesn’t mean that Trim Down Club will help people become stronger and more energetic. Our research team focused on the benefits of the diet plan and results. Then, we compiled our data to give you the facts you need.

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What is Trim Down Club?

Trim Down Club takes a comprehensive look at weight loss with tons of tools, 24/7 access to a team of registered dietitians and an active online community. Enter Trim Down Club’s innovative Menu Planner. It was amazing to see that this tool was not your generic menu planner that asks a couple of questions and spits out a tired, out-dated selection of foods.

No, the Menu Planner gives you the full flexibility to create a weekly menu based on your dietary needs. You can choose from gluten-free, low-cholesterol, low-sugar, vegetarian and non-dairy diets. You can even tailor your macros (carbs, protein and fats), which is essential to newer eating plans like keto. That’s a question our readers ask all the time. You CAN eat the foods you love and live a healthier life weighing less. Trim Down Club’s Menu Planner gives you the option of choosing pizza or ice cream.

The beauty is you don’t have to worry about timing because the planner helps you choose the best time to eat your favorite foods and how much to eat, so you stay on track and keep losing weight. Experts from Vanderbilt University, Pitt and the University of Minnesota agree food variety is critical to weight loss.

It’s the science behind choosing when and how much to eat that’s helped millions lose weight and keep it off – the most important part of all.

Trim Down Club Competitors

Weight Watchers WW
Nutrition Professionals

What About Nutrition Professionals?

Nutrition training can help people choose the right foods and portion sizes. Research also says support like this can help people maintain weight loss for years, according to the Annals of Internal Medicine.

With Trim Down Club, Registered Dietitians are available in a community format 24/7, so you can ask questions and learn about how nutrition can help you reach your goal in a healthy, lasting way. So, let’s say it’s 1 AM and you’d like some advice. No problem, the Trim Down Club’s team of registered dietitians, is standing by and happy to help. We were also shocked – that’s one reason why the Trim Down Club is so special!

Yo-Yo Effect

Putting a Stop to the Yo-Yo Effect

Regaining the weight, you took weeks, months or years to lose is a fear in the minds of many dieters. It’s a frightening thought. The people behind Trim Down Club understand this problem, so the program they’ve created gets to the root of the problem, unlike many programs that focus more on calorie counting, extreme restriction or deprivation.

Shocking your body with outrageous changes is not something any expert suggests. When dieting goes to the extreme, it is often referred to as disordered eating. A problem that’s growing, according to the International Journal for the Analysis of Health.

User Comments

What Users Are Saying

“This is the first one that I feel fits me. I am going to try, I am not a big processed food eater, or sugar and flour, I love organic and stay away from high fructose items. I learned a lot with the video, this fits my style of eating now. I knew some stuff already but hearing it again just showed me I am on the right track. I am glad I found you. It is similar to how our grandparents ate back in the day, when they made their own flour, out of whole wheat. veggies, without added chemicals preservatives and such.”

“This sounds like a pretty good program. I lasted through most of the online video saying not to drink concentrated juice, eat wheat bread with refined flour, soy, margarine, processed meat with nitrates– basically processed foods. Natural lean meat, veggies, fruit. The video was disgustingly long! Told me things I already knew for the most part. The program guide and format sound good when you dig it out of the wordy dirty video!”

“I’m enjoying the keto menus.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Trim Down Club

Weight loss alone is great, but what had us running to spread the word about the Trim Down Club, was that this program is about more than just eating less – it teaches you how to eat, when to eat and gives you access to Registered Dietitians.

That my friends is what truly sets the Trim Down Club apart from other common diets. Finally, a diet that doesn’t lead to another diet. A diet that sticks!

If you want to finally start a program with your success in mind – not the sales numbers – we recommend taking advantage of the special $1.99 offer from Trim Down Club right away. There’s nothing to lose other than those extra pounds.

Click here to check out the official website for Trim Down Club and get started – you won’t regret it.

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Trim Down Club Review

Trim Down Club

What are the Trim Down Club program ingredients?

The foods you love!

What are the Trim Down Club side effects?

The Trim Down Club is about providing you with a program that’s all-natural and based on your specific dietary needs – not side effects.

Does the Trim Down Club program work?

Though results may vary, we’ve seen first-hand and found reviews from members that show it works.

What is Trim Down Club's BBB rating?

Trim Down Club has a perfect A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What if I want to cancel my Trim Down Club membership?

Trim Down Club is backed by a cancel anytime policy and a no questions 60-day money-back guarantee. You lose weight or you don’t pay.

How can I join Trim Down Club for just $1.99?

DietSpotlight readers can join here for just $1.99.

  • Keep in mind this special is for a limited time.
Can I still eat the foods I like on Trim Down Club?

Yes, according to the company, you will learn about portion control so you don’t overeat those foods you like.

What if I can’t eat all the food suggested with the Trim Down Club?

The plan is made to help you stave off hunger by eating six times a day. Food choices are all up to you, but skipping any one of these could lead to overeating later.

20 Trim Down Club Reviews

  • Your Name

    Call your credit card company and put a stop payment.

  • Your Name

    Same here. I am going after the clickbank that took my money. Rebecca 08/13/15

    • Adrian (Editor)

      Hi. For returns and refund issues, please refer to the Trim Down Club official website.

  • Kind of a waste
    Lynn W

    I did pay the $47 to join. Kind of a waste. What I don’t like is that every email they send out about some way to help loose weight is a product that will cost you money.

  • dorothy

    they make money hoping people don’t read the information – it says the price is low because all is online!!

  • Carl Baxter

    If you signed up through click bank or pay pal; that is where you go to get a refund.

  • Loved the product.
    Michelle Christie (Verified Purchase)

    I only saw this review website after I already joined the Trim Down Club. I’m happy I did join the club and don’t really agree with the authors opinion, that’s why I want to let you know what I think.
    For me its an advantage to have a well organized site without advertisment and tools that are well maintained. So I know what I pay for.
    And also, more important even, the diet works and I understand the philosophy behind it. Its not crazy making you eat very one sided or not eat at all, but it just shows you which foods are better for you without to have to starve yourself. It takes an effort but its well worth it in my opinion.

  • Frances Bailey

    Pleas send my money back or put back in my account. I did not realize I was getting on line material. When I sighed off and went to go back in I could not get in…

    • Christopher

      You are aware that this is a review site and not the actual trim down club?
      I mean seriously…ask where you paid, not randomly on the internet. 😉

  • frances alexander

    i did not realise it was all on line printer has broken down i wish a refund on my credit card account.
    thank you

  • Loved the product.
    Patricia Singler (Verified Purchase)

    So far, really good. I ordered the Advanced Membership upgrade. There’s so much information provided in the Trim Down Club guides, and none of it is fluff! 3 months finished and I haven’t stalled. I keep loosing weight, and I’m totally in love with the Trim Down Club philosophy! Plus my menus are created just for me. To many great things going for me and the program 🙂

    • Adam Feldman

      Hi Patricia,

      I know it’s been awhile, but I just want to check up and make sure you’re still enjoying using the Trim Down Club! We really appreciate your kind words and would love to hear how the remainder of your time with our program has gone/been going.

      We here at Trim Down Club want to make sure all of our customers are fully satisfied with our entire program, the platform itself and also the customer service. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you might have.

      All the best,
      Adam Feldman
      Director of Client Relations
      Trim Down Club

  • Loved the product.
    Brie (Verified Purchase)

    I’m glad I didn’t believe everything I read on this website and tried the Trim Down Club. I’m not sure how good I’ll be at it in the long run, but so far it’s been totally AWESOME!!! I don’t know how anybody can say anything bad about a website that gathers all the information you need and puts it all together for you. My time to find everything they gave me for $47 is worth a lot more than the time it would take to find it myself. As for the free sights, you get bombarded by advertising! I’m not going to name names but that one sight with the hundreds of obnoxious ads doesn’t Spark my interest or any other People I know. I’ve never seen even one ad on the Trim Down Club website. In the eight weeks I’ve already been on it, I’ve lost nearly four pounds, and I’m really happy.

    • David Driggers

      Troll alert! I bet you Brie work for Trim Down Club. From what i see i can use the tools from My Fitness Pal and other sites for free!

    • Pat

      “nearly four pounds” in 8 weeks,doesn’t sound too great to me.

      • Jayne

        1/2 lb per week is healthy way to lose according to my doctor. Losing to fast is not good.
        .5 × 8 = 4. Sounds right on track.
        Not a member. Doing research to make a decision on joining.

  • Hated the product.
    Russell Turner (Verified Purchase)

    I just signed up to Trim Down Club before the weekend, pretty much solely for the recipe calculator. I am looking for inspiration to have a varied and balanced diet but using the principles that the TDC stands for. I really got on board with it, so I paid the fee. The first disappointment was when the fee went from the advertised £29 up to £37 when it came to checkout. I then spent a good 20 minutes ticking all my food choices from the options on the menu planner, excited to see the delicious recipes it would recommend for me once I’d completed my choices!

    What I got was essentially just the foods I’d put a tick next to, arranged in any old order by a computer just to balance them with each other. I don’t know the last time you had a snack which consisted of:

    1 cup of Tea, Black
    1 ounce of Tuna, Canned in Water
    1/2 cup of Shredded Wheat
    1 large Orange

    Or invited people round for dinner, and served them:

    1/4 tsp of Mustard
    1 100% Whole Grain/Wholemeal Roll
    1 cup of Kale
    3 ounces of Salmon?

    This was just a couple of ‘recipes’ from the first day. I had no interest whatsoever in looking any further, it was a total letdown and a huge waste of money. The site does contain recipes that people have sent input it gives no indication of the nutritional vales of each one, so you can’t use them to plan your weekly intake of food, I just feel as though I’ve been completely taken for a ride and been rinsed out of £37 which I really could have used right now.

    • Holly

      Russell, if you want a free site to do all you have mentioned and also allow for you to put in your own recipes and break down the nutrition, go to livestrong.com. The free membership is very informative and also helpful if you have diabetes.

      • mary

        Thanks holly I will try that site

  • Credit card problem.
    janet stephens

    I did not think my credit card went thru. I backed out of the site. Come to find out they worked and got it thru ther