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Ultimate Gynemax Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


It’s been a long journey, but I feel I’m now qualified to advise you on whether or not to take Ultimate Gynemax. We did one of our in-depth reviews, looking closely at the ingredients, side effects, level of customer service and scientific studies. Plus we sorted through countless user comments and remarks from all over the internet. Finally, we summarized and compressed everything to give you the facts and details you need.

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What is Ultimate Gynemax?

To start with, Ultimate Gynemax ingredients include caralluma fimbriata, green tea leaf, caffeine, chromium, cocoa extract, cayenne, ATP, and a trademark substance called Slimaluma. This formula is marketed specifically at guys with excess chest fat. Put simply, this supplement is claimed to “abolish” excess weight from the pectorals (reduce gynecomastia). You simply take three capsules each day. This product is made in the USA, and is available on the official website.

From what we can tell, Ultimate Gynemax was initially released in 2013. This supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and there are some customer testimonials posted on the official website. Furthermore, some before and after photos are presented on the site as well, but read on…

Hefty Price Tag – “Can You Afford It?”

The first issue we have is with the cost. “If you look closely at the official website, you will see that one bottle of Ultimate Gynemax costs $77.90 (30-day supply) after shipping. This is quite expensive when you consider that there are similar supplements available for much less,” says our Research Editor.

One person stated, “Ultimate Gynemax is actually very pricey. The website tries to get you to buy it in bulk. I think it’s a total scam.”

However, a different customer said, “I’m on my first bottle. Hoping for some real results. It’s only been two weeks. Can’t tell anything yet.”

Another commented, “Not so sure about the Ultimate Gynemax at this point. It’s been a week and nothing.”

No Real Results – “Not a Good Sign”

Another concern we have is no real results. There are numerous user complaints posted online about Ultimate Gynemax. One person reported, “This is a scam. It does nothing at all. You might get a buzz from the caffeine, but that’s it.”

But, a different user had this to say, “No Ultimate Gynemax side effects at all. Going to keep taking it for now.”

“Maybe helps a little. It’s difficult to tell for sure,” mentioned another.

Our extensive research has revealed that if there’s a certain aspect of a diet supplement or fitness program that is especially problematic (hefty price tag, no real results, side effects) the odds of long-term success are slim. Therefore if Ultimate Gynemax does in fact fail to produce real results in a lot of people, this could be a serious problem.

The Science – “Any?”

First off, there are some clinical studies presented on the official website for Ultimate Gynemax. However, we are not sold on the data that is provided. When you take a closer look at the key ingredients in this formula, it’s unclear how it will actually target fat in the chest area. It’s wise to consult your doctor about alternative treatments for gynecomastia.

What Users Are Saying

"”In case anyone is wondering… the pill is a fat burner, but it’s not a bad fat burner. It burns fast”"

"”in truth you’ll get the same results with diet and exercise. However, working out and dieting takes way too long to produce results”"

"”After a while… this product did not work for me”"

The Bottom Line – Does Ultimate Gynemax Work?

So, should you order a bottle of Ultimate Gynemax right now? Well, we like that this supplement comes with a money-back guarantee. We also appreciate that some customer before and after photos are posted on the main website. Then again, we have some serious doubts about this formula due to the discouraging user comments we found online. Also, we’re concerned about the hefty cost of this product.

If you’d like to increase physical performance, boost testosterone levels, build lean muscle mass and improve vitality, we recommend you choose a product that’s supported by documented research, does not cost you a fortune and is backed by encouraging user reviews.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Pronabolin. This formula offers nine potent ingredients, which are shown to help increase natural testosterone levels, boost vitality and improve overall muscle strength. We have not discovered any user complaints at all, and customer comments posted on the web indicate people are seeing actual results.

The makers of Pronabolin are so excited about their product they’re offering every customer a 120-day money-back guarantee and multiple-bottle discounts.

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Ultimate Gynemax Review
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Previous Ultimate Gynemax Review (Updated June 30, 2014):

What You Should Know

Ultimate Gynemax is a weight loss supplement geared towards men struggling to lose excess chest fat, or man breasts, as some call them. This product claims that men who use this product as directed can expect to lose any excess fat deposits in their chests within a matter of weeks and some will even lose some or all of it in a matter of days. Ultimate Gynemax is stated to be completely safe and effective for all consumers. This weight loss supplement sells for $39.99 for a single bottle. Users are instructed to take one capsule with a full glass of water with each meal, but it does not state which meals or what the maximum daily dosage is. Ultimate Gynemax's website does have some user testimonials posted, but there are no before and after photos accompanying them. No prescription is needed to obtain this product because it is sold as a nutritional supplement. Ultimate Gynemax offers several discount offers when consumers buy this supplement in bulk and there is a satisfaction guarantee available, but it is complex and difficult to understand.

List of Ingredients

APT, Slimaluma, Chromium Picolinate, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Vitamin B Complex, Cayenne and Cocoa Extract. No full list is given.

Product Features

Ultimate Gynemax contains the ingredient Chromium Picolinate which is thought to regulate blood sugar levels, boost the metabolism and help to build lean muscle mass. The ingredient Green Tea Leaf Extract is said to boost energy, burn fat and possess powerful antioxidant capabilities. The ingredient Slimaluma is said to suppress the appetite. The ingredient ATP is said to aid the body in boosting energy to be used to metabolism. The ingredient Vitamin B Complex (B6, B9 & B12) is said to alleviate stress and have an anti-aging effect. The ingredient Cayenne is said to act as a thermogenic. The ingredient Cocoa Extract is said to enhance the mood and reduce cravings.


  • Ultimate Gynemax is said to be all natural,
  • This product is protected by three United States patents.
  • Ultimate Gynemax does have a sixty-day money-back guarantee.
  • There are user testimonials posted on this product's website.


  • Ultimate Gynemax does not seem to encourage a healthy diet or exercise program.
  • This supplements website is difficult to read and there is a lot of frivolous information posted.
  • The money back guarantee for this product seems complex, confusing and misleading.
  • Ultimate Gynemax is expensive when compared to similar products.
  • It seems unlikely and unrealistic to expect a supplement to target just one area of fat and eliminate it.
  • Ultimate Gynemax contains caffeine so those who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid this product because adverse side effects such as insomnia and irritability may occur.
  • Those taking MAOI's, SSRI's, antidepressants, NSAIDS, corticosteroids or certain other medications should not take this product.
  • Those who have diabetes, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, cardiovascular ailments or certain other medical conditions should not take Ultimate Gynemax.
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take this product.


Ultimate Gynemax does not really stand out from the rest of the supposed targeted area weight loss supplements available today. Ultimate Gynemax may not be an effective weight loss supplement because there does not seem to be any proven appetite suppressants or fat burners in it so those seeking a weight loss supplement with the ability to suppress the appetite and burn fat may want to research other products that are intended for appetite suppression and fat burning. Those seeking weight loss may also benefit from developing a healthy diet and exercise program that suits them and their lifestyle. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using Ultimate Gynemax is right for them.
Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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    how long was you taking it?

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      Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Ultimate Gynemax official website for more information.

  •  This product works for me.
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    Great appetite suppressant. Have lost 30 pounds in 10 months. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight and does not have other medical conditions.

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