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Ultimate ThermoFit Review - 11 Things You Need to Know

Ultimate ThermoFit is a fat burner made by It Works!, a well-known nutrition company. The product claims a couple of main ingredients, including acai berry and raspberry ketone, allows it to suppress appetite and burn off extra fat.

Unfortunately, an overwhelming amount of research has shown that fad diet ingredients like these are not effective at inhibiting appetite. When our research team took a look at Ultimate ThermoFit’s ingredient list, they made sure to pay particular attention to their claims of an increased metabolism with their botanical ingredients.

After looking through tons of clinical studies on herbal compounds in the formula, like bitter melon and dandelion root extract, we condensed all the facts to give you the bottom line on this supplement.

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What Is Ultimate ThermoFit?

Ultimate ThermoFit is a weight loss supplement from It Works! and is claimed to boost metabolism and help burn fat.

Additional claims relating to It Works! Ultimate ThermoFit include:

  • Antioxidant benefits
  • Promotes calorie burning
  • Curb appetite
  • Boost energy levels

Ultimate ThermoFit was created by MLM or direct-selling business It Works!. The company was founded in 2001 by Mark Pentecost. The goal of It Works! is to “help anyone, anywhere change their life, both physically and financially.”

So, do the main ingredients help physically?

  • BMC Obesity – “Capsaicinoids (CAPs) found in chili peppers and pepper extracts, are responsible for enhanced metabolism.”
  • Food & Function – Beyond the effect of reduced calories, raspberry ketones have no impact on weight.
  • Nutrition Journal – Acai may help with some parameters that affect obesity risk, but that could be attributed to the potent antioxidant properties of acai fruit.

Currently, Ultimate ThermoFit is not sold on the official It Works! website.

Ultimate ThermoFit Contact Information

Here is more information on how you can contact or get in touch with It Works!:

The company’s phone number is (800) 537-2395, while the address is 908 Riverside Drive, Palmetto, Florida 34221 or 4505 Newpoint Place, Lawrenceville, GA 30043.

Ultimate ThermoFit Competitors

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Ultimate ThermoFit Claims

According to It Works!, the diet pills contain a potent thermogenic mix meant to work as a stimulant that is supposed to increase fat burning. The company also alleges that its products comprise of all-natural ingredients that promote healthy weight loss if taken as directed.


Ultimate ThermoFit Ingredients

It Works! Ultimate ThermoFit ingredients include:

  • CapsiMax
  • Raspberry ketones
  • Acai fruit
  • Green tea
  • Gymnema leaf
  • Bitter melon fruit
  • Dandelion root

Details on Ultimate Thermofit Ingredients


Concentrated red pepper supplement is designed to allow for the hot pepper’s benefits without disturbing the digestive tract. There’s no strong connection to weight loss, despite claims made on the official website.

Raspberry ketones

Raspberry ketones are one of the molecules in raspberries that give it its taste. When it comes to losing weight, this supplement’s popularity went through the roof when trusted experts claimed it was a miracle of sorts. Unfortunately, science didn’t back up those claims.

According to Life Sciences, raspberry ketones may have anti-obesity properties.

Acai fruit

Acai is another fruit-based ingredient that stormed the market and was later found to be a fantastic antioxidant, but not a weight-loss ingredient. Based on a study published in the Biology of Sport, acai fruit does not affect performance in athletes.

Green tea

Packed with flavonoids, antioxidants, and a wealth of health benefits, green tea supplies about half the caffeine of coffee. Though the caffeine is partly responsible for use in weight-loss supplements, there’s also evidence it helps reduce inflammation and reduce plaque build-up in arteries, according to Harvard Health.

Gymnema Leaf

Gymnema leaf is thought to reduce sugar cravings because it makes sweet foods taste less appealing. The gymnemic acid suppresses sweetness. When consumed before meals, it blocks the sugar receptors on your taste buds.

According to Frontiers in Pharmacology, this ingredient may help with inflammation.

Bitter melon fruit

Bitter melon is used as a food and supplement across the world. Native to South America, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, this fruit supplies active substances that “work individually or together to help reduce blood sugar levels.” Though this does not directly affect weight, keeping blood sugar in check can also help keep carbohydrate cravings in check.

The Chinese Journal of Natural Medicine found that bitter melon may help with inflammation.

Dandelion root

Dandelion root is a natural diuretic, water pill, that has no connection to weight loss. In fact, dandelion isn’t proven to have any health benefits, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Does it Work?

Does Ultimate ThermoFit Work?

When the question of does It Works! Ultimate ThermoFit comes up; the clear answer is — results vary from person to person. However, when looking at some of the Ultimate ThermoFit ingredients, there’s a chance you’ll see results.

According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded data from laboratory studies have shown “green tea has an important role in fat metabolism by reducing food intake, suppressing appetite, and increasing energy.”


Ultimate ThermoFit Cost

On Amazon, the retail price for the diet pills is $65. This is a 20- day supply if taken at maximum dosage. Ultimate ThermoFit is no longer sold on the official It Works! website, in favor of a new product, ThermoFight X. As of September 2020, Ultimate Thermofit is listed Amazon at $58.


How To Use Ultimate ThermoFit

It’s recommended you take one Ultimate ThermoFit tablet, twice daily.

Side Effects

Potential Ultimate ThermoFit Side Effects

While there are no reports of side effects from Ultimate ThermoFit, there’s a chance some may notice side effects from Ultimate ThermoFit ingredients, including:

  • Upset stomach
  • Headaches
  • Rapid heart rate

Any Ultimate ThermoFit Lawsuits?

There are no current lawsuits against It Works!.

What Users Are Saying

“Works great lost 55 pounds it gives you energy. I could not be happier with the product that it did what said it was going to do. I did watch what I eat and I worked out everyday for three hours. And walked a lot.”

“2.5 weeks & a gain of 12 lbs later, even with eating less & exercising. I’m not sure why but I am retaining water & although I tried to work through it, I can barely walk now that my feet & ankles are so swollen. Don’t know for sure if it’s because of the product but the timing makes it very possible. UPDATE: it took 10 days without taking this supplement to lose the weight plus a little more. Perhaps my underlying conditions of underactive thyroid & diabetes caused the problem.”

“Love love love using the thermo! Helped me when u had cravings and I could cheat a little on my diet! It has no funny taste or smell. All natural product! I truly always have these in in purse, cubort and car just incase I need them! Easy to swallow!”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Ultimate ThermoFit

Should you be running out to buy up all the Ultimate ThermoFit? We appreciate that the company does have a professional-looking headquarters and international presence but we can’t give this one the thumbs up because weight-loss claims are not backed by science, and poor customer reviews leave the dieter questioning the effectiveness of the formula. We’re also concerned that the MLM marketing could cause trouble buying a small amount of the supplement.

With technology on the rise, there’s little doubt it will soon bleed into the weight-loss market and, for some, it already has. Weight-loss apps are growing in popularity, but not all are created equal.

The best weight-loss app we’ve found is the clinically-proven app Noom. The creators are doctors and nutrition experts who want to see you succeed. They cut no corners on this one, in addition to exercise tracking and an extensive food database, you also get human coaching, expert articles and much more.

We love that the company is confident enough in Noom to offer our readers a free trial offer – nice deal.

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Ultimate ThermoFit Review
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Ultimate ThermoFit

What are the side effects of ThermoFit?

According to customer reviews, Thermofit side effects may include constipation and headaches.

What is in Ultimate ThermoFit?

Ultimate ThermoFit ingredients are vitamin B12, chromium, capsicum fruit extract, raspberry ketones, acai fruit, green tea leaf, bitter melon, dandelion root and gymnema leaf.

What is the active ingredient in Ultimate ThermoFit?

The active ingredient in Ultimate ThermoFit is both acai berry and Capsimax.

Does Ultimate ThermoFit work?

We didn’t find any published research that expressly tested the Ultimate ThermoFit formula. There are studies into ingredients like green tea and caffeine, as but these two can be found in thousands of other weight-loss supplements.

How much does a bottle of ThermoFit cost?

A bottle of Ultimate ThermoFit costs $65 for a one-month supply. If you sign up for the auto-ship program you can save money. You must commit to at least three months to get this lower price.

When should I take ThermoFit?

You take one Ultimate ThermoFit capsule before breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you notice difficulty sleeping, skip the dinner serving as the product contains caffeine. One bottle contains 60 capsules, so that means it may last only 20 days.

Could Ultimate ThermoFit cause dehydration?

ThermoFit contains a stimulant and dandelion root, which work as diuretics. It is important to drink plenty of water with any weight-loss product or program to prevent dehydration.

Does Ultimate ThermoFit cause insomnia?

The stimulant in Ultimate ThermoFit may, indeed, affect sleep if taken too close to bedtime. Some users find taking one with breakfast and another at lunch is better than adding the evening serving.

Can I take Fat Fighter and ThermoFit together?

According to It Works!, all of their products are designed to be used together. However, for best results, users should take Thermofit prior to or with meals, while Fat Fighter should be taken an hour after meals.

29 Ultimate ThermoFit Reviews

  • Before Meal
    Your Name

    Before meal

  • Worked Well For me
    christina (Verified Purchase)

    I use thermostat regularly along with exercise and a balanced diet I am an it works distributor I’ve also used the wraps and the products have worked wonderfully for me!!! If you all have any questions about anything or would like to see before and after pics you can view my website and ask me questions thanks

    • Michelle

      I would like your website Christina and to know more about what products to take and how. Thank you.

      • Your Name

        I would like review your website Christina! I’m interested in this product and the wraps too!

  • Ultimate ThermoFit
    Rich (Editor)

    Hi Carolyn, always be sure to labels don’t warn against mixing products but if you’re looking help your weight loss you might want to see our top products of 2015.

  • Product is amazing!
    emily (Verified Purchase)

    I am a distributer with ItWorks and Thermofit is amazing! It has given me energy and has helped me loose and maintain the weight I needed off! It is not a water weightloss at all! If anything I tell my customers to drink more water when taking Thermofit.

    • Your Name

      I have been on Thermofit, fat fighters and greens for two weeks and no change in anything!

      • Your Name

        I lost 15 pounds in three Months from taking fat fighters

        • Anonymous

          Eating right and exercising with no supplements you should be able to lose 30 pounds in 3 months.. truth

    • Your Name

      So take it before or after meals?

      • Candace (Editor)

        You take one pill before each meal of your day. If you have trouble sleeping skip your dinner serving or the serving closest to bed time. More useful info in the Q&A section.

  • Melanie Sizemore

    My doctor approved thermofit as a product that does not contain anything that will speed up your heart. Great news for me! Always have your doctor approve any products you take!

  • Duh lol where you been?
    Your Name

    Duh lol where you been

    • sam

      wait I’m taking anti depressants will it jeopardize my medication if i take these pills?

  • Your Name

    Why would you wanna take any thang with that to be honset you should wait till ur done with that then get it ,,,from MISS,CONSCERND

    • Your Name

      Gina is taking alot safer stuff than thus CRAP.

  • Will it works ultimate thermofit still help me to lose weight?

    I’m at work all day from 9am and don’t get home until around 11pm 6 days a week. That being said I don’t have much time for exercise, other the the movements I do at work. Will itworks ultimate thermofit still help me to lose weight?

    • Lindsay

      Yes as long as you eat a healthy diet. You can check out more info on it by going to lindsayr.myitworks.com

    • Melanie

      You should add It Works Greens as well.

    • Keshia

      I’ve lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks while taking thermofit ! And thats with lil to no exercise considering I just got my leg out if a cast ! The key is to watch your sugar & carbs intake and drink lots and lots of water!

  • This product doesn't work me.
    isaac (Verified Purchase)

    that product sucks. I took it for 90 days drank 8 glasses of water each day. Yeah I turned into bladder man bcause of frequent urination for thermofit pill, but hell nothing beats good old fashion exercise.

    • dee

      But did you excercise??

    • Marissa

      Thermofit is meant to be taken WITH exercise as it helps boost the amount of calories you can burn in a workout by 3x!! Any questions ? leave me a line at my website marissachartrand.myitworks.com

      • Your Name

        Oh k this is my first time taking this product how do I take it I workout every day and eat

  • Going to start the product.

    I am a loyal customer I tried four wraps and the fat burner pills and profit shake and the body gel and I honestly don’t see any change I used all 4 applicators and still nothing like all the pictures I seen. So I think that’s a lie but going to try the thermofit next hopefully it will be better but I think the ultimate fit pack was a waste of my money to be honest

    • traci

      are you drinking plenty of water while wrapping? If so, then you are probably very toxic. It may take more than 4 wraps. the wraps are still pulling fat cells to the surface to flush but you have to drink lots of water, if you are not flushing the fat cells they are just going right back to where they came from 😉

      • Your Name

        That is not how your body or these wraps work! Jesus. Use some common sense.

  • Loved the product.
    Kristi (Verified Purchase)

    The thermofit comes from itworks. I used to sell them and still have a few. I think they cost around $45

  • I love this product!
    Kim (Verified Purchase)

    I absolutely LOVE this product, and fat fighter!! Just follow the instructions on the bottle, and the weight will come off. I’m down 9.5lbs in a moth period. I will keep taking it works products until I reach my goal weight.