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Ultra KLB6 Review- Does This Weight-Loss Supplement Work?

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By Summer Banks Jul 01, 2017

Give me two minutes of your time and I’ll tell you whether Ultra KLB6 actually works. After looking through hundreds of comments and reviews from actual users, we decided to dig a little deeper. We looked at the ingredients, research, customer service, and side effects. Then, we condensed and refined everything

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What is Ultra KLB6?

Firstly, Ultra KLB6 is a supplement that claims to be able to increase energy, boost metabolism, and aid in nutrition. The ingredients include Kelp, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin B6, and Cider Vinegar.

Ultra KLB6 is made by Holland & Barrett. The company has been operating for more than 145 years. You can buy directly from the official website. We like the longevity, and the all natural ingredients, but read on…

Not Sold in the United States – “A Problem?”

The first issue we came across was the fact that Holland & Barrett is not a company located in the United States. Ultra KLB6 can be shipped to some European countries, but it is not available for people in the US. There’s no mention of whether or not this is going to change in the near future.

No Potential for Weight-Loss With Ultra KLB6 – “Are We Serious?”

The star rating on the official website is a 1.8 out of 5. One review after the other talks about how it doesn’t work.

”This product is [ineffectiveness]. I am so disappointed,” said one user.

Another claimed, “Does not work whatsoever.”

Though, we did find a couple customers who were satisfied with the purchase.

As one put it, “I have re-ordered these again and I will continue to do so in the future.”

Our years of experience reviewing diet products has taught us that if there’s an issue, even a small one like a poor start rating, that is enough to turn the customer off to the company. If the official website for Ultra KLB6 lists a rating of less than 2 – that’s not a positive.

The Science – “Not Solid”

There aren’t any fat burners in this formula. Vitamin B6 can help with energy production, but you can find it in any multi-vitamin, and you can get it in supplement form on its own. Apple cider vinegar hasn’t been proven to help weight-loss. Here at DietSpotlight, we want to see the science that supports a product, and when we can’t, red flags go up.

The Bottom Line – Does Ultra KLB6 Work?

Should I race out for a bottle of Ultra KLB6? With the issues of effectiveness and low start rating, we are cautious about recommending this product. It’s just as easy to take a B6 supplement.

If you want to shed those extra pounds, why not try using a supplement that contains clinically tested ingredients, backed by a website with research and plenty of positive customer reviews?

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is Dietspotlight Burn. It’s made with four key ingredients that have all been clinically tested and shown safe and effective for helping boost metabolism and fight hunger. Our research into online customer feedback showed no mentions of harsh side effects or negative comments.

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Previous Ultra KLB6 Review (Updated September 10, 2012):

What You Should Know

Good 'N Natural is the maker of Ultra KLB6. Ultra KLB6 is a dietary supplement that is marketed as a way to help people lose weight. The Good 'N Natural company has been operating since 1980. The company does not have a consumer website with product information on it. the Ultra KLB6 product is hard to find available in any store and there is little discussion about what the product is supposed to do. On the bottle, the label states Ultra KLB6 will increase energy and metabolism. The label also promises to aid in nutrition. These are common claims in any weight loss supplement.

List Of Ingredients

According to the bottle label, Ultra KLB6 includes Kelp, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin B6, and Cider Vinegar. Kelp is supposed to be a good provider of iodine that the body needs in order to have a productive thyroid. The right amounts of iodine can improve functioning and promote a healthier weight. Soy Lecithin is commonly used in diets as a way to help lower cholesterol and triglycerides. This has not been proven to be helpful but is included in many diet formulas. Soy Lecithin is thought to help increase good cholesterol. Vitamin B6 is a common ingredient in weight loss ingredients because people think it works with the enzymes to improve the metabolic rate in the body. It is also thought to aid in metabolizing amino acids, glucose, lipids, and others. Apple Cider Vinegar is commonly used as an appetite suppressant. The vinegar might be helpful in treating obesity and diabetes through lower glucose levels and lower cholesterol.

Product Features

The Good 'N Natural company that produces Ultra KLB6 claims the company will provide people with a quality and low costs supplement. The price claim may be true as the products can be found for a low price when they are located. However the company provides no documentation about the product except for the ingredients. There are no scientific data available to support the weight loss capabilities of Ultra KLB6.


  • The Ultra KLB6 supplements are supposed to be all natural.
  • The Ultra KLB6 product is inexpensive.


  • There is no data provided by the maker to support the company's claim.
  • The product is hard to find and little information is available.


People who are seeking a weight loss supplement may choose to try Ultra KLB6 due to the low price. However, there is little information available about the product or the company even though the company has been in operation since 1980. There is simply no data that has been located to substantiate the claims from the company that the product will aid in an increased metabolism or energy. The company provides no clinical trials or other information that would be helpful to the consumer.
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Rating: 3.6. From 65 votes.
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Ultra KLB6 Review

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  Can take with levothyroxine?

Is KLB6 safe to take if you are taking levothyroxine?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Marti! Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.


this can be combined, but you should inform your doctor. I’ve been hypothyroidism with Hashimoto since 1990 diagnosed. The klb6 helps with foggy feeling keeps me alert.

  Need more details about this program
Dr.M.Nadir Khan

Hello sir,
I have seen your product for wt.loss.Let me know more about it.Thanks

  Does Ultra KLB6 works with other tablets?

im taking tablets from doctor is it safe to take klb6 aswell thankyou

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Jackie! Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  Is ok to tack celevac tables as well?

Is ok to tack celevac tables as well

  Is this safe for my condition?

can you take this if you have epilepsy?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Laruen! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a product.


I tried a box but nothing happened so i spoke again with H&B and they told me you need to do it minimum 2 months, so i bought another 2 boxes as they where in offer and the only thing i manage was to spend my time and money cause nothing happened

Avraham Razi

Thyroid Support(Cpht).

  Loved the product.
Ann (Verified User)

I take klb6 now and again ,I started to take them to see if would help with my weight loss they didn’t but are a great help with my restless legs and good for the bowels, doctor could not explain why as he didn’t know anything about klb6