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Venus Freeze Review - Does This Lipo Alternative Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 09, 2017

We’ve heard a lot of buzz about Venus Freeze, so we decided to check out the details, side effects, customer service and clinical research. We took it upon ourselves to read through hundreds of reviews. Then, we summarized it all to give you the bottom line.

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What is Venus Freeze?

First off, Venus Freeze is a liposuction alternative that uses suction and heat to “melt” away fat. The underlying science is a little more complicated than that. Treatments are typically sold in packages with a minimum of six, in most cases, to see substantial results. All procedures are completed in an office and they last between 15 and 40 minutes. It’s not supposed to cause any pain or bruising.

We think Venus Concept is the company behind Venus Freeze. The official website was purchased in 2011. You can’t buy treatments online, but you can locate an office near you to set up an appointment. We like that the procedure is non-invasive and the price is lower than traditional liposuction, but read on…

Venus Freeze Results – “Lacking for Everyone?”

Our first consideration with Venus Freeze was results. “You’re paying between $500 and $2000 in most cases,” says our Research Editor. “The last thing you want it to walk away with no changes.”

  • “I was hoping for the same stunning results. Yet, this time, they didn’t quite fulfill my expectations,” was one experience.
  • Another person said, “Well, 11 treatments later and…NO CHANGE in the lumps and no tightening of the skin either. It did not work for me.”

We did find some people who liked the changes they saw.

  • “So, far I am very pleased with my choice and the results it delivered,” said one patient.
  • Another offered, “I have recently undergone Venus Freeze for my midsection and, in general, I am satisfied by the outcome.”

Discomfort – “Not Supposed to Hurt?”

Unfortunately, there are more than a few reports that Venus Freeze causes some discomfort.

  • One person offered, “The procedure is “uncomfortable,” not painful, and certainly not unbearable, just uncomfortable.”
  • Another shared, “It was really discomforting.”

Pain or discomfort was not an issue for everyone.

  • “After 15 min on each leg, I was almost a little confused since there was no pain, or overheating, or zap or anything,” a customer said.
  • “The treatment was so relaxing and enjoyable that I fell asleep,” was another experience.

Well, we’ve found through years of research that a small thing, like discomfort, could be enough to cut back any chance of long-term success. If Venus Freeze causes any amount of pain, or if it doesn’t offer lasting results, there’s a good chance the patient won’t go back for additional treatments.

The Science – “Does Research Say It Works?”

The FDA has approved Venus Freeze, so it has been clinically tested and proven. It will not promote weight-loss and it is not meant for use by people who are overweight. The ideal patient is of a normal weight with a small amount of excess fat or sagging skin.

Does Venus Freeze Work?

Are we scheduling an appointment at the nearest clinic right now? Well, we like that the FDA has approved the treatment and there’s no doubt it can work in some cases, but we are hesitant to suggest it for multiple reasons. First, it’s not ideal for someone who is overweight. The cost and reports of lackluster results are other things to consider.

If you’re ready to actually lose weight, not just tighten skin, we suggest a clinically tested supplement with some strong, positive customer testimonials.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. The four ingredients in the formula are clinically tested and shown to help spark metabolism and fat loss. We like that few, if any, users report side effects and that many are talking about amazing results.

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Previous Venus Freeze Review (Updated September 12, 2013):

What You Should Know About Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze is a skin and cellulite treatment that is non-invasive. According to the multitude of websites geared toward promoting the procedure. As is the case with all non-invasive cellulite treatments, Venus Freeze will only work on select clients. If you are overweight or obese this treatment will not help you lose weight. The idea is to slim down little pockets of cellulite, temporarily. The effects will not be permanent and it takes up to 10 treatments to reach optimal effects.

List of Ingredients in Venus Freeze


  • Cellulite reduction procedure.

Product Features in Venus Freeze

The Venus Freeze procedure requires 15 minutes for a facial and 40 minutes per body treatment. The information we found did not mention how large of an area is treated in those 40 minutes, but we feel fairly certain the 40 minute treatment will not span the entire body.

During treatment you will receive what feels like a hot stone massage with the Venus Freeze machine. The machine uses a combination of radio frequencies and magnetic pulse to tighten skin and reduce the look of cellulite. The treatment, which has been covered on the television show The Doctors, claims to promote blood vessel and collagen growth. The radio frequencies are supposed to promote lipolysis.

We noticed on several occasions the words clinically proven, but we did not notice any links to the clinical studies on any website promoting the procedure. Venus Freeze procedures can cost around $1,250 per treatment area. The price will vary by area treated and where in the US you receive treatment. We also found the Venus Freeze machine listed for sale online for slightly less than $40,000.


  • The Venus Freeze is non-invasive.
  • There could be clinical proof the procedure increases blood vessel and collagen growth.
  • The before and after photos are impressive.


  • The Venus Freeze procedure costs more than $1,000 per area treated.
  • The size of the area treated could increase the price higher.
  • The procedure is elective and will not be covered by most insurance companies.
  • The effects take up to 10 treatments to fully work.
  • Will not increase weight loss or fat loss permanently.

Conclusion: Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze may be the ideal treatment for people of normal weight who want to reduce the look of cellulite, but there are tons of cellulite treatments out there and many work in generally the same way. The Venus Freeze procedure is not going to help you lose weight, eat less or burn more calories.

Venus Freeze Questions & Answers:

We looked at hundreds of user reviews about Venus Freeze to create this useful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Venus Freeze?

Venus Freeze side effects, based on customer comments, include allergic reactions and skin irritation.

What are the ingredients in Venus Freeze?

Unlike many weight-loss products, the Venus Freeze is actually a device that is supposed to minimize the appearance of cellulite.

Does Venus Freeze work?

While there have been studies relating to the effectiveness of Venus Freeze, the results centered on tightening of the skin, not weight-loss or fat-loss.

While Venus Freeze could possibly be promising, you may want to consider a supplement like Leptigen, which is affordable and contains some clinically-tested ingredients which have been shown to accelerate fat loss and jump start metabolism.

How much does Venus Freeze cost?

The price for the Venus Freeze procedure depends on how many treatments the person requires. Most patients report paying between $500 and $2000.

How often will I need to undergo the Venus Freeze?

The number of Venus Freeze treatments needed varies by the individual.

Can I use the Venus Freeze procedure if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, anyone taking prescription medications or anyone under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to undergoing any type of treatment, including Venus Freeze.

What do users like about Venus Freeze?

Many users did like the results they experienced with the Venus Freeze process.

What do users not like about Venus Freeze?

Some did not like the Venus Freeze process as they found it to be painful.

How do I contact the Venus Freeze customer service department?

You can contact Venus Freeze by phone at 1-888-497-5031 or you can find your local clinic by using the location finder.

Can I purchase a Venus Freeze machine for my home?

No, you can’t purchase a Venus Freeze for your home.

Does the Venus Freeze system use lasers?

No, the Venus Freeze system doesn’t use lasers. The company uses pulsed electro-magnetic fields to increase oxygen.

Do Venus Freeze come with a guarantee?

Venus Freeze doesn’t come with a guarantee.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Venus Freeze?

There are no deals or discounts on Venus Freeze listed on the official website. However, our readers have been thinking about long-term weight-loss, so they’ve been taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a try.

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Rating: 3.4. From 21 votes.
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Venus Freeze Review

How Does Venus Freeze Compare?

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Has anyone experienced burns and blistering from venus freeze and legacy? I have suffered major burns and blistering on my face and arms every now and then. The heat is so intense that I cannot wait until it is over. Not sure what is going on.


I have blistering and redness near my eye I had this done in may still suffering tried creams fri a physician to help . What have you done to help with your blistering ?


Darlene the heat should not be that intense. You could loose fat from the area if it is too hot resulting in sagging skin. Tell them to turn down the heat and move the wand slower! Good luck!

Hi Darlene, you should definitely consult with a doctor about those burns before continuing the Venus Freeze treatment.

Your Name shivani

i have treatment for weight loss with venus freeze i alrady take my 6 session but no change and not to small itchloss i waiste my time and money


I had a very disappointing experience with Venus Freeze.It cost me $1200 and no result what so ever! I did it for my double chin and neck and had to spend more money on Kybella that really delivered the resuls for double chin.


i think this product not working for me at all . i think i just waist my money …i did 4 tratement and i didnt notecd any change. i want to ask doctore for my money back


I would like to know how much it costs for the face and how many times i would have to go and how long before i have to go again for the procedure? Thank you.


It cost $3,100, but they say they will give discount of $1,500.00.
Yes it takes 8 treatments. Don’t know about that.


Hi, any idea if ONLY aesthetic will charge $1600 for 8 sessions of Venus freeze. If it’s so I like to sign up. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

Angelica Gonzalez

I paid over $2,000 for Venus treatment for my face and neck and a 8 sessions later, absolutely no changes at all. My neck started to look even more saggy than before the treatment. I am very disappointed since my goal was to get rid of my turkey neck and now feel it made it worse. I am now looking into other alternatives to correct the turkey neck and now I am very skeptical of what treatment to actually trust. For those of you considerering this procedure do yourself a favor and Do not waste your money. It is not I repeat Not worth it at all. I had to drive 2 hours for every treatment. I wanted to let everyone know so that the same thing does not happen to someone else. I have photos to prove this. I can forward them via email since I did take before photos assuming I would be pleased with the results.