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ViSalus Trim Slim Shape Review - Does This Weight-Loss Program Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 09, 2017

Why are people talking about ViSalus Trim Slim Shape? Our in-depth review examined the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer-service quality. Additionally, we analyzed hundreds of user comments and testimonials. Then, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is ViSalus Trim Slim Shape?

To start with, ViSalus Trim Slim Shape is a weight-loss program consisting of five supplements, including Nutritional Shake Mix, Health Flavor Mix-Ins, Metab-Awake tablets, Clear Control Drink Mix, and Deter-Mints. The ingredients include protein, fruit extracts, greet tea, guarana, glucosamine sulfate, dicaffeine malate, astragalus, theobroma cocoa, yerba mate, forslean, garcinia cambogia, hoodia gordonii, gymnema sylvestre leaf and l-carnitine. Use according to the directions (twice daily) and supposedly you’ll shed unwanted pounds.

ViSalus Trim Slim Shape was released back in 2008 from Body by Vi. The kit is sold on the official website and through distributors. We like the longevity of the company and that we located some positive customer comments, but read on…

ViSalus Trim Slim Shape Side Effects – “Not Good!”

The first concern relates to ViSalus Trim Slim Shape side effects. “When dieters purchase supplements, they expect results,” said our Research Editor. “They  shouldn’t have to worry about adverse reactions.”

One user said, “These ViSalus Trim Slim Shape shakes made me very constipated. I thought they were supposed to do the opposite. Very disappointed.”

Another commented, “These shakes made me have gas.”

Although side effects are rare, they may not occur with everyone.

“No side effects to speak of. Everything is going good,” commented a customer.

Lack of Results – “Gaining Weight?”

Another issue we found in reviews of ViSalus Trim Slim Shape centered on lack of results. One person reported, “I have seriously gained weight since starting the shakes. I have the same exercise program, but gained two pounds.”

“Interesting diet program. But I won’t do it again. The truth is I didn’t really see much of a benefit,” mentioned another.

We found that some users did notice results while following ViSalus Trim Slim Shape.

“This cuts down my appetite a little. Only slight changes in the scale,” commented a dieter.

“Solid results so far. I’ll keep going to see what happens,” stated another.

Our research has shown if there is some particular part of a diet program that is especially troublesome, like lack of results could put a damper on long-term success. Therefore, if ViSalus Trim Slim Shape doesn’t help you lose weight, is it really worth it?

The Science – “Any At All?”

Here at DietSpotlight, we prefer to see some published research that backs up the diet program and its weight-loss claims. Sadly, we could not pinpoint any documented science that supports ViSalus Trim Slim Shape. Therefore we cannot get behind this weight reduction system.

The Bottom Line – Does ViSalus Trim Slim Shape Work?

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for. Here is our bottom line on the ViSalus Trim Slim Shape weight-loss program. First off, we like that this diet system is easy to purchase online and it’s fine for women and men alike. However, we have some reservations about it because it’s not backed by any documented science. Also, we’re concerned about the unpleasant side effects and weight gain that some users have reported.

If you’d like to shed more pounds, then we encourage you to go with a diet program or supplement that is supported by solid clinical research, does not cause any unpleasant adverse effects and will definitely not lead to weight gain.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. Its formula is a proprietary blend of four powerful ingredients, which have been shown in published clinical research to help accelerate fat loss and boost metabolism. We can’t find any discouraging user remarks online, and comments around the web indicate people are seeing great results.

The makers of Leptigen are so confident in their product they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is very encouraging.


Previous ViSalus Trim Slim Shape Review (Updated May 29, 2013):

What You Should Know about ViSalus Trim Slim Shape

The ViSalus Trim Slim Shape Program uses a mix of dietary and nutritional supplements to create a weight loss tools. ViSalus states the Trim Slim Shape system combines scientifically proven ingredients to burn fat, boost metabolism and calm hunger. The program features nutrition with reduced calories, and products to curb hungry while increasing energy. The program utilizes the Shape Up Health Flavor mix-ins with anti-aging and energy supplements to create a diet base that is low in fat and calories. ViSalus claims their system deals with the three main components of obesity and yo-yo dieting, calories, energy and hunger.

ViSalus Trim Slim Shape Ingredients

Vary based on product

Product Features

ViSalus offers a diet program designed to curb hunger and increase metabolism. Included in the plan are the Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix, Shape-Up Health Flavor Mix-Ins, Vi-Slim Metabolism Boosting Tablets and the Vi-Trim Take Hold of your Hunger Drink Mix. Each product works to effectively deal with different problems that come with developing a healthy lifestyle and proper weight. The Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix comes in one flavor and contains proteins, digestive enzymes and fiber. Users mix this powder with water or non-fat soymilk to create a meal replacement. The Vi-Slim Metabolism Boosting Tablets contain a formula the burns fat without stimulants or a jittery feeling. Purchasing of products is done in monthly bundles. Each pricing level contains different options. The basic "Balance Kit" contains 30 servings of Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix, an assortment of Health Flavors and online access to website support. This package sells for $49 a month. The "Core Kit" provides anti-aging and energy formulas as well as balanced nutrition. This feature contains shakes, Vi-Pak dietary supplement and Energy drink mixes. The Core Kit sells for $199 a month.

Advantages of ViSalus Trim Slim Shape

  • Products delivered to your door for easy accessibility.
  • Online support system offers recipes, menus, nutritional information and exercise tools.

Disadvantages of ViSalus Trim Slim Shape

  • There is no mention of nutritional counseling or a actual "person" support system.
  • The different levels of product bundles might be confusing for some consumers.


ViSalus Trim Slim Shape is an online diet program that provides nutritional supplements, energy drinks and proteins shakes to decrease caloric intake while burning fat and boosting the metabolism. Each price level contains an additional component. For example, the basic kit or Balance kit features the shakes and fruit drinks. As you move up the line of program options, you pay more and receive additional products, such as the fat burning pills. The highest priced package, Transformation Kit, retails for $249 a month and contains all of the products offered by ViSalus including vitamins. All pricing levels provide website access. One thing lacking in this program is any mention of nutritional or dietary counseling. Unlike other popular diet systems, there is no obvious human contact. The system seems to be advice and products. Most dieters turn to a program such as Trim Slim Shape to help them through the day-to-day process of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is unclear whether VISalus offers that type of support or just sells diet products.

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Rating: 4.0. From 12 votes.
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ViSalus Trim Slim Shape Review

How Does ViSalus Trim Slim Shape Compare?

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I am very obese and I had the Lap-Band surgery in 2009. I lost about 100 pounds but could not lose anymore. I was unable to drink any of the shakes from the health food stores. They all made me sick. These shakes are a requirement after the surgery to lose weight. I went to a Body By Vi party that someone I know was hosting. I tasted the shakes and did not get sick. I am able to get back on the Lap-Band requirement and Body By Via follows the exact lap-band diet on the 2 shakes a day and 1 sensible meal and 2 less that 100 calories snacks such as fruit and yogurt. I lost 4 lbs and I have not been on it but a week.


You guys who had no support had bad luck, my uplink is phenomenal, we chat everyday. And had a full tutorial on how to use the product. It works great for me, I am on for 8 days and lost 11 pounds.

David Musselman

I couldn’t disagree more on almost every point you made. I am 63 years old and Visalus has totally changed my life. I had stopped all sports because I thought I was just too old. I had joint pain, back pain, and when I crawled out of a chair I would almost blackout. I’ve been on Visalus for 3 years and I have only been sick once and that was for one day. I have more energy than when I was in my twenties. I played six sets of tennis with a 38 year old guy the other day and I beat him 5 out of 6. I lost 60 pounds and decided to lose another 30. it’s the easiest lifestyle in the world because I have 1 bowl of Visalus cereal, one shake a day and then eat what I want for my third meal and I’ve never felt better and I don’t have to spend a lot of time deciding what my diet is going to be. When I read these other reviews I wondered if we were even talking about the same thing because I experienced none of the negative things they mentioned and for me Visalus has been a Godsend. its your life do what you want but for me, as long as they’re making this stuff I’m taking it.

Your Name


Alice J.

This is just slim fast with nicer packaging.

Ms. Thomas

You are so correct, slim fast will do the same and cost less. I was rope into buying this product, it was no big deal so I decided to stop shipment, they kept sending. I refused a package and two later got the same package back. They will not give out return labels or guarantee their products. Best thing to do is eat less and get active.

heather barrett

I would like to sell visalis who do I contact

Tim Nihoul

I have used protein shakes for over 15 years. The ViSalus product is by far the best tasting product I’ve found. As a promoter, I’ve seen transformations that are amazing – from that person losing well over 200 lbs to the skinny kid who has been able to put on lean muscle. If you are interested in learning more so you can make your own decision contact me. In addition, for the person looking to make a part-time or full-time income Vi works.


Well said Barb. Those who think that celebrities are good, honest people need to give their heads a shake. They are merely overpaid salespeople and as fake as they come.
Also, there really is no miracle weight loss program known to date and there likely never will be. Exercise and a healthy, wholesome diet, along with ruling out disorders such as hypothyroidism, are essential weight loss strategies.
I’m not saying these products are totally bad – some may be helpful to get people started along their path to better health – but if used at all, they should only be for short term, and in moderation.


After drinking the shakes for 90 days I did not lose weight, but rather gained a few pounds which came right off once I stopped drinking the daily shake. They do taste good and might increase energy but despite working out regularly…I gained a few pounds. I am not really overweight, but was looking to continue to tone up and stay fit….Disappointed…

Your Name

were you on 1 or 2 shakes a day? Remember the protein will build muscle. I don’t sell it. I don’t push it. It is working for me though


I tried the ViSalis shakes and the only thing I lost was my money. No weight lose whatsoever. A friend of mine who started the program with me also had the same bad results. It seemed to me during the introduction of the product by the “support team” that the company was only interested in signing up new members to sell the product. I heard more about “earning” a new car than I did about the ingredients or how ViSalis works. I’m sorry I wasted my money.


From my perspective, you can keep on yelling or adamantly trying to get the Body by Vi followers to wake the heck up. Read up on the product people – it is not worth the money and might even be ‘bad’ for you. Anyone can lose weight in the first few weeks with starvation. Better to fix your brain and your relationship with food. The simple answer is to quit eating garbage, move your body, follow a low glycemic diet and you will always win. It is simple science folks!

Kay J.

I have atrial fibrillation and am taking aspirin daily to keep my blood thin. Would there be any problems in taking ViSalus given this health issue.


Same question: taking blood thinners (Pradaxa) and beta blockers. Are there any contraindications? Thanks.


Man, could you YELL anymore? Curious why the tone of your post has to be condescending. Do what works for you. Period.


I am on week one of the 90-day program, and I love it!! The shakes are good, and you are able to customize them to your taste. I use almond milk instead of regular milk, and for breakfast, I add the mix, milk, and mixed frozen fruit, and blend it all up in the blender. I swear the shake tastes just like the ones you can get at Juice It Up or Jamba Juice. And for lunch, I make a shake with the powder, an espreso shot, and a tablespoon of cocoa powder. So tasty!! Dinner is usually something like chicken breast, salmon, small steak, or tilapia with a fresh veggie like brussel sprouts, asparagus, squash, brocoli, etc. and brown rice, or sweet potato. For snacks, we have something like a Special K bar, or granola bar, mixed fruit and nut mix, celery and peanut butter, or even string cheese. This plan is all about moderation and common sense.


You are suppose to eat a sensibly meal along with the shakes, not just the shakes for your daily caloric intake! The shakes are awesome and really work!


I was on the shakes for two weeks drank one for breakfast and lunch with snacks in between then a regular meal for dinner. I lost 9 pounds but stopped the diet because I felt bad the whole time I was on it. I didn’t have much energy and it would give me a headache and the shakes some times. the day I got off this stuff and started eating regular meals I felt so good and had energy but also gained the wait back now after 3 weeks. I don’t know what it was but its not for me. I’m a 5ft 10 guy at 220lbs and workout at the gym 3 days a week some days I had to cut my workout short cause I didn’t have the energy to do it. I know people who have done good on this and claim it gave them energy. It just didn’t work for me.


I think the ones on here that are dismissing visalus are making excuses for their health, no nothing of nutrition and not that I care if you use the product or not. You dying at 57 yrs of age or 87 makes no difference to me. However I will say this to a few comments I seen. First our bodies are designed to digest real food. There isn’t that much “real” food anymore. Its all been genetically modified, filled with hormones and don;t those that organic bs back unless you go and research how little requirements are needed to tag something organic or natural for that fact. You would be surprised. AS for naturally thin? Not sure what that is suppose to mean but guess what. NOBODY IS NATURALLY FAT. FAT nor the ability to store fat is genetic. Yes there are those that have this disease or syndrome. CHANGE IT BY DIET and exercise/active. As for on VI shakes and gaining weight. Well HELLO better nutrition feeds muscles. She didn’t say he gained in size. I have lost 25 lbs and now my weight is climbing again due to muscle mass. Get a grip people. Change your health and stop making ya usual lame ass excuses.


My shape kit is on order and I am SUPER excited to try it!!! Im 34 yrs old and have never been over weight but i just had my 4th child 11 months ago and can’t seem to shed the weight this time, plus my energy level has gone way down! So again SUPER EXCITED!!!


I am currently awaiting my shake mix and Neuro, and excited to get going on it. I am a half-marathon runner and a Bikram yogi, and I supplement my diet with a daily shake to optimize health and energy. The Neuro product, used prior to and during my runs, provides mental focus, intensity, and endurance. Visalus is not just for “lazy” people looking for eay weight loss. It is also for athletes looking for optimization. In fact, the products were introduced to me by professional football players.


The product was introduced to me by a personal friend who is an award winning body builder.


I have just started the shakes but was just told by my doctor to stop taking anything herbal because I will be having knee surgery at the end of the month. Do the Visalus shakes/pills have anything herbal in them?


You people kill me that make comments like “this is for lazy people” and “I stay trim by watching what I eat!” You don’t know all these people that are on this program. You don’t know what their circumstances are, who they are, what they look like, or what their health situation is. You deemed yourself judge, and jury on your own. If you are happy with the way you eat and exersize, then Great!! But don’t judge these people. And if you’re so happy with what you’re doing, why are you on here putting negative comments? Just live your life and don’t dog these people and cut them down just because they are trying a product you don’t like. I would hate to have you people as support teams. You’re all about tearing people down instead of trying to encourage them. And I don’t care about what your reply is…your comments say it all….


LOVE IT RENEE! LOVE IT! Every word you said is right on! I have Rhematoid Arthritis and have had countless problems this year with my knee. I am scheduled for my second surgery. So, obviously I haven’t been able to exercise and have gained weight. So I completely agree with you! These people can’t tell us to get off the couch and exercise! I wish I could!


Thanks you Renee and Melissa for saying that. I wish Icould exercise. I have neuropathy and when I exercise I blister on the bottom of my right foot which can lead to infections. I was told by my doctor to try the GNC shakes. I did and all made me sick. This is the only one that my body can handle. People are quit to call obese people lazy but do not know the situation.