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Warrior Diet Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

Give me two minutes of your time and I’ll tell you whether or not you should give the Warrior Diet a try. We checked out the details, side effects, clinical research and customer service. We scoured the internet in search of reviews and testimonials. Then, with all this info in hand, we refined and condensed to give you the bottom line.

Warrior Diet can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is the Warrior Diet?

The Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler is a weight loss fasting program that involves skipping meals during the day and having a large meal in the evening. Exercise and workouts accompany this diet. The exercise is during the day when you are fasting to help burn fat.

The Warrior Diet, for both women and men, is akin to a warrior’s lifestyle. During ancient times, warriors were busy during the day, either fighting or looking for food so they had no time to eat. In the evenings, they would rest and indulge in heavy meals that would take them through another day of fasting and work.

Anyone on the Warrior Diet should have minimal food during the day, other than a few snacks the diet recommends and fluids. The fasting period should be about 20 hours.

For people on the Warrior Diet, the nightly meal should consist of vegetables and proteins, which make up the larger part of the Warrior Diet food list. Some other types of food are best to avoid or include in your diet sparingly. You have to be very careful what you load on your plate because the wrong choice of food can easily lead to weight gain.

Warrior Diet

Warrior Diet Competitors

Ketosis Diet
Paleo Diet
Eat Stop Eat

How Did the Warrior Diet Start?

After serving with the Israeli Special Forces, Ori Hofmekler created the Warrior Diet meal plan.

This was in 2001, inspired by the ancient warriors of Sparta and Rome. Hofmekler did not use any scientific backing to come up with his diet but merely his own observations. He built his diet plan on the idea of eating like a warrior, consuming your “hunt” at night.

With his plan, he aims to ease users into eating only a single meal per day. He claims that this austere program lengthens your life.

The diet, which some people refer to as the Ori Hofmekler Warrior Diet, has absolutely no studies to back up its success or failure. During his days in the army, Hofmekler believed that people lost weight and had boosts of energy by eating once a day and working out the following day.

Though today we live in a civilized world with no warrior-like tendencies, the Warrior Diet remains popular and retains the same name.


Warrior Diet Claims

There is no scientific backing to the effectiveness of the Ori Hofmekler Warrior Diet. Every person that indulges in the Warrior Diet plan should do so with caution.

You have to remember that we live in a completely different world from that of ancient times. We do not go to war. Instead, we have cars, planes, and escalators that make movement and work easier. Our supply of food is more abundant today than it was during ancient times.

You can stop at any shop for your favorite candy, pizza or fast food, so you need plenty of self-discipline to stick with the Warrior Diet.

Warrior or not, before you go on the Warrior Diet meal plan, seek a nutritionist’s guidance on proper weight loss tips and what ingredients to include in your diet.

Warrior Diet foods


Warrior Diet Ingredients

Ori Hofmekler believes that today people have trouble losing weight and keeping fit because they lack the warrior discipline of dieting.

This Warrior Diet plan does not recommend the intake of processed foods. Warriors have to choose whole and natural foods in their place.

The Warrior Diet list consists of many different kinds of foods. What you do not have to worry about though is stocking up throughout the day. You just focus on cooking one heavy and balanced meal at the end of your day, and you are good to go.

Below is one of the many Warrior Diet food lists that you can start with. During your fasting period:


When you are fasting, all you need are small quantities of fresh produce and natural foods. You can either take them raw or blend them up into a healthy juice. These should be in minimal quantities.

The Warrior Diet sample day meal plan includes:

  • Fruits – mangoes, grapes, berries, bananas, apples, melons, peaches.
  • Vegetable salad – cabbage, Brussel sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, salad dressing.
  • Dairy products – unsweetened/ plain yogurt and cheese.


  • Beans and other legumes
  • Beef, pork or mutton
  • Chicken or turkey
  • Fish like salmon, snapper, sole, and eggs
  • Lean protein

Before eating your protein meal, you should first have a good helping of a salad-type meal.

Take your protein Warrior Diet meal on rotation. This means that you do not have it every night.

Warrior Diet results


Sample Warrior Diet Exercises

Ori Hofmekler invented the Warrior Diet with the idea that people should also do rigorous exercise alongside the diet.

Some exercises that users can perform include:

  • Neck tilts — one set, 10 repetitions
  • Neck rotations (both directions) – one set, 10 repetitions
  • Shoulder, arm, wrist, waist, and ankle rotations (both directions) –one set, 10 repetitions for each
  • Lunges (both sides) – one set, 10 repetitions
  • Jumping jacks –one set, 10 repetitions
  • Jumping forward lunges –one set, 10 repetitions
  • Ab Crunches –two sets, 10 repetitions
  • Forward and side plank – two sets each, hold for 20 seconds
  • Scissor and outward kicks – two sets each, 10 repetitions
  • Push-ups – one set, 10 repetitions
  • Dancing/swimming/sports/cycling/walking/jogging – 30-45 minutes
  • Yoga or meditation – 30-45 minutes
  • Stretches

Does the Warrior Diet Work?

Many people were on the Warrior Diet plan long before they realized that it was a diet plan.

People fighting obesity and some diseases benefit a lot from this diet plan. Studies show that it not only transforms your body but your mind as well. The workout plan builds up your muscles and allows you to burn off more fat from your body.

Fasting trains your brain to stop unnecessarily binging on food during the day, which also helps you maintain your weight and shed the extra pounds you have.

There is also scientific proof that it slows down aging in animals, so fasting does the same to humans.

One thing to note is that people have different body builds. With regard to the Warrior Diet, what might work for one person may not necessarily work for you. Choose the right foods if you want the diet to work for you.

Usually, when most people are tired at night, they do not have time to cook healthy meals that require many different ingredients. There is a tendency to reach out for the fastest food you can find.

People in such cases go for foods like pizza and other unhealthy, calorie-dense, fast food.

This is not part of the Warrior Diet and if after fasting, you break the fast by eating unhealthy foods, and then the results will not be beneficial.

Warrior Diet Benefits

Benefits & Results

Warrior Diet Benefits and Results

The Warrior Diet reviews show that for people that stick to the diet and supplement intermittent fasting with Ori Hofmekler Warrior Diet supplements, the benefits are immense. Some of the potential advantages you get from strictly following the Warrior Diet plan are:

  • An improvement in overall health – from vitality to virility.
  • Metabolism boost.
  • Instinctive and healthy eating patterns.
  • Lean muscle mass increase.
  • Slowing down the aging process and heightening the ability to eat lightly throughout the day.
  • The freedom to over-eat and enjoy food without the typical diet guilt.

Warrior Diet for women can help them to control their estrogen levels

Details on the Warrior Diet and Weight Loss

Warrior Diet’s intermittent fasting and workout method is the best way to lose weight. Even after binging on food after fasting, you work out the following day, which makes everything you ate the previous night break down. By exercising and working out often, you burn body fat faster and your body has more energy.

The Warrior Diet plan has a limited number of calories that do not pile up as fat reserves.


How to Use the Warrior Diet

Start your Warrior Diet as soon as you get up in the morning. A tall glass of water does wonders upon waking up. Follow this up with a few nuts or any other very light snack. Have a cup of coffee, a vitamin D supplement from the Ori Hofmekler Warrior Diet supplements, and that amounts to enough calories taken in for the morning.

  • Your first snack, around noon, should be another cup of coffee, a few blackberries, mix some casein protein in water and drink that up, and this will total up to about 170 calories.
  • For the second Warrior Diet snack, around 4:30 pm, have a protein shake and a few blackberries, which total to 170 more calories. This should also be your pre-workout snack.
  • At 5:00 pm, do some simple exercises and a workout.
  • At 6:30 pm, have a post-workout snack of a cup of almond milk, some cherry juice, ice cubes to cool you down, a whey protein scoop, a scoop of casein, and another scoop of peanut butter. The total post-workout calories should be about 610 calories.
  • Breaking the fast, the first meal starts at 7:00 pm with vegetables, animal proteins, carbs, multi-vitamins and some salad.
  • Breaking the fast, the second meal at around 9:30 pm should have eggs – around six of them – or anything with the same amount of calories.

The plan above does not have any specific foods on the list because your food ingredients will change every day. Make sure whatever is on your plate is healthy and fresh. Also, ensure to drink 9-10 glasses of water per day.

For more information on the Warrior Diet sample meal plan, visit the Warrior website or read the Warrior Diet PDF.

Warrior Diet side effects

Side Effects

Potential Warrior Diet Side Effects

When you are hungry after a day of fasting, chances are you might want to reach out for the easiest and fastest food available. You might not have the time to prepare a healthy Warrior Diet meal.

Being tired and overworked can cause anyone to reach out for something that will bring back a burst of energy quickly. Instead of staying healthy and losing weight, you might do the opposite. Eating a large feast as the plan dictates, but choosing an unhealthy one, will cause you to gain more pounds and expose your body to worse health.

Exercising on an empty stomach might be okay for some people. However, for others, it might be a problem. Fasting could lead to fatigue, dizziness, dehydration, and poor performance due to body weakness.

It is almost impossible to have all the Warrior Diet ingredients in one meal. This means that to include every major one, you will eat several times in a day. For some, that is too much time spent cooking up recipes to be successful with the diet plan.

There is also the likelihood that some people, even after following the diet plan as indicated, gain weight instead of losing it. This is due to people having different body builds and genetic factors. Some people may not shed calories after fasting as quickly as others would.

Warrior Diet warnings

Product Warnings

Warrior Diet Product Warnings

The Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler, though without scientific proof, has many product warnings that can lead to serious health problems if you ignore them. It is therefore essential that you ask for a doctor or nutritionist’s opinion before starting the diet plan.

Not everyone can fast and stay healthy until the next meal. If you experience heart problems, do not fast.

Make sure you get all the calorie counts correct when preparing your food so that you do not have ingredients exceeding the number of calories you’re allowed. That will not help you with weight loss or keeping fit programs.

Processed foods are not part of the diet plan, so avoid them as much as possible. Insist on fresh produce and, if you are buying from stores, make sure you read the number of calories on every item you buy.

It can be quite difficult to follow this diet when living with others who aren’t on it.

This diet is also dependent on health conditions. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, and people with lifestyle or job-related issues could find that this kind of fasting is not for them.

Shona Wilkinson, nutritionist called this method a “fad diet”, which is not sustainable in long run.

“It is extremely difficult to obtain all the nutrients needed for an entire day with one large meal,” Rene Ficek, RD, says. “Most people need to eat several meals per day to obtain all necessary vitamins and minerals.”

Finally, it is best to avoid going “cold turkey” into this plan because it could lead to lightheadedness and weakness. It is best to try and ease your way in.


There are no Warrior Diet lawsuits so far.

Warrior Diet Alternatives

Eat Stop Eat

This diet plan is all about moderation where you can eat whatever you want to eat but you do not have to finish it all.

If you have a piece of cake, eat just part of it and leave the rest.

In this diet plan, you are meant to fast for a day, once a week or twice a week, if you can manage it. In the first 24 hours of eating, you do not consume any food but can drink large amounts of liquids. These beverages have to be calorie-free. This diet plan is good for those watching their health and looking for that extra boost.

The program is flexible and you can begin your fasting by eating small bits of food until you get the hang of it. On the other hand, going for 24 hours without any food can lead to some very negative effects. Some of these are:

  • Irritability
  • Dehydration
  • Body weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of sleep due to hunger
  • Headaches

It can also lead to binge eating after the fast, which is not good for anyone watching their weight.


Started by Martin Berkham, this alternative diet plan to the Warrior Diet is mainly for people who love the gym and are looking for fast ways to lose fat as well as build their muscles. It allows different fasting periods for men and women. Women fast for 14 hours while men fast for 16 every day.

During the fast, you are not to consume any calories besides black coffee and calorie-free sweeteners. There is only an 8-hour eating period. The advantage is that during the eating period, there is no limit as to how much or what you can eat. The frequency of how many times you eat during those eight hours does not matter either.

However one of the disadvantages is that during the fasting and workout period, there is a restriction on what you should eat, as mentioned by Examine.com. This makes it harder for some people to adhere to the program.

Fat Loss Forever

This Diet plan requires you to fast for 36 hours after a day of feasting. After those 36 hours, the rest of the week has different fasting patterns. The good thing is you can choose the day you want to fast.

There is a timetable on how to fast for the other seven days. Your cheat day is the day you get to eat as much as you want.

The good thing about this Warrior Diet alternative is that the fasting and feeding periods vary from time to time and you get to choose which days are good for your fasting and which are good for feeding.


This alternative diet plan is for those who want to reach specific weight goals. The plan requires discipline and dedication.

With this, you eat a little one day and eat normally the next day. On the former days, the calorie intake should be very low. This method is very good for weight-watchers as they are able to follow up on how many calories they retake every day.

However, on the downside, some people tend to binge on their normal eating days to make up for what they lost on the low-eating day. This does not help with losing any weight at all.

What Users Are Saying

“I have been doing research and experimenting with most diets and lifestyles, nothing compares to the Warrior diet Lifestyle. It truly took every aspect of my life to the next level. I am still reaching new levels every day. Thank you Ori.”

“Okay…as someone who practices intermittent fasting I was excited about this book….but telling everyone to eat fruit nuts vegetables and snack all day…Then pig out with one huge meal at night is not fasting. Having a consistent carbohydrate diet of fruit during the day totally throws the body into a steady stream of insulin production. As an RN of twenty three years…I cannot get excited over a book that perpetuates snaking all day long and binging at night….Fasting is about abstaining from food…not grazing.”

“Nothing you can’t find on the internet.”

What Users Are Saying

Does the Warrior Diet Work?

Did we just download the Warrior Diet to our Kindle? Well, we like the idea of eating lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables, but we’re a bit skeptical about suggesting this plan. There’s a chance the dieter could overeat at night and some may not be able to handle the hunger during the day without falling back into bad habits.

If you’re ready to melt away those extra pounds once and for all, we suggest pairing a healthy diet plan with a clinically tested program with customer support that shows real weight-loss.

Among the best programs we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. It’s made up of one-on-one human coaching, custom meal plans, food logging, exercise tracking, expert articles and more.

Also, the people who make Noom are confident enough in the program to give all customers access to a free trial – impressive.

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Warrior Diet Review
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Warrior Diet

What are the side effects of Warrior Diet?

Warrior Diet side effects may include hunger, grogginess and fatigue.

What are the ingredients in Warrior Diet?

Warrior Diet ingredients include lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, dairy and complex carbohydrates.

Does Warrior Diet work?

While the principles of the Warrior Diet include eating a balanced diet, there’s no solid science supporting the weight-loss claims.

How much does Warrior Diet cost?

The paperback version can be found for $14.61, but the Kindle version is available for $14.99.

How should I follow the Warrior Diet?

The guideline in the Warrior Diet state to eat a minimum of six time per day. The meals will be slightly smaller than traditional meals.

Where can I buy Warrior Diet?

Warrior Diet can be purchased using their Official Site.

Can I take Warrior Diet if I have a health condition?

Those with health conditions, anyone taking prescription medications, people under 18 years of age or women who are pregnant or nursing should contact a healthcare professional prior to starting and diet plan, including the Warrior Diet.

Are certain foods restricted on the Warrior Diet?

Yes, certain foods are restricted on the Warrior Diet, including canned fruits, vegetables and processed foods.

Do I have to fast on the Warrior Diet?

Yes, you do have to fast on the Warrior Diet, but during controlled periods.

Does Warrior Diet come with a guarantee?

Yes, the Warrior Diet does come with a guarantee.

What other books are authored by Ori Hofmekler?

Some other books from the Warrior Diet include Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat; 7 Principles of Stress; Unlock Your Muscle Gene and the Anti-Estrogenic Diet.

23 Warrior Diet Reviews

  • Questions on best way to use this

    I also have the same question as many of you do. If I have work all day and cant work out but a set times on different days, how would I best fit this diet into my schedule? I start at 6am. Does it matter how long I work out? Does it matter how much time there is between eating and working out? Also I have read on one post low fat yogurt and dairy.
    However a trainer told me today that I need to stick to whole milk and whole fat foods because the low fat stuff has been processed and is no good…any comments on that?

  • This product helps me think clearer
    Wanda (Verified Purchase)

    I started the eating plan a few of days ago, and I am already seeing results, especially inproved concentration and clarity of thinking. But the premise makes so much sense to me. My husband (age 60+) used to be a fatty, but now he just nibbles during the day, goes for walks, then eats his main meal in the evening when I get home from work (I’m the cook). Right now, I wonder if he has even 5% body fat. So without working hard at it, he is in very good shape. I’ve tried different eating plans, but it always seems to conflict with how he eats, I feel like I’m in jail, and I don’t get the results. I work at a computer all day. What I’ve tried so far is eat a few raw veggies and a piece of fruit for breakfast, then I made a whey shake that I take in my thermal cup, and sip on throughout the morning. I also enjoy green tea, and ginger tea. Then a small salad of greens, veggies, raw nuts, maybe some feta goat cheese for lunch, and I keep a few raw veggies and raw nuts to nibble on throughout the afternoon. So now I am going to add in the exercise plan, and look forward to additional results. I am 50+, with over 100 lbs to lose, but with the clearer thinking I am experiencing, this now looks doable!

  • This is an awesome product
    Khrystina (Verified Purchase)

    I lost 107 pounds on this diet in less than a year!

    • susan

      Hi Khrystina, I see you had great success with this diet, could you let me know a general menu that you used to do so.Congrats on the weight loss!

  • Hoping the product to work
    kim (Verified Purchase)

    I have just started the Warrior diet today. I need to lose 4st so am hoping this will work. It sounds promising! I will come back on here and keep you posted on progress 🙂

  • Andy

    I’m in Afghanistan and when not fighting i re-read the Warrior Diet, to fully grasp it and ever since I’ve been back I follow the diet to every word in the book and I bust my tooch in CrossFit. In a week and half period my abs had came out from its hidden spot. I recommend for everyone.

  • Get over it. It works :)
    Brad (Verified Purchase)

    Everyone’s research is based off of live feed or regurgitated knowledge handed down by supplement companies, fitness critics and media hyped success stories. How can you be so naive to think that the traditional way we eat or the way our bodies adapt to ‘this or that’ is IN stone and is ingrained to be as truthful as oxygen=life?
    Every individual is different thus every “diet” or eating habit is going to be a little bit different. It’s what you allow your mind to perceive as “working”. Ori has amazing well defined outlined research in all of his pages. It’s about mind body and spirit to work together to build a soldier. Think about it. Would you rather be able to pull yourself up from a wreckage, or show off how big your shoulder muscles are?
    It’s about function, it’s about tweaking the fine tunes and it’s about getting the most out of ourselves as we can, without being plagued by “rational” teachings.
    Get over it. It works 🙂

  • feeling a lot better
    DepDawg (Verified Purchase)

    Been doing Paleo/Primal Blueprint for the past few weeks and am feeling a lot better but spoke with a random person (at walmart no less) and she told me about the Warrior Diet. I became intrigued and since I work 12 hour shifts with an hour each way to drive it makes packing food for all day a PAIN IN THE A$$. Have tried this for two days at home and no significant issues yet. This week I’m on duty 6am to 6pm Mon,Tue,Fri,Sat,Sun. One question I have is how does it work when I workout at 6:30pm after work and on off days in the morning around 8-9am for the eating? No changes, work around it,etc?

  • WarriorDiet DOES work if you stick to it
    Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Warrior Diet DOES work if you stick to it, results will come fast and energy levels will be improved!

  • I've tried it all and it woked
    Drea55555 (Verified Purchase)

    Hey everyone! I am 43 year old female ex Marine who had ballooned up to 320 lbs after my kid. I am only 5’4. In less than a year I lost 160lbs workout everyday at the gym and have a job where I walk all day and use my brain. This way of eating works for me. I use to eat 6 meals a day and calorie count after a while that did not work. Now I FEEL GREAT! Little fruit during the day bit of green and at night eat whole foods and protein all I want and I am looking leaner and leaner everyday almost back to military weight. I sleep great and have more than enough energy. So Billy Gates you have no idea what your saying because I’ve tried it all and I am a true warrior USA certified! Semper FI.

  • yeh its a good diet to keep lean!
    dell (Verified Purchase)

    to billy gates, your wrong. simple as. have some guts and try it before u knock it. the feast at the end of the day keeps ur metabolism sky high so u carry on burning fat through out undereating phases.
    to Joe Murtha, buy LOTS of green ORGANIC veg, cabbage,BROCCOLI, asparagus, cucumbers, SPINACH, BEANS (kidney or green)also buy loads of raw nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, pumpking seeds, flaxseeds, whole fat organic yogurt, and fruits and berries. thats what you should eat during the under eating phases (daytime) and at night time, you can add meat to ur feast, but still try to eat healthy non processed foods! oh yeah i forgot to mention avocados! they rule.
    i been doing this diet for a while, u will get lean in no time, and energy while sky rocket, i dont think i ever actually yawn now lol but yeh its a good diet to keep lean, not so sure on the muscle building side though, will have to post back on that in a few months or so.
    peace out amigos! 😀

    • Blue

      Ive tried this diet and it works great. I was a skeptic at first but when I tried it I noticed my energy level soared. I started doing shoulder presses with 95 to 100 lbs with a little press however. I lost alot of fat in just three weeks. My thoughts are that because I workout upon rise and eat protein and fruits through out the day my body feeds on the fat for fuel. It doesnt tap into my muscle because I supply it with protein every three hours during the under eating phase. If I had six meals a day my body would utilize the carbs for fuel but because I deny my body until the late hour it has no choice but to utilize fat stores.Then I load up on protein for my over eating phase the end result stronger and leaner.

  • Billy Gates (Verified Purchase)

    this “DIET” is bull! there is no way it can possibly “put your body in survival mode” to burn fat. your body will tin into survival mode and store fat and fat soluble nutrients for reserve and also slow your to conserve.

    • Marty

      Billy Gates, you have not trie it so you can’t say jack about it. I have been on the WD for 4 weeks, with moderate to high exercise. Week one lost 10 pounds, week two lost 2 pounds, week 4 lost 5 pounds, week four lost 3 pounds. I have a small handfull of almonsd in the morning, or fat free yogurt, a hard boiled egg for lunch and for dinner I eat whatever the hell I want. 2 hours before bed. Typically 2-3k calories. My energy is way up during the day, I am more alert and don’t crash in the afternoons. I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling 10 years younger. I used to be severly addicted to carbs and sugar. That was broken after 5 days and I am rarely hungry during the day. By dinner time I experience a true hunger and I feast. I freaking love this WoE.

    • Eric

      don’t know it untill you try it

    • Eric Sellers

      I am stronger and more fit at 35 than I was when I was 25. At that time I was bodybuilding and was massive. Now I am much leaner, you will get more of a Bruce Lee body, and much stronger. I was sore and constipated all the time lifting to failure and eating 6 meals a day. I don’t get tired at all during the day. It’s simple, and you crave carrots and apples during the day like they were chocolate. Chocolate tastes like plastic after eating real food for 4 months. I am even a vegetarian and have never felt better. Natural food is the bomb.

      • Madwayz

        I agree with Eric. Real food is the key to reversing many ailments and issues. Give up the factory farmed junk and focus on farmers markets and in season foods.

    • Julian

      Yea I understand why you would think that’s the case being told by numerous pop culture weight loss companies that load of crab..but the reality is that “fasting” which is more or less what your doing on this diet isn’t something that can be sold. Imagine an ad saying, “you don’t need to buy anything in fact just don’t eat at all until later and just have your dinner” However there are measured chemical benefits from not eating for short periods of time ( 20 +/- hours), such as reduced insulin sensitivity, increased production of neurotransmitters -epinephrine (adrenaline) to give you energy, Growth Hormones as well as fat burners (glucagon) . Best of all though IMO is weening yourself off of unnatural cravings. You have never, NEVER, been hungry/starving in your life, I don’t care what you say..if you haven’t eaten a thing in 5+ days maybe, but I doubt it. It’s just our fast paced society with food ads and cheap chemical processed foods that trick your body into allergic reactions (wheat gluten) and unregistered calories (High fructose corn syrup) clogged arteries (sat fats)

    • Scotty2Hotty

      To Billy Gates: It’s has been tested and proven that most people’s “survival mode” doesn’t kick in until a consecutive 72 hour fast. This this diet, we are only talking about 20 hour fasts. Our body is fed well before it goes into survival mode.

  • Loved the product
    Phil (Verified Purchase)

    I found this way of eating to really work for me. I used to follow the 6 small meals a day program and found my blood sugar would spike and drop. With the Warrior Diet, I have not had this issue. I am an avid weight lifter and enjoy other types of exercise, and this way of eating gives me all the energy I need. By “feast time” I am truly hungry and eat foods my body (not mind) craves. This diet takes more emotional discipline than physical, but is very easy to follow. Packing my food for the day is a snap…a spinach salad, and a few pieces of fruit. No spending 45 minutes each night getting my food ready for the next day, counting protein, etc…I would highly recommend this program for those who travel a lot due to its ease. And yes, I enjoy ALL kinds of food, though I generally stay low on the food chain for health purposes you can lose weight eating more convenient meals or at restaurants.

    • dan

      hey phil,
      i work out a lot too but am interested in this diet. out of curiosity do u do weight training in the mornings or at night (close to the ‘feast’ meal)?
      i ask bc i work out in the am and im worried ill be starved throughout the day– so should i weight train closer to the feast if i do this? (which is very doable mind you)

      • Steve

        You do an intense 60 min (or less) workout with weights right before you eat in the evening.

      • Larry Piercy

        I do squats, push-ups, shoulder presses and curls with dumbbells, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before work in my living room. Takes 45 mins. All full body exercises. The diet says it best to workout just before the big meal but that does not work for me. Been on this diet for 4 weeks. Lost 8+ lbs and no visual loss in my muscles. I don’t eat anything until dinner, just unsweetened tea and water during the day.