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Warrior Diet Review - Does This Weight-Loss Plan Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 16, 2017

Give me two minutes of your time and I’ll tell you whether or not you should give the Warrior Diet a try. We checked out the details, side effects, clinical research and customer service. We scoured the internet in search of reviews and testimonials. Then, with all this info in hand, we refined and condensed to give you the bottom line.

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What is the Warrior Diet?

First off, the Warrior Diet is an eating plan that is supposed to promote health and weight-loss with food cycling. You eat next to nothing during the day and you feast at night. Typically, you eat a small amount of fruits or vegetables in the morning and afternoon, then you eat proteins, a controlled amount of complex carbohydrates and healthy dairy in the evening.

It looks like the Warrior Diet, a book, was released in December of 2007. The author is Ori Hofmekler. He has a degree in Human Science, but the world likely knows him as an artist rather than a writer. We like the idea of eating lean protein and fresh fruits and vegetables, but read on…

Hunger – “Time to Eat?”

The first negative we noticed repeated in a larger number of reviews was hunger. “The Warrior Diet asks the follower to skip the majority of food throughout the day,” says our Research Editor. “Though you ‘feast’ at night, there may be some stomach grumbles in between.”

  • “I suddenly started feeling hungry during the day in a way that I hadn’t before,” one dieter said.
  • Another shared, “I do have moments where I feel hungry (typically between 11 am and 12pm).”

There were other followers who did not notice hunger at all.

  • “I am rarely hungry during the day,” a dieter claimed.
  • “I was never hungry during the undereating phase,” yet another said.

Side Effects – “Something to Worry About?”

Another issue that came up time and again was side effects.

  • One person said, “The first 4 days I have been a bit foggy and tired at the end of the work day.”
  • We also found one who said, “If I don’t get lunch at about 11 am I’m going to get a major headache till the end of the day.”

These issues were only a part of some experiences.

  • “This works great for the person who isn’t going to eat all day,” claimed one.
  • “It made me feel great. Not tired or sluggish,” offers a follower.

Over the years, we’ve found it takes something small, like fatigue or hunger, to shut down any chance of lasting results. If the Warrior Diet leaves you wanting to sleep and eat, that’s not exactly the recipe for weight-loss.

The Science – “Backed by Research?”

Without a doubt, eating fewer calories will lead to weight-loss, as long as you’re eating fewer than your body is burning. However, the Warrior Diet skips most foods during the day and allows a larger meal at night. This could be problematic for some dieters as they may consume far too much at night, thus stopping any chance of losing.

Does the Warrior Diet Work?

Did we just download the Warrior Diet to our Kindle? Well, we like the idea of eating lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables, but we’re a bit skeptical about suggesting this plan. There’s a chance the dieter could overeat at night and some may not be able to handle the hunger during the day without falling back on bad habits.

If you’re ready to melt away those extra pounds once and for all, we suggest pairing a healthy diet plan with a clinically tested supplement with customer support that shows real weight-loss.

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What You Should Know

The Warrior Diet recognizes how many people eat throughout the day and overeat at night. This is really more of an eating system than a diet because it will help you maintain your current weight and physique.

The Warrior Diet doesn't ask you to control your cravings or cut out all of your favorite foods but instead places an emphasis on when you eat them. According to this diet, it's all about the timing. If you eat at certain designated times, this will impact your metabolism in a positive way. If you under eat, you will stress your body which could speed up your metabolism and increase the amount of fat you burn.

The Warrior Diet places a lot of emphasis on eating less during the day and more at night which is similar to the way large predators eat. During the day, you should under eat which means focusing on fruits, vegetables, soups, and other low-protein foods. This diet suggests that if you do this while exercising throughout the day, your body will become stressed and burn off excess fat. You will eat one large meal at night which is primarily protein based.


The Warrior Diet is a system of eating and has no specific ingredients.

Product Features

The Warrior Diet is much different than your standard calorie counting diet or high exercise diet. The entire system is focused around very specific rules. The main rule is to simply not eat when you aren't truly hungry.

At the beginning of each day, you are supposed to start of with bland foods and gradually work your way up to better tasting foods by the time you have your main meal. Your main meal should be full of various colors, tastes, and aromas.


  • This diet will help you lose weight.
  • This diet offers enough variations to make it appeal to many people.


  • The Warrior Diet will not appeal to those used to three square meals each day.
  • Organic food is encouraged with the Warrior Diet and that can be quite expensive.
  • You will exercise a lot with this system. Some people may not be able to keep with it.


The Warrior Diet seems a little more suited to those who are already physically fit. If you are obese or significantly overweight, it could be extremely hard to follow this diet for more than a week unless you have someone around to help keep you motivated. If you are looking for a product to help you lose weight more quickly, you should look for a supplement that contains a great thermogenic compound to burn fat at all times.

Warrior Diet Questions & Answers:

We boiled down hundreds of user comments about Warrior Diet into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Warrior Diet?

Warrior Diet side effects may include hunger, grogginess and fatigue.

What are the ingredients in Warrior Diet?

Warrior Diet ingredients include lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, dairy and complex carbohydrates.

Does Warrior Diet work?

While the principles of the Warrior Diet include eating a balanced diet, there’s no solid science supporting the weight-loss claims.

Try combining these dietary guidelines of the Warrior Diet with a supplement like Leptigen which contains some clinically tested ingredients and has been shownto help support weight-loss.

How much does Warrior Diet cost?

The paperback version can be found for $11.18, but the Kindle version is available for $13.99.

How should I follow the Warrior Diet?

The guideline in the Warrior Diet state to eat a minimum of six time per day. The meals will be slightly smaller than traditional meals.

Can I take Warrior Diet if I have a health condition?

Those with health conditions, anyone taking prescription medications, people under 18 years of age or women who are pregnant or nursing should contact a healthcare professional prior to starting and diet plan, including the Warrior Diet.

What do users like about Warrior Diet?

Some users found the program simple to follow.

What do users NOT like about Warrior Diet?

Users did not like feeling hungry or tired.

How do I contact the Warrior Diet customer service department?

You can contact the Warrior Diet customer service department by mailing letters to Warrior Diet 18750 Oxnard St. #408 Tarzana, CA 91356, emailing shipping@defensenutrition.com or by calling 1-866-927-3438.

Are certain foods restricted on the Warrior Diet?

Yes, certain foods are restricted on the Warrior Diet, including canned fruits, vegetables and processed foods.

Do I have to fast on the Warrior Diet?

Yes, you do have to fast on the Warrior Diet, but during controlled periods.

Does Warrior Diet come with a guarantee?

Yes, the Warrior Diet does come with a guarantee, if you purchase the book from the official website.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Warrior Diet?

No, there are no deals or discounts on the Warrior Diet; although the official website does offer promotions. However, our readers have been going wild over the last few months taking advantage of Letigen’s Special Trial Offer, because they want to lose those extra pounds. Click here to give it a shot.

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Rating: 3.0. From 34 votes.
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Warrior Diet Review

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Thought this was an article, turned out to be an ad. Thumbs down

Hey Kate. None of our reviews are intended to sound like ads. We research each and every product and ingredient and we search through hundreds of comments to find real experiences. We have also researched the supplements suggested on DietSpotlight.com and we like what science has to say. Thank you so much for your feedback.


Been on the diet for almost 2 months now and love it! Would rate it 5 stars. Do more research, it’s much more than just weight loss. Look up videos about it on YouTube. Fat loss is huge, muscle gains are big, and energy is way up. As with any protocol, make sure you are getting enough nutrients and are eating properly. Please read the Wikipedia page about the Warrior Diet for a good overview. My husband and I use supplements heavily for anything we need. We are also VEGAN. Can’t sing the praises enough about the warrior diet. smile

Paul savage

Been on it 19 weeks 3 tomatoes bag salad 4 slices chicken 2 apples during day


I started my weight loss journey last year February.First month i lost 12 kg by removing sugar and bread than hit plateau eating the same, staying on same weight,so i returned to my binge eating for seven days,gained 2 kg then started again .Next few months i stayed on that regime no sugar no bred i think i also i cut down all my portion sizes by half and slowly lost additional 6 kg.Somewhere at the end of July i hit plateau again, literally starving myself by that point.I got feed up of it so i said to myself i am going to eat whatever i want whenever i want,for me that was nothing all day because i work hard and do not have time or need during the day to eat, i like to eat when all my job is finished and i can enjoy my food ,so my first real meal was around 11 at night and i felt great.During the day in that period if i felt extremely hungry i would eat something just on bite, just enough to make that feeling go away,i was full of energy i lost 8 kg that way.Until my mother come around and said o.m.g what are you doing to yourself u must eat during the day or your going to die ,every expert say that u mast eat especially breakfast ,eat small portions an five time a day and you will lose weight ,not like that u are going to start falling on streets and become anorexic,than she cried,and to not upset her i started eating like she said on force,and only because i incorporate exercise at that point i lost 3kg.I felt rely horrible and as much i respect her and her worries one month ago i started again what i loved best, to eat first meal at night.Last month i lost 5 kg .Two days ago i first came across W.D i was shocked and i was so proud that at the end i was right my body was telling me what to do all the time. I Just had to listen to it and nobody else.So this diet is best diet,we have to earn our food our bodies know that giving us enough trough day to keep as going ,so work for you food than after work u have earned it an u cane take it.I have no eating disorder after all l.o.l .


Ok… I really want to try this diet. I don’t think I will have too much of an issue with undereating and feasting… BUT I have time constraints, ie… mom of 4 kids and I work full time. So working out is somewhat sporadic. Would this diet work even if I don’t workout daily.

Karen (Editor)

Hi Dawn. As with most diets it’s most effective in conjunction with propoer exercise. But if you’re looking for better results you might want to try combining Warrior Diet with Leptigen


Simply the easiest and most convenient way to lose weight and keep it off. I feel absolutely fantastic. I have some days where I eat during the day, but that only serves to increase metabolism. I can ‘go with the flow’ with this diet. However I am and always have been very careful about how healthy the food I eat is. I don’t do garbage food at all. So my feast is extremely healthy and turns out to be the equivalent of a small entree, like a handful of nuts, a main consisting of my protein choice and veggies and then a healthy dessert – like vanilla soy protein powder mixed into light cottage cheese with mixed berries. My skin is glowing and I’ve lost my tubby belly.


100% success is the only outcome that will prevail from this diet. mastering this plan is so smile simple it’s foolish not to. I have experimented with many techniques and adaptations over time. It is my firm opinion that the simple reduction of intake. Regardless of your total commitment the end result will always be the same. The “game” of weight loss or achieving an ideal healthy body weight has very few variables. Mainly a)Intake divided by b)Time Equals a positive or negative result in weight. Once you are able to balance this simple equation you are able to play with it and even have fun. I’m a warrior at heart, I now enjoy the total freedom of everyday.

DJ Seph

I have been on the warrior diet for 5 days now. Today was the easiest day. I did not have many hunger pains throughout the day. However, I can’t say I have been more alert or awake. The first 4 days I have been a bit foggy and tired at the end of the work day. My weightlifting is done during my lunch break at work so I eat an apple just before lifting. When done lifting I eat about 30 grams of protein powder. I then munch on some fresh veggies until quitting time. Today has been the first day in which I did not feel foggy minded or tired at the end of the day. Maybe I just need to get used to the eating pattern first. I have not seen any difference on the scale yet but I am more concerned with body fat loss then I am weight. I am currently at 11 percent body fat and I am trying to get to 7 or below.


I recommend this diet to anyone completely. And I agree that for most the first 5 days is the hardest as your body adapts to the change. Once they are out the way your good to go and enjoy all the benefits and I’ve never felt better, honestly.


I also have the same question as many of you do. If I have work all day and cant work out but a set times on different days, how would I best fit this diet into my schedule? I start at 6am. Does it matter how long I work out? Does it matter how much time there is between eating and working out? Also I have read on one post low fat yogurt and dairy.
However a trainer told me today that I need to stick to whole milk and whole fat foods because the low fat stuff has been processed and is no good…any comments on that?


Just a question about protein intake and workout time? If I want to put on lean muscle and workout quite often, should I take protein shakes during the day? At present, my day consists of 8am get out of bed, work till 5:30 with lunch at noon.(dont get home till 6\6:30pm 7pm MMA\JIU JITSU training. 8:30pm have dinner 9:30 workout\weight lifting. 11:30 bed.

If I were to start the warrior diet, when would be the best time to do my workout\weightlifting? 7am before work (on an empty stomach, then fast until 8:30pm, or keep it where it is at 9:30 which would be directly after my main meal?

Your Name

I have heard working out fasted is great.


I started the eating plan a few of days ago, and I am already seeing results, especially inproved concentration and clarity of thinking. But the premise makes so much sense to me. My husband (age 60+) used to be a fatty, but now he just nibbles during the day, goes for walks, then eats his main meal in the evening when I get home from work (I’m the cook). Right now, I wonder if he has even 5% body fat. So without working hard at it, he is in very good shape. I’ve tried different eating plans, but it always seems to conflict with how he eats, I feel like I’m in jail, and I don’t get the results. I work at a computer all day. What I’ve tried so far is eat a few raw veggies and a piece of fruit for breakfast, then I made a whey shake that I take in my thermal cup, and sip on throughout the morning. I also enjoy green tea, and ginger tea. Then a small salad of greens, veggies, raw nuts, maybe some feta goat cheese for lunch, and I keep a few raw veggies and raw nuts to nibble on throughout the afternoon. So now I am going to add in the exercise plan, and look forward to additional results. I am 50+, with over 100 lbs to lose, but with the clearer thinking I am experiencing, this now looks doable!


I lost 107 pounds on this diet in less than a year!


Hi Khrystina, I see you had great success with this diet, could you let me know a general menu that you used to do so.Congrats on the weight loss!


I have just started the Warrior diet today. I need to lose 4st so am hoping this will work. It sounds promising! I will come back on here and keep you posted on progress smile


I’m in Afghanistan and when not fighting i re-read the Warrior Diet, to fully grasp it and ever since I’ve been back I follow the diet to every word in the book and I bust my tooch in CrossFit. In a week and half period my abs had came out from its hidden spot. I recommend for everyone.


hey i bought the warrior diet book but i need alittle help understanding it correct me if im wrong please tis is what my day looks like wake up have a cup of black coffee and glass of water do intense kettlebell workout have 1 bowl of oatmeal and maybe 1-2 hard boiled eggs after throughout the day nothing but water maybe some almonds later on in the day and eat dinner around 5 or so am i doing this right? i dont knw how long to fast for if i have my last ,eal at 5 the night before do i have my main meal the next night at 5 again? someone help me out thanks!


As long as your detoxing your body throughout the day and replenishing your enzymes and getting nutrients, i notice you didn’t mention multivitams, if your doing some hardcore KB exercises you need to take multivitamins. You know your doing this right, undereating phase, if your not craving anything specific. There is difference from actually seeing good food and craving or sitting on your couch craving a certain food. Whenever you do just have a veggie juice. you can eat all you want during the undereating phase as long as you follow the rules of eating. Now for dinner it doesn’t matter what time you eat dinner, 4:30pm and beyond, doesn’t matter, as long as you let your body digest those foods a couple of hours before bed. One other thing watch the almonds and stuff eat those for lunch of afterwards. I like to throw those on my salads to add variety and make it taste better. Greatest thing about the Warrior Diet is that your taste buds for good natural foods comes back.


I just ordered the book and will see what can I apply to my rutine, but I started following a similar diet out of time constraints and it worked. I lost 12 lbs in about 2 months. I work nights, so I arrive home from work and might eat a small portion of whatever is in the refigerator and go to sleep. I wake up drink some tea or coffee to wake up and slowly get ready for my workouts which are joggig and low weight dumbells for a total of about 1 and 1/2 or 2 hrs., the get ready for work. I eat one regular meal with multivitamins and take about 2 fruits with me to have along with 4 cups of decafeinated tea. 5 % of the time I eat a small portion of junk food or sweets because I cannot control deprivation. It is not a scientific approach, but I try to watch what I eat and know that excercise is the key.

According to my experience, it might not be the eating at the end of your day what works. It might just be excercising before eating your single complete meal and eating vegetable or fruit snacks with plenty of fluids (spending more calories than what I eat).

So, I do not know where will this experimetation take me. However, for what I have read online, the book might have a missleading tittle. I am not sure if it is a guide for a real warrior’s diet, after all most modern warriors like professional soldiers, police officer, and other lawenforcement professionals sleep during the day and run operations during and protect people while most people sleep.

I guess, this book might be the begining of my search.


Everyone’s research is based off of live feed or regurgitated knowledge handed down by supplement companies, fitness critics and media hyped success stories. How can you be so naive to think that the traditional way we eat or the way our bodies adapt to ‘this or that’ is IN stone and is ingrained to be as truthful as oxygen=life?
Every individual is different thus every “diet” or eating habit is going to be a little bit different. It’s what you allow your mind to perceive as “working”. Ori has amazing well defined outlined research in all of his pages. It’s about mind body and spirit to work together to build a soldier. Think about it. Would you rather be able to pull yourself up from a wreckage, or show off how big your shoulder muscles are?
It’s about function, it’s about tweaking the fine tunes and it’s about getting the most out of ourselves as we can, without being plagued by “rational” teachings.
Get over it. It works smile


Been doing Paleo/Primal Blueprint for the past few weeks and am feeling a lot better but spoke with a random person (at walmart no less) and she told me about the Warrior Diet. I became intrigued and since I work 12 hour shifts with an hour each way to drive it makes packing food for all day a PAIN IN THE A$$. Have tried this for two days at home and no significant issues yet. This week I’m on duty 6am to 6pm Mon,Tue,Fri,Sat,Sun. One question I have is how does it work when I workout at 6:30pm after work and on off days in the morning around 8-9am for the eating? No changes, work around it,etc?


Warrior Diet DOES work if you stick to it, results will come fast and energy levels will be improved!


Hey everyone! I am 43 year old female ex Marine who had ballooned up to 320 lbs after my kid. I am only 5’4. In less than a year I lost 160lbs workout everyday at the gym and have a job where I walk all day and use my brain. This way of eating works for me. I use to eat 6 meals a day and calorie count after a while that did not work. Now I FEEL GREAT! Little fruit during the day bit of green and at night eat whole foods and protein all I want and I am looking leaner and leaner everyday almost back to military weight. I sleep great and have more than enough energy. So Billy Gates you have no idea what your saying because I’ve tried it all and I am a true warrior USA certified! Semper FI.


to billy gates, your wrong. simple as. have some guts and try it before u knock it. the feast at the end of the day keeps ur metabolism sky high so u carry on burning fat through out undereating phases.
to Joe Murtha, buy LOTS of green ORGANIC veg, cabbage,BROCCOLI, asparagus, cucumbers, SPINACH, BEANS (kidney or green)also buy loads of raw nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, pumpking seeds, flaxseeds, whole fat organic yogurt, and fruits and berries. thats what you should eat during the under eating phases (daytime) and at night time, you can add meat to ur feast, but still try to eat healthy non processed foods! oh yeah i forgot to mention avocados! they rule.
i been doing this diet for a while, u will get lean in no time, and energy while sky rocket, i dont think i ever actually yawn now lol but yeh its a good diet to keep lean, not so sure on the muscle building side though, will have to post back on that in a few months or so.
peace out amigos! grin


Ive tried this diet and it works great. I was a skeptic at first but when I tried it I noticed my energy level soared. I started doing shoulder presses with 95 to 100 lbs with a little press however. I lost alot of fat in just three weeks. My thoughts are that because I workout upon rise and eat protein and fruits through out the day my body feeds on the fat for fuel. It doesnt tap into my muscle because I supply it with protein every three hours during the under eating phase. If I had six meals a day my body would utilize the carbs for fuel but because I deny my body until the late hour it has no choice but to utilize fat stores.Then I load up on protein for my over eating phase the end result stronger and leaner.