Updated: 09/19/2017
By Summer Banks Aug 20, 2017

Xocai promises that you can lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating…chocolate? Oh, we are intrigued. We dove right into the ingredients, side effects and clinical research behind this product. Then we read through dozens of online customer testimonials. Finally, we gathered all the information to provide you with the truth behind this company and their products.

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What is Xocai?

First of all, Xocai provides healthy chocolate and skin care products. Made primarily from Xocai chocolate, these products promise mood and craving control, appetite suppression and healthy blood sugar maintenance. Some of their products include Omega squares (featuring omega-3 fats), chocolate nuggets (with raw cane juice crystals and cocoa butter) and protein shakes that are packed with antioxidants.

Xocai is run by a company called MXI Corp, which was founded by Andrew and Jeanette Brooks. Their main headquarters is in Reno, Nevada. You can find their chocolate products on their website or large online retailers. We love the great selection of chocolate-based products and the amount of research they provide on their ingredients, but there could be another side to this…

Quality – “Stale Reviews”

The first issue we had with Xocai energy drink had to be the negative customer comments on their product’s quality. “If you’re a company who promises a great-tasting product from one of the most beloved substances on Earth, you better deliver with exceptional quality,” said our Research Editor.

“Received promptly…candy has a stale taste,” one customer complained.

While another user didn’t seem any more pleased, “had to return…the expiration date was due during the same month as purchased, so it did not taste good at all, somewhat stale and crunchy…”

But there are always two sides to everything, right?

One customer said, “Great chocolate, very tasty.”

Price – “Check Please!”

The second problem we had with Xocai chocolate is the price. At a whopping retail price of $172.95, you could order a box of their dark chocolate nuggets.

“Price was a splurge (to say the least!), but I thought it would be worth it. Well, turned out to be an impulse buy that just didn’t appeal,” said one review. “Very disappointing as this product is expensive.”

While one patron raved, “Love it!! I buy it all the time.”

We can safely say from experience that any small problem with a company could negatively impact long-term success. If Xocai energy drink is delivering stale treats with a hefty price tag, it could be a major concern.

The Science – “No Shortage of Research”

There is no shortage of scientific research regarding the link between chocolate and cardiovascular health, skincare, antioxidant properties and weight-loss benefits. One study pointed out that “Ingested cocoa can prevent high-fat-diet-induced obesity,” while another study wrote, “The blood pressure and cholesterol lowering effects of dark chocolate consumption are beneficial in the prevention of cardiovascular events in a population with metabolic syndrome.”
But we like reading clinical studies on the actual product. Unfortunately, there were none.

The Bottom Line – Does Xocai Work?

Are we sold on these tiny Xocai chocolate treats? We do like that the company provides products with health promoting ingredients and who doesn’t love chocolate? But we’re hesitant to endorse them. Their products are amazingly expensive, and some reviews were negative due to perceived poor quality.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, we suggest finding a product that delivers quality and affordability.

Among the best products we’ve found this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This product combines four ingredients into a proprietary blend, backed by research to help kick-start fat loss and boost metabolism. We didn’t find any reports irritating side effects, and the user reviews are suggesting some amazing results.

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