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By Summer Banks Jul 01, 2017

Yoli Better Body System is a diet program I will surely never forget. We immersed ourselves in the ingredients, side effects, and clinical research. Additionally, we examined hundreds of user reviews and comments. We then summarized and refined to give you the info you need.

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What is Yoli Better Body System?

First off, Yoli Better Body System is a supplement company offering individual products and kits. The idea is to support overall health and wellness with one set of supplements, as opposed to searching around for different ones. Some of the ingredients include minerals, electrolytes, fiber, [1] enzymes and other nutrients. There are four items taken throughout the day. All are portable – a good option. [2]

The Yoli Better Body System was started in 2009, giving the company more than five years in the business. We found products for sale through online retailers and the official website. We appreciate the ease of ordering, and we did find some positive comments, but read on…

Price – “Let’s Take a Look”

The first concern we have with Yoli Better Body System is the price. The Transformation Kit is one of the more promoted items. This product includes a 30-day supply of four supplements. You will spend more than $340 for just one month on the plan. “Proven doesn’t have to mean expensive,” explains our Research Editor. “If you are expected to pay $4000 a year, consumers are going to ask questions.” [3]

One user of Yoli says, “It is extremely overpriced for what it actually is. You get nothing for your money.”

“I followed this plan diligently for 30 days. I lost 5 lbs the first week and nothing the remaining weeks…overpriced compared to similar products on the market. $340 for 5lbs.,” offers another buyer.

Though we found it nearly impossible to find any positive comments about the cost, we did find some that leaned that way. As one customer claimed, “The only downside is the price, but with subbing some alternative products (probiotic [4] and whey), you could probably get to around $200 a month.”

Another was willing to spend more for results, “It is expensive for the product you receive. A small price to pay for a simple plan.”

Yoli Better Body System Customer Testimonials

Reviews on Yoli Better Body System – “Thoughts of a Few Customers”

Based on a survey of hundreds of consumer reviews, we found many people complaining. More than a few customers claim no results. It’s important to note that physical and mental changes associated with natural and herbal products will vary, but consistent reports are an issue.

“This doesn’t seem to be working for me. It’s frustrating because I’ve spent so much money on it,” a dieter reports.

You may not find one positive comment for every negative, but you can find buyers who liked the program. A customer shared, “Practical & efficacious way to lose weight.”

Another just said, “I feel good. Was it easy? Nope. Was it worth it? Yes.”

In the course of researching thousands of diet products, we’ve noticed a link between concerns such as negative customer reviews and reduced long-term success. If consumers have a negative perception of Yoli Better Body System, this could be unsettling.

The Science – “Clinically Proven?”

If there’s science backing up the claims of Yoli Better Body System, we couldn’t find it. [5] None of the ingredients for their supplements are listed, and there’s no mention of any scientific studies. DietSpotlight looks for research. Although the company doesn’t provide links to studies, that doesn’t mean that some of the active ingredients aren’t supported by research. We’ve found solid science showing the effectiveness of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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The Bottom Line – Does Yoli Better Body System Work?

So, what’s the final verdict on Yoli Better Body System? There are a couple of positives, like a professional-looking headquarters and positive customer reviews. We would have liked to see a bit more science, even though some of the ingredients are backed by research. One of the main concerns is the price and that depends on what the customer buys.

If you’d like to shed some pounds, we suggest a supplement delivering both bang for your buck and research-based ingredients.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. Its formula is a four-ingredient proprietary blend, which we researched and found studies showing they can help increase metabolism and fat loss and reduce hunger. We read countless reviews and we were impressed the sheer number of people reporting amazing results.

Also, the company responsible for Dietspotlight Burn is so confident that you’ll love the supplement that they’ve chosen to offer a Special Trial Offer, which is a great sign.

Previous Yoli Better Body System Review (Updated June 9, 2014):

Yoli Better Body System: What You Should Know

Everyone wants to lose weight more quickly. This is only natural, and weight loss can often be a hassle, depending on your lifestyle. Some people do not have enough time to go to the gym on a regular basis and stick to ideal diet habits. This brings us to Yoli Better Body System, a product we will scrutinize in this review. While there is an official website for Yoli products, you can purchase Yoli Better Body System via Amazon for $169.95 (the price is not revealed on the website). This is a weight loss kit that comes in flavors like chocolate or vanilla, or both.


    Not available.

Product Features

The Yoli Better Body System is claimed to encourage fast weight loss. It may help you drop 7-15 pounds in the very first week. You receive free advice from a personal health coach via email or telephone, when you purchase this kit. This kit also involves whey protein shakes, which are free of artificial colors and sweeteners, as well as gluten. An Alkalete supplement is also taken as part of this weight loss program, in addition to a digestive health formula. When using the Yoli Better Body System kit, you should notice a faster metabolism, improved muscle strength, good digestive health, faster muscle recovery after workouts, a strong immune system, and good cardiovascular health. This kit may also help strengthen bones, support healthy triglyceride levels, and encourage healthy pH levels. Each kit provides shakes to last for two weeks, one bottle of Pure for digestive health, and one bottle of Alkalete.

Advantages with Yoli Better Body System

  • There are some before and after photos posted on the main website.
  • Both chocolate and vanilla flavors are available.
  • Artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colors are not used in Yoli Better Body System.

Disadvantages with Yoli Better Body System

  • There is no ingredient list provided for the Yoli Better Body System.
  • The cost of this weight loss system is $169.95 on Amazon.
  • There is no official price posted on the website.
  • There are negative customer reviews posted on Amazon.
  • Some people may have allergic reactions to ingredients used in these supplements.

Yoli Better Body System: The Conclusion

Before we get in to YBBS details, we'd like to point out Garcinias Pure is a different alternative that contains garcinia cambogia and hydroxycitric acid to boost the metabolism and block fat production. Overall, the Yoli Better Body System kit sounds very pricey. After all, you only receive two weeks worth the shakes, and this kit costs you $169.95. That is a lot in comparison to other weight loss supplements available online and in stores. It is unfortunate that a complete ingredient list is not provided for this supplement kit. In other words, we are unsure what ingredients are used in this kit. If you take a look at the official website, you will find before and after photos, as well as contact information, but you will not find the actual price for the Yoli Better Body System kit.

Yoli Better Body System is a complex product line complete with individual supplements and bundles. You can choose from the Transformation Pack, Party Pack, Diamond Elite Pack and various Lifetime Kits. If you dig a bit, you can find the ingredient lists for some formulas. The one that catches our eye, in terms of weight-loss, is Thermo Burn.

Yoli Better Body System Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving% DV
Thermo-G Blend460mg*
- Green Tea Leaf Extract**
- Yerba Mate**
- GABA**
- Pomegranate Fruit**
- Irvingia Gabonensis**
- Cissus Quadrangularis**
- Acai Fruit Extract**
- Olive Leaf**
- Guarana Seed**
- Choline Bitartrate**

Other Ingredients: L-carnitine tartrate, raspberry ketones, fucoxanthin, vegetable cellulose

We thoroughly examined the Yoli Better Body System ingredients to give you the crucial details you need.

Green Tea Leaf

Also called camellia sinensis, green tea is an unfermented variety that is often consumed as an herbal beverage. It’s quite popular in countries like Japan and China. Furthermore, it’s well-known for its health benefits.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Green tea contains both caffeine (a stimulant) and catechins (antioxidants). Together these components have been shown to help burn off fat and boost metabolism. This herb may also help lower bad cholesterol levels, prevent cancer and increase immune system health.

Clinical Research

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Research shows that green tea lowers total cholesterol and raises HDL (good) cholesterol in both animals and people.” Moreover, “Clinical studies suggest that green tea extract may boost metabolism and help burn fat. One study found that the combination of green tea and caffeine improved weight loss and maintenance in people who were overweight and moderately obese.” [1]

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a plant that grows in some parts of South America. It is often used in beverages sold in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Sometimes this herb is used to treat headache, depression, urinary tract infections, fatigue and constipation.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Often yerba mate is added to energy drinks and weight-loss supplements to help increase energy levels. It may also boost metabolism. This herb contains caffeine, which is a stimulant and mild diuretic.

Clinical Research

There does not appear to be a direct correlation between yerba mate and weight-loss. However, since this herb contains caffeine, it may help boost energy levels and mental function to some degree. Caffeine has been shown to have this effect.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

Commonly called GABA, gamma-aminobutyric acid is a chemical that is naturally produced in the brain. It is also created in a laboratory and added to some dietary supplements. This chemical may help elevate mood, reduce PMS symptoms, treat anxiety and reduce high blood pressure.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Some weight-loss and fitness supplements contain gamma-aminobutyric acid to help elevate mood, promote lean muscle growth and burn off fat. At least these are the common claims.

Clinical Research

WebMD reveals that, “Some research shows that taking products containing GABA along with other ingredients can reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.”

Irvingia Gabonensis

Also known as African mango, this is a fruit tree that is native to West Africa. The seeds are often used in supplements and to make traditional medicine. This ingredient has been used to reduce cholesterol levels, treat diabetes and aid with weight management.

What is it Supposed to Do?

African mango is typically claimed to burn off fat, lower cholesterol and reduce blood sugar levels. It’s also supposed to minimize the growth of new fat cells.

Clinical Research

According to Lipids in Health and Disease, “The difference observed between the IG and the placebo groups was significant (p < 0.01). The obese patients under Irvingia gabonensis treatment also had a significant decrease of total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, and an increase of HDL-cholesterol. On the other hand, the placebo group did not manifest any changes in blood lipid components. Irvingia gabonensis seed may find application in weight [loss].” [2]

Guarana Seed

Guarana is a plant that is sometimes called Brazilian cocoa. It is found in a number of energy drinks and over-the-counter weight-loss supplements. This herb grows in regions such as Brazil. It has been used as medicine to treat chronic fatigue, malaria, anxiety and poor mental performance.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Often guarana extract is used in supplements as an energy booster. After all, this plant contains a high level of caffeine, which is a stimulant. It may also help increase focus and elevate metabolism to some degree.

Clinical Research

“Guarana improves the speed of short-term memory. Fortunately, studies indicate that guarana seed extract improves memory of this kind. In one study, subjects who took 75 mg of guarana extract showed improved scores on working memory tests for up to 6 hours after taking the supplement,” reported University Health News.

Weight loss products may or may not have an immediate impact on an individual, but one supplement in particular, Dietspotlight Burn, has no negative side effects and reviews on the web show that people are seeing remarkable results.

Yoli Better Body System Side Effects:

The world of weight-loss supplements doesn’t promise natural products will provide no risk of side effects. Any formula may cause negative reactions. Though the Yoli Better Body System side effects are relatively rare, they are a real thing for some users.


Any persistent pain in the head is called a headache. It may be a pain behind the eyes, in one single eye, on the top of the head or any other part of the head.

What causes headaches?

The causes of headaches are numerous and so are the types of headaches. A migraine may be caused by something other than a tension headache. Some of the main causes of headaches include allergic reactions, stress, a head injury, toxic substances, an illness or an infection.


A spinning sensation making you feel out of control is described as dizziness. This feeling may be associated with motion sickness or may feel like a loss of balance. It also comes with lightheadedness or fainting.

What causes dizziness?

Overuse of certain substances, such as caffeine, alcohol or drugs may cause dizziness. It may also be caused by an inner ear issue, a migraine headache or specific medications.

Stomach Cramps

If your stomach hurts and it feels like it’s contracting or it’s tight, you may have stomach cramps. While cramps in the stomach are usually manageable, they can be very painful.

What causes stomach cramps?

Causes of stomach cramps can range from menstruation to a reaction to medication or a supplement. Irritable bowel syndrome is another common cause of stomach cramps. If the cramps are accompanied by diarrhea or other symptoms, it could be a sign of something that may require medical attention. [1]


When the contents of your stomach eject through your mouth, it’s called vomiting. It comes with a sick feeling and usually vomiting is associated with nausea.

What causes vomiting?

Vomiting may be caused by a number of things. The timing of vomiting will help to figure out what caused it. For example, if you vomit following a meal at a restaurant, it may be food poisoning. Other common causes include illness or reactions to medications or supplements.


Frequent, loose bowel movements are known as diarrhea. It may feel watery and may come out fast. Often, diarrhea comes along with nausea or stomach pain.

What causes diarrhea?

Many of the same causes of vomiting may also cause diarrhea. It’s important to know that if you experience both at the same time, it can cause extreme dehydration and malnutrition. Common causes of diarrhea include infections, the stomach flu, food poisoning, PMS and allergic reactions. [2]

Yoli Better Body System side effects don’t happen in the majority of users, but some have reported headaches, dizziness, stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and others. Before starting any new diet supplement or routine, you may want to speak with your doctor, especially if you’re on medication, have a medical condition, you’re under 18 or you’re pregnant or nursing.



Yoli Better Body System is a company that sells shakes, supplements, and weight-loss kits. Many times, side effects don’t happen, but we have to tell the whole story and that means reporting the few that have occurred.


“I stopped drinking after I noticed I was getting very painful headaches on the days that I drank the tea.”    Katie


“The first two days I had horrible headaches and was extremely hungry.”    Beverly


“I became nauseous and extremely dizzy to the point I almost passed out.”    Mary


“I feel horrible stomach pains when I go to sleep at night. Also, I haven’t gotten my menstruation in a month, it is a month and a few days late.”    Margaret


“I have experienced some serious stomach cramps…Also my head feels goofy. I’m tired & just grumpy/groggy.”    Stephanie


“I also have serious stomach cramping, i started throwing up 5 hours after taking the alkalete.”    Tyler


“Have had several bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. The promised good sleep is far worse than before as measured by my FitBit.”    Alice


“I was having hot flashes, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.”    Britney


“I am having nausea, headaches and now I have an issue with my legs and walking.”    Kathie


“Headaches for three days now. Experiencing lightheadedness, grumpy, and at times feel like passing out. Spent [the] second night puking, knees/joints hurt.”    Phil


Weight loss products may or may not have an immediate impact on individuals, but one supplement in particular, Dietspotlight Burn, has no negative side effects and reviews on the web show that people are seeing remarkable results.

Yoli Better Body System Questions & Answers:

We looked over tons of comments and reviews on Yoli Better Body System to create this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of the Yoli Better Body System?

According to some user reviews, Yoli Better Body System side effects may include constipation, headaches and hunger.

What is in Yoli BBS?

Yoli BBS coined after its full name, contains multiple ingredients, considering the company sells multiple products. Some of the formulas contain fiber [1] , antioxidants, electrolytes and enzymes.

What is the active ingredient in Yoli Better Body System?

The active ingredient in Yoli Better Body System are vitamins. [2]

Does Yoli Better Body System work?

The official website for Yoli Better Body System is the perfect place to share clinical research, but there’s none there. If we knew the complete lists of ingredients we could answer this question a bit better. But, as it stands, we have to go on user reviews – many of which say there’s no weight-loss benefit.

How much does a bottle of Yoli Better Body System cost?

There are three pricing tiers – regular customer, preferred customer and Yoli member. Though no prices are listed on the official website unless you have a distributor ID#, we found user reviews claiming you could spend upwards of $400 a month.

How do you take Yoli BBS?

The Yoli Better Body System is made up of multiple products, including shakes, capsules and drink mixes. Each comes with different instructions and no product labels are listed on the official website to give us an idea of how they are used.


What do users like about Yoli Better Body System?

We found users who felt Yoli Better Body System was more of a lifestyle change, and they liked that. Almost all positive comments reflect the mindset that significant changes must be made to be successful.

What do users NOT like about Yoli Better Body System?

The cost of Yoli Better Body System is the most common complaint, based on our research. Some also felt no change and lost no weight.

Can I use Yoli Better Body System if I’m lactose intolerant?

It is possible to use some of the Yoli Better Body System products if you’re lactose intolerant. Check the ingredient label beforehand to be sure.

Who makes Yoli Better Body System?

Yoli, LLC makes Yoli Better Body System.



When looking for a weight loss supplement, it’s best to choose one that’s packed with ingredients for burning fat, increasing energy levels and accelerating the speed of the metabolism. One that fits all these criteria is Dietspotlight Burn.

Yoli Better Body System Scientific Abstracts:

Green Tea Extract

Catechins within the green leaf had lowered body weight and substantially maintained the weight after a weight-loss period of (microcirc=-1.31 kg; P<0.001). Blockages of this effect by a substantial habitual caffeine intake (>300 mg per day) had not succeeded to reach significance (microcirc=-0.27 kg for high and microcirc=-1.60 kg for low habitual caffeine consumption; P=0.09). An EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) or catechins-caffeine combination have a rather minuscule, yet positive, effect on weight-loss and weight management. The conclusion would suggest that habitual caffeine consumption and ethnicity might be factors, as they could influence the consequences of the catechins. [1]

Yerba Mate

In vivo studies had produced data revealing that Yerba Mate treatments had affected food intake, in turn, higher energy expenditure. This is a likely outcome of increased basal metabolism in mice treated with Yerba Mate. Also, in vivo results of Yerba Mate on lipid metabolism were accompanied by reductions in serum cholesterol, glucose concentrations, and serum triglycerides in mice that were fed a high-fat diet. It was determined that Yerba Mate could be used to treat obesity and diabetes. [2]


GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a four-carbon non-protein amino acid which is an important ingredient of the free amino acid pool in most eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms. When plants feel stressed, a signal-transduction pathway is initiated; at this time, increased cytosolic Ca2+ activates Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent glutamate decarboxylase activity and gamma-aminobutyric acid synthesis. It is said that more data is required about the control of the catabolic mitochondrial enzymes (succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase and GABA transaminase) and the intracellular transport of gamma-aminobutyric acid. There is evidence which supports the inclusion of gamma-aminobutyric acid synthesis in nitrogen storage, pH regulation, plant development, and defense. There needs to be the identification of the genes of enzymes included in gamma-aminobutyric acid metabolism, as well as a generation of mutants with which to elucidate the physiological function of gamma-aminobutyric acid in plants. [3]

Irvingia Gabonensis

During a month-long trial period, all the participants were on a normocalcemic diet which was examined every week by a dietetic record book. At the finish of the study the mean body weight of the group who ingested the irvingia gabonensis had decreased by .26 ± 2.37% (p < 0.0001) as opposed to placebo group 1.32 ± 0.41% (p < 0.02). The differences that were monitored were large (p < 0.01). Obese participants under IG treatments had a substantial reduction in total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL-cholesterol, and a raise in HDL-cholesterol. The group given placebo had not seen any changes in blood lipid components. It was found that irvingia gabonensis seed could be a useful tool in promoting weight-loss. [4]

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

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  Yoli Better Body System

Is it good to take yoli if you’re
planning to conceive or having a baby someday????

Arnold (Editor)

Hi Sheng! Even though many users have reported that they used various Yoli products with minor or no problems with pregnancy, it is still recommended to consult with your physician to make sure its safe for you to take.

  Is it ok to take this with tegretol & lamotrigine !

I just got my yoli products the other day, I’m just wondering if it’s ok to use yoli while I’m taking my maintenance medication ( tegretol and lamotrigine) .

Candace (Editor)

Hi, Sharon! We have not come across any users that have had issues taking those medications with Yoli Better Body System, but it’s advised for you to check with your primary doctor to make sure it’s ok for you to combine the three.

  Alkalete and Pure capsule
Ruth (Verified User)

Do I still need to take the Alkalete and Pure capsules on my ‘free’ meals/days?

Stephen (Editor)

Hi Ruth. According to the product label, it states to take 1 capsule (500 milligrams) for every 25 pounds of body weight and to make sure to split the daily dosage evenly by taking it in the morning and evening between all meals.


I have high blood pressure, palpitation and anxiety, im taking medication for that everyday and coffee and energy drink not good for me it gives me palpitation. My question is Yoli is still good for me to take?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Rolly! Some Yoli products contain caffeine, which is an ingredient known to alter blood pressure. You might experience some side effects if you have high blood pressure, or if you are sensitive to caffeine.


I felt the same way. I use half or less of the Thermo Boost. Note: I started Yoli as a caffeine free person. This program is not cheap. If you are over weight, losing it will most likely bring down your blood pressure. Definitely, a huge lifestyle change to stick to this program. Seems worth it to me so far.

  Do some research
Rob Warner (Verified User)

IF you do some research you will quickly learn Yoli is nothing more than baking soda in capsules, the Passion drink is similar to coffee and the protein drink is whey only they charge 10X the regular price of off the shelf ingredients. The diet is basically a carb free diet with a large concentration on protein and the calorie content is so low they also advise ‘NOT TO EXERCISE!”

  Lost 3lbs 1st week
len (Verified User)

this is my 2nd. week on yoli i lost 3lbs the first week, i do have persistent headaches, i was told that it’s my body’s way of reacting to lack of sugar, i can live with that but i am normally a regular person in terms of bowel movements, i read that people experience diarrhea is anyone experiencing extreme constipation? i have tried increasing my water intake and try to increase vegetables in my diet. could it be the alkalete? i was told to start with 4 instead of the usual 2 due to my weight

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Ien! We’ve noticed that some users have experienced similar issues with headaches and their digestive system. Headaches can also be a symptom of dehydration, but symptoms persist, its recommended to seek advice from a physician.

nancy matis

I am having the same problem Stephanie my heart is pounding now for two weeks just stopped taking alkalete on Friday but still experiencing heart pounding. do you know how long this shit stays in your system?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Nancy. Please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing to take this product and let them know about the side effects you were experiencing.


I have only used the passion drink and just that alone is great. I used to suck down energy drinks like mad. I no longer use soda or those drinks. If you drink the passion too late in the day, you will have some trouble sleeping. They recommend no later than 2pm. They do offer a sleep aid that contains melatonin.

I have seen the results in my wife. She lost weight, not huge amounts, but mainly lost inches! She did the program for one month. She is keeping it off by taking the alkalete and eating sensibly. We have both used real HCG and lost lots of weight, but gained it back when that ended. Nealy all pills on the market will not help you if you don’t change your mindset and eating habits. I used to eat late at night, not I eat the correct foods at night.

The system educates you on food choices. The supplements help your body get back to where it is supposed to be. It is not a cure all, but it helps your body do what it is supposed to do!

jerriel cacao

I used to be a heavy eater, taking a lot of carbs especially at dinner time (rice). But now that I’m starting this BBS (I’m on my 4th day now), not eating much made me really hungry which then gave me headaches, nausea and tummy aches at night so I always ended up eating aside from what the program asks me to do.


This is the 2nd night in a row where I am having troubles sleeping.. I am so curious to know what the ingredients are in Pure and Thermo burn capsules. I swear I am a huge sleeper (8-10hrs a day sleep) and I can easily fall alseep. This is the first time that I’m having troubles sleeping and sleeping hours reduced to only 5hrs/day…

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jasmine, some Yoli products contain caffeine so that might be the reason you are having trouble sleeping.


You’re only supposed to be taking the pure and alkaline before bed! Your last thermo burn should be no later then 2 or 3.


Thermo burn has caffeine from green tea. Don’t take it before bed. The pure should be fine before bed.


The Yoli Better Body system is really working for me. I have not been having migraine attacks after using it. I have not felt any back pain( lower and upper) 5 days after using it and the best part, i am losing excess lbs while gaining back my health

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Yoli Better Body System official website for more information.


But of course you can return the product and get a full refund! My friend did it. She used the products for two weeks, lost 8 pounds but was not happy still. She wanted to return and did. She got a full refund. She just had to call customer service to get a RMA (Return Merchandise Authority) and mail back all the boxes, unused and used. She got the refund in her credit card within the same week after Yoli received the returned box.


i have the exact same symptoms, I want so badly for this to work for me but after 2 full weeks I am starting to be unsure.


I have been on this for two week and I am not a fan. Albeit is very expensive, it seems nothing but a no carb low calorie plan. Also, the akelate is nothing more than baking soda in a capsule. I have persistent headaches and not feeling the love with this diet plan (or “healthy lifestyle plan” as they like to market it)..


Did you drink a lot of caffiene prior to going on the system? The product is cleaning you out. Hence the headaches.


I am on day 2 and I just started to have diarrhea and I am afraid — should I just stop? I have a doctor’s appt. tomorrow and what if I have an accident on my way?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Irma. Some users claim to also have similar stomach & digestive issues because of certain ingredients in these products that ‘detox’ the body. We recommend you consult with your physician if you continue to have side effects.


I heard about Yoli from my friend who swears by it and is always in great shape. I’m on Day 4, have lost seven pounds, and feel great. Maybe these people who are feeling so terrible while they’re doing it are forgetting about eating healthy fats. Adding things such as avocado, almond butter, and goat cheese to my meals is a necessity with any low-carb diet.

  Be very cautious before starting this drink!
Myles H. (Verified User)

Passion Energy Drink – this product is not good for anyone’s health at all. This should not be given to kids as well and specially to those who have heart problems. If you are a dealer always advise your buyer to read the label first before drinking, always ask if they are allowed to drink energy drink and always ask if they have heart problems.
I was introduce to this Passion juice by my friend, gave it to me just to try it without telling me it’s an energy drink. She just told me it is good for my health and better than coffee. No I didn’t see the container because it was already premade. An hour or so later I started feeling dizzy, palpitation like I just did a marathon,fallowed by a chest pain, then I started shaking, sweating to the point that I almost drop to the ground. Family Dr. said it was a caffeine overdose. It will last for about 4-6hrs but mine lasted over 13hrs. He then said you will feel head aches and vomiting after and it’s called caffeine withdrawal. Lesson to learn: never take anything without doing your own research on the product. Do not trust what anyone say even if they are your friends or family members even if they say (this product is good for you, healthy for you, it will remove your sicknesses). Wrong! Reason being, everyone’s body is different. 60% out of a 100 that used could be just fine but still not good for them after a while. The rest 40% would have symptoms like mine. If any of you are using this energy drink be very careful better yet stop drinking it. Maybe Coffee and tea has less caffeine than Passion berry. The rest of the product is fine.

Here are the usual symptoms from the Passion Berry in order from the first ones to be experienced to the more severe, later stage consequences. There can be many common symptoms that indicate, but these are the most prevalent.
Jitters, Restlessness, and Nervousness
Increased heartbeat
Heart palpitations (cardiac arrhythmia)
Cardiac arrest


There is less caffeine in a passion drink than a can of soda.

YouMelr Name

Do us a favor. Tell us how much you lost in a year. 7 pounds in a week isnt healthy.


Been on Yoli.for 1 year and lost 105 lbs… hopefully.that helps your question. It has to be a lifestyle change. You can’t keep the same habits and expect it to work. The whole system focuses on balancing your ph… some of our ph is totally.out.of whack. I started at a size 60 on waist and now I’m at size 44. Inaudible to break a little of bad habits and I did get headaches in the beginning until I got over it. I understood then thatthe first week or two is detoxing. Getting rid.off all the unhealthy fats, bad sugars, and bad carbs. Your going to go through a.process of change and certain uncomfortable feelings considering.how inhralthy.we have been living. At least for myself. It worked for me, my wife who lost 45lbs after having our baby, my sister who lost 85lbs, and my brother who lost 60.


It’s obvious that all of these people work for/sell Yoli.


7 lbs a week is acceptable and healthy, especially those that have a lot of fat on their body.

  First dose made me extremely dizzy !
Mary (Verified User)

I was very excited to try this but from the first set of pills ( thermoburn and alkalete) I became nauseous and extremely dizzy to the point I almost passed out. I am not sure if it is because I am not a caffeine person or if I just have a sensitive stomach. I had to leave work and lay in bed for the rest of the day. Needless to say, I stopped using the product immediately!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Mary, many users have had similar side effects. Caffeine might be causing you to have the nausea and dizzy spells. If they continue, please make sure to let your doctor know.


I know a couple of people who have used Yoli products, one had a bad reaction on her skin, her whole body got red bumps. I trued it and it doesn’t taste right, for me, it is too sweet.

  trying to get your body Healthy
deb (Verified User)

The headaches people are having are detox symptoms.. it is normal to have this happen when trying to get your body healthy.


Maybe they aren’t caused by detox. Be very careful. On day one after a Passion drink and a shake I began feeling bad. Within hours, my normal BP jumped to 195/110. I felt horrible all that day and night…..24 hours later, it’s just coming down. Almost ended up in ER.

  Wasted all money !
Helen (Verified User)

It sucks taking it around 2 weeks and gained 4lbs. I can’t believe I wasted all that money!!


We’ve been on the Yoli system for a year now. For me personally, the 25 lbs I lost is now replaced by lean muscles. but the best part is my family hasn’t had medications or antibiotics for a year. Unlike the part 3 years that we’ve been sick every change of season.


Guess what we had the lab test one of the Alkalete Pills and it is sodium bi-carbonate….so you pay a fortune for baking soda. My recommendation, go buy a 79 cent box of baking soda and put a table spoon in water, or go by sodium bi-carbonate pills at Walmart.

Stephen (Editor)

Possibly, though it is rare that a dieter brings this concern to us. Do you have any allergies to speak of?. You must always take new formulas to your doctor.

   I feel horrible stomach pains
Mar mar (Verified User)

Hello, ever since I have been taking yoli, I feel horrible stomach pains when I go to sleep at night. Also, I havent gotten my menstruation in a month, it is a month and a few days late. Im concerned because there is no way I am pregnant. Is it due to the chemistry change in my system by the detoxing?

Stephen (Editor)

Possibly but it also could be your body’s attempt to accustom itself to the formula. If after a while of taking this product these symptoms continue we recommend you seek medical attention from your doctor.


Did the throwing up stop?


On my third day. Headaches for three days now. Experiencing lightheadedness, grumpy, and at times feel like passing out. Spent second night puking, knees/joints hurt. Didn’t feel good at all. Thought of going to the ER, but didn’t. Ended up calling in from work. Didn’t get much sleep. Hope, won’t go through it again tonight. Hope past comments are right that this is just some kind of withdrawal.


You have those feelings maybe you don’t follow the recommended amount of protein and water intake. Don’t starve yourself. If you feel you need to eat more, do so, as long as it’s in the meal plan.


I’m on day 2 of my transformation… I work from 3 to midnight so I need to adjust my timeline with the program because I was a little hungry yesterday but no side effects except for my wallet! Hahaha but it’s the price that I’m willing to invest in ME.. I’m praying this will answer my prayers for optima health and weight loss. ??. I will keep you all posted!


I began Yoli about a month ago for $366 total… for nearly 400 a month I would expect results. I followed the plan as prescribed. I only lost 6.5 pounds and felt like hell the whole time. I can lose weight at that rate by following a 1200 calorie diet that is not limited to protein. Have had several bouts of vomitting and diarrrhea and my arthritis/fibro has flared to incredible depths. The promised good sleep is far worse than before as measured by my FitBit. A great disappointment and waste of money.


Yoli is hands down the best product I have ever tried. Is it pricey? Yes. But calculate how much you save by better eating habits: No soda, no eating junk food, no eating out unhealthy fast food, and the savings pay for itself. Lost 20 pounds in a month and by staying on a lifetime kit i have kept it off.


After using Yoli for 2 weeks….my gout just flared up !!! And it’s been 6 weeks.. I’m still suffering from it….went to the doctor and he asked me what did I eat or drink…. I told my doctor about Yoli…then I told him the meal plan I’m doing with Yoli. … and now we just found out that too much protein that can flare up gout !!! I am very disappointed and this is the first time I suffered from my gout for a month!!! My doctor advice me to stop what I’m following Yoli’s meal plan …Instead I have to do water therapy first now.


we used this product feb 15, 2016 as my family needed to undergo physical and health changes. we bought 4 boxes of transformation kit, one for each of us. In 1 month we lost a combined of 46 lbs given that we don’t follow exactly the orange and blue card. we often cheat since that month involved a lot of party and feasting to our family. We felt great and will continue on using this product.

For my husband who has been diabetic type 2 for 12 years he noticed his energy level increased, he daily takes 2 metformin, however due to his blood sugar count decrease from a his normal 8 to 5.6 to 6.5 on our third week, he decided to decrease his pill intake to 1. Thus he only take it at night and amazingly, he still gets 5.6 to 6.5 blood count, to me seeing my husband decreasing his dosage and getting better is far greater than the price of the kit.


I agree!!!! Also those who compute the whole year, that’s wrong! Eventually you won’t need the whole kit the whole year unless maybe if your over 350 lbs! Oh well… Product is costly but worth it! You are what you eat! Value yourself not junk yourself!!!!


you’re absolutely right…. I’ve been using Yoli products for 2 years now…. I feel great and look awesome ….I’ve changed my lifestyle …… And it’s not pricey at all…. It’s our health that were talking about. It’s more expensive to get sick ????????

  Anyone having the same experience?
Kathie (Verified User)

I have been taking Yoli for 3 weeks with absolutely no results. I am having nausea, headaches and now I have an issue with my legs and walking. I have MS and have had no flare ups for a few years before this. Needless to say, I have stopped taking yoli now. I am wondering if anyone else has had such a problem?


Hi Katie … it seems that you are experiencing detox symtons which should have been explained to you when you purchased the kit from your sponsor. And if you would have been added to the FB support group, you would observe that most have gone through similar experience in the beginnng. Just stick to the meal plan. And in the long run, even if you dont use the products, you will notice a big improvement in your health. Changes are always hard in the beginning. But it surely will be good for you … All the best!

Karen (Editor)

Hi Kathie, sorry to hear that. Some dieters have similar stories. you might want to take a look at a more proven fat burner. It might be of use to you.


wondering if you are dividing the # of alkalete you are taking into 2 doses . 200 lb person for a loading dose would take 8 pills — 4 in the AM and 4 at night . you can try to go with the recommended 2 AM 2 PM . This is the end of my 3rd week of Yoli and I have seen results , down 7.6 lbs and 6.8 inches . I have not had any side effects . You will experience some tiredness and maybe some lightheadedness , but that is due to your body adjusting to the amount of food you are eating.


I am currently using Yoli. My first two days I felt tired and light headed. My support advised me to make sure that I was getting a high enough protein intake in those 2-4 oz. servings. Since then, no strange side effects besides losing inches! Really make sure you are getting enough protein. Also, your body is going through some drastic adjusting, so it may take some time for your body to get balanced.


I am not a Yoli user but was out here doing some research on the product. AS a health care professional in the nutrition field I will tell you starting any plan meant to improve your health will cause the symptoms you are experiencing. Your body is going though withdrawal much like any addiction. Sugar, gluten, white products and processed food actually cause your body to go through major withdrawal symptoms including but not limited to headaches, foggy sensation, stomach craps and vomiting, sweats, dizziness, fatigue. Keep up the good work and the symptoms will pass, again it is not the product it is the change you are making in your diet.


I agree. I used the product lost about 7 lbs. not impressed at all, the diet is a bit harsh since you have only 600 calories to in take. I went to a nutritionist 2 years ago and her first was better than this program. It’s not worth the price at all because educating ourselves to better eating habits can be done by a doctor.

I would recommend to go to a nutritionist first.


I agree!!!!


Thank you for explaining that. It is withdrawals!


I actually like this product. And thanks for your advice. I went on vacation and thought I could eat whatever I wanted….when I came back home, I went back to my better health style and experienced the withdrawal symptoms you spoke about. Now i have a better understanding of my body…thanks so much

Anonymous (Verified User)

The headaches are because you people are only eating 500 calories a day. That is not healthy.




It mentions your diet in al the material that came in my kit. Like when you start your diet ect:

  Getting Results but with side effects
Britney (Verified User)

Im on day 4 of using Yoli. On my first day alone i lost 2 lbs and had no side effects. Day 2 i lost another 2 lbs but felt so sick. I was having hot flushes, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting up until now. I was wondering if this is what other Yoli users are describing as my body going through “detox” or “withdrawals”? When will these symptoms stop? And what can i do to stop or avoid these? I love the result so far but hate the side effects.

Devon (Editor)

Hi Britney, many other users have claimed to have experienced the same issues stemming from the detox products. If you continue to have these side effects, make sure to consult with your doctor to see if these products are ok for you to use.


Been doing Yoli for a little over a month – lost 16 pounds now and 14 inches. I am 5’10” and was 210, age 38 male. Was looking for more energy and to lose weight. But the plan along with the shakes and energy pills (thermo burn) have kept me from being hungry and energy levels up.

The only side effects for me were “detoxing” in the first 5 days. I was a big coffee and diet soda drinker so that had a lot to do with it. But 5 days of headaches is nothing compared to not being tied to a coffee thermos or a bunch of diet soda. I think the program is expensive, but I don’t regret it because it has provided a spark to getting my weight and health moving in the right direction.

  I think it is amazing
Anonymous (Verified User)

First of all, this is not a diet system but a better health system. I think it is amazing! I have lost weight but my health is much more improved. AIC hemoglobin down from 6.9 to 6.0, cholesterol and triglycerides down, I slept MUCH better and have a ton of energy. I am more active now than I have been in 20 years. If you want research look in the literature about health and alkaline environments. IF you signed up for a “diet” plan you weren’t listening. Too bad for you


It works – believe me when I say. I lost 45 lbs in one month!

  Is this safe with other medication?
Olivia (Verified User)

Hello Yoli Users, I started Yoli 6 days ago. Tomorrow will mark 1 week. Im just curious if Yoli is safe for women who are taking birth control? i have been on the pill for 3 years and I barely experienced spotting on it. I recently started feeling crampy and had spotting yesterday and today and Im wondering if that is from Yoli detoxing my body or regulating my PH or if its causing a hormonal imbalance? I lost 5lb in the first two days of this diet. Also there is no chance I could be pregnant because I am not that sexually active. Im just concerned if anyone else has expierenced this


I have experienced spotting too. Is this a side effect?

  Tell us your thoughts
T Shu (Verified User)

Tell us your thoughts about Yoli Better Body System. My wife and I started yoli 6 days ago.. I cheated te first day, but have been following it pretty closely since then.. I have lost 9lbs and my wife 5.. The first couple days were rough for me, but like yesterday we had a “normal” lunch and honestly it made me feel like crap.. It’s taking some getting used to but I do like it.. The only thing I do not like is it makes you pee a lot.. And when I say a lot I mean sometimes 2-3 times an hour

  Products That should Help you
Anonymous (Verified User)

Go on the app on your phone Yoli better body system and watch the videos on each of the products this should help you

  Yoli Better Body System
bea (Verified User)

I got this products but i haven’t started using yet. I was too busy and this time i am starting to think to pay attention and of course to use it. i knew this product from a friend of mine in US. She recommended me telling that this is a good product to help me loose my kilos(;-) so i ordered from her. I was expensive but i don’t care to pay the price but what matter most is…the ingredients are good and clean. What if I have a problem with a thyroid gland and i am taking medecine every morning? Is there anyone have the same case with me and taking this product? Do you know what site of this product where i can ask a questions? Thank you for your reply.


you take your medicine 2hours before or after the alkalete pills

Cameron (Editor)

If you want more information Bea, we have listed company info and customer contact info in our Q&A section.

  doesn't seem to be working for me
Carrie (Verified User)

I have completed a month on Yoli BBS and I have only lost 2 lbs and 0 inches. I’m hungry all the time, as well, but feel like I’m eating quite a bit. This doesn’t seem to be working for me. It’s frustrating because I’ve spent so much money on it. I’m hearing & seeing wonderful stories about others and I’m so discouraged it’s not working for me!


You have a 30 day guarantee…. did you send it back?

ViYour Name

I started taking the product since Feb. 8 today is my 7th days. I feel good and lost 3.6 lbs. but the most important changes that I notice is that I feel good and lighter. Having a headache maybe because you did not drink water as much as your body needs If you are dehydrated you definitely feel weak. It work for me and my family and we are all happy.Tell us your thoughts about Yoli Better Body System.


Can you provide some peer reviewed research articles that prove the “healthy diet and pH balance” theory? Thanks.

  Very Excited how i feel
Marie (Verified User)

I started this system on Monday, December 1. The first day I had a headache due to caffeine in my coffee. Since switching to decaf, I am fine. I am not hungry. The shakes taste great and a quite filling. I am going to run out of Alkalete before the 30 days, due to the directions on the bottle state 1 pill for every 25 pounds that you weigh. The Alkalete instructions that came with my transformation pack state differently. The Thermoburn capsules do not make me feel jittery, I get a boost of energy about 30 minutes after taking them and it lasts for hours. I am using 1% milk with my shakes and my Yoli distributor said that was fine. I am very excited with how I feel and what I am seeing in the mirror.

  The product is Great
Joe (Verified User)

It’s been an unreal life changing system . I’m actually saving money on food purchases and have changed bad habits while using the system !! The products are great


Yoli has worked for me and several family members. It is a healthy eating plan along with supplements made with yummy natural, patented ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. Yoli is not as expensive as this site claims! It is an investment in better health. The Better Body System requires you to be committed yes…but it is doable and ya feel great. Not sure why people think that losing weight should just happen in a blink of an eye. Did it take you 4 wks to put all this excess weight on?? More likely it took years and it will take time and lifestyle changes to take it off. I would be happy to assist those who are ready to make a change in their lifestyle towards better health. Healthy= feeling good in your own skin!

  Yoli Better Body System
Rich (Editor) (Verified User)

Bryan, your doctor would have to give your the “thumbs up” on using them with your medication.

  Anyone else have similar experience?
Lisacasa (Verified User)

I am experiencing hot flashes anyone else? Is it a detoxification symptom. Everyone is different so I’m going to go with it and see if they go away. Im enjoying how I feel so far except for the flashes..

Rich (Editor)

Let us know how it turns out, Lisacasa!

  This product is good for you
Anonymous (Verified User)

Yes this product is good for you there is a caffeinfree free and it will help your blood pressure to get lower there’s a lot of benefit that yoli can do.

Miss G.

Just wanna ask the editor. I am wondering why every product got Silicon Dioxide mixed on it, we all know that too much Silicon dioxide is not good.

Devon (Editor)

Many supplements include Silicon Dioxide for packaging purposes.

  No side effects
ALLY (Verified User)

Day 3 and I’m down 4 lbs! No side effects! I was a little hungry until I incorporated the free foods to my menu. Please note, I suffer from many conditions that has caused me to gain 50 lbs since 2011. Mostly hormonal. Nevertheless, I’m TRANSFORMING IN DAYS and truly turning into a YOLI BELIEVER! When my family and friends see my 30 day TRANSFORMATION they are ALL going to sign up because they know my struggle with weight. Praising God for YOLI right now!

  I have more energy now
Mg (Verified User)

I did it for a month. First 3 days I had headache. On day 3 had a massive headache decided to drop the passion drink to one a day. For 200lbs I took recommended 2am 2pm alk. After 5 weeks I’m 20 Ibs down. No easy at first, but later you will get used to it. Occasional gut problem, yes it happens. But I have more energy now. My knees are not hurting anymore, probably due to the weight loss. I will continue on it.

  I love my yoli.
Dale (Verified User)

I love my yoli it is not a diet but about getting your inner health healthy and then the side effect is weight and inches lost in less then a week! The ingredients are good and clean and also helps with hot flashes,menstrual cramping,headaches and the list goes on it basically resets your body and when your done with the program your a whole new person and feel more engerized and your actually alive and not just breathing!


Regina, I understand that you want scientific proof. If I was to become a believer in a product I would want proof standing in front of me than what some scientific test. My daughter and her best friend started using Yoli a month ago. My daughter lost 15lbs and her friend 30lbs. Not only that their moods have changed.. they seem so much happier and feel great. Her friend was a (to put it bluntly) physco and now is the sweetest person ever. That was proof enough for me. Those are much more proof than science because those test are controlled and not how a people truly live. Just my point of view.


When I said “documentation”, I actually meant legitimate peer-reviewed research. I’m not one to go by “because I said so”, and that is all I hear from distributors, but they have nothing to back up their claims. I’d like to know it’s legitimate what their customers say and not just a placebo effect. Thanks.


I have tried it. Absolutely true with what yoli claims. Fast weight loss without feeling that you missed your meals. No tremors or feeling like your thyroid’s overworking. Just overall wholesomeness of my body. The sports drink does wonders I have very short recovery time compared to when I didn’t drink it. Don’t doubt Yoli ever. It works wonders.
My friend who is a diabetics has her regular insulin on hold now. She does have migraines a lot and now she has not called in sick fir a migraine headach. She lost 17 lbs in 2 was and 3 days. Her legs don’t swell up anymore. 4 more of my friends are yoli users now and they also believe in it.


When I said “documentation”, I actually meant legitimate peer-reviewed research. I’m not one to go by “because I said so”, and that is all I hear from distributors, but they have nothing to back up their claims. I’d like to know it’s legitimate what their customers say and not just a placebo effect. Thanks.


All their ingredients are available directly from the website. You can go to any one of their product pages and there are supplement facts, and also a link to “download complete product brochure” which has ALL their products listed and the last page is the supplement facts for every one of them. The review above doesn’t really do it justice as this is not just one product but many products. Overall Yoli looks pretty decent, and I’m quite particular, but I’m betting you could source each item for much cheaper if you are educated and know what you’re looking for. That being said, there’s something to just having it all convenient in one program with someone else telling you what to do and how to do it. 🙂


I have tried it. Absolutely true with what yoli claims. Fast weight loss without feeling that you missed your meals. No tremors or feeling like your thyroid’s overworking. Just overall wholesomeness of my body. The sports drink does wonders I have very short recovery time compared to when I didn’t drink it. Don’t doubt Yoli ever. It works wonders.


“The ingredients are good & clean….” but WHAT ARE the ingredients? Would be helpful to know due to allergies…that’s a lot of money to spend on something that could send me into anaphylactic shock.


Sure would love to hear where Dale got all of that unfounded information. And if the ingredients are natural and safe, where is the list? Ridiculous. Probably sawdust. Plug your stomach with filler and fill your head with hype. Dump some natural caffeine and there you go.


From what I’ve read on this discussion so far, there have been no peer reviewed research about the effectiveness of this product – if there are any please provided credible links and not just testimonials….also i find it alarming that when someone is experiencing unwanted symptoms, the response is “you may want to see your doctor”


good points!

  It is a good hurt
Tracey (Verified User)

Yoli T-pack has helped me. Inflammation and tremendous weight gain due to medication and depression had me feeling hopeless. First month- I lost 20 pounds and 10 1/2 inches. Renewed energy has me participating in life again. Sleep comes easy and I hop right out of bed ready to take on another day. Inflation of Luchen Plantus is little to none. Pain of the disease has been replaced with new aches due to moving my body again and exercising everyday as is needed for any weight loss or health system. It is a good hurt. A reminder that I want to live! It is expensive, for now I will continue. It is less expensive than my medications and doctor appointments.

   . I almost wish the price
Jan Koenigsfeld

It sounds ok but what happens when you go off of it and bingo, you gain weight . I almost wish the price would go down and then more people would join.


Yoli is a lifestyle change that teaches you to eat healthy with a very easy to follow meal program. You are not dependent on their product forever unlike many “diet” plans.


i totally agree. everyone has there hand in getting paid. they are all alike. Yoli, arbonne, and xylgular