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Yoli Better Body System Review - 18 Things You Need to Know

If there is one diet program our team will never forget, it is the Yoli Better Body System. Due to its claims of being an effective diet and health supplement, our research team immersed themselves in examining the ingredients, side effects, and clinical research of the product.

In addition to our findings, our team also took into account user reviews and comments found around the web when concluding our research on the Yoli Better Body System diet supplement. Finally, our team summarized the outcome of our research to provide you with all the information you will need to understand why we will never forget this product.

Yoli Better Body System can be purchased through their Official Site.

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Yoli Better Body System Video Review


What is the Yoli Better Body System?

Yoli Better Body System, LLC, is a company that produces supplements to improve human health and wellness. Yoli Better Body System is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Better Body System by Yoli is a health-restoring program that provides the opportunity to choose among individual products and product kits. Better Body System focuses on delivering one set of nutritional supplements that may improve health, instead of searching for more single products.

The word “Yoli” comes from the Aztec language, and it means “to live.” The mission of the Better Body System is to help people to live to the highest standards, improving their health. We immediately dug into a little research to see if the elements that make up this program have been shown to promote weight loss. The weight-loss supplement available from Yoli is Passion and some ingredients include green tea leaf, irvingia gabonensis and guarana seed extract.

  • D&M: Clinical Research & Reviews – “… green tea can interrupt lipid emulsification, reduce adipocyte differentiation, increase thermogenesis, and reduce food intake, thus green tea improves the systemic metabolism and decreases fat mass.”
  • Journal of the American College of Nutrition – “Overall efficacy of Irvingia gabonensis seed extract supplementation on weight loss seems positive but is limited due to poor methodological quality and the insufficient reporting of the clinical trials.”
  • Food & Function – Guarana is often included in weight-loss products as a stimulant or alternative source of caffeine, but there is evidence is can also have strong antioxidant effects.



Yoli Better Body System MLM

Company Information

How Did Yoli Better Body System Start?

Better Body System by Yoli started in November 2009, and since then, the company has grown.

The idea of this business belongs to Robby Fender and his wife, Kimi. He contacted four other colleagues, Daren Falter, Corey Citron, and Bobby Jones, to propose them to develop this business. Those four colleagues agreed with Robby’s idea, and this Better Body System by Yoli became a reality.

Now let’s discover a little bit about who those five founders of the Yoli Better Body System are.

  • Robby Fender is the President and the CEO of Yoli. He is a successful entrepreneur, and he is said to have a winning personality.
  • Kimi Fender is Robby’s wife of 26 years. She has been the main driver of company culture.
  • Daren Falter is the Executive Vice President, and he published best-selling books. Daren is also said to be a great consultant.
  • Corey Citron plays the role of Chief Marketing Officer for the company, and he graduated in Economics from Stanford.
  • Bobby Jones has a degree in Arts and Business from the University of Houston, and he plays the role of Executive Vice President of Strategy.

About Yoli’s MLM Plan

Yoli is a health and wellness company that sells nutritional and weight-loss products through network marketing. This company offers “lifestyle kits” for weight management, energy, and PH balance.

What is MLM?

MLM marketing, also called multi-level marketing, is a type of network marketing where distributors earn commissions to sell a product and recruit other distributors to sell the product. In a multi-level marketing plan, the distributor makes commissions on the sales of his/her recruits.

Distributors are encouraged to recruit others, as this will increase their income potential. Most MLM companies encourage distributors to recruit as many people as possible to make the most money.

Yoli’s Compensation Plan

Yoli offers an elaborate compensation plan to its distributors, which includes many incentives and bonuses. This company uses what they call a “binary” MLM marketing plan. Commissions are based on distributors’ levels by selling more products and recruiting more people to their downline. The starting commission is 20% of product sales at level one.


Yoli Better Body System Claims

Yoli Better Body System claims it’s a health-restoring program, aiming to help people enjoy the best of their lives, and also help transform dieters:

  • Emotionally
  • Physically
  • Financially
Product Line

What’s Comes With the Yoli Better Body System?

The Yoli Better Body System is a kit that contains the following six products:


YES is Yoli’s essential shake, a protein shake available in chocolate or vanilla, and can be purchased in bulk in a canister or single-serve packets.

According to Frontiers in Nutrition, protein supplementation may be able to boost exercise performance and recovery.


This product consists of mineral hydroxides and electrolytes, which claim to alkalinize the body and balance the body’s PH levels.

Some research published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health noted that an alkaline diet could boost certain health factors, though there is no mention of mention of alkaline food products.


Pure is a supplement that blends probiotics with fiber. The fiber helps suppress the appetite by creating a sense of feeling full. Thus the user is less hungry and consumes fewer calories.

Probiotics support a healthy digestive system by providing beneficial bacteria needed for a healthy gut, according to NutrientsMore research published in Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk found that fiber, specifically dietary fiber, is essential to the diet.


Passion is an energy drink that increases metabolism and boosts energy levels. Passion is available in three flavors:

  • Berry
  • Grape Acai
  • Tropical Melon

JAMA notes that caution should be used when consuming energy drinks.


Resolve is a weight-management supplement with glucomannan, apple fiber, apple cider vinegar, and more.

Research in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine found that glucomannan may play an important role in reducing obesity. On the other hand, the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that apple fiber may improve healthy cholesterol levels.


Dream is a supplement that contains valerian root, milk thistle, lemon balm, and other ingredients. It’s a non-habit forming product that claims to promote restful sleep.

Yoli Better Body System-ingredients


Yoli Better Body System Ingredients

Since Yoli Better Body System includes a wide range of products as nutritional supplements and kits, numerous ingredients are included in these products. We have broken out the ingredients per product to provide you with more detailed information.

Yoli YES Shake Ingredients

It is important to note that Yoli YES shakes do have some fat and carbohydrate content. However, it is low and also necessary to maintain energy levels while dieting.

  • Calories: 80 per serving
  • Total Fat: 1.5 gram of which saturated grams is 1 gram and trans fat 0 grams
  • Cholesterol: 35 mg
  • Total carbohydrates: 9 grams
  • Dietary fiber: 3 grams
  • Sugars: 2 grams
  • Protein: 12 grams
  • Calcium: 64 mg
  • Sodium: 75 mg
  • Potassium: 70 mg

Yoli ALKALETE Ingredients

Yoli ALKALETE works by detoxifying the body by getting rid of toxins and improving the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, both of which improve overall health.

Each bottle contains 60 servings.

  • Calcium carbonate
  • Magnesium hydroxide
  • Potassium hydroxide
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Silicon dioxide

Yoli PURE Ingredients

Yoli PURE provides both probiotics and fiber, which helps maintain a healthy digestive system and provides a sense of satiation, resulting in appetite suppression and ultimately reduced caloric intake.

Yoli PASSION Ingredients

Yoli PASSION is a drink claiming to boost energy levels.

Yoli Better Body System Ingredients

Food List

The Yoli Better Body System Food List

Food is the energy that your body, and you should eat smart food. Well-balanced food is essential for your body’s health since food is your body fuel.

Yoli Better Body System food list includes ingredients that they claim provide the highest nutrients levels, and at the same time, low calories. Yoli’s food list consists of four categories: proteins, complex carbs, vegetables & fruits, and good fats.

Protein List:

  • Lean ham
  • String cheese
  • Turkey breast

Complex Carbs List:

Vegetable & Fruits: are known by everyone, including common fruits and vegetables, while good fats include olives, natural mayonnaise, avocado, or natural peanut butter.

A good distribution of calories during the entire day, at your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, represents a balanced eating style. Also, food combination is vital for optimal energy balanced obtained from food.


Does The Yoli Better Body System Work?

Since the supplements market is growing every day and on the internet, you can find many products and companies that deal with such products. Well, a simple search on Google will give you several reviews and testimonials regarding the results of Yoli supplements and kits.

Because supplements are based on numerous minerals, vitamins, and proteins, these products are suitable for a wide range of human beings’ needs. If we believe some previous customers, these supplements help rejuvenate each day, increase energy level, and maintain a balanced weight.

Many opinions say that products belonging to the Yoli Better Body System improve their metabolism and help keep the right balance in their lives. The transformation kits are designed to ensure a complete physical transformation providing a healthy pH for their bodies and essential nutrients. This system is considered a health-restoring program.


Yoli Better Body System Reviews

Reviews are critical for each company’s supplements to determine the company’s feedback provided by previous customers.

Yoli Better Body System reviews are divided. You can find positive reviews discussing the high efficiency of the products, wellness increased for several customers, while other customers saw an improvement in their weight loss.

On the other hand, the Yoli Better Body System price is one of the most seen negative reviews. Besides the products’ costs, negative reviews also discuss the missing results after products use, short-term outcomes, and side effects for other users.

Negative reviews also include the idea that products that are provided by this company are not based on strong scientific research, and this aspect may raise questions regarding the potential side effects on the human body.


Yoli Better Body System Benefits

Because we speak about supplements and nutritional kits that should help maintain good health, the Yoli Better Body System plan’s benefits and results should be founded on customers’ reviews and opinions.

The significant benefits that are mentioned by customers are related to weight reduction in a short time, without leading your lifestyle into extremes. According to several customers’ opinions, you can lose weight without harming your body.

Also, the Yoli Better Body System products are beneficial to different types of bodies so that results can be seen for different kinds of people.

Weight Loss

Details On Yoli Better Body System And Weight Loss

Yoli Better Body System plan includes a wide range of products designed to maintain your body’s overall good health, but there are products specially created to help those who need to reduce their body weight.

Yoli Essential Shake

A product that might help you achieve optimal health is developed based on whey protein and sweetened with stevia.


A product that helps people who have insomnia since it is known that lack of sleep can cause physical and emotional issues. Gaining weight and being overweight may be linked to a lack of sleep.


Following the Yoli Better Body System

Since Yoli Better Body System includes numerous kits and individual products, you should pay attention to the suggested uses and recommended serving sizes mentioned on products’ labels. By following these recommendations, you should avoid any side effects or adverse reactions to your body.

Suppose you are on medication, or you are sensitive to specific ingredients that are included in Yoli products. In that case, you should consult a physician before starting a plan belonging to the Yoli Better Body System.

Yoli Better Body System cost


Cost Of Yoli Better Body System

If you are interested in buying the Yoli Better Body System, then you should know that you have many opportunities to order their products. Their website represents the first option. The Amazon website represents another option to order Yoli products.

If you decide to buy from the company website, you will have several benefits if you choose to become a member. The free product program represents one of the main benefits.

Yoli Better Body System price differs depending on how you order the products. Yoli Better Body System price can be lower if you order the products as a member of the auto-ship website.

Those who feel that Yoli products bring benefits to their lives should know that they can save money if they continue to use Yoli products. Yoli Better Body System price may be lower if you apply for the free product program.

If you refer three people who decide to become members of the website or access the Preferred Customers plan, you will get free products from Yoli Better Body System.

By following this free product program, you can benefit from Yoli products without paying for those products.

Side Effects

Potential Yoli Better Body System Side Effects

Searching for possible side effects of the Yoli Better Body System products, we have not found any side effects mentioned by the manufacturers.

Even so, some Yoli Better Body System side effects are mentioned by customers that have used these products.

One Yoli Better Body System review speaks about a severe UTI due to taking weight loss supplements.

Other Yoli Better Body System reviews speak about side effects such as headaches and constipation. As you can see, Yoli Better Body System side effects are shared by previous customers of these products.

Product Warnings

Yoli Better Body System Product Warnings

Product warnings are not mentioned, but customer reviews and websites specializing in companies’ reviews say some risks associated with Yoli Better Body System.

Since scientific research does not support Yoli products, most of the opinions mention that Yoli Better Body System may be tried at a customers’ own risk.


Any Yoli Better Body System Lawsuits?

We were unable to find any lawsuits against Yoli Better Body as of early 2019.


Yoli Better Body System Alternatives

Maybe you have already tried Better Body System Yoli products, and they have not convinced you.

Alternatively, perhaps after you have read Yoli Better Body System reviews, you have decided that their products not be for you.

In this case, you should know that numerous supplements companies can be used as alternatives for Better Body System by Yoli. If you do not want to buy Yoli Better Body System products, here are some other options:

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“This is a top weight loss program. With one week results. Got to do keto style eating. Follow their eating menu. Results for like a person in a wedding or event weight loss.”

“Don’t use Yoli – This stuff promises health, but it made me Sicker than I’ve ever been. It messed up my GI tract so badly it felt like I had the flu for months. I went to Doctors who performed several years and couldn’t find anything. Eventually I stopped using Yoli went back to eating anything. I never had a weight problem, but now I’m suddenly gaining weight and can’t get it back off. This crap has ruined my health. Stay far away from Yoli.”

“I purchased this from a vendor that sells Yoli. It is definitely a strict diet if you are used to eating what you want but that’s the point. I did lose over 15 pounds in one month sticking to what it says on how to eat and taking the pills. I would recommend this product.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Yoli Better Body System

So, what’s the final verdict on Yoli Better Body System? There are a couple of positives, like a professional-looking headquarters and positive customer reviews. We would have liked to see a bit more science, even though some of the ingredients are backed by research. One of the main concerns is the price and that depends on what the customer buys.

We believe weight-loss programs should offer men and women a means of support that helps them keep on track to lose more weight and keep it off. Thankfully, technology has stepped in and delivered just that.

Among the most impressive weight-loss apps we’ve reviewed in years is Noom. We love that it is clinically proven – not something every program can say. You get human coaching, personalized meal plans, exercise tracking and more. There’s nothing left to chance.

Plus, Dietspotlight readers can take advantage of a free trial offer of Noom so you know what it feels like to have support 24/7.

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Yoli Better Body System Review
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Yoli Better Body System

What is Yoli Better Body System?

The Yoli Better Body System is a “health-restorative” program aimed to help supply you with all the nutritional products and supplements you need for optimal health.

What are the side effects of the Yoli Better Body System?

According to some user reviews, Yoli Better Body System side effects may include constipation, headaches and hunger.

What is in Yoli Better Body System?

Yoli BBS coined after its full name, contains multiple ingredients, considering the company sells multiple products. Some of the formulas contain fiber, antioxidants, electrolytes and enzymes.

What is the active ingredient in Yoli Better Body System?

The active ingredient in Yoli Better Body System are vitamins. 

Does Yoli Better Body System work?

The official website for Yoli Better Body System is the perfect place to share clinical research, but there’s none there. If we knew the complete lists of ingredients we could answer this question a bit better. But, as it stands, we have to go on user reviews – many of which say there’s no weight-loss benefit.

Where can I buy Yoli Better Body System?

Yoli Better Body System can be purchased using their Official Site.

How much is Yoli Better Body System?

Yoli Better Body System offers a number of kits on their official website. However, you’ll need a distributor or subscriber ID. Packages usually start at $150.

How do you take Yoli Better Body System?

The Yoli Better Body System is made up of multiple products, including shakes, capsules and drink mixes. Each comes with different instructions and no product labels are listed on the official website to give us an idea of how they are used.

Can I use Yoli Better Body System if I’m lactose intolerant?

It is possible to use some of the Yoli Better Body System products if you’re lactose intolerant. Check the ingredient label beforehand to be sure.

Who makes Yoli Better Body System?

Yoli, LLC makes Yoli Better Body System.

29 Yoli Better Body System Reviews

  • Very Excited how i feel
    Marie (Verified Purchase)

    I started this system on Monday, December 1. The first day I had a headache due to caffeine in my coffee. Since switching to decaf, I am fine. I am not hungry. The shakes taste great and a quite filling. I am going to run out of Alkalete before the 30 days, due to the directions on the bottle state 1 pill for every 25 pounds that you weigh. The Alkalete instructions that came with my transformation pack state differently. The Thermoburn capsules do not make me feel jittery, I get a boost of energy about 30 minutes after taking them and it lasts for hours. I am using 1% milk with my shakes and my Yoli distributor said that was fine. I am very excited with how I feel and what I am seeing in the mirror.

  • The product is Great
    Joe (Verified Purchase)

    It’s been an unreal life changing system . I’m actually saving money on food purchases and have changed bad habits while using the system !! The products are great

  • Cheri

    Yoli has worked for me and several family members. It is a healthy eating plan along with supplements made with yummy natural, patented ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. Yoli is not as expensive as this site claims! It is an investment in better health. The Better Body System requires you to be committed yes…but it is doable and ya feel great. Not sure why people think that losing weight should just happen in a blink of an eye. Did it take you 4 wks to put all this excess weight on?? More likely it took years and it will take time and lifestyle changes to take it off. I would be happy to assist those who are ready to make a change in their lifestyle towards better health. Healthy= feeling good in your own skin!

  • Yoli Better Body System
    Rich (Editor) (Verified Purchase)

    Bryan, your doctor would have to give your the “thumbs up” on using them with your medication.

  • Anyone else have similar experience?
    Lisacasa (Verified Purchase)

    I am experiencing hot flashes anyone else? Is it a detoxification symptom. Everyone is different so I’m going to go with it and see if they go away. Im enjoying how I feel so far except for the flashes..

    • Rich (Editor)

      Let us know how it turns out, Lisacasa!

    • Jyl

      Yes I have had hot flashes also. Also having terrible pain in my wrists and elbows. Have no strength in my hands. The pain keep me up at night, along with the hot flashes. If Yoli wasn’t so expensive I would quit using it. I have lost 16 pounds but now wondering if the pain is worth it.

    • Anonymous

      I get hot flashes but I attribute it to metabolism speeding up. Burning calories. Yes I got some aches and pains and some other symptoms manifested but after sticking with it, all of it disappeared.
      But still get hot flashes

  • This product is good for you
    Your Name (Verified Purchase)

    Yes this product is good for you there is a caffeinfree free and it will help your blood pressure to get lower there’s a lot of benefit that yoli can do.

  • Miss G.

    Just wanna ask the editor. I am wondering why every product got Silicon Dioxide mixed on it, we all know that too much Silicon dioxide is not good.

    • Devon (Editor)

      Many supplements include Silicon Dioxide for packaging purposes.

  • No side effects
    ALLY (Verified Purchase)

    Day 3 and I’m down 4 lbs! No side effects! I was a little hungry until I incorporated the free foods to my menu. Please note, I suffer from many conditions that has caused me to gain 50 lbs since 2011. Mostly hormonal. Nevertheless, I’m TRANSFORMING IN DAYS and truly turning into a YOLI BELIEVER! When my family and friends see my 30 day TRANSFORMATION they are ALL going to sign up because they know my struggle with weight. Praising God for YOLI right now!

  • I have more energy now
    Mg (Verified Purchase)

    I did it for a month. First 3 days I had headache. On day 3 had a massive headache decided to drop the passion drink to one a day. For 200lbs I took recommended 2am 2pm alk. After 5 weeks I’m 20 Ibs down. No easy at first, but later you will get used to it. Occasional gut problem, yes it happens. But I have more energy now. My knees are not hurting anymore, probably due to the weight loss. I will continue on it.

  • I love my yoli.
    Dale (Verified Purchase)

    I love my yoli it is not a diet but about getting your inner health healthy and then the side effect is weight and inches lost in less then a week! The ingredients are good and clean and also helps with hot flashes,menstrual cramping,headaches and the list goes on it basically resets your body and when your done with the program your a whole new person and feel more engerized and your actually alive and not just breathing!

    • Stephanie

      Sure would love to hear where Dale got all of that unfounded information. And if the ingredients are natural and safe, where is the list? Ridiculous. Probably sawdust. Plug your stomach with filler and fill your head with hype. Dump some natural caffeine and there you go.

      • Your Name

        good points!

      • Mike

        From what I’ve read on this discussion so far, there have been no peer reviewed research about the effectiveness of this product – if there are any please provided credible links and not just testimonials….also i find it alarming that when someone is experiencing unwanted symptoms, the response is “you may want to see your doctor”

    • Curious

      “The ingredients are good & clean….” but WHAT ARE the ingredients? Would be helpful to know due to allergies…that’s a lot of money to spend on something that could send me into anaphylactic shock.

    • Dan

      All their ingredients are available directly from the website. You can go to any one of their product pages and there are supplement facts, and also a link to “download complete product brochure” which has ALL their products listed and the last page is the supplement facts for every one of them. The review above doesn’t really do it justice as this is not just one product but many products. Overall Yoli looks pretty decent, and I’m quite particular, but I’m betting you could source each item for much cheaper if you are educated and know what you’re looking for. That being said, there’s something to just having it all convenient in one program with someone else telling you what to do and how to do it. 🙂

      • justine

        I have tried it. Absolutely true with what yoli claims. Fast weight loss without feeling that you missed your meals. No tremors or feeling like your thyroid’s overworking. Just overall wholesomeness of my body. The sports drink does wonders I have very short recovery time compared to when I didn’t drink it. Don’t doubt Yoli ever. It works wonders.

    • justine

      I have tried it. Absolutely true with what yoli claims. Fast weight loss without feeling that you missed your meals. No tremors or feeling like your thyroid’s overworking. Just overall wholesomeness of my body. The sports drink does wonders I have very short recovery time compared to when I didn’t drink it. Don’t doubt Yoli ever. It works wonders.
      My friend who is a diabetics has her regular insulin on hold now. She does have migraines a lot and now she has not called in sick fir a migraine headach. She lost 17 lbs in 2 was and 3 days. Her legs don’t swell up anymore. 4 more of my friends are yoli users now and they also believe in it.

      • Regina

        When I said “documentation”, I actually meant legitimate peer-reviewed research. I’m not one to go by “because I said so”, and that is all I hear from distributors, but they have nothing to back up their claims. I’d like to know it’s legitimate what their customers say and not just a placebo effect. Thanks.

    • Regina

      When I said “documentation”, I actually meant legitimate peer-reviewed research. I’m not one to go by “because I said so”, and that is all I hear from distributors, but they have nothing to back up their claims. I’d like to know it’s legitimate what their customers say and not just a placebo effect. Thanks.

    • deb

      Regina, I understand that you want scientific proof. If I was to become a believer in a product I would want proof standing in front of me than what some scientific test. My daughter and her best friend started using Yoli a month ago. My daughter lost 15lbs and her friend 30lbs. Not only that their moods have changed.. they seem so much happier and feel great. Her friend was a (to put it bluntly) physco and now is the sweetest person ever. That was proof enough for me. Those are much more proof than science because those test are controlled and not how a people truly live. Just my point of view.

  • It is a good hurt
    Tracey (Verified Purchase)

    Yoli T-pack has helped me. Inflammation and tremendous weight gain due to medication and depression had me feeling hopeless. First month- I lost 20 pounds and 10 1/2 inches. Renewed energy has me participating in life again. Sleep comes easy and I hop right out of bed ready to take on another day. Inflation of Luchen Plantus is little to none. Pain of the disease has been replaced with new aches due to moving my body again and exercising everyday as is needed for any weight loss or health system. It is a good hurt. A reminder that I want to live! It is expensive, for now I will continue. It is less expensive than my medications and doctor appointments.

  • . I almost wish the price
    Jan Koenigsfeld

    It sounds ok but what happens when you go off of it and bingo, you gain weight . I almost wish the price would go down and then more people would join.

    • Your Name

      i totally agree. everyone has there hand in getting paid. they are all alike. Yoli, arbonne, and xylgular

    • Lynne

      Yoli is a lifestyle change that teaches you to eat healthy with a very easy to follow meal program. You are not dependent on their product forever unlike many “diet” plans.

    • Marylou

      Yoli transformation kit comes down to more or less $9.50/ day and after your 28 detox it is up to you as to what products you want to maintain depending on your needs. Any weight loss program if you stop and go back to a lifestyle that does not help buy you more time in life will surely put you back to where it was, it is a choice to make..life is priceless is my opinion why I use and will keep using yoli.. no one can claim any meds can cure anything and so as yoli but I am a living testimonial of getting a better quality of life since I used yoli, in spite of my diagnosis of having MS. Hope this helps.