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Zantrex Black Review - 15 Things You Need to Know

Zantrex Black promotes rapid weight loss by expediting the body’s natural metabolic process. They claim this is fulfilled by suppressing hunger and giving the user extra energy. Even with extra energy, it seems maintaining this high level of energy would be difficult if the product is suppressing hunger at the same time.

Some studies conclude a positive correlation between decreased appetite and increases in energy level, which raised our curiosity even more on the efficacy of this product. Our research team has refined their findings to give you the following information.

Zantrex Black can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Zantrex Black?

Zantrex Black is a dietary supplement manufactured in the US for promoting weight-loss and providing increased energy. It is a liquid pill designed to curb hunger while allowing you to lose- weight, and it gives you the power to continue with your exercise plans and diet.

Though it contains the same formula as the original Zantrex 3, it promises an increased level of potency which maximizes its weight-loss benefits.

Zantrex is not only a fat-burning supplement that aids in weight-loss. It is also energy-boosting due to its caffeine content. The caffeine content is equivalent to consuming three to four cups of coffee per day. Caffeine (as everyone knows) causes severe side effects.

Zantrex Black Competitors

Lipo 6

How Did Zantrex Black Start?

Zoller Laboratories introduced Zantrex Black over twenty years ago. For over two decades, Zoller Laboratories has been specializing in health-based products for weight-loss and boosting energy.

Initially, Zoller Laboratories produced Zantrex 3 in a red bottle, followed by Zantrex Blue. Then they introduced Black. For any information regarding their products, it is recommended to contact them via their official website.

According to its manufacturers, this supplement does not contain any synthetic ingredients. It can be bought either directly from the company or through its retailers.

The recommended dose is two capsules, to be taken before meals. The most significant advantage of this product is its simple and convenient usage.


Zantrex Black Claims

Zantrex Black claims it offers:

  • Extreme energy
  • Appetite control
  • Mood elevation
  • High-velocity weight loss

Zantrex Black Ingredients

Zantrex Black ingredients include:

  • Yerba Mate
  • Guarana
  • Trimethylxanthine
  • Damiana
  • Green tea
  • Kola seed
  • Schizonepeta
  • Black Pepper
  • Rhodiola Crenulata
  • Asian ginseng
  • Maca root
  • Cacao
  • Black Tea

Every serving of Black contains 15 calories, 1 g of fat, and 0.5 g of protein.

Additional Details on Zantrex Black Ingredients

Yerba Mate – Antioxidant that’s thought to be stronger than green tea. (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)

Guarana – Stimulant source of caffeine.

Trimethylxanthine – Scientific name for caffeine.

Damiana – Traditionally used to fight depression and erectile dysfunction, but research doesn’t support either use.

Green Tea – Natural growth packed with EGCG, antioxidants, and a plethora of health benefits.

Rhodiola Crenulata – When Rhodiola rosea and Rhodiola crenulata are compared, “R. rosea is most effective for improving physical working capacity.” (Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine)

Asian Ginseng – Asian ginseng has been used for centuries to promote physical stamina and slow the aging process, according to the NCCIH.

Black Tea – Another source of caffeine and antioxidants.


Zantrex Black Benefits and Claimed Weight Loss

Claimed benefits of Zantrex Black include:

  • High-velocity weight-loss
  • Extreme energy

How to Use Zantrex Black

You’ll take two Zantrex Black soft-gels with a full glass of water before meals. The company recommends for an energy boost to take one or two Zantrex Black soft-gels as needed. It’s also recommends to not exceed six soft-gels in a 24-hour period. The company states to use Black with sensible diet and exercise plan.

Side Effects

Potential Zantrex Black Side Effects

While there’s no mention of Zantrex Black side effects, there’s a chance some may notice side effects from Zantrex Black ingredients, including:

  • Over consumption of green tea may cause increased heart rate due to caffeine content. (Chinese Medicine)
  • Ginseng extract may cause a headache, loss of appetite and increased heart rate. (NCCIH)
  • Niacin may cause diarrhea and increased cough. (Medline Plus)

Product Warnings for Zantrex Black

Zantrex Black warnings include:

  • Use only as directed.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not take Zantrex Black, Zantrex-3 High Energy Fat Burner or Black-3 simultaneously.
  • Do not substitute any Zantrex product for Black.
  • Limit the use of caffeine-containing supplements while using Black.

Any Zantrex Black Lawsuits?

There are no current lawsuits against Zantrex Black.

Zantrex Black Alternatives

Zantrex Black alternatives include:

Black vs. Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut and Black are both weight-loss supplements which are available at similar rates. Both products are used by many; with users giving positive reviews about each. The ingredients in Hydroxycut are:

  • Green Coffee Bean extract
  • Cumin extract
  • Lady’s Mantle extract
  • Wild Mint extract
  • Wild Olive extract

Both Zantrex Black and Hydroxycut contain a caffeine-based ingredient as the main ingredient. Caffeine is known to suppress appetite. It also inhibits genes and enzymes which control the body’s ability to absorb fat. Hydroxycut contains 300 mg of caffeine. The manufacturers of Black have not given any figures regarding its caffeine content.

Black vs. Xenadrine Core

Both Zantrex Black and Xenadrine Core promote the burning of fat. Black offers “high-velocity weight-loss” while Xenadrine Core offers a “hardcore thermogenic formula.”

Black is all about the quantity of caffeine in it. On the contrary, Xenadrine Core offers steady weight-loss with ingredients like green coffee bean extract, yohimbe and coleus extract for the burning of fat and the boosting of energy.

Other herbs found in Xenadrine Core are white kidney beans, caraway, mangosteen and perilla to increase muscle strength. It also includes gotu kola, which is another source of caffeine. Xenadrine Core does contain less caffeine than Black.

Zantrex SkinnyStix

SkinnyStix is a Zantrex product. It is a powder supplement in the form of a stick. It is mixed with water and consumed. It helps to control food cravings, burn fat, improves concentration, and boosts energy.

Zantrex Warnings

It is important never to exceed the prescribed dose of any Zantrex products. Never consume two different Zantrex products at the same time. All Zantrex products have different ingredients which work in specific ways. Also, do not substitute one for another.

These products contain 120 mg of caffeine per serving and caffeine-related stimulants.

Pregnant women or those under 18-years-of-age should not use this product. Keep this product away from children.

Use Zantrex Black as instructed by the manufacturer’s directions, which are located on the bottle. While using Black, it is advised to limit the use of food and beverages containing caffeine. This product includes significant quantities of caffeine. The excessive consumption of caffeine may cause serious side effects to occur.

Those who have a medical condition or any health problems, please consult your doctor or a healthcare professional before using Black or any Zantrex products.


Zantrex Black Cost and Refund Policy

The cost of Zantrex Black on the official website is $39.99. The price may change depending on the retailer. Through the official website, there’s a 30-day return policy (minus the shipping and handling charges). You must contact customer service for a return authorization.

What Users Are Saying

“This product didn’t do anything. I take very good care of myself, workout at a weight lifting gym, have a very clean diet and drink nothing but water. My trainer is a ranked body builder and I asked her about these pills. She told me to throw the bottle out and I did. These kind of pills do nothing but make your heart beat too fast. I took her advice and ordered a CLA supplement and a digestive enzyme supplement. Wow, got the results that I’ve wanted. I’ve lost weight and feel great!”

“I like it but weight comes off slow unless you put effort with it and diet also.”

“The best supplement for weight loss. No jitters after taking it. Love it.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Zantrex Black

Zantrex Black is a dietary supplement promoting weight loss through extreme energy. The brand even states Black is the “most intense formula.” Our research team did notice claims of the ingredients being clinically-backed; although there are no links to studies.

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Zantrex Black Review
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Zantrex Black

What are the side effects of Zantrex Black?

Zantrex Black side effects include increased heart rate, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and nausea.

What are the ingredients in Zantrex Black?

Zantrex Black ingredients are Yerba Mate Extract, Guarana Extract, Trimethylxanthine, Damiana Extract, Green Tea Extract, Kola Extract, Schizonepeta Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Rhodiola crenulata Extract, Asian Ginseng Extract, Maca Extract, Cacao Extract, and Black Tea Extract.

Does Zantrex Black Work?

While there are numerous sources of caffeine in Zantrex Black and caffeine is a powerful addition to a fat burner, there is little else of substance in this product. There are no independent clinical reviews and very little anecdotal evidence of efficacy.

How much does Zantrex Black cost?

Zantrex Black is $39.99 per bottle of 84 softgels. As the company recommends six capsules a day, this is only a two week supply and a full month would be about $80.

How should I take Zantrex Black?

The makers of Zantrex Black recommend taking two softgels fifteen minutes before each meal with a full glass of water but warn consumers not to take more than six within any 24 hour period.

Where can I buy Zantrex Black?

Zantrex Black can be purchased using their Official Site.

Can I take Zantrex Black if I have a health condition?

We tell all readers to check with their doctor if they have a medical condition of any kind. It’s also important to seek advice if you are pregnant or nursing or are taking prescription medications. Most supplements like Zantrex Black have not been tested on anyone under 18.

Can I use Zantrex Black if I am lactose intolerant?

Yes, Zantrex Black does not show any dairy ingredients in the softgels.

20 Zantrex Black Reviews

  • Nicole (Verified Purchase)

    Left me with headaches from the minute i woke up till i went to sleep. Stomach pains and gained ten lb!!!!! Even with added exercise and diet in check.

  • It works !
    Chochies (Verified Purchase)

    I have been taking zantrex black for almost a month now. Yes it does creat a sence or urgency and also high energy. Depending on what a persons daily activity may be or work wise as well. I work in fast food so im always on the go. When i take my 2 pills a morning be fore work, I have energy for the whole day. Also the one thing i have to say that is a negative for me. Is that lack of appetite. There will be times that i have to remember to eat . but then again eating fast food on a daily basis is not good or healthy. I believe this product works depending on the person. I also have tried the zantrex 3 and saw results. I can also now wear my 2xl manager shirts that have no give what so ever, and feel confortable. My 3xl shirts are big on me so are my pants but the results are good for me in my eyes. Like i said tho depending on the person and his or her daily and work activity will depend on how a person feels.

  • Connie

    I started using this product 3 weeks ago. So far so good. I’m not having any of the side effects mentioned in the previous comments from others. I will say that you MUST drink plenty of water as this is a rapid release type of formula! I started at 180 pounds and today I’m at 166.8. I completely cut out carbs, fried foods, juice, soda, candy…..anything sugary. I workout 5 days out of the week and 1 day out of those 5 days I swim. Mind you, I have to squeeze this in because I work two jobs but all of my sacrifice and hard work is paying off. I will come back and do another update. HINT: Food prep helped out a lot!

    • Montana (Editor)

      Hi Connie. We’re glad you’ve found success with Zantrex Black! You might want to consider adding another supplement to the mix, one called Dietspotlight Burn. It has natural ingredients and is backed by clinical research.

  • Joyve

    The people giving bad reviews are a little off or something because if they read the directions it said very clear: to test your tolerance you should take 1 pill first, then increase the number, of course they gonna feel a lot of crazy side effects if it was the first time taking the pills… And second, if they read the directions, it also say that you should take the pills 15 minutes BEFORE main meals, I think that you ain’t gonna feel nothing if you take them after your main meals… I recommend everybody that want to buy weight loss supplements to read before buying them. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Dee

    Had a bad allergic reaction to Zantrex Black. Face got hot and turned bright red on face, neck and arms. Pretty scary!!

    • Holli Dreher

      Thats because of the B3 (niacin) That is common with this Vitamin.


      This is happening to me right now. Except my whole body is bright red, I feel swollen and sick.

      • Sofie

        I took one Zantrex Black and was ignoring burning and itching all over my body for 15 mins or so…mostly face. I just went to restroom wondering if something was up and saw I’m currently having a moderate to severe allergic reaction. Took Benadryl and hoping it doesn’t get worse. 🙁 I guess I’ll be tired now.

  • Zantrex headache
    Lori (Verified Purchase)

    I agree with most of the comments, I got such a severe headache & an upset stomach

  • Ranee (Verified Purchase)

    My body overheated within 5 mins of taking this had a horrible rash all over me lasted about 30 mins

  • Damaris

    I believe it works, when I take it I get no appetite wich is a good thing because the less I eat the better result I get.

  • A.M dose caused by brain heat up !
    Queen Bee (Verified Purchase)

    I took the recommended dose in the a.m. and within fifteen minutes my brain was heating up, face went red like I had a sunburn then my skin turned red and then a rash appeared all over my body.

    • Holli Dreher

      It contains B3. Read up on it…

    • Ranee

      Same thing happened to me !

    • Montana (Editor)

      Hello Queen Bee. We recommend discontinuing Zantrex Black and consulting your physician about these side effects. You may also want to consider trying a different weight loss supplement, like Dietspotlight Burn.

    • Anonymous

      The same thing happened to me few minutes ago. I was really broke out and my skin was on fire

    Karen (Verified Purchase)

    Extreme overall rash, tingling/burning and skin hot to the touch within 15-20 minutes of taking it. If I could give a negative rating I would. Waste of hard earned money. I had to throw it out.

  • Con job
    William (Verified Purchase)

    Got sick stomach for weeks

  • Love these
    Sara (Verified Purchase)

    TheZantrex black is the best one! I love it. No jitters, less appetite, more energy , and more weight loss.