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Zen Cleanse Review - Does This Detox Supplement Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 09, 2017

Why are people talking about Zen Cleanse? We decided to take a closer look at ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service quality. Additionally, we examined hundreds of dieter comments and reviews. Then, we summarized and refined to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know

First off, Zen Cleanse ingredients include livertone, senna, angelica root, jujube fruit extracts, peony root, soy lecithin, dong quai extracts, myrobalam seed, dandelion root, slippery elm bark, yarrow flower, I-taurine, senna leaf extracts, fig fruit, cascara sagrada bark extracts, solanum nigrum extract, n-acetyl crysteine, magnesium, and fig fruit. After taking one capsule per day, the supplement supposedly detoxes the body and helps with weight-loss.

There’s no information as to when Zen Cleanse hit the shelves, but Omni Herbals is the maker and has been operating since 2013. You can purchase the product through third-party retailers. We like that the price seems reasonable and that we found some favorable customer comments, but read on…

Ineffectiveness – “Results?”

The first concern was the ineffectiveness of Zen Cleanse ingredients. “The formula contains some natural ingredients,” said our Research Editor. “But the profile may not indicate you’ll lose weight.”

Not impressed; it didn’t do anything for me. I even combined it with another supplement that was supposed to be incredible for weight loss when used together. Didn’t work,” commented a dieter.

This product does not work I’m so upset that I wasted my money on this,” reported another.

Some dieters did notice some results while using Zen Cleanse.

“I became pretty regular after using Zen Cleanse for about a week,” said a consumer.

Poor Customer Service – “No Quality!”

Based on customers commenting on the web, the customer service team at Zen Cleanse doesn’t offer support. “I called several times attempting to cancel my order. When I reached them, they were rude,” stated a customer.

“When I called, the “manager” yelled at me and then ended the call,” said a consumer.

“Don’t know why they were yelling at me on the phone, I just wanted to ask a question,” reported another.

While some customers didn’t have positive experiences, others offered a different take.

“The agent addressed my concerns pretty quick,” said a dieter.

“Happy I called, they answered all of my concerns,” stated another.

Throughout our research, we’ve found that all it takes is something considered problematic, like poor customer service, could limit the chances of long-term success. If the Zen Cleanse support team isn’t helpful, you may want to take a pass on it.

The Science – “What About Research?”

There’s no published scientific research proving Zen Cleanse will help you lose weight. While we’ve found solid science backing the effectiveness of senna, the findings only related to its laxative properties. There’s no link to weight-loss. At DietSpotlight, clinical studies are imperative. If there are no science-based facts, we raise the red flag.

The Bottom Line – Does Zen Cleanse Work?

Don’t hit the order button just yet; here’s our final thoughts on Zen Cleanse. Well, we like that it’s affordable and that we found some positive customer comments, but this one has us a bit concerned because there’s no published clinical research backing the claims. We’re also skeptical due to reports from customers about ineffectiveness and poor customer service.

Are you looking for real long-term weight-loss? We suggest a supplement containing ingredients that work and no reports of adverse reactions.

Among the best supplements we’ve encountered this year is one called Leptigen. The product utilizes some clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to help ignite fat loss and boost metabolism. We can’t find talk of negative side effects, but customers are reporting great results.

Also, the makers of Leptigen are even offering customers a Special Trial Offer. This is an excellent sign of confidence of in their supplement.

Previous Zen Cleanse Review (Updated December 16, 2013):

What You Should Know

As you may have gathered, internal cleansing products and detoxifying supplements are quite common these days. Some experts claim that flushing out your intestinal tract is important for overall health and weight loss. Therefore it is certainly common to find a variety of internal cleansing products in health supplement stores, common drugstores, as well as online. One of the various products you have to choose from is Zen Cleanse. However, there no longer appears to be an official website for this supplement, and no official price is revealed.

List of Ingredients

Jujube fruit extract, angelica root, peony root, milk thistle extract, dong quai extract, skullcap extract, yarrow flower, alpha lipoic acid, ginger root and lots more.

Product Features

Zen Cleanse is an internal cleansing supplement that endeavors to help flush unwanted waste and dangerous toxins out or your system. Some nutritionists and dieticians state that waste in your colon (large intestine) can cause sluggishness, lack of energy, illnesses, and other health problems. Zen Cleanse is a “complete kit” that was developed to help cleanse your colon, as well as “purify” your blood, liver, kidneys, and body. Just so you are aware, this supplement may cause more frequent bowel movements.

There are three key active ingredients used in Zen Cleanse. These are Senna Boost (this is a natural laxative that may help flush waste and toxins from your digestive tract), Detoxicator (helps with cleansing the colon and liver so organs can function properly), and Livertone (assists by detoxifying the liver and combating free radicals). According to the manufacturer of Zen Cleanse, this supplement kit is totally safe to use. It is even claimed that this formula may increase energy levels, boost your metabolism, and heighten stamina levels. There are no testimonials presented for Zen Cleanse.


  • The key ingredients used in Zen Cleanse are posted online.
  • This supplement formula may assist with regularity.


  • There is no refund option for Zen Cleanse.
  • This product does not endeavor to suppress hunger or burn away fat.
  • Some of the ingredients for this supplement are not mentioned.
  • There is no longer an official website for Zen Cleanse.
  • The cost of this internal cleansing aid is not revealed.


You should really be careful which “internal cleansers” you try out. After all, these supplements can actually disrupt the bacteria balances in your intestines. This can lead to problems. As for Zen Cleanse, there is no longer an official website provided for this cleansing kit, nor is there even a price posted. Therefore we cannot recommend this cleansing supplement formula. It is likely that it has been discontinued, due to some issues with the ingredients, or because a newer version has been released.

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Rating: 3.4. From 75 votes.
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Zen Cleanse Review

How Does Zen Cleanse Compare?

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Well I bought Zen Cleanse a couple of years ago and yes it was $87 and yes they sent me my product I was upset I didn’t know it cost that much so I wanted to return it but I didn’t so I tried it and OMG it really did work I must say but I haven’t tried it since but it worked for me

Stephen (Editor)

There are no ingredients in the formula that are known to test positive for drugs.

jagjeet singh

I want produce mussels and finish fat I need gud something

Stephen (Editor)

Zen Cleanse does not claim to increase muscle mass. By taking one dose per day, Zen Cleanse is supposed to detoxify the body thus promoting weight loss. Though the ingredients are geared more towards cleansing and regularity than weight loss.

carole karlinski

AND…Zen Cleanse is NOT adv as wt loss.fat burner…it is a colon cleanse.liver etc…know ur stuff better.


I purchased this product and never received it. When I called the company they told me they could only refund me $45, even though they had charged me $87 for a $9.99 trial. After speaking with a supervisor, he told me they would give me back $60. I said no, because that would give you a $27 profit for something I never received. They eventually refunded me the full $87 and I will
NEVER order from the again.


After reading the reviews I am nervous. I ordered my Zen cleanse and my Garcinia with out any problems. Paid the price the web site said. One was $5 and one $3. Question, Do they continue to charge my card?


@ Leslie. Yes most definitely and not just for one month they charge you every month that you do not cancel. The price is usually about 80 to 90 dollars each month. Cancel now!!


How many days for this cleanse


Where can I buy zen cleanse at? I live in Fort Worth,TX 76133


I had the same problem as other review. If you don’t use it, you can return it. If not, either get charged $90 or $20. Don’t understand where the free trial fits in with advertisement. Other websites have allowed you to try and only pay initial amount. Sad part is you don’t know which way it will go until you receive product.


Where do you send it back to?

Your Name

Well, I have the same question, got mine yesterday and there is not detail of where to send it back, I am very confuse…


Can someone reply with a phone number to contact Zen cleanse? I believe I was charged $87 for the product, but never received it, and ordered it over a month ago! I had called twice to follow up with them but I don’t have the number anymore. Quite frustrating.


when and how is the best way to take the zen cleanse?
after meal or before meals?


In order to cancel the trial, you have to return the unused portion to avoid being charged 90$. I would be better off finding a cleansing assistant from GNC or a health food store. The trial period is a hoax…either that or Zen Cleanse reuses returned products. why do they need the unused portion? I have no problem returning what’s leftover…but what sense does it make?

Greg LoBuono

I have tried to order zen cleanse on line but every time I put my address in it says “please use valid mailing address”. Well it’s my address. Is there a phone number I can call to order this product? Thanks