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Zenalean Pro Review- Does This Fat Burner Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 27, 2017

If you haven’t carefully looked at Zenalean Pro, now’s your chance. There are a lot of people talking about the fat burner, so we’ll dig deep into the ingredients, side effects, scientific research and quality of customer service. Additionally, we analyzed hundreds of consumer reviews and comments. We then summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know

Firstly, Zenalean Pro is a fat burner containing guarana extract, ephedra, bitter orange, geranium, beta phenylethylamine hcl, white willow bark, l-tyrosine, ginger root, acetyl l-carnitine and green tea. The recommended serving is one capsule per day, which supposedly supports weight-loss. You can take the diet pill on the go, one plus.

The product, introduced as version of the ECA stack by Accelerated Sport Nutraceuticals in 1998, contains some natural ingredients, a good start. Dieters can shop for the supplement on the official website and through online retailers. We like that the company has been operating for years and that we located some positive customer comments, but read on…

Side Effects – “Clinically Proven?”

The first negative was that there are Zenalean Pro side effects. “Too many dieters think that have to accept the racing heart rate or nausea to see results,” said our Research Editor. “There are no negative reactions that are considered common or acceptable.”

According to Harvard Medical School, “Sufficiently high doses of beta-phenylethylamine (beta-PEA)…can produce effects comparable to those of cocaine or methamphetamine.”

“Taking ephedra can also result in anxiety, difficulty urinating, dry mouth, headache, heart damage, high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms, irritation of the stomach, kidney stones, nausea, psychosis, restlessness, sleep problems, and tremors,” stated a study by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Ineffectiveness – “No Weight-Loss”

Based on user comments, Zenalean Pro ingredients were ineffective. “Bought product to lose weight. Did not work. Product is not worth the money and I would try another product besides this one,” commented a dieter.

“Unfortunately this product did nothing for me even after taken as many as 12 at a time,” reported a customer.

“Don’t waste your time with this product. It doesn’t work,” said a consumer.

Throughout our research and experience, we’ve found that something small, like an ineffective supplement, could impede long-term success. If Zenalean Pro doesn’t assist with weight-loss, why bother?

The Science – “Clinical Proof?”

When you visit the official Zenalean Pro website, you will notice a wealth of information about the benefits of the product, but the company doesn’t provide science to support weight-loss claims. What we did find was a bit alarming. According to the National Institutes of Health, the ͞Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a final rule prohibiting the sale of dietary supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids (ephedra) because such supplements present an unreasonable risk of illness or injury.” This is a concern, considering Zenalean Pro contains this ingredient. At DietSpotlight, locating clinical research to back a formula is critical. If there are no studies, we have a problem with that.

The Bottom Line – Does Zenalean Pro Work?

Give me a few seconds before you run out to get this one. After taking a close look at Zenalean Pro, here’s our verdict. We like that we located some favorable customer comments and the product contains a few natural ingredients, but we have doubts about recommending it because there’s no published clinical research supporting weight-loss claims. Plus, we’re concerned about the ineffectiveness and the scientific proof of side effects.

If you’d like to lose those extra pounds, we recommend a supplement with a formula supported by clinical research with no reported negative side effects.

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Previous Zenalean Pro Review (Updated February 7, 2014):

What You Should Know

Zenalean Pro is a weight loss fat burner that claims to contain ephedra. Ephedra, in the most popular form, cannot be used by supplement companies for weight loss. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pulled ephedra from the diet market when negative side effects and at least one death was reported after a dieter used an ephedra-based fat burner. There is a chance that the ephedra extract in the formula is another extract of the same plant, but it is unlikely that the extract is the classic form of ephedra.

List of Ingredients

  • Guarana Extract
  • Ephedra Extract
  • Bitter Orange
  • Geranium Extract
  • Beta Phenylethylamine HCL
Thermogenic Blend:
  • White Willow Bark Extract
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Ginger Root
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Green Tea Extract

Product Features

Guarana extract, ephedra extract, bitter orange, geranium extract and green tea extract are all stimulants. That is five stimulants in one formula - too much for the average dieter and even the seasoned dieter who drinks coffee every day. Bitter orange may cause hypertension and racing heart beat. Geranium extract may cause heart palpitations. The addition of white willow bark extract means the company was going for an ECA stack with Zenalean Pro. The term ECA refers to ephedra, caffeine and aspirin. The ephedra and caffeine (guarana) are listed on the ingredient list and the aspirin is replaced with white willow bark. This stack can be extremely dangerous and even though the ephedra in this formula is not likely the real thing - there are enough other stimulants to cause negative side effects. We like the fact that caffeine and green tea extract are in Zenalean Pro, but we'd like to know how much caffeine is included per dose. We would also like to see some clinical support in the product description, but Zenalean Pro offers no such support.


  • All ingredients in Zenalean Pro are listed online.
  • The ingredient list contains proven ingredients like caffeine and green tea extract.


  • The company claims the formula contains ephedra.
  • There are multiple stimulants in the formula.
  • The warning on the Zenalean Pro label is long and detailed.


Zenalean Pro is not a safe weight loss supplement. The product may contain ephedra and it does contain at least five stimulants. There is no reason to take that many stimulants, especially when some are known to cause severe side effects. A safe and effective weight loss supplement will include proven ingredients and have testimonials from people who've lost weight taking the supplement. Green tea and caffeine are safe, but when you start adding in other stimulants and claim ephedra is a main ingredient, we tell dieters to steer clear.
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Rating: 3.5. From 2 votes.
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Zenalean Pro Review

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