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Zhen De Shou Review - Does This Metabolism Booster Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 27, 2017

By now, you probably know that I can’t hear about a new weight loss supplement without doing a deep review–and it was no different when I heard about Zhen De Shou. I decided to look into the ingredients, explore the possibility of side effects, and see if any clinical research has been done. Then I looked into the company and tried to find customer reviews; then I broke it all down to help you make an informed decision.

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What You Need to Know

Zhen De Shou makes two predominant claims. First of all, it allegedly boosts thermogenesis to help burn fat; secondly, it supposedly helps curb appetite. In short, thermogenic supplements boost your body’s metabolism and ability to burn fat, and they often affect things like blood pressure and heart rate. Zhen De Shou does so using this list of ingredients: Crataegus pinnatifida, safflower, gingko-nut, cassia seed, and xuan zhao (ingredients vary greatly by manufacturer). One plus when using Zhen De Shou is that it’s easy to take.

As far as we can tell, Zhen De Shou comes from a company called Magic Potions, a Philippines-based business. However, other websites with URLs including “Zhen De Shou” in them ship from Hong Kong. Normally, purchasing dietary supplements from overseas can be either unsafe or illegal.

The supplement can be purchased from magic-potions.com, but it is out of stock right now; a 6-box shipment costs $60.00, and nine boxes cost $90.00. One box contains a 10-day supply; one pill is taken each morning. If you want to explore the other sites, you can try these two:


We like how simple it is to take Zhen de Shou, but keep reading . . .

Potentially Dangerous Ingredients–Our First Concern

First of all, we found conflicting reports on the list of ingredients. Second of all, we found that government action has been taken against Zhen De Shou. “Since diet supplements aren’t FDA approved, it’s important to carefully research ingredients and make sure they are safe,” said our research editor. “If there’s any question at all as to what may be in a product, leave it alone.” Upon further research, we found some disturbing reports on Zhen De Shou.

Several years ago, the FDA issued a recall notice on Zhen De Shou due to the discovery of sibutramine in the supplement. Sibutramine is known as an appetite suppressant, but it has also been linked to severe blood pressure issues and heart rate irregularities. In fact, customers with pre-existing conditions were at risk of death; amazingly enough, sibutramine wasn’t listed on the label at the time.

The United States is not the only country that had to deal with Zhen De Shou. The Australian Department of Health issued a warning as well because it found the ingredient phenolphthalein in Zhen De Shou, a banned ingredient in Australia, the U.S., and other countries due to cancer-related health concerns.

Scammy Websites–Another Concern?

The fact that we don’t know which website sells the original, real Zhen De Shou is also disturbing. Http://www.zhendeshoustore.com/ claims to be the real deal, but http://www.zhendeshou.us/ claims to sell the supplement as well.

Furthermore, the fact that Magic Potion’s website contains zero reviews for Zhen De Shou and is out of stock on so many products has us feeling uneasy about the company. It’s also unclear whether the product ships from the Philippines or Hong Kong, which is another concern.

Does Science Back It Up?

Some of the alleged ingredients, like cassia seeds, are both harmless and helpful, according to the National Institutes of Health. The problem is that Zhen De Shou and its various websites don’t provide any research or science to back up their fantastic claims, and without science, a supplement is essentially meaningless.

When all is said and done, though, no amount of science makes up for government warnings from two countries. There are plenty of products out there that are both legal and clinically proven!

The Bottom Line–Should You Try It?

Given the complicated and non-transparent nature of Zhen De Shou, you should be careful with the supplement. We can’t find good reviews for it online, and two national governments have put out warnings–not exactly a good sign.

If you need something that will help you burn off that extra fat, look for a safe, legal, and effective product–preferably one that has customer reviews available too!

One of our favorites is a supplement called Leptigen. It blends four powerful ingredients in a proprietary mix, and each ingredient has been proven with clinical research. Customers online are saying that it works and doesn’t have harmful side effects.

For now, there’s a special trial offer—always a good sign.

Previous Zhen De Shou Review (Updated January 5, 2008):

What You Should Know

Zhen De Shou is also known as 'the desire to be thin' and is a Chinese diet remedy to help those trying to lose weight. Although it comes from China, it is being sold around the world as a traditional remedy that can help to speed up the process of weight loss and make it easier.

The official website of the Zhen De Shou product makes several claims of these pills. They are designed to suppress the appetite as well as to help manage cravings. It is also claimed that it raises the metabolic rate, meaning that fat is burned off quicker to aid weight loss. Their website states that this increase in metabolism could lead to insomnia if the product is taken at night, and it can also lead to a dry mouth.

The most shocking claim of this product is that it can help you to lose weight in only ten days. It also states that it is completely natural and safe, though it is important to do research on any diet products such as Zhen De Shou before using them to help lose weight.


Crategus pinnatifida, safflower, gingko-nut, cassia see and alga (luoxuanzao in Chinese). Ingredients vary greatly by manufacturer.

Product Features

The ingredients that make up this product are shown to have various benefits to general health, and there are user testimonials backing up the product. Chinese hawthorn can have anti-skin tumor properties and aid digestion, Ginkgo, is used for improving the memory, and acts as an antioxidant. However, none of the ingredients have been proven to aid weight loss.

Many 'diet pills' can help dieters to lose weight, by suppressing the appetite as well as helping your body to burn fat. It is important to look for user testimonials of the product as well as satisfaction guarantees, though this product does not come with any guarantees. The ingredients are also not proven to provide any of the effects claimed by its manufacturers.

The makers of this product advertise it in such a way that exercise is not essential for weight loss, but diet supplement pills should always be taken alongside an exercise routine and a healthy eating plan.

At the time of this review, the official website for Zhen De Shou seems to be under construction and many of the links are broken.


  • This diet has been featured in a few different publications geared for women.


  • A quick search for the term "Zhen De Shou" will provide more negative websites than positive.
  • The official website for this product isn't fully functional at this time.
  • Some sellers of Zhen De Shou pills have included Ephedra.


The Zhen De Shou diet tablets seem to have so much bad press, you should probably avoid them at all costs. This is odd because on first glance, the ingredients aren't that impressive. What has happened is that some manufacturers slipped Ephedra and Sibutramine into some Zhen De Shou tablets. Ephedra is a powerful stimulant and Sibutramine is a prescription strength appetite suppressant.

We advise you to avoid this particular product until they alter the formula and disclose all of the ingredients properly.

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Rating: 3.8. From 13 votes.
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Visal Men

Hi Sir,

please let me know how to buy and get SHEN DE SHOU.


Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Zhen De Shou official website.


This is the best diet pill i have ever tried back in 2008. I am 5’6 tall and weighed 168lbs back then… within 10 days of using i lost 9 lbs.. down to 129lbs in just 3-4 mos without workout whatsoever… the common side effect though was that aside from dry mouth, im sweating like crazzy..im super active,i talk fast, theres a bit of palpitation..Iwanted to loose so much weight that time. So i ignore all of those side effects..Now after giving birth, im having hard time to loose all the weight..i have tried so many diet pills already to help me suppress my hunger but still havent found the one as strong as zhen de shou..sad


can you take the pills if you have an underactive thyroid??


These pills worked for about a month on me, however only lost about 5kg max. Very slow and slowly my system has become immune to them and even if i take one, Im still as hungry as normal. They make me want to grind my teeth all the time for some reason.


i Agree bcoz there are some store that are selling fake zhen de shou im really hving hard time to assure that im buying the right one.. but indeed, zhen de shou is very effective i lose from 57 to 48kl. in about 6weeks accompanied by excercise


I too have used Zhen de shou. In 10 days I lost 7 pounds, and there was no side effects. However, when I did go o the bathroom, I had a lot of wsste come out. I’m still taking it, and of corse, I did my research. I read every little article, testimonials, and reviees, including forum=s regarding zhen de shou, and I found that there are fakes out there. so I ordered from a site that guaranteed it was the orgininal one. So if you taking zhen de shou, and you experience weird side effects, then you’re not taking the real one.


from which website can i buy this Zhen de shou??

Hi Salma! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Zhen De Shou official website.


Kimmie can u please tell me what site i can buy the real one


what website did u buy zhen de shou from?


what website can i buy original zhen de shou? Thanks..


hi iwas used the zhen de shou but now i can’t buy it becouse am confiuse i not sure if is original or not can you please let me know the info




Hi, is it still available?


Do you have samples still or where did you buy yoir supply?


hi there, what is the site that you buy them from?


Hi I failed to buy Zhen de shou in your website and how do I know that Im buying the right one and how much does it cost in Sout African Rands .


Is zhen de shou a good way to lose stomach fat?I’ve tried alot of products that haven’t worked.


soy diabetica puedo tomar la capsula