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Zija XM3 Review - 5 Things You Need to Know

Zija XM3 Capsules are a weight loss supplement that claim lasting effects with an all-natural formula of ingredients. The company promises they utilize ‘cutting-edge science’ on their key ingredients to boost focus, energy, and appetite suppression. That said, they don’t disclose the amounts of each ingredient, or any science supporting their claims, so there is no evidence these capsules actually work.

Because of this lack of data, our research team dug deeper and found reports of unpleasant side effects — another red flag. We thoroughly examined Zija XM3 Capsules to get to the truth about this supplement. We share the summary of our findings here.

Zija XM3 can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What are Zija XM3 Capsules?

Zija XM3 is a dietary supplement. Supposedly, it claims to help suppress appetite; resulting in weight loss.

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Zija XM3 Ingredients

Zija XM3 ingredients include:

  • Green Tea EGCG
  • Natural Caffeine
  • KinetiQ
  • Caffeine Citrate
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Hordinine HCl
  • Evodiamine
  • Trimethylglycine
  • Moringine HCl
  • BioPerine

The suggested dose is two Zija XM3 capsule per day. The company recommends using before exercise and taking before eating. For those that are caffeine-sensitive, the recommended dosage is one capsule.

Supposedly, the product also boosts energy levels and burns fat.

Zija XM3 Capsules are a product from Zija International. According to the official website, independent distributors and the online store sell the supplement. We like that it contains a few natural ingredients and that we found some positive customer comments, but read on…

The first concern was the inefficiency of Zija XM3 ingredients. “This one has a pretty solid profile,” said our Research Editor. “But, that doesn’t mean that dieters will lose weight.”

“Not worth the money. No weight-loss or any positive changes,” said another.

According to Zija XM3 capsule reviews, there’s were dieters that did see some changes.

“Lost weight, with no hunger or side effects and developed the energy to exercise,” reported a customer.

Side Effects

Zija XM3 Capsules Side Effects

A concern, based on customer reviews, is the intensity Zija XM3 Capsules side effects. “This product made me feel rung out all day, yet full of anxiety with a nauseous queazy stomach,” commented a customer.

“I felt sick, cranky, sleepy but anxious and antsy at the same time,” said another.

We found users that didn’t experience negative side effects.

“Took XM3 capsule on an empty stomach and had a glass of the SmartMix. I felt terrible until about 7pm when I drank the tea,” reported a dieter.

“However, it did suppress my appetite, without side effects,” stated a customer.

Over the course of reviewing hundreds of products, we’ve realized that even a couple of slight drawbacks can hamper the long-term success of a product. There’s a problem if Zija XM3 Capsules cause adverse side effects.

The Science

The Science Behind Zija XM3

There’s research pointing to the health benefits of moringa. However, none of the science relates to Zija XM3 Capsules. Also, we dug a bit deeper into the formula. It contains various stimulants which could lead to adverse reactions. At DietSpotlight, facts are critical. When clinical evidence isn’t there, we raise the red flag.

About Zija’s MLM Plan

Zija is a nutritional supplement making company that was founded by Ken Brailsford. Ken is one of the pioneers of health supplements manufacturing. He drew his inspiration from a documentary he watched about a botanical plant Moringa Oleifera. Some of Zija products include Core Moringa Supplements, Genm Personal Care, Ameo Essential Oils and Ripstick Fitness Supplements. The company’s CEO is Ryan Palmer. Zija markets their products using mlm marketing.

What is MLM?

Multi-level marketing is also known as pyramid marketing or network marketing. In MLM a company sells its products by use of distributors. These distributors or salespersons are not considered as employees of the company. Instead, a distributor is an independent body or individual who is contracted to sell the company’s products without a fixed salary. The amount of the pay depends on the number of sales that distributor makes.

A distributor is also supposed to employ other distributors to work under them. The aim is to have the most extensive network of distributors possible. This translates to more sales to the primary. The company is relieved the burden and risks associated with marketing. Most nutritional supplement producing firms sell their products through mlm marketing.

Zija Compensation Plan

Zija offers a lot of benefits to their distributors. A distributor can buy Zija products at wholesale and sell at a retail price earning a profit. Building a team of distributors to work under you also attracts a commission depending on the number of new distributors recruited. Distributors who manage to reach the Rank Diamond Elite are entitled to a lucrative one-time bonus package. A distributor who reaches the Pay Rank of Gold is given a Mercedes Benz. Zija also offers other numerous initiatives such as trips, contests, prizes, and awards to their distributors

The Bottom Line on Zija XM3 Capsules Work?

Are we raving about Zija XM3 Capsules? Well, we like that it contains some natural ingredients and that we found some positive customer comments, but there’s no solid science to support the weight-loss claims. Furthermore, we’re concerned about customer reviews talking about negative side effects and a lack of results.

If you want to lose weight, we suggest going with a product that contains ingredients shown to work, not connected to harmful side effects and backed by positive customer comments.

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Zija XM3 Review
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Zija XM3

What are the side effects of Zija capsules?

Possible Zija XM3 capsules side effects, according to users, may include nausea, headache, abdominal discomfort, jitters, anxiety, elevated blood pressure, increased heartbeat and stomachache.

What are the ingredients in Zija XM3 capsules?

Zija XM3 capsules ingredients are moringa oleifera[1], green coffee bean, citrus aurantium, rhodiola rosea, cocoa, natural caffeine and phenylethylamine[2].

Do Zija XM3 capsules work?

The caffeine and citrus aurantium in Zija XM3 capsules are stimulants and may help boost metabolism; which can aid with weight-loss. Then again, you have to take into consideration when these two are taken together, the risk of side effects increases. With this product you have to weigh the positives against the negatives.

How much do Zija XM3 capsules cost?

The cost of Zija XM3 capsules is $118 for two bottles, which is 60 capsules. You can also purchase 7 personal trial packs of Zija XM3 capsules for $59 (28 capsules).

How should I take Zija XM3 capsules?

In order to use Zija XM3 capsules, you need to take one capsule per day, an hour after breakfast. A bottle lasts for 30 days.

Where can I buy Zija XM3?

Zija XM3 can be purchased using their Official Site.

How do I contact the Zija capsules customer service department?

You can contact the Zija XM3 capsules customer service department by mailing letters to Zija International, Inc. 3300 N. Ashton Blvd Ste 100, Lehi, UT 84043, calling 1-801-494-2300 or by emailing support@zijacorp.com.

Can I contact Zija Capsules through social media?

Yes, you can contact Zija XM3 Capsules through Facebook and Twitter.

Can I take Zija XM3 capsules if I have a health condition?

If you have a health condition, taking a prescription medications, under the age of 18 and women who are pregnant or nursing should contact a healthcare professional prior to using any weight-loss supplement, including Zija XM3 capsules.

What is the return policy for Zija XM3 capsules?

There is no return policy mentioned on the official website.

Do you have to follow a special diet while using Zija XM3 capsules?

No, there is no special diet plan addressed with Zija capsules.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Zija XM3 capsules?

No, we do not know of any special deals on Zija XM3 capsules at this time.

27 Zija XM3 Reviews

  • It's a complete waste !
    Tina (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve noticed real benefits from my daily SuperMix drink – reduced knee inflammation. However, I’ve been taking the XM capsules for 6 weeks and haven’t lost a single pound. I think the pills are a complete waste. My diet isn’t out of control – if you take any brand of diet pill for that many weeks, unless you eat cheeseburgers daily you should lose SOMETHING. Not me. I’ll keep taking them in place of my B-vitamin supplement until they are gone, I guess.

    • GINGER

      Honestly I started taking Supermix XM-AM, XM PM, XM BURN- DETOX TEA AND DAILY TEA A YEAR AGO.. I’VE LOST 15-20LBS LOVE IT.. the greatest fact is I’ve kept it off. I take the capsales off and on now. I know it’s changed my metabolism. 96 natural antioxidantos in the supervisor is so beneficial to the body truly a gift from God.

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi Tina! You might have reached a weight-loss plateau. You might want to look into metabolism boosters and appetite suppressants; have you checked out Dietspotlight Burn?

    • Brian Croff

      U can’t just take a magic pill and expect to lose weight. They are more of a healthier energy booster and may suppress appetite in some people. It doesn’t matter that u aren’t eating cheese burgers daily…it’s so much more, what and how often are u eating is everything. AND, with these being energy boosters, people like the increased energy they get which in turn should lead to more activity…. like some sort of exercise? You will lose weight , which is the correct way… slowly but more permanent. Good luck.

  • I think the product
    Rita for health (Verified Purchase)

    I think the product is very good it work for me. I have tried the xmplus and the xm3 I love the energy that I get from taking The Zija products.

  • Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    i have take xm3 beford like to sell them

  • Works when used correctly !
    Sgilbreath (Verified Purchase)

    Works only for the ones who use the Zija products correctly. If you don’t learn about what your putting in your body and follow recommend procedures. Then don’t knock it. My entire family is on all Zija products and wouldn’t miss a day taking Supermix…etc

    • Karen M Hurd

      Your right and it’s accumulative so it takes time and People’s patient is limited. It’s made my life so much better and happier

  • joyce

    Well I been taking the tea an the xm burn for 2weeks now I’m loving the tea but not feeling the xm burn yet its too early in the game to notice any difference yet.I’m 238 lbs 5’5 help me give some suggestions please!

    • Rod

      Joyce be patient your body will detox first before weight comes off also remember Zija is a weight management system not magic pills they all work together so make sure you are doing the whole system it works!!

    • Brian Croff


  • wanttobefit

    I tried 30 days worth and it was a waste of money. Did not lose one pound. Worthless.

    • jennifer

      Did you workout with it? Did you change you eating habits?

  • Amanda

    I have been using Zija Supermix, Detox tea and Xm Burn $225./month for the past 7 months. I have cancelled my order. I am 5’6″ 165 pounds. I have not lost a single pound. I barely have the energy to keep up in cycling class and I am bedridden for two days if I go to the gym. I have no known medical problems and I am 29 years old. I kept waiting to see results and I am done waiting. I eat low sugar, low carb high protein meals and about 1200-1400 calories a day. This is not helping one bit and I still have awful menstual cramps and migraines.

    • Carrie

      Amanda, try eliminating animal products for a month or so. My daughter started getting migraines when she was eight. By the time she was twelve she was having them 2-3 a week and miserable. I went vegan for a month with her and she didn’t have another migraine until she had pizza. We narrowed it down over time to dairy. She now eat everything except dairy. Cheese was so bad for her!

    • Jean

      Amanda, I have found that if you go to Cycling class the XM3 is what works best. The XM burn doesn’t give enough of a boost to get through that intense of a class. Also if you are working out that much you need to increase your calorie intake by 300-400 calories so you don’t lose muscle.

    • Brittany

      What I noticed. It kills my appetite BUT totally drains me. I am nodding in and out at work. Trying to stay awake. HUGE problem!!!!!

    • Brittany

      Also makes me so annoyed

    • Gaylord fawkker

      U need to smoke some speed to give you that extra am/ pm boost. It worked for me

  • Feel good and look good
    yussef (Verified Purchase)

    Lost 20lbs in a month, aches and pains from years of sports injuries are gone, feeling good and looking good.

  • So I do not think it is for me.
    Jim (Verified Purchase)

    I have several relatives who have taken it and lost quite a bit of weight. Because it has caffeine, it is not for everybody, and if you have high BP, I would not take it. I tried one cap and felt wired all day, so I do not think it is for me

  • Anonymous

    I hope you plan on taking Zija for the duration of life. Once you stop taking the supplement, you will gain back all the wait you loss, plus 10 or more pounds to go with it! I am speaking first hand, as I was a Zija user this time last year. I took the supplement for three months and lost 20 pounds. I stopped taking Zija and the pounds came flooding back on. I went from a 20 pound weight loss to a 30 pound weight gain.

    I work and watch my eating most everyday, so I think the supplement really messes with your metabolism. I am starting to wonder if my metabolism will ever get back to normal! Consumers really need to know the effects of Zija after they stopp taking it. Unless money isn’t an option, then continue taking it forever and you may be fine.

    • Your NameB

      I did not have this happen to me. The only negative I noticed when I stopped taking Zija supplements was that I was back to my old aches and pains that I had before I took it. Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    Can zija be taken with lexapro? I saw it was all natural but wanted to make sure.
    Thanks Tara

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hello. Since Lexapro is an antidepressant, it is not metabolized in the same manner, and therefore does not interact with caffeine. We still recommend you consult with your physician to make sure that there wouldn’t be any side effects from combining the two.

  • Awesome product, lost a lot of weight.
    Krissy (Verified Purchase)

    Zija is pretty awesome! I’ve used it for a month now and while I haven’t lost TONS of weight, it has helped keep me in check with my eating. However, this being said, this isn’t a miracle pill, you still have to do the work!

    • Brian Croff

      Well said! Somewhere along the way , so many people forgot they didn’t gain the weight in a day or week or month. Same goes for losing it. Takes time….