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Zumba Review - Do These Dances Really Work?

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By Luis Miguel Apr 13, 2017

This review is what happened after I obsessed for weeks over Zumba. We took the time to create a comprehensive review, focusing closely on the ingredients, side effects, customer-service quality and scientific studies. We additionally scrutinized various user comments from all over the internet. At last, we compressed all of the data we collected to give you the bottom line.

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What is Zumba?

First off, Zumba is primarily a fitness dance class. They are choreographed and include elements of samba, mambo, hip-hop, salsa, and merengue. The company also has a new vegan protein drink mix. The ingredients include pea powder, sprouted brown rice protein, chicory root fiber, pea fiber, and stevia.

Zumba is part of the Zumba Fitness, LLC which was founded in 2001. In addition to the classes, the company also sells branded workout equipment, DVDs, clothing, and accessories. It is based in Florida and has been a BBB accredited business since 2010, but read on…

Physical Requirements – “Too Hard”

The first concern we have are the physical requirements to participate in Zumba classes. While the program claims to be all inclusive, the routines are quite strenuous. According to our Research Editor, “Individuals who are overweight might have difficulty making it through one of these programs.”

One upset customer said, “I use to like dancing and I thought this would be a class for me. I didn’t realize that to do it I needed to be in better shape. It was disheartening.”

A distressed dieter commented, “I bought the DVDs to prepare for the classes but I realized really fast that I’d be out of my league in one of the classes.”

Others felt like the classes and DVDs were what they expected.

A fan of the classes said, “I worked out a lot when I was younger so I knew what to expect. It isn’t as easy as it was then but I make it through the classes.”

A recent devotee explained, “It takes time to get as good as the people who’ve been doing it for a while but they were new once too.”

Cost – “How Much?”

The cost of the Zumba DVDs and the equipment can be as much as $120. Classes average about $10 a piece which could end up being several hundred dollars each month.

One consumer said, “I have to drive for an hour to find a class and then on top of gas it’s more than $100 a month to exercise three times a week. I can’t swing that.”

A similar complaint was, “I wanted to try out the DVDs after I borrowed one and the price wasn’t horrible. But I got bored quickly and buying enough to keep me interested was too expensive.”

However, some individuals felt the price point for classes and DVDs were in line with similar regimens.

According to this customer, “I love the variety of the classes and they aren’t that much more than a gym membership.”

Another dieter noted, “I really enjoy my DVDs. The initial investment wasn’t cheap but I can use them for years.

According to our research, the physical requirements and cost of a class or exercise DVD can be an issue when it comes to long-term results. If the Zumba dance workout is too difficult, it could be hard to keep up with it.

The Science – “Validity?”

At DietSpotlight, we want to see research specific to the product or service we are reviewing. Zumba promotes the idea that increased physical activity is better for one’s health and leads to weight-loss. While these generic facts are accurate, there is nothing that indicates it is more effective than walking, swimming, or any other free activity.

The Bottom Line – Does Zumba Work?

What’s the real deal with Zumba? If you enjoy dancing and are fit enough to follow the choreography, this is a good way to increase your physical activity. However, it doesn’t offer any sort of assistance outside of the class which is why we have reservations about giving it a full endorsement. We’re also concerned with the cost, which could be too much for some.

If the time has come to jumpstart your metabolism you may want to check out a supplement that can help you on your weight-loss journey. It’s important to choose something that has ingredients that are backed by scientific research. It’s perfect to use it with a healthy exercise program.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. It contains a combination of four key ingredients that have been shown in clinical testing to help increase the rate of fat loss and boost metabolism. We didn’t find any negative user reviews online, and customer testimonials around the web reveal people seeing excellent results.

The company that makes Leptigen is so excited about their product they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which we find reassuring.

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What You Should Know

Zumba isn't a diet pill, it is a diet dance. Celebrity trainer "Beto" Perez stumbled upon this Latin inspired fitness regimem in the 90's in his native Colombia. He has since brought it into the United States, joined with entrepreneurs Alberto Aghion and Alberto Perlman and created an empire! In 2007 Zumba became international and in 2008 they released their third DVD collection. With this third collection, they have included Zumba Toning Sticks and Zumba LIVE! Zumba Fitness, LLC. is based in Hollywood, Florida and their website allows you to email them, while it also provides a contact number and mailing address. The site also offers a "sign up" to become a Zumba Instructor!


Fast beats, slow rhythms and resistance training, with a little Latino flavor are used to "spice up" your workout when you use Zumba!< ?p>

Product Features

Zumba claims to be an effective aerobic workout that is fun and works. The website provides customer support and FAQ's (frequently asked questions), the chance to buy the DVD sets and accessories, and search pages aimed at helping you find an instructor or classes available in your surrounding area. In lieu of user testimonials, they provide 3 pages of clickable links to news publications about Zumba. Nearly ONE entire page is articles published in 2008 alone. For those who do plan to become an instructor, the website helps to provide the tools and resources needed to teach Zumba, and has options available to keep their instructor status current through workshops.


  • The website boasts both a privacy policy and return policy, to ensure buyer happiness.
  • You can look the part in Zumba's full line of clothing.
  • They offer a 30 day FREE in- home trial.(less S & H)


  • As with any exercise regimen, willpower and commitment are inherently necessary to achieve the full potential of the product, but, unfortunately are not part of the package deal.
  • There are only 3 music C.D.'s available (along with scores of whats look like temporary tattoos) on the website. You have to navigate to an entirely different website in order to actually purchase the 3 DVD set they are so proud of.
  • Once you do get to the right place, you find out the price of the set is $60 plus S & H.
  • Not everyone may be physically up to the Zumba program.


Zumba seems like a fun exercise system purchase, but if most people are like us, they will be spending an exorbitant amount of cash on an item they may seldom- or never- actually use. We all know that a well balanced diet of healthy foods and an exercise regimen are needed for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight- but I for one would rather turn on (and UP) the radio and dance myself silly for free! Zumba is likely best suited for those who are already comfortable with fitness routines and with dance, since it could offer a pleasant change and you already know that you can keep up a dance fitness routine.
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Rating: 4.0. From 24 votes.
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Zumba Review

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146 Comments on "Zumba Review"


Would like to try this but am limited on space. How much room do you need to “zumba” properly.


I Zumba in my small bedroom at the foot of my bed and I use a space that is aproximately 4feet long by 3 feet wide and I have a blast! You should try it!


I’m 17 and weigh around 150 pounds, I’m around 5’3..how much weight do you think I’ll lose by the summer time, June.

Hello Allie. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results.


I have neuropathy in my feet which I have no feeling in my feet. do you think this could help me get some feeling back in my feet. Or do you think it would be to hard to do


I have been doing zumba for two months now !! I also have neuropathy ,I really have no trouble with my feet or legs ….. we have been doing this for two months @ the church fellowship hall two days a week !!! we have a lot of fun laughing at our own mistakes (OMG) , sometimes we have a hard time in standing -up almost !!! be careful , enjoy yourself in zumba!!! 😉

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Brenda. Please consult with your physician before participating in zumba to make sure it is safe for you to do so.


if i start zumba dvds and eat good statring today, how much weight can i lose by june?

Hello Michaela. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results.


i follow along with classes on youtube and I had the dvds. Youtube is free and guaranteed something different every time.


Has anyone tried both the Zumba dvd’s and the Zumba game for WII?? I would really love to try zumba but i’m not sure which is a better buy.


Wii definetly

leena sinha

Can I tone up my loose tummy because of two ceasarian n second were twins

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Leena. You cannot pick a target body part that you will loose the weight; all dieters have different weight loss results.


I have no dance experience. So now that i tried zumba i am totally lost. Even on beginners workout. Is there a video that can help me step by step?

Hi Lola! Please refer to the Zumba official website for more information on where to find the video that you’re looking for.


Hi i need to know,if leave the Zumba classes do we put up weight

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. If you do not keep up with a healthy lifestyle and diet, you might experience weight gain.


which combination of workouts would you do if you trying to lose you belly fat??
and does the zumba diet system work well with it?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Brianna. Zumba can help you with the ‘cardio’ aspect for working out, but you might need to incorporate supplements and weight training to burn the extra fat in the midsection.


If you weigh 177 how much weight can you lose in 90 days?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jenifer. All dieters have different weight loss results. Some users loss weight faster/slower than others, so there isn’t a ‘specific’ amount everyone can/will use.

Your Name

You can start slowly if needed, or you can dance your heart out if you are in great shape. If you just love to move your body to the music, then Zumba is for you.


The large fitness center I am currently a member of recently tried Zumba for a couple of months. The response to the fitness program failed and the previous workout that was in use returned. The Zumba program seemed flat and did not bring the enthusiasm/energy that other fitness routines had brought. The owner did try two different Zumba instructors and the interest was not there. The movements were simple to learn and might be beneficial for a senior center to utilize. Maybe the Zumba home product would keep someone motivated to work out, but I did not see progress/results.

yoga dvd for kids

Steven, I’m inclined to agree with you! I actually should have listed more specific organizations, for example, that accept toys for children. I thought about that after I posted the article – I could have (and should have) done more research and listed the different organizations and ways people can help.I also could have listed about 10 or more different things that could be done for senior citizens at nursing homes. I didn’t even touch on Big Brothers and Big Sisters or sponsoring children (something I fully, fully, fully feel close to). I obviously need to work up another post devoted entirely to the different ways to make a difference. Thanks for the kind words and the inspiration. – Joi

Annette Talsma

Quite very well reported and exactly appropriate!


After viewing the Zumba Gold CDs I signed up for a class. What a shock. Nothing is broken down. We are never taught the basic rhythms . The instructor does not repeat and can’t get the steps straight. She loses the rhythm and has to add steps. She also claims that Beto doesn’t break anything down when that is exactly what he does on his CDs. This may be a weird class but reading the internet, I suspect it is not. I think they just want to sell licenses.


I have been practicing zumba for about 3 years, i love it,is fun and you really work out when do zumba,of course the results depend on your own effort.


I’d have a game of tennis or squash over Zumba any day! No stupid clown cloths and no stupid vanilla ice remix.. Or that other try hard bull dog or Pitt bull or what’re the dude is..real fitness is not a Fad and zumba is the cheesiest fad I’ve seen in a ling time, it hit its peek in 2012 ranking no9 in fitnes but already at no13 in 2013. Predicted to rank in the mid 30s in a few years, that’s where it was ranked in 2004. Like Abba you’ll all be ashamed to say you did it. You do know the music is totally slutty right? You know it’s cheesy when they got vanilla ice to do Zumba music lol how desprate are you lot? Lol


It’s not all slutty music. Everyone has different tastes and different cultures.


I purchased exhilarate in December and I started using it on the 9th January i started on the ripped DVD have mins of the exercise and the Sentao portion is not on the DVD.. i AM SO DISAPPOINTED as i prepared to do this part of the workout. I feel as if I have been RIPPED OFF.. inform me how I can get the 60min DVD AS advertised


I just started going to the zumba classes at my gym and I love the program! I would love to buy the dvds, but I am not sure which set to get (total body transformation or exilarate). Can someone please let me know which one is better or what the difference is? Thank you!

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Michelle. Both have two different types of zumba style workouts, so it just depends on your preference.