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The Dr. Andrew Weil method of weight loss is a very simple and involves the user eating less and exercising more. There are several bestselling books that have been released by Dr. Weil which suggest that his weight loss program is proven and is also popular in many cultures around the globe.

Dr. Weil points out that the food we intake can affect our overall health, weight, and stature. Dr. Weil’s weight loss method and his books suggest that his plan can be beneficial and improve overall health including: body odour, allergies, and infections.

List of Ingredients

Dr Weil’s website does not provide a list of ingredients used in Dr. Weil’s weight loss plan. In order to find out more consumers must purchase Dr. Weil’s books.

Product Features

Dr. Weil has numerous books available for purchase and has a very large website. We can’t tell you what is in the books but some of the titles are: “Ask Dr. Weil”, “Health and Healing”, “Eight Weeks to Optimum Health”, and many more.

Dr. Weil’s official website for has a section where you can create a customized weight loss plan suited specifically for your age, weight, lifestyle, and other factors but there is no information available on the cost. The official website has a ton of useful information including: recipes, testimonials, a message board, and more.

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  • Dr. Weil is a popular author who has dozens of books available.
  • The official website for Dr. Weil is full of useful information.


  • These programs and books require self-motivation which can be very difficult for many people.
  • The official website is geared towards improving your overall health and not weight loss. Dr. Weil himself is a little stout.
  • Prices of these books vary and there is no information available regarding the online costs.


Dr. Weil’s books seem like they are very well written and popular around the world. Dr. Weil is an MD so we can assume he knows what he’s talking about. We like the fact that these books and programs will improve your overall health and well being. If you are just looking to lose weight you might want to find a program a little more specific.

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