Ingredient Reviews

Ingredients Review
If you’re growing into a health nut, then you want to get under the hood of the average supplement program, determining how those supplements work for you. After spending time developing a healthy exercise program and perfecting your diet, you may have gotten into researching supplements. If any of the above is true, then this page is for you.

Here, we’ve catalogued and reviewed the major ingredients you’ll find in most supplements on the market today. Our goal is to give you an encyclopedic understanding of the $40 billion weight loss industry. What are the best ingredients? What produces the best results? What best fits your fitness and health goals?

Total body health and fitness is about understanding your body and what makes it tick. Here, you’ll learn about the amino acids that help your body function. You’ll learn about the sugars your body uses to perform the essentials. You’ll find what nutrients and minerals facilitate the electrical charges that keep your body running. In short, you’re learning fitness on a biological level.

Hopefully this page will serve as a resource for designing and perfecting your health and fitness program. Even if you’re just looking for the right supplement, hopefully you’re coupling that with a disciplined, nutritious diet and effective exercise. The National Institute of Health has compiled a list of safe and proven weight loss ingredients. The knowledge contained on these pages should help you design your workout plan, enabling you to perform, exercise, and live at peak capacity and maximum efficiency. Whatever your fitness goals—whether you’re hoping to lose weight, or are training for a triathlon—this page will help educate you so you can diet or supplement with a purpose.

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