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Diet ReviewsFor years it was nearly impossible to find comprehensive diet reviews online. So in 2008 we answered this by launching DietSpotlight.com. Since then, we have become one of the largest, most-referenced diet-review sites.

In fact, our staff has authored nearly 15,000 original, in-depth weight loss reviews on everything from fat burners to meal-replacement shakes, cleanse diets to weight loss pills. Our extraordinary team of writers and researchers ensures our diet content is complete, up to date and accurate. Meanwhile, readers just like you have posted more than 50,000 comments and 75,000 ratings.

We’re also one of the most-referenced diet-review sites on the web. Many Wikipedia entries, diet blogs and question-and-answer sites link to us, as do over 100 university websites, including multiple professors citing us in their research. It’s also important to mention each year we give away scholarships of up to $5000 per college student to exceptional men and women majoring in weight-loss and health-related fields.

Most importantly, whether you’re looking to firm up, slim down, stay thin, hit the gym, eat right or just lead a healthier lifestyle, we hope this review site empowers you to find the right weight-loss solution. Whether you’re looking to learn more about certain diet ingredients, side effects, thermogenics, cleanses, muscle powders, meal replacements, toning belts, diet pills, weight loss teas, fitness equipment, weight-loss programs, meal plans, workouts, vitamins or protein supplements, you’ve come to the right place.

Now, it’s no surprise that most of our visitors simply want to lose weight- in a way that’s healthy and lasting. If you’re among those looking to drop some excess pounds, we suggest you go with a supplement that delivers both bang for your buck and a weight loss formula supported by published scientific research.

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Meanwhile, we invite you to enjoy DietSpotlight.com, your resource for diet and weight-loss reviews!