Weight Loss Tea Reviews


Drinking tea goes back thousands of years. It’s been used to naturally treat health conditions, promote weight-loss and support wellness.

What is Weight-Loss Tea?

Weight-loss tea is a product that combines ingredients like green tea, caffeine, dandelion root, senna, cascara sagrada and uva ursi, among others. The purpose is to increase metabolism, decrease hunger and spark weight-loss. However, many weight-loss teas work only to increase urination and bowel movements.

The FDA and Weight-Loss Teas

Though diet supplements and teas are not reviewed or approved by the FDA, they still watch closely for illegal practices. In terms of weight-loss tea, undeclared ingredients, like Sibutramine, have been a problem for years.

Weight-Loss Teas and Drinks

Green tea for weight-loss is a popular choice in today’s market. But, there are other drinks for weight-loss that can work in conjunction with green tea. These do not need to have diuretic or laxative effects to promote weight-loss.

Health Benefits of Tea

There are many health benefits related to tea – whether black, white, green, oolong, etc. Tea is a great antioxidant, can decrease your risks of cancers, coronary heart disease, strengthen the immune system, and also help in weight-loss.

Caffeine or No Caffeine

Some research into weight-loss teas suggests the combination of caffeine and green tea is the best option for increasing metabolism. That’s not to say decaffeinated varieties have no benefit. Decaf options can still contain EGCG, which can boost metabolism without stimulant effects.

Here you’ll find a long list of weight-loss tea reviews. Each offers details on the ingredients, possible side effects, science and comments from people who’ve tried it. Read through and gather all the information you need to make your best decision.