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Eat Healthy for Optimal NutritionThe Food Pyramid For Kids and Healthy Diet Reviews

Nutrition and the food pyramid are important parts of teaching and learning about proper, healthy eating habits. And what better way to teach our children these important life lessons than through fun and interactive games, activities, and lessons? There are so many supporting organizations and resources out there to help parents and educators engage kids in a fun, educational manner; and when kids have fun, they learn better! Check out this collection of food-based, nutritional games that reinforce the life lessons of a healthy, well-balanced diet based on the food pyramid.

Amazing Sources of Healthy Diet Information

  • ChooseMyPlate – Kids Place – ChooseMyPlate offers fun, educational games all about nutrition, the food pyramid, and healthy living. There are also activities related to active lifestyles.
  • Healthy Snack Suggestions – Take what you learned with the food pyramid and apply it to these healthy snack options. Where do these snacks fit within the food pyramid? Healthy diet reviews.
  • Facts About Dairy Products – Dairy is a very important part of the food pyramid. Learn more about all things dairy with this resource.
  • Plan a Healthy Meal – Build a healthier meal by following the food pyramid’s suggestions. Here are a few healthy ideas to get you started.
  • The Food Pyramid Poster – Hang this poster up as a reminder of what a balanced, healthy diet includes.
  • Eat Smart Be Smart – For Teachers – Teachers and educators can use the information provided here to help them teach nutrition and healthy habits to their students.
  • Blast Off! – Blast off into a fun game all about the food pyramid and nutrition.
  • Best for Bones Food – Calcium and vitamin D helps to build strong bones. Find out what foods in the dairy category are best for your bones.
  • The SuperTracker – Food-A-Pedia – Compare different foods and find out which is the healthier option.
  • Fruit and Veggie Color Champions – This site features fun games, coloring sheets, recipes, and activity pages for kids.
  • It’s Fun to Eat Fruits and Veggies – Printable lessons and activities perfect for teaching that eating healthy fruits and veggies isn’t only good for us, but fun, too!
  • KidsHealth – Recipes & Cooking – KidsHealth features healthy recipes that families can make together as a way to learn and practice healthy eating.
  • The Nutrition Cafe – Nutrition information can be fun. Check out these games and activities related to food and health.
  • The Amazing Food Detective – Fight against unhealthy eating habits as a junior food detective in this online game.
  • Celebrating Calcium in the Classroom – Classroom parties can be a fun opportunity to reinforce the importance of healthy diet.
  • Color the Fruit Basket – Print and color a bunch of different fruits that are all a part of the food pyramid.
  • MooMilk Teacher’s Resources – This is a collection of classroom materials that teachers can use to teach healthy nutrition.
  • Healthy Choices for Kids Activity Kit – A Sequential lesson plan and activity kit is available through this site to help children learn about nutrition and appreciate healthy foods.
  • Sprouting Up – A guide to teaching children all about wheat and how to make healthy choices in wheat products.
  • Tools For Teaching Healthy Lifestyles – Information for parents and teachers all about healthy eating in schools.
  • Here Come Those Runaway Carbs – This game reinforces the importance of carbs and sugar eaten only in moderation.
  • Fresh for Kids – This collection of games is focused on fresh fruits and vegetables. Kids can learn through fun.
  • J Slice Fun Page – Slice up some fun with information and activities all about watermelon, a great summertime snack.
  • Peanut Protein Learning Materials – Use these various peanut-related materials as a tie-in when teaching about health fats and proteins. This is great for children who may eat nuts as an alternative to animal proteins.
  • Fun Nutrition and Fitness Games – Test your knowledge of healthy eating and living with these kid-friendly games.
  • Chef Solus Meal Games – These nutritious games will teach kids proper eating habits and how to recognize health food choices.
  • Kids…Get Cookin’! – These fast and fun recipes are perfect to help kids practices their healthy eating and cooking skills in the kitchen, with supervision.
  • Ice Cream Quiz – Summer is here! Can you pick out the best frozen treat with this nutrition quiz?
  • Healthy Eating Resources – Use this website to play games and watch videos all about nutrition and health.
  • Nutrition for Kids – These activities, puzzles, and more are great supplemental resources for any classroom lesson on healthy eating and the food pyramid.

What’s the Point of Healthy Diet Reviews

Healthy diet reviews can give dieters an inside look into what science, and real life experiences, have to say about dietary changes, healthy menus and more.