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Sylvester Graham revolutionized the diet industry way before countless supplements and diets became a fad. Graham was a Presbyterian minister who dedicated his life to developing a vegetarian diet that satisfied cravings as well as maintained your health. Graham invented the Graham bread, which was made from unsifted flour and contained no chemical additives. Later, the Graham cracker was invented based on Graham bread, and has since been a favorite food among Americans. The Graham Diet was strictly based on vegetarianism that most importantly excluded meat and alcohol – two factors in which Graham claimed caused immoral behavior. Graham preached that foods which contained chemicals and alcohol caused too much lust and bad behaviors that they should be eliminated from one’s diet. The Graham Diet is no longer being practiced in modern times, but Graham’s legacy still remains strong as many of his views and practices live on today.


Not applicable. The Graham Diet was based on a strict vegetarian diet.

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The Graham Diet was strictly based on vegetarianism. Sylvester Graham had devoted his life to preaching the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle and how it was beneficial to your health and overall lifestyle. It consisted mainly of fruits, vegetables, whole wheat, and many other high fiber foods. Dairy was permitted, however it was recommended in small doses (milk, cheese, eggs). The Graham Diet was often frowned upon because most people did not want to succumb to a diet that did not consist of any meat, white bread, and alcohol. Graham’s beliefs and philosophies did not become sought after until years after his death when many people turned to a vegetarian diet. Graham is also famous for being the creator of Graham bread which later became the Graham cracker, a favorite among American foods. Many people look at Graham as being one of the first American vegans and many of his diet suggestions live on today.

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  • Supported a vegetarian lifestyle and listed the benefits of doing so.
  • Excluded alcohol from one’s diet – alcohol can lead to serious diseases if abused.
  • Believed one’s diet reflected their overall lifestyle.


  • Many of the diet’s philosophies turned many people off to it.
  • There is nothing wrong with the intake of alcohol at moderation. (health benefits)
  • Many of Graham’s philosophies could not be scientifically proven.


The Graham Diet is no longer practiced today, but was one of the first vegetarian diets that came about in the US. Although there are several benefits to having a vegetarian diet, there is no proven information that links vegetarianism to lifestyle habits and emotions.

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