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Some of the most important nutrients in the human body are fats and carbohydrates. They give us energy and act as a store of energy. Basically, when the body has food left over, it stores it as fat, and carbohydrates contain some of the highest amounts of calories in nutrients. Most people have a diet high in fats and carbohydrates, and need a supplement to help them lose weight. This is where the 1-EZ Diet Fat and Carb Blocker comes in. It makes use of the extract of the white kidney bean along with other ingredients. It doesn’t act as a thermogenic per se, but it comes close enough.


The EZ-Diet Fat and Carb Blocker product uses White Kidney Bean extract, chromium, chitosan and oat bran. Chromium acts to help insulin prevent fat from being absorbed. It also adds to glucose and amino acids in the muscles, causing them to use more energy. Chitosan is a particle that rids the body of fat by attaching itself to molecules and thereby stopping them from reaching the walls of the intestines. These are two of the methods this product uses to reduce the amount of fat in the body.

Product Features

White Kidney Bean extract is the main feature of the EZ-Diet Fat and Carb Blocker. It acts by creating two chemicals: Phaseolin and Phaseolamin. These are what prevent the forming of alpha-amylase, the chemical in the body that converts carbohydrates into fat. This in turn means that fewer calories are actually turned into fat, and thereby people are less likely to gain weight.

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  • We found that this supplement seemed to be priced relatively cheaply: $28.99 for a 60-capsule bottle of pills.
  • The ingredients have some potential to inhibit the production and formation of excess fat in the body.


  • Scientific studies have yet to be done on the Fat and Carb Blocker as a whole rather than on individual ingredients. This means that it could be hard to convince people that the product is actually effective.
  • If it contained a proven thermogenic combo like other products on the market, it might be much more effective.
  • We were unable to find an official website -all information is gleaned from secondary responses.
  • User testimonials weren’t available at this time.
  • Chitosan is derived from shellfish, meaning that it could act as a potential allergen.


It’s important, no matter what, when losing weight, to have a good diet and exercise plan in addition to any supplements. We feel that the Fat and Carb Blocker could have some potential if it included ingredients based around thermogenic principles. It’s important to have a means of burning excess body fat cleanly and efficiently. Also, it would be good to post some studies of how the product acts in various subjects.

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    what foods will i eat to break the fats in my body