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Dietspotlight.com Scholarship Program

Application Deadline: December 31, 2015.

Essay Requirements: 900-1,500 words

Award: Four winners will be chosen, based on quality of submitted essay. Highest award is $3,000. Three additional winners will be given $1000 each. Winners will be notified and awards will be given toward the end of January 2016.

2014 Scholarship Winners

2013 Scholarship Winners

**All students gave permission for their name and photos to be published.

2015 Essay Subject

Obesity is a nationwide epidemic and healthcare costs related to obesity have reached staggering proportions. Many of these costs are passed along to everyone in the form of increased health insurance premiums, whether insured individuals are obese or not. And yet despite this, there is a growing movement in the United States to legitimize and validate the condition of obesity (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_acceptance_movement). Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Discuss the merits of the idea that obesity is an involuntary medical condition (which grants access to disabled-person parking spots, extra airplane seats, etc.) versus the idea that obesity is the negative consequence of unhealthy lifestyle choices. What kinds of messages should young people be exposed to regarding this topic? Should our society work toward shared values where it’s perfectly OK to be obese, despite the costs, or should society liken obesity to smoking, and discourage it through popular media messages and a trend of decreased accommodation?

About the Scholarship Program:

The Dietspotlight.com Research Leadership Scholarship Program was created in hopes that it may encourage students in various health fields to work toward a future in which obesity and its related problems can be controlled. It should be noted that some of the newer diet supplements out there do a good job in addressing weight management, but consumer products only address a part of the issue.

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