Scholarship Program

Application Deadline: December 31, 2013.

Essay Requirements: 900-1500 words

Award: Six winners will be chosen, based on quality of submitted essay. Highest award is $5000. Five additional winners will be given $1000 each. Winners will be notified and awards will be given toward the end of January 2014.

2013 Essay Subject

Childhood obesity has nearly tripled in the last 30 years and in 2010 JAMA reported that over one third of all children and adolescents in the US are obese.

We would like you to describe your vision of the sort of advancements that could be made over the next ten years to combat this devastating national epidemic. Your essay might encompass the areas of fitness, nutrition, medicine, k-12 educational, food industry, or any other areas where we might look for progress in reversing this disturbing trend. Please provide a general discussion of your ideas with an emphasis on the expected outcome of the initiative(s) you will suggest.

About the Scholarship Program:

2013 is the first year of the Research Leadership Scholarship Program. Our goal is to make this scholarship available each year and to increase both the size and number of awards given in the future. By granting these funds, we hope to encourage students in various health fields to work toward a future in which obesity and it’s related problems can be controlled.

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