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The website for 1800GETSLIM offers lap band surgery for weight loss. Lap band surgery involves placing a band around the stomach and running a port just under the abdominal wall. That port is used to remove water from the band to loosen constriction or add water to tighten constriction as needed. Lap band surgery comes with a long list of potential health risks including death.

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Surgical weight loss.

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At 1800GETSLIM, there is a 1-800 number for potential patients to call for insurance verification. Many insurance companies will cover lap band surgery if the surgery is associated with health related problems that would be improved with weight loss. Unlike other weight loss surgeries, lap band is reversible so the band can be removed if desired. A drawback to lap band surgery is the permanent port in the stomach. This port is available so doctors can adjust the tightness of the band. As is the case with any port to the inside of the body, there is a risk of infection associated with the port. Other complications associated with lap band surgery include blocking of the stomach and erosion of the stomach lining. Erosion consists of the band eroding the stomach and slowly moving into the stomach as part of the body. The band could also slip and block food from being digested.

There is information on lap band available through the website but when the link is clicked, the consumer is not authorized to view the page. The same result occurs when the FAQs link is clicked. If the consumer cannot read about the surgery or FAQS, why should they choose this company to deal with a detailed surgery like lap band? In order to find more information about lap band surgery, we had to go off the 1800GETSLIM website to another weight loss surgery website. This could mean the dieter considering this procedure should do the same.

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  • Slow, even weight loss over time.
  • Reduced stomach size.


  • Expensive.
  • Erosion could occur requiring the band be removed.
  • As with any major surgery, complications could occur.
  • The band could slip and cause the stomach to be blocked.
  • The port could dislodge and move.


Lap band is a surgery like any other weight loss procedure. Unlike gastric bypass, lap band is not permanent and invasive. The team at 1800GETSLIM could provide an invaluable service to dieters, but information that the dieter needs is not available on the website. We suggest trying to lose weight naturally before resorting to a medical procedure that could cause death. If there is an option between lap band surgery and gastric bypass, lap band seems to be the safer of the two.

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