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As you have likely noticed, there are many approaches to shedding unwanted body fat nowadays. While one diet guru will tell you to follow a specific eating plan, another will tell you to exercise as much as possible in order to burn calories. Then, there is the deluge of over-the-counter dietary supplements to sort through. Well, while there are many approaches to getting fit and staying healthy, it is imperative to choose one that works for you as an individual, and is safe as well. One approach that you may want to look more closely at is the 2 Day Citrus Diet.

While it may sound odd or even absurd in theory, the 2 Day Citrus Diet actually involves the consumption of only citrus fruits for two entire days. In turn, the user can potentially drop up to 10 pounds. That is a great deal of weight in only two days. Fruits that work for this diet are oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, mandarins, clementines, tangerines, Minneola, Satsuma, kumquats, tangelos, and pummelo. Pure juice beverages are also fine as long as they are 100 percent juice. Individuals who choose this diet should be sure to drink plenty of water and take a daily multivitamin.

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The 2 Day Citrus Diet is essentially a weight loss plan that only takes two short days to complete. It is certainly important to have plenty of citrus fruits (and juices if preferred) at your disposal when following this plan. Some benefits of the 2 Day Citrus Diet are as follows; the user will get plenty of fiber and vitamin c from the citrus fruits, this diet may boost antioxidant levels in the body, and the colon may get flushed out over the two-day period of consuming only fruit. On the downside, citrus fruits are not a sufficient source of protein.

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  • This weight loss plan encourages the consumption of fruit.
  • The user will receive a great deal of fiber and vitamin c from citrus fruits.
  • Citrus fruits are loaded with antioxidants, which combat free radical damage.


  • There are no convenient supplement formulas involved with the 2 Day Citrus Diet.
  • The user may become very hunger from only eating fruits for 48 hours straight.
  • There is no clinical research to support this weight loss method.
  • Exercise is not mentioned at all for the 2 Day Citrus Diet.
  • The user may have to use the bathroom a lot on this weight loss plan.


All in all, the 2 Day Citrus Diet does not sound like a very healthy or effective approach to weight reduction. While the user may certainly lose some intestinal weight or bulk on this two-day plan, it will not likely work well for the long haul. Especially since most people will resume their routine eating habits/diet afterwards. Finally, shedding a whopping 10 pounds in only two days time is not healthy.

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    This diet is similar to a fruit juice diet I was on a few months ago. I lost 25 pounds in one month! The key is to eat well after you lose the weight.