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21st Century Slimming Tea is a diet product offered by 21st Century Healthcare, Inc. This company claims to be one of the largest manufacturers of dietary supplements in the US. Some of the various products they manufacture are vitamins, herbal extracts, slimming teas, minerals, natural deodorants, vegetarian supplements, and diabetic products. Many of their products sell through convenient websites like DrugsDepot.com, CVS.com, Amazon.com, and AmericaRX.com. It does not look like any of their supplements are sold directly through the official website.

There are quite a few herbal teas out there that are claimed to aid with weight reduction. As for 21st Century Slimming Tea, this formula comes in bag form, and is stated to be a 100 percent natural blend of traditional herbs. The purpose of this tea is to boost the user’s metabolism, while flushing out the digestive tract. It may also increase energy levels. 21st Century Slimming Tea can be consumed hot or cold, and offers a rich flavor. It can be drank 15 minutes before meals in order to promote thermo genesis. Stored calories and toxins should ideally be expelled from the user’s body.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea Leaves, Licorice Root, Senna Leaves, and Natural Lime and Lemon Flavors.

Product Features

21st Century Slimming Tea is an herbal blend that may assist men and women with weight loss. It can be consumed before or during meals, and may aid the body by heightening thermogenic rates. There is a free diet plan included when you purchase this herbal tea. Although no official price is posted, it is revealed that 24 bags come in a single box of 21st Century Slimming Tea. Over time, this product should adjust the user’s digestive system, and make it more regular. There is only four calories in a serving, and the key ingredient appears to be Green Tea Leaves (may increase metabolism).

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  • All of the ingredients for 21st Century Slimming Tea are presented on the website.
  • There are only four calories in a single serving of this tea.
  • It can be acquired easily through websites like Amazon.com and CVS.com.


  • From the small list of ingredients in 21st Century Slimming Tea, it is difficult to determine if it will have much of an effect with weight reduction.
  • This product cannot be purchased directly through the official website.
  • A price is not listed for 21st Century Slimming Tea.
  • There is really not much support to prove that this herbal tea aids with fat reduction.


In the end, 21st Century Slimming Tea comes across more like an herbal tea that helps cleanse the digestive tract. While it may help flush out toxins and waste, there is really no proof that it boosts the user’s metabolism. Furthermore, it would be nice to see an actual price posted for this tea product on the official website.

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8 User Reviews about 21st Century Slimming Tea

  • 1

    Daily consumption of senna leaves is toxic, not good for health.
    ’21st century slimming tea’ didn’t mention what variety (family) of senna leaves had been used


  • 2

    I got this tea and I love it works best for me when I take it before I got to sleep


  • 3
    henry ong

    one of the active ingredients in the 21st century slimming tea is “senna leaves” ..Q: will regular drinking of this tea cause a “lazy bowel” effect?


  • 4

    I use Slimming Tea and like it!!
    Can be found at Big Lots Stores


  • 5

    need to know where i cam purchase slimming tea. in zip code 62010


  • 6

    hello, i recently bought natural herbal slimming tea and i like it. How much weight will i lose? Is it going to help me reduce the fat stored in my belly please reply


  • 7

    Where can I find slimming tea



    ebay has 21st Century Herbal Slimming Tea 3 boxes for under $10.00 (with shipping). Some Dollar Generals carry it for $1.95 a box. I love it! I used it and lost 65lbs in 3 months a few years ago. I am starting it again this week to loose 30lbs that I gained back after 8 years and another child, in my mid-thirties. It works!