24-Hour Turnaround Review

Editor's Review: 4.1 / 5.0

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The 24-Hour Turnaround weight loss program by Dr. Jay Williams is more than a standard weight loss program. It’s an entire lifestyle change to better the body and the mind. This is called holistic healing and has the potential to be a better method of weight loss than a normal combination of diet and exercise. Dr. Williams has written a book that details 8 types of changes to make to your lifestyle to be an overall healthier, happier person, and maintain a permanent healthy weight. We feel that this is one of the more important aspects of weight loss as there is no point to doing it if you don’t intend to make it stick.

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The book by Dr. Williams is divided into eight sections that tell you how to work on eight different areas of your life. They are as follows: motivation, exercise instruction for cardiovascular fitness (called the H.E.A.R.T program in the book), a nourishing diet, and instruction as to how the body deals with ageing, alcohol moderation/abstinence, proper sleep patterns, the role of hormone balance, and a meditation exercise to reduce stress. Stress is one of the main causes of weight gain and is caused by some people’s habit of overeating when stressed. The book stresses health of the entire being; both body and mind. We feel this to be a unique approach and one that should be tried more often.

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  • The book offers sound advice on improving overall health.
  • The methods of weight loss are more extensive than just diet and exercise and include mood, hormones, motivation, and mindset.


  • Although we admire and appreciate the book’s effort to address the issues of weight loss it’s simply too complex a subject with too many issues to be covered fully in one book.
  • Some people will likely find the challenge of a full lifestyle change to be overwhelming and could possibly slip back into old habits out of frustration.
  • No formulas with thermogenics are recommended.


We feel that this book has high potential to be an effective aid in losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. The title is a bit misleading – 24 hours isn’t enough to actually lose the weight that’s mentioned but it’s best to use that day to start along the path to a healthier body and mind. This book can be bought from the 24-Hour Turnaround website and it costs $26.95. This is a very good price considering the wealth of information and the approach. We would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good weight loss aid.

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Editor: Paul Blake

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