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One of the most important things a healthy diet can include is plenty of milk. Milk contains calcium which is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D is another essential nutrient in milk and milk contains a healthy amount of calories. The rule of thumb is that you should have a 24 ounce glass of milk every 24 hours. All of this was conducted as a study by the website 2424milk.com which is an informational site. True weight loss, however, requires diet, exercise, and thermogenic components. We are pleased to see that the website advocates a balanced diet and exercise instead of trying to sell a product, this site seems actually interested in conveying a wealth of information and knowledge about healthy lifestyles.


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The website 2424.com is focused on drinking a healthy amount of milk in order to provide the most vital nutrients. It stresses that it’s much healthier to drink a glass of milk than it is to drink carbonated beverages. This would replace calories that would otherwise be gotten in carbonated beverages. Other parts of the website include a list of meal ideas to help incorporate more milk into your diet, diet journals, and a customizable meal plan. It’s important that any kind of diet be versatile because one of the most common reasons people abandon their diets is because they find them monotonous.

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  • No only does 2424milk.com stress proper attention to healthy food in ones diet it also gives useful ideas on how to incorporate more milk into the diet through milk based recipes.
  • The website is highly interactive and offers a journal and other means for people to get more directly involved in their own health.


  • This particular method of healthy eating is impossible for people who happen to be lactose intolerant. However, in this case there are options such as soy milk.
  • Milk tends to be rather expensive.


We feel that this website has very good information and advice on how to eat a healthier diet. However, because milk happens to be expensive and there are some people who are lactose intolerant and can’t drink milk this plan may not be practical for many people. It’s effective, as studies on the site showed, but not necessarily feasible. We do believe it’s worth trying, though.

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    nora price

    I was just wondering if and when you all were going to do the calendar thing again like you did in 05′ i liked it.


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    why milk is important for rest?