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If you are seeking out a diet or weight loss plan that involves fruit, you may want to check out the 3-Apple-A-Day Diet. This is a book that was written by Tammi Flynn, M.S., R.D. She is a registered dietician and nutrition director at a Gold’s Gym in Wenatchee, Washington. As with many diets, this plan encourages weight reduction, but in a healthy fashion that does not involve surgery or starvation methods. When on the 3-Apple-A-Day Diet, you are expected to consume three apples every day until you reach your desired weight.

When Flynn originally came up with the 3-Apple-A-Day Diet, she tested it out on a number of overweight clients at the gym she worked at. Each of them averaged a loss of around 17 pounds. While on this diet, participants are supposed to eat three balanced meals each day, and incorporate regular exercise. The apples are added to the mix in order to increase fiber intake, and offer the body ample nutrients. The book informs you how to make 100 different quick meals, how to boost your metabolism, why men lose weight faster, and the difference between over-fat and overweight.

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The 3-Apple-A-Day Diet plan is basically a weight loss program that involves the daily consumption of apples. By eating an apple before each meal of the day, you calm your cravings for sugar, and reduce hunger significantly (the fiber in the apples causes a feeling of fullness). This text is 256 pages in length, and can be acquired online or in bookstores for a retail cost of $14.95. There are some reviews posted on Amazon.com by individuals who have tried out the 3-Apple-A-Day Diet plan.

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  • Apples are a healthy fruit, and are rich in fiber.
  • There are no potentially harmful prescription diet drugs involved with this plan.
  • The 3-Apple-A-Day Plan book can be obtained with ease through websites like Amazon.com.


  • Individuals who do not like apples may have some difficulty with this weight loss plan.
  • Many dieters will get sick and tired of apples when eating them three times each day.
  • There are no appetite suppressants or fat burners to aid with weight reduction.
  • Not all online responses to this diet plan are positive.


Without a doubt, the 3-Apple-A-Day Diet is healthy in some ways. It is always good to incorporate more fruit and produce into your diet plan. Then again, you have to take into consideration how much you can eat apples every day. While this plan may work well for some people, it is not the ideal solution to weight reduction for everyone. Fortunately there are plenty of other diets, fitness regimens, and weight loss supplements out there to meet the needs of various dieters.

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