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As you may have noticed by now, there are plenty of web-based diet programs these days. With all of the convenience of the Internet, it only makes sense. The 3-Hour Diet is one of these fat reduction plans. This is an approach to weight reduction that was founded by Jorge Cruise. He has been featured in several magazines (People, In Style, and Good Housekeeping) for his dieting methods, as well as on shows like Extra, Tyra, and The View.

If you are wondering where the 3-Hour Diet got its name, it is based on the idea of eating every three hours. When you consume the right foods every three hours, you control your appetite and regulate your blood sugar successfully. This is not only supposed to improve your overall mood, but it is also claimed to increase your energy levels throughout the day. Of course the meals eaten every three hours are smaller than a standard lunch or dinner. According to Jorge Cruise, eating like this will increase muscle mass, improve alertness, and reduce abdominal fat (reduces cortisol levels, which lead to belly fat).

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Product Features

The 3-Hour Diet is one that involves five basic steps. This weight loss program can be accessed online through the official website. The features you get from the membership are (1) live on-call support, (2) a customized meal plan (incorporates thousands of foods), (3) a video that offers 90-day one-on-one challenges, and (4) social accountability, which includes food journals and chatting with other members. An actual price for the 3-Hour Diet is not provided. However, there is a seven-day free trial offered through the website.

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  • The 3-Hour Diet can be accessed easily by anyone with a computer and online access.
  • There is a seven-day free trial membership.
  • Success news (shows and publications where the 3-Hour Diet was promoted) is provided on the official website for review.


  • There is no actual price posted for the 3-Hour Diet plan.
  • Some dieters may not care for all of the online interaction with this weight loss plan.
  • There are no success stories posted by past users of this program.
  • A simple supplement formula may be more convenient for some dieters.


The 3-Hour Diet does incorporate some clever advise on eating. Many dieticians do support the idea of eating smaller meals more frequently, as opposed to three large meals each day. It is nice to see that this weight loss plan can be tested through a free seven-day membership. However, it would be very beneficial to actually see what the 3-Hour Diet costs. As with many diet plans, this one has some good points, but many men and women may prefer a more simplified approach to weight loss, such as a capsule or pill formula that is incorporated with exercise.

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