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3 Minute Abs is a book by Kurt Brungardt. There is no official website for the program, but the book is available from Amazon.com. According to the book description, 3 Minute Abs promotes abdominal workouts without expensive equipment. The self-proclaimed radical approach to working abdominal muscles is supposed to help the reader achieve optimal abs in just 3 minutes per day.

The book includes descriptive instructions and a complete set of pictures for every abdominal exercise. It is important for the dieter to remember that six-pack abs will not show throw if a layer of fat is present between the skin and the abdominal muscles. Losing excess body fat is an important first step.

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3 Minute Abs book by Kurt Brungardt.

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There’s not much information on the 3 Minute Ab book aside from a brief description of the information offered by the author. The book spans only 96 pages, much shorter than other self-help books. There are photos included to show the reader how to perform the abdominal exercises, which leaves very little room for description or other information. There is no mention of a cardio exercise program or dieting plan included with 3 Minute Abs.

With a book of this size, readers must read product and reader reviews before purchasing the program. Most of the reviews we encountered state the information in 3 Minute Abs is no different from other abdominal books or programs. The majority of the book focuses on the incorrect methods of working the abdominals, not the correct way to achieve a better abdominal workout. The instructions are also simple to follow, but maybe too simple for someone who has been working abs for any length of time.

There are three stages of abdominal workouts – lower, obliques and upper. According to some readers, the programs often include only two or three exercises. The 3 Minute Abs claim is also not accurate. The author suggests warming up and cooling down which increases the length of the workout to 15 minutes.

The book retails for less than $11.

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  • The book is a very short read.
  • The price is less than comparable books.


  • Most of the book explains how not to workout abs.
  • The programs are too simple for most readers.
  • Readers claim the information is just the same old stuff.


Working out the abdominal muscles to achieve that six-pack abs look is something many people attempt. The first step is reducing the fat on the midsection to make the abdominal muscles show. If there is fat in the way, the reader may want to start a cardio program and reduced calorie eating plan before trying to firm up those abs with 3 Minute Abs.

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