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Betty Crocker is known for baking, cakes and sweet treats. The 300 Calorie Cookbook seems to be an uncomfortable choice for such a renowned baking company. According to one online description, the 300 Calorie Cookbook by Betty Crocker slims down some of your favorite recipes so you can continue enjoying the foods you love without the guilt.

List of Ingredients

Recipes for meals with 300 calories or less.

Product Features

There are more than 300 recipes in the 400 page Betty Crocker 300 Calorie Cookbook. Consumers claim to love the variety of recipes which include honey glazed chicken, country French beef stew and grilled pizza. The variety of recipes is a positive, but dieters are unable to take a quick look at portion sizes for the recipes until they purchase the 300 Calorie Cookbook. With a small enough portion size, dieters can eat at McDonalds every day and still maintain meals of 300 calories or less.

Pictures and tips are thrown into the book, but not every recipe offers a picture which some consumers claim they would like to see remedied. Recipe pictures can be deceiving as they often include portion sizes that are larger than suggested to stay within a given calorie count.

Eating healthy is one way of increasing weight loss, so the 300 Calorie Cookbook could be a helpful addition to the kitchen of anyone trying to eat well and healthy at the same time. If three meals a day are created from the 300 Calorie Cookbook, there will be enough calories left over for some healthy, high fiber snacks. Add in a little fitness and a strong fat burner and the weight should fall right off.

Recipes are listed with complete nutritional information including sodium counts for people trying to control salt intake. The 300 Calorie Cookbook retails for $11.50 or more.

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  • The 300 Calorie Cookbook is affordable.
  • Cooking light is the perfect addition to a fitness plan and fat burner for weight loss.
  • The recipes often contain pictures.
  • Complete nutritional information is included.
  • The 300 Calorie Cookbook can be purchased online.


  • Following the recipes to the letter is essential to keeping calorie counts low.
  • Substituting other ingredients may be hard.


Anyone trying to lose weight could take advantage of the 300 Calorie Cookbook. Betty Crocker has taken some of the most delectable recipes and slimmed them down to 300 calories or less. Some of the recipes are less than 200 calories and high in protein making them perfect for snacks throughout the day. The price is right and when used with a workout plan and a fat burner that increases metabolism, weight loss may be easier than ever.

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