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It is a real challenge sifting through the countless weight loss products at your disposal. In this day and age, dietary supplements are a dime a dozen. However, this certainly does not mean that they all work effectively, nor does it mean they are all safe to use. Now, we are going to take a closer look at 3X Slimming Power capsules. This formula is taken daily in order to potentially burn body fat, and keep it from being stored.

3X Slimming Power is manufactured by a Japanese company (the company name is not given). Overall, this weight loss pill may assist with fat burning, body shaping, detoxification, and energy levels. At least this is how the supplement is pitched. The core ingredient (not specified) used in 3X Slimming Power helps the user by preventing the digestion of dietary fat. This essentially means that the body will not absorb the fat content from food, and therefore not gain unwanted weight. The simple carbohydrates and sugars you consume each day will not be converted to fat inside your digestive tract.

List of Ingredients

Lingzhi, Ebony, Fox-Nut, Tuckahoe, Seman Pruni, Dioscoreae, and Wheat Germ.

Product Features

3X Slimming Power appears to be suitable for both women and men, who desire to reduce body fat. Regardless of what you eat, 60 percent of the fat from the food is not absorbed by the body. Instead, the fat content is just eliminated from the user’s body with other waste through a bowel movement. This product should additionally heighten the user’s metabolism. Exercise is encouraged for all individuals who take this supplement. One capsule should be taken each morning before breakfast. The retail cost of 3X Slimming Power is $50.58, but it is sold at a discount price of $25.50 (60 capsules) on fuwabuy.com.

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  • It is easy to acquire 3X Slimming Power via websites like fuwabuy.com.
  • This supplement may aid with fat reduction by blocking the fat in foods you consume.


  • There are warnings found online regarding this weight loss product.
  • There is no official website for 3X Slimming Power capsules.
  • There is no elaboration on the active ingredients for this weight reduction drug.
  • 3X Slimming Power is not suitable for individuals with heart disease, kidney problems or liver disease.
  • No positive feedback is presented from past users of this diet product.


Overall, the information found on 3X Slimming Power capsules is a little unsettling. While it is nice to see the ingredients pasted on websites that sell this product, there is no clinical data provided to support 3X Slimming Power in any way. More importantly, there are warnings concerning this diet drug on other websites. Therefore you might want to check out a few other diet formulas before trying one like this.

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15 User Reviews about 3X Slimming Power

  • 1

    Hi Neri, i have try this product before it really work and need to take again where do u buy it?


  • 2

    I have used this product and in 5 weeks, I lost a total of 27 lbs, so it works wonders for me….always has.


    Sang nhi

    Where do u buy it?



    hello I would like to know how you took it because I’m already taking some time and does not effect you made accompanied by some diet. please answer


  • 3

    My friend tried these pills and she lost a lot of weight, I was so shoked. I’m trying them out today I hope for the best. :)


  • 4

    I have exercise all my life and did not loose much.. Slimming power was allows me to fit into a size 8 Australian size clothing which in my life I never been!,, it makes me feel good because the Fat is out of my system.. however I still beleive in eating right and exercising.. its good to flush out and control your eating..


  • 5

    I started using 3x about a year ago. I noticed the inches fall of at first. The weight fell off next, with no side affects.


  • 6

    I have been using the 3x sliming power, for a couple of weeks , and i feel better , but i was expecting to loose weight , i haven’t , so how long will i began to see reselts?


  • 7




    I lost 4 lbs my first pill and 1 lbs everyday after that, I do gardening for exercize, I have no side effect at all, and it gave me aot of energy



    can you give me the website where you got them? thanks



    I don’t see how you lost in one pill i didn’t



    I believe you because I actually lost 3 pounds with my first pill in which I took yesterday. Results may vary due to exercising and eating a well balanced diet.



    Where did you buy yours from?



    Where did you buy yours pill I dont know where to buynit in los angeles