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The 400 Calorie Fix is a meal plan that attempts to control caloric intake by describing meals and recipes that maintain a calorie total of 400 or less. The idea is to break up the total amount of calories a person should be consuming per day into three meals, thus equaling around 1200 calories. Medical weight loss solutions typically prescribe diets with 1100-1200 calories so the total consumed is right on, but how about snacks, eating between meals or staving off hunger?

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Hardback book explaining the 400 Calorie Fix diet.

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On the order form for the 400 Calorie Fix diet book, the dieter is given 21 days to examine and learn from the book before they have to return it as part of a free trial. If the book is not returned, the dieter will be charged four payments of $7.99. That is a total of $32 plus shipping and handling for a book of recipes and dieting tips. This is a bit higher than other comparable diet books. The 400 Calorie Fix is presented by Prevention Magazine, a trusted name in fitness and health. Dieters are offered a subscription to Prevention at a reduced price when the order the book.

Maintaining a diet of 400 calories or less for each of the three main meals a day will cause weight loss for most people looking to trim down. The diet could be very effective, even with snacks added between meals, for someone who needs to lose 50 pounds or more, but there is little new information to be found in the 400 Calorie Fix. Prepared meals, salads, sandwiches and chips and plenty of other meals can be far below the 400 calorie mark. Consumers can add the calories together and create their own menus following the simple guidelines described online without having to pay $32 for the book.

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  • Eating 400 calories or less per meal may help dieters lose more weight.


  • Dieters can create a menu plan without the book.
  • $32 for a book on dieting with recipes is a bit more expensive than other dieting books.
  • Weight loss requires exercise as well and there is no mention of exercise in the 400 Calorie Fix literature.


Yes, eating a reduced calorie diet will improve a dieter’s chances of weight loss. The problem is that the 400 Calorie Fix offers no new information and is just a collection of recipes to follow. With reduced calorie breads and prepared meals, it is simpler than ever to eat effectively and lose weight. Appetite suppression is often the key and a supplement can help in that area instead of another book on dieting.

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    E Kolesky

    Is this book available in South Africa and where I live in Port Elizabeth in the easten Cape.



    Same question as E Kolesky. How can we in South Africa order the 400 Calorie fix book ?


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