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4Life PhytoLax claims to contain ingredients that are safe enough for daily use. No laxative should be taken on a daily basis, because the ingredients can reduce the strength of colon muscles. If the muscles of the colon grow lazy, they will not work to eliminate waste from the body as well. The dieter could need a laxative for daily bowel movements. It is especially important to use a laxative only when constipated or having trouble using the bathroom. If 4Life PhytoLax contains stimulant ingredients, like senna or cascara sagrada, the product should not be used for more than a few days.

List of Ingredients

Cascara Sagrada, Ginger Root, Buckthorn Bark Extract, Parsley Leaf, Xanthum Gum, Black Walnut Hull.

Product Features

The first ingredient is a stimulating laxative. Cascara sagrada works by stimulating the muscles of the colon to contract and release. The contraction can cause cramping and diarrhea. Using a stimulant laxative for more than a couple days can lead to dependence, dehydration, potassium loss and electrolyte imbalance.

Ginger root is a stomach aid. This ingredient is likely included to counteract the effect of cascara. Buckthorn and parsley are diuretics. These have no effect on bowel movements, but they will increase the risk of dehydration. Dieters taking both laxatives and diuretics long-term are likely to suffer dehydration. There is at least one case where an athlete died from severe dehydration and potassium loss.

4Life PhytoLax is not a gentle laxative and it should not be used for anything other than the relief of occasional constipation. Laxatives increase bowel movements and decrease water retention; they do not cause long lasting weight loss.

4Life PhytoLax sells for $20 a bottle. Each bottle contains one month’s supply of laxative.

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  • All ingredients are listed on the 4Life website.
  • The supplement sells for less than other weight loss supplements.


  • Cascara sagrada is a stimulant laxative.
  • Buckthorn and parsley are diuretics.
  • Long-term laxative and diuretic use can lead to harmful side effects.
  • May cause dehydration, cramping and potassium loss.


The world of weight loss supplements has recently accepted colon cleansers and laxatives as part of a regular weight loss plan. These supplements were created to help people fight constipation, not increase weight loss. Weight loss supplements should include proven fat burners and ingredients like chromium and green tea. These ingredients have clinical research backing weight loss claims. Some companies take advantage of these proven ingredients as the cornerstone of their weight loss supplements, while others continue to use ineffective ingredients with no clinical backing.

If a dieter is suffering from short-term constipation, they can use a laxative like 4Life PhytoLax to fight constipation, but not as a daily supplement.

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