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The 50 Million Pound Challenge is a collaborative effort between Dr. Ian Smith and State Farm Insurance company to urge people to lose a total of 50 million pounds in order to help combat the obesity epidemic in America. Part of the challenge can be done on the website and there are Challenge events held at certain locations in cooperation with State Farm. One of the critical parts of any weight loss Challenge is diet and exercise. This program contains a strong support network. In addition, when you sign up for the 50 Million Pound Challenge you can get several things to aid you like a pedometer for measuring the distance of walking.

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The 50 Million Pound Challenge has a website where users can go, sign up, and input their weight. Every time they lose weight it’s calculated and added to the total. Every so often there are Challenge gatherings in cities with State Farm agencies where more people are encouraged to join and the dangers of obesity are discussed. You can request multiple Challenge kits, for yourself and for others. We feel that more people will be encouraged to lose weight if they feel they aren’t alone in their efforts. A strong support network can be very helpful to people trying to lose weight and that’s easily found on the 50 Million Pound Challenge website.

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  • In addition to the 50 Million Pound Challenge Dr. Smith has written a book called The Fat Smash Diet. In this book he details the different foods one can eat and good exercises which increase calorie use and help to lose healthily. It isn’t necessary to buy this book though it will likely help. It should be available on Amazon.
  • Dr. Smith is an established writer and contributor to various magazines, news shows, and has written several books. He is knowledgeable about obesity and weight problems so you can be sure than any advice from him is likely to be effective.


  • There is no set time frame in which to lose the weight or any set goal for the individual. This can be either a good or a bad thing but many people feel more motivated to set goals when there’s a clear time frame.


We feel that joining the 50 Million Pound Challenge can be an empowering step toward a healthier lifestyle. With the proper diet, exercise, and other healthy weight loss aids extra pounds can be lost.

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  • 1

    where do i begin


  • 2

    how do i strat the challenge


  • 3
    Marissa Scoby

    I am helping a friend to lose weight by exercising with her and basically being her motivation. She is under the impression that diet means to stop eating. What should we do if we are just starting to put together a diet plan and what types of foods do you recommend we remove from her diet all together? Her weight currently is285. Please help!


  • 4
    Geri Ponivas

    There doesnt seem to be any support in here. Just lots of peeps looking for direction.


  • 5
    c. parker

    what are the foods you eat on the 50 million pound diet???can’t find a list ect…would liket to get started w/my husband.


  • 6

    I want to sign up, where do i get started at?


  • 7

    how do i get started..I need a boost



    Go to 50millionpoundchallenge.com follow instructions and tada… there are shopping lists and you can blog about your experience.. you log your weight.. there may not be someone behind this program, but its pretty simple. I get newsletters all the time and motivational tips. I lost 13 lbs doing this. It’s probably the best most inexpensive way of doing it. It does require a lot of your time, but much more affordable and tastier in the end.


  • 8
    hattie cohen

    i want to sign up


  • 9
    Michael Davis

    I had to undergo brain surgrey is it possible to lose weight on the medications I take, atenolol 50mg, bumetanide 1mg, cortef 10mg levothyroxine 0.075mg MCG
    and accupril 40mg. My weight is 343lbs, height 6ft and 56 inch waist. I’m tired of caring this kind of weight. I am greatly concerned about my weight. I have high blood pressure and I am ready for the challenge at age 57.


  • 10

    Im ready for the challenge! Show me where to start please


  • 11
    yolanda mitchell

    How do i get started?


  • 12
    Carmen Torrence

    how do i sign up?


  • 13
    Terri L Simpson

    how do i get started ?


  • 14
    Sonya Harris

    I wanted to know how i can sign up for the 50 million lb challenge?


  • 15

    We formed a team, and so far have not received a single e-newsletter. It appears to be a static webpage. I’ve emailed support & got an auto-response – no actual answers. All you do is log your stats and read their pages, nothing ever gets updated – there’s nobody behind the site.


  • 16

    I think it is a wonderfull program that you have started.Hou do i join?


  • 17



  • 18

    How do I sign up.


  • 19

    i also would like to know how do i get started?


  • 20

    How do I get started?


  • 21

    where do I begin?


  • 22
    michael&flossie Myles

    how do we sign up for this program? I saw Dr. Smith on the Monique show and i decided to do this for my husband and myself



    How do I sign up for this program? I need to lose 70 lbs.